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Amanda Quick já vendeu mais de vinte e cinco milhões de exemplares nos EUA e tem um público sempre expectante. Agora editada em Portugal, "...este é o décimo quarto romance desta autora,que decorre no periodo da Regência e a unica pergunta a fzer é: será tão bom como os outros? A resposta inequívoca é: sim.Beatrice Poole, viúva e autora de ficção gótica, de estilo popularAmanda Quick já vendeu mais de vinte e cinco milhões de exemplares nos EUA e tem um público sempre expectante. Agora editada em Portugal, "...este é o décimo quarto romance desta autora,que decorre no periodo da Regência e a unica pergunta a fzer é: será tão bom como os outros? A resposta inequívoca é: sim.Beatrice Poole, viúva e autora de ficção gótica, de estilo popular precisa de ajuda. O tio gastou a fortuna nuns objectos antigos chamados Anéis de Afrodite para em seguida morrer em circunstâncias misteriosas. Ela tem de encontrar os Anéis, uma vez que o dinheiro neles gasto estava destinado ao dote de sua prima.Beatrice procura Leo, o solitário conde de Monkrest, ignorando deliberadamente a sua reputação de estar ligado ao sobrenatural pois este é especialista em antiguidades. Leo fica intrigado com Beatrice e decide participar na investigação. Enquanto tentam resolver o mistério dos anéis, as suas vidas entrelaçam-se e começam a parecer-se com um dos romances escritos por Beatrice.Mais uma vez, Amanda Quick oferece aos leitores uma historia inteligente, sensual e sofisticada.O humor das suas historias é famoso e os leitores esperam ansiosos o proximo romance...." BooklistLeo Drake, the "Mad Monk of Monkcrest," is notoriously eccentric and unquestionably reclusive.   But he is also a noted antiquities expert, which is why Beatrice Poole has demanded his reluctant assistance.The freethinking authoress of " horrid novels," Beatrice is searching for the Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite, a mythic treasure she suspects played a role in her uncle's death.   Beatrice finds Leo every bit as fascinating as one of the heroes in her novels—and she's convinced he's the only one who can help her.   But after only five minutes in her company, Leo is sure he's never met a woman more infuriating...and more likely to rescue him from boredom.Yet the alliance may well prove to be the biggest mistake of their lives.  For a villain lurks in London, waiting for the pair to unearth the Forbidden Rings— knowing that when they do, that day will be their last.......

Title : Os Anéis Proibidos de Afrodite
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ISBN : 9789727310883
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Os Anéis Proibidos de Afrodite Reviews

  • Daniella
    2019-02-05 13:23

    I have always been amazed at how Ms. Amanda Quick manages to create a certain degree of mystery in her stories without making them too dark or maudlin, and With This Ring is definitely not an exception. The elements of a romance novel and a thriller are combined together in a perfectly balanced book, which is further augmented by its lovable hero and heroine. I enjoyed reading this and could not put it down.I loved Beatrice and Leo. Both were headstrong and stubborn individuals, and from my experience in reading historical romance novels, that could only mean one of two things: it's either they're a perfect match, or they're just totally wrong for each other. There's no in-between for this type of pairing. Usually the main determining factor in the equation is the writer; it all boils down to how well the writer penned their story, and fortunately for Beatrice and Leo, Ms. Quick convinced me that they were made for each other. I loved the chemistry between the two, and the mature way they handled their blossoming relationship. The buildup was nice, as well.

