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Retells the events of a special Christmas for a poor family in New York City at the turn of the century....

Title : The Lion in the Box
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ISBN : 9780385033275
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The Lion in the Box Reviews

  • Cheryl
    2019-02-09 17:00

    Very sweet, and, one would think, a typical Christmas story. But it's mostly true, as an author's note attests. I liked learning little details like how to make the 3D paper stars, and about the Partners who helped this widow, and about the comic strip Foxy Grandpa.

  •  Debra (WifeEclectic)
    2019-02-05 19:15

    This wonderful book by Marguerite De Angeli, is a childhood memory that I will never forget. The Lion in the Box: A Christmas Story, was a part of almost every single Christmas of my childhood. My mom would read to us every night and this book along with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, was always on the list. I looked forward to this book every year and begged to read it again when it was over.I just finished it for probably the 50th time this morning and I am still touched by its simple message. The Lion in the Box is about a poor widow with five small children. Her husband has recently died and her home has burned to the ground. She struggles to feed her children and provide Christmas for them on the small amount of money she makes from cleaning offices. Lilli, the middle child, who is about seven during the book, longs for a doll. A real doll. One that she can hug without it collapsing, as the only doll she has right now is a folded tea towel that will collapse if she hugs it. Her little brother wishes for a train but plays with a pickle bottle instead. These children help their mother the best they can and know that asking for toys would be above what their mother can pay for.They struggle, but they survive and they love each other very much. When Christmas Eve comes a large box comes to their front door that could contain a lion or maybe something better....This tale of generosity, service and hard work is a beautiful Christmas story, one that I will read to my little girl when she is a little bit older. It is a short book, I finished it in probably twenty minutes this morning but its message shines through. It is written for a very young audience but I don't believe it dulls the message.The most wonderful thing about this book is that it is based on a true story. Although some parts are fictionalized because the author herself was not there to witness these events, these children and their beautiful Christmas gift did exist. At the end of the story, the author writes a short epilogue that allows you to know what became of each child. I always loved knowing as a child that the story really happened. I imagined myself there on that Christmas morning more than once as I was growing up.It is a simple story. There are no frills in its telling, but it is beautiful. It will always be a part of Christmas time in our house.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-01 20:23

    Heartwarming, cozy little story of a poor widow and her five children being blessed with a large box of Christmas gifts- practical AND fun, plus some tasty food! A semi-biographical tale.

  • Luisa Knight
    2019-02-17 18:04

    This is a positively wonderful, enriching story!A poor family receives an enormous box at Christmas. Is there a lion inside, as the delivery man suggests, or something else?This is one of the best tales I've read about giving! If you want your children to experience and see just how wonderful it is to give, read this book. De Angeli does an exquisite job of capturing the ecstatic happiness and overflowing gratefulness of those who receive. It makes you want to think of someone you could do a similar deed for. Putting an enormous smile on someone's face is truly a gift back.There are illustrations too!Ages: 5 - 12Cleanliness: A picture of cupid - naked. References Santa Claus.#christmas**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too. These reports give a complete break-down of everything in the book, so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't. I also have Clean Guides (downloadable PDFs) which enable you to clean up your book before reading it! Visit my website: The Book Radar.

  • Anne
    2019-01-29 20:08

    This is such a sweet children's book! I found a copy at Goodwill and I got it and I was pleasantly surprised with this story. It made me think of the things that I've been given and have been blessed with and the people who are not as fortunate and how I shouldn't be complaining about the little things that bother me.

  • Lydiathekicker
    2019-01-24 16:11

    A delightful true tale of a hardworking Momma with five kind children. This is another book that made us want to be better people, do hard things, and love others. Elijah read it first and insisted it be our next read-aloud. It was an excellent recommendation, which I happily pass on to you.

  • Roben
    2019-02-20 21:12

    Marguerite de Angeli relates the memories her friend, Lili, has of one special Christmas when she was a little girl. Set in the early 1900's in a New York City, it's the story of a widowed mother and her five children. The mother is originally from Austria and shares many stories of her life there with her children. They are a poor but happy family. It reminds me a bit of Margaret Sidney's Five Little Pepper stories.

  • Karen Beck Walborn
    2019-02-19 19:16

    This was a darling children's 'chapter' book that is part of my sister's collection, that is now very hard to find. It was a delightful & simple 'true' story for Christmas. A great reminder of the power of love & kindness.

  • Nevada Libert
    2019-01-26 14:18

    this is a really good book. about a brave mother who was poor with five children and still made the best out of Christmas. i love how she had such good coroage and how she new she could save up a nofe money to celebrate christmas.

  • Melissa Robinson
    2019-01-30 15:27

    This was one of my favorite Christmas books as a child and having just reread it, I can see why. My grandmother gave me this book when I was seven or eight and I was entranced by the family's story. A beautiful Christmas tale to share with the children in your life.

  • Mazzou B
    2019-01-30 16:22

    Much simpler than the other books by the author but still sweet! 'Tis a short story based off of the author's friend's childhood.

  • Cassandra
    2019-01-30 16:00

    I love this book. It’s just as good as it was when I first read it 40 years ago. I’m so glad I found a copy.

  • Ruth
    2019-02-14 16:02

    I was glad I stumbled upon this. I plan on reading it to my boys on our beach vacation when I should have their attention, and then they will want to hear it again during the Christmas season. I fully enjoyed this book, and to boot; it's based off of a real family. I treasure historical fiction. I gather that only the dialogue may be in part fictional; the rest I believe is true.

  • Gina
    2019-02-09 14:17

    I don't care that this is a Christmas book, whenever I'm down, I'll pick this book up. This is the perfect example of kids that were brought up well. They had various chors to do, they were well-mannered, and pleasant. I just wish there was more of the story to read. And no, there is no "Lion in the box." :-)

  • Raquel
    2019-02-12 18:28

    This a sweet Christmas story about a family in the late 1800s who must learn to be satisfied with the little they have. My girls loved this book, and I know it has a lot to do with De Angeli's way with words!

  • Sarah
    2019-02-10 17:19

    63 pages. Published by Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, NY. 1975. A really sweet and charming story about the importance of giving and gratefulness at Christmas. A must read for families with children at Christmas.

  • Sandy
    2019-02-09 13:12

    A delightful and short Christmas story. It would be a good one to read aloud to children.

  • Gayle
    2019-02-04 21:10

    I registered a book at!

  • Rebekah M.
    2019-02-13 19:12

    Kids' book club read

  • Nina
    2019-01-24 19:25

    Revisiting a favorite from my childhood as part of research for a project. Just as lovely as I remembered.

  • Laura Bang
    2019-02-20 21:10

    Sweet little story about a poor widow and her five children at Christmas in early 20th-century New York City.

  • Nancy
    2019-02-20 20:27

    A story from the author's friend's life, poor kids at Christmas.

  • Angie Libert
    2019-01-23 15:28

    A lovely Christmas time read aloud!