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With her keen instincts and rich sensuality Tanya Pojarska survived the fires of World War II and gained control of a vast fortune. Her two daughters inherited her beauty, her passion--and a legacy of pain and ambition. From a childhood of stark sexual terror, Janette rose to wealth and fame as a high-fashion goddess--while her half-sister Lauren plunged into a dazzling scWith her keen instincts and rich sensuality Tanya Pojarska survived the fires of World War II and gained control of a vast fortune. Her two daughters inherited her beauty, her passion--and a legacy of pain and ambition. From a childhood of stark sexual terror, Janette rose to wealth and fame as a high-fashion goddess--while her half-sister Lauren plunged into a dazzling scene of international decadence that almost destroyed her....

Title : Goodbye, Janette
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ISBN : 9780450053153
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 492 Pages
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Goodbye, Janette Reviews

  • Sarah Mac
    2019-01-20 18:39

    I don't even know what to say. This experience. Being a huge Fawlty Towers fangirl, I've always wanted to try a book by Harold Robbins. Basil's disparaging comments were more than enough to arouse my curiosity re: this prolific author of glittery, trashy schlock. And boy howdy, Janette is terrible. If this wasn't by an established author (BWAHAHA! :D) it would never have been endorsed by a respectable publisher. Supposing Robbins had used a pseudo -- Dick B. Hugest, perhaps? -- this POS would've been passed down to some raunchy fly-by-night press like "Softcover Library" & discreetly purchased by skeezy-looking gents in trench coats & mufflers....But no. Because dear ol' Harold was shameless enough to claim this manuscript as his own, it somehow slipped past the editors at Simon & Schuster, thereby infesting Waldenbooks & airport bookstalls everywhere. Verily, in the words of Family Guy: Goodbye, Janette happened. And we let it happen. :PSupposedly this book has a plot about fashion houses, multi-billion-dollar corporations, & Nazi profiteering. But honestly, who cares? Not the characters -- they're too busy screwing and/or slicing each other with razors. From top to bottom, these are a pack of unlikable asshats whose collective brains wouldn't fill a teacup. For my part, the only personages who inspired a glimmer of interest were Tanya, the matriarch of the family, & Harvey, the stoned surfer who did nothing but smoke weed & sunbathe. Everyone else was dancing a conga line of disposable, interchangable idiocy & sexual liaisons. Content warnings: incest, BDSM, soaked panties, giant dongs, crass and/or un-PC language, nipples, oral sex, PHALLUSES, drugs, more oral sex, anal sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, threesomes, pedobear, EVUL pedobear, vengeful Greek tycoons, an assortment of bodily fluids, soul-shattering orgasms, & plastic surgery. I can't even. Basil was right. Harold Robbins, you suck. :D

  • Christiana Hadji
    2019-02-04 23:21

    The sex scenes were very disturbing and violent, and have probably scarred me for life! Keep this book away from the reach of nosy teenagers! :)

  • Paula
    2019-01-25 17:20

    Harold Robbins writes the best dirty romance books ever!

  •  Martin
    2019-02-16 18:36

    I wish I could say that Harold Robbins had a glorious career. But the truth of the matter is...

  • Patrick Moloney
    2019-02-16 23:33

    A lot of people have reviewed this book over the years and the consensus seems to be split between a well written novel with plenty of erotica and a trashy porn story masquerading as a novel.Harold Robbins in my opinion has provided us with an excellent piece of writing in this novel.To look at Goodbye Janette solely as a good yarn or a smut fest is doing both the writer and the reader a grave injustice.There is in my opinion an element of this book that goes far beyond wealth and sex.Harold Robbins has built a magnificent story line spanning continents and years, He has built strong characters that are believable, he has taken us inside the minds of these characters to the extremely complicated world of the human psychic.This is a glimpse beyond the fine clothes and opulent life styles of the rich and powerful.Yes there are scenes of a graphic sexual nature but surely this is an everyday occurrence in life. Robbins is asking the reader to look beyond what is glaringly obvious to a world that exists for rich and poor alike. A world where power over others is bye and large gained by domination.Goodbye Janette is not only a great read but a reminder to us all that not everything that glitters is gold. It is also a valuable lesson that those at the top are not always the best role models.

  • Ghada Hisham
    2019-01-31 20:28

    exciting novel, catches the attention. It sheds light on sexual abuse and how Tanya and her daughters have the same character traits but with a slight variation.