  • Lizzy
    2019-02-13 12:22

    A good mix of mystery, suspense and romance makes With This Ring by Amanda Quick an entertaining read. 2.5 stars.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-01-28 11:16

    Quickie Review for With This Ring by Amanda QuickAmanda Quick is the master of the universe. The first 13 pages of With This Ring are absolute perfection. Her writing never ceases to amaze me...she can nail an entire scene with a single word. Everything about this book is perfect...the storyline is tight, the characters are larger than life, the mystery engaging, the humor is spot on. Leo, the Mad Monk of Monkcrest, and Beatrice, secret author of "horrid novels," are a fantastic pairing. Honestly, I just cannot get enough of Amanda Quick's romances. Grade: A+Penelope

  • Aarann
    2019-01-21 14:44

    I've read worse by Amanda Quick, but I've also read better. The story featured a widow and a widower, rather than a virginal "original" and the two were older than her characters usually are (the book actually featured several jokes poking at their "advanced" ages). Otherwise, this one didn't break any molds. Beatrice was the usual headstrong, indomitable female, plunging headlong into wacky situations that Leo had to occasionally rescue her from and more frequently, yell at her for getting herself into -- in the usual way Quick's heroes do. There were a couple of references to the cringeworthy "Ancient Zamar" but thankfully that boringly plotted place didn't feature much in this book. Instead the mystery had to do with a statue and the key to the statue.The villain of the piece wasn't hard to figure out but then, Quick's villains never are. (view spoiler)[The second villain, however, was more of a surprise, so kudos there. (hide spoiler)]All in all, a fun read, but not necessarily one of my favorites by this incarnation of Jayne Ann Krentz. It also wasn't one I had too much trouble putting down.

  • Lauren
    2019-01-27 12:42

    With This Ring4 StarsImpoverished following the death of her husband, Beatrice Pool earns her living writing “Horrid" novels. When her uncle dies under suspicious circumstances, Beatrice approaches the notoriously anti-social Leo Drake, Earl of Monkcrest “The Mad Monk” for assistance, and soon finds herself immeshed in a plot not unlike one of her books. Amanda Quick’s writing is somewhat formulaic but her stories never fail to entertain. The eccentric and enigmatic Leo has more than met his match in the intelligent and resilient Beatrice. She shocks him out of his loneliness and complacency while he teaches her to love and trust again. Their romance is sensual and relatively angst free, and their banter is witty and charming. The mystery is interesting with some intense and suspenseful moments. Nevertheless, the villains are quite predictable right up until the end where there is a surprising twist. All in all, a light and fun historical romance with engaging characters and an enjoyable plot. The 2nd book in the series focuses on different characters but I’m sure I will be no less entertained.

  • Lady Wesley
    2019-01-30 18:32

    An enjoyable audiobook, with a plot combining romance, adventure, and mystery. Barbara Rosenblatt is not my favorite narrator, primarily because she goes in for too many long pauses.

  • CamryWagon
    2019-02-10 11:24

    Personally I don't consider With This Ring part of the Vanza series since the island of Vanzagara is only mentioned once as the origin of a plant Monkcrest posesses. Just saying.I read this book after reading the more recent books by Amanda Quick and I felt as if things were a bit slow to get off the ground. Something about characters being stuck in the boondocks during a storm must have that effect on me. The story picked up once the characters started moving, though.I liked reading about characters that are a little bit older; a widow (30) and a widower (40) get a second chance at love. If I had read this when it was first published in 1998, I don't think I would have been able to relate as easily or have enjoyed it as much as I did.The Vanza linked books are I Thee Wed, Wicked Widow, and Lie by Moonlight.

  • Holly
    2019-02-01 14:27

    Leo Drake and Beatrice Poole form an interesting alliance to find a lost ring, which leads them into a murder mystery. And of course, there is some hot sex and romance along the way.I want to go back in time so I can have carriage sex...This is Amanda Quick at her best. I loved the banter between Leo and Beatrice as they spar off each other.Ms. Quick creates such interesting male characters--alpha, and sexy-hot.Her female leads are always intelligent, strong, and daring.They always give the guy in thier lives more than he bargained for. My favorite line in the book, "Hells teeth, I want to seduce her." This book has romance, intrigue, sex, great dialog and a fast moving plot.Amanda Quick, I salute you.Just writing this makes me want to read it again...