  • Kurt Reichenbaugh
    2019-01-18 00:21

    Holy merde! Eurotrash shenanigans abound in this saga of the rich and witless. It's a 2.5 star read from the king of commercial fiction back in the day. That is, 2.5 stars for what it is, not as compared to anything by Flaubert or Dostoevsky. No one in the book has the depth of a Ritz cracker, but you don't turn to Harold Robbins for enlightenment on the human condition. You turn to him when you're looking for a dirty read with a glossy cover. I'd heard this is one of the trashier novels in the Robbins oeuvre and I suppose it may be. It also feels as though it were a first draft written for the money, with obligatory dirty parts thrown in. That said, some of the dirty parts were kind of hot in a kinky way.

  • Henrik Blunck
    2019-01-17 18:27

    This was actually the first book by Harold Robbins I ever read - and now I have all his books in Danish. Truly an amazing author, and the graphic nature truly explains just how lust-centered some people can be when it comes to sex... :-)

  • Michael
    2019-02-09 23:30

    As opposed to my previous date with Mr. Robbins with Dreams Die First, this book at least had a more coherent plot. Starts out with some WAY over the top scenes that still baffled me (this was Harold Robbins's last NY Times Bestseller--how? don't ask {this kind of stuff would likely get published on a whim today, but wouldn't be able to harness a spot on ANY bestseller list}. After a promising 60 pages or so, the novel then just fizzles out completely...boardroom meeting BS and business talk BS offer up a great deal of padding in between a few glimmering moments of what the beginning promised (not enough to save it). Sorry, Mr. Robbins, but you and I need a break.

  • Tory
    2019-02-11 17:41

    On the cover it says, “More Daring, More Shocking, More Deeply Erotic Than Anything Ever Written!” I was intrigued. What was shocking in 1981? Would it be like Anais Nin… shocking for the time, but not so much now? No. This shit shocked me. The story didn’t really progress further than sex scene after violent sex scene until midway through the book. Then it became about the greed and hedonism of the very rich. Which, frankly, has been told before. Plenty of times. It worked though. The shock was there. Even for me, twenty-six years later. I wouldn’t have said that I was easily surprised by any sort of sex, but you know, rape by a step father in which the young girl suddenly starts screaming, “I’m your whore Papa! Slap my face!”… A turn I certainly wasn’t expecting. The story was unimpressive, but it still worked and did exactly what it said it was going to do. A book with honor, you've got to appreciate that.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-10 00:24

    These Harold Robbins books belonged to my mother, she was a fan, but only let me read a few because of the sexual content. I LOVED them, I wish she still had them. I can't even remember exact titles anymore.

  • K Martinez
    2019-01-24 17:27

    No one writes like this man! He should be the sort of god of modern trash. His books literally take you to wherever he is. You get so caught up in his story telling! i read this as a teenager in paper back and as an adult I bought it on Kindle. Its a great work of modern fiction

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-01-17 18:18

    I loved this book over the years I have reread this book one of his best

  • Rupesh Goenka
    2019-02-07 23:44

    Hot & sexy.. but not the best!!

  • Hazel
    2019-02-03 19:42

    Some says it's brutal, but I like it...

  • Beckett
    2019-01-27 00:23

    This book was one of his best. It took the reader into the soul of dysfunction, and the results. He is an author that loves power!

  • Jasmine Jade
    2019-02-04 19:42


  • Connie
    2019-02-14 01:34

    Hot, steamy, adult sexy

  • Deanna
    2019-02-13 17:32

    My favorite cheesy 80's excess story! Harrold Robbins at his naughtiest best!