  • LibraryLass
    2019-02-01 10:44

    As per usual, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Whenever I haven't a clue what to read next but want something I know I am going to enjoy I always pick up either an Amanda Quick, J D Robb or (early) Julia Garwood. Guaranteed satisfactionRe-read July/10

  • Lori McD
    2019-01-19 11:26

    This quirky book provided a bit of a mystery along with a fun confection of a "romance". The "Mad Monk" of Monkcrest is an old nickname for men of the title of Earl of Monkcrest, because often the men are considered odd or eccentric... of just plain mad.This Mad Monk is none other than Leo, a man who's raised 2 grown sons (19 and 17 respectively) mostly on his own. The sons are now an a Grand Tour of the Continent with their tutor, and Leo finds himself alone. On a stormy night, as he's pondering his aloneness and the question of "horrid" novels with his faithful hound, Elf, a carriage pulls up to the front of his house! And in it is a woman with her maid! Demanding to see him, the Earl of Monkcrest!Leo is quite annoyed and quite amused. And he thinks that perhaps this woman might help him find something interesting about life again. The woman is Beatrice Poole, a widow, whose uncle recently died. Beatrice thinks his death has to do with his purchase of the so-called Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite, a legendary myth that long ago, a craftsman created a statue of Aphrodite, hid a great treasure inside, and created a unique locking mechanism requiring two rings as the key. Leo is a noted antiquities, and he's known not only for his "finds", but for debunking the myths and legends and fakes. Beatrice is looking for information from Leo - information that she can use to find the rings. Because you see, her uncle promised to sponsor her very pretty and promising niece, Arabella, for a Season in London. The Season is well underway, and upon their uncle's death, the girls and their aunt discovered that all their uncle's funds were tied up in the purchase of the Forbidden Rings. Beatrice wants to find the rings, sell them, recover the money, and provide Arabella the money she needs. It seems that Arabella has caught the attention of Lord Hazelthorpe's heir, Pearce Brunby, and the affection is mutual; but should his family discover that Arabella has no dowry, the match would be off in a second, and Arabella's chances of a good marriage are nill.Leo is fascinated by this forward woman, Beatrice Poole. But that's not all to the story, because Uncle Reggie, Lord Glassonby was a well-known customer at a brothel called "The House of the Rod" - no, not a naughty epithet, a place where the customers come for some "discipline". Uncle Reggie died there, after a "session" with the proprietress, Madam Virtue. And he'd taken a tonic from a Dr. Cox, called "The Elixir of Manly Vigor" before the "session". Seems he was a regular customer.While Leo is fascinated by the story and Beatrice's persistence, he's convinced the rings are naught but legend. But he's drawn to Beatrice - enough so that he asks his servant to tell her that the bridge to the main road is out, under water from the storm. Leo wants to keep Beatrice at his home long enough for him to go with her to London and discover the truth about Uncle Reggie's death and these so-called Forbidden Rings. He doesn't think that Beatrice should venture into this adventure without a man by her side; and while it might sound very chauvinistic, in her heart, Beatrice agrees.The problem is that both Leo and Beatrice were married before. And both marriages have their own myth: Leo married a perfect angel who died young; Beatrice married the love of her life and had a union of perfect harmony of the physical and metaphysical. Uh, yeah... they both have secrets. And they're both attracted to one another. The next day, they're wrapped in each others arms, locked in a kiss.So begins the adventures of Leo and Beatrice and The Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite.------------------Leo is all man and very much a man of his time. But he respects Beatrice's intellect - she sees through many of the "myths" around him, using logic to discern the truth - and he respects her spunk and determination. She interests him and excites him. She causes Leo to move out of his typical, bored, sheltered self and do something. And while what he's doing is within his circle of expertise and among his usual contacts, Leo's good heart and quick wit are necessary to keep them both alive.Beatrice might sound like the typical romance heroine - pretty, spunky, and more outspoken than most women of her day. But I like that these traits fit her character - who she's been forced to become to support herself after being widowed. She shows her softer side, after a time, with Leo.And their affair - just enough heat and steam and possessiveness and plenty of surprises. But it feels "right" for both of them, even when it's in the weirdest of places.This is the 1st book of a series, and I eagerly anticipated that Leo and Beatrice