  • Diana Gutiérrez
    2019-02-16 01:23

    Este es un libro que me dejó mi pareja con la frase: "Es uno de los libros malos que me gustan".Sí, no se puede decir que "Adiós, Janette" sea muy bueno. Hombre, tampoco es que que sea malo de llorar, al menos me ha entretenido. Según me han contado, Harold Robbins emplea una fórmula muy parecida para todos sus libros: señor que acumula en sus manos mucho poder y dinero de una gran corporación, cosa que le proporciona gran atractivo con las mujeres (vamos, que folla mucho).En este, supongo que por el propio agotamiento de la fórmula, Robbins intenta incidir más en el lado femenino (con Janette, su madre y su hermana de "protagonistas" de la novela) y en las partes escabrosas (sexo, drogas, perversiones sexuales, ¡lesbianismo e interracialidad!). El negocio, en este caso, es el emporio de la moda.El problema es que, por mucho que intente hablar de las perversiones de Janette, no termina de hablar de los PROBLEMAS de Janette o de su ansia de poder, y cuando hay un conflicto terminas viéndolo a través de uno de los personajes masculinos. Lauren es maja porque no está chiflada como el resto y solo quiere ir a la playa a hacer surf, pero no terminas de creerte que tenga una salud mental de hierro después de pasar por una fase en la que necesita cinco rayas y ocho metanfetaminas al día.Los cabos de la trama se atan al final un poco guarramente y el esperado enfrentamiento entre hermanas no se produce porque siempre hay algún señor por el medio cuyos problemas son más importantes. Del tratamiento de la sexualidad o de temas raciales, ni hablemos, porque el libro excede lo políticamente correcto y entra en el terreno de la pura comedia. Solo es necesario mencionar que a Lauren, el personaje sensato, no le gustan las lesbianas ni los negros, eso son perversiones de Janette y sus amigos.Para la playa o para pasar el rato sin pensar mucho.

  • Reg Shell
    2019-02-08 01:29

    A mixed cart.Early in this book I thought it was a 5 star read. I left 1 star.Let me explain. I great this book when it was for sale on Amazon at $.99 in great excitement to get the work of an author I knew to have been major selling author on his day. I have several paperbacks by Harold Robbins sitting in my bookshelves and it never read. This special deal was a perfect opportunity for me to discover my first ever read of Harold Robbins, to discover what made him so successful.I did discover why: Yes, he has great, easy read, commercial writing style. He uses a high degree of shock value in words and subject matter, and at first this alone is enough to make the story compelling reading. The early plot is good. Gradually, I became aware of the depraved aspects of writing. I realized that what I was reading could be conceived as a textbook for paedophile in how to groom and underage child for future violent sexual abuse. Let me just say that while such books, which are today sold as dub-con for dubious content erotica and fairly legal erotica comment which covers the underage content, I legal to read and write, and are hot sellers today as they obviously were in Harold Robbin’s hey-day, the subject matter, when written for entertainment value, is in my opinion, unethical—to put it mildly. I closed the book partway through. I will dispose of my paperbacks, by the same author, unread. And my decision is one star. May paedophiles, and authurs who’s writing might encourage violent paedophilia, rot….

  • Lenore Beadsman64
    2019-02-08 00:37

    anche i ricchi amano il sadomasocon buona pace delle 50 sfumature di noiathrillerino senza infamia e senza lodeintreccio messo in piedi come viene,col gusto di infilare scene sadomaso ogni tre pagine solo con l'obiettivo di stravolgere il lettore, se si tiene conto dell'epoca in cui è stato scritto, forse potrebbe strappare qualche perplessità, ma adesso fa soltanto sorridere

    2019-01-22 21:25


  • Janice
    2019-01-24 20:27

    Read the blurb and thought I would give this book a shot. Very encompassing storyline and the characters. Some elements were unexpected and dark. Altogether a very seamless read that keeps you captivated.

  • Deanna
    2019-01-19 22:47

    This is a reread for me. I started it as a Valentines Day read. I've always loved Harold Robbins and read all his all stuff in my early twenties. I just had trouble getting into it this time around. I blame the Internet nothing shocks me any more or maybe it's that I'm ten years older now.

  • S.
    2019-02-02 00:18

    çöp bir roman. karakterler tutarsız, neyi niçin yaptıkları belli değil. konu yok (?), her şey bütün olarak anlamsız. sevişme sahneleri aptalca, diğer yorumlarda yazıldığı gibi "brutal" hissettiren bir şey de yok. sanki bir adamın karalayıverdiği fantezi zinciri. okumaya hiçbir şekilde değmez.

  • Elvys
    2019-02-15 17:38

    Extremely first it was a bit disturbing, but overall a good novel.

  • Mangalam Shiva
    2019-01-28 18:21


  • Dennis
    2019-02-03 17:24

    very explicit in 80's Standard,but not so much now. Although I feel the story is not fully complete. There are no closure to other characters' story.

  • Mo
    2019-01-20 17:19

    This book loses one star for the ending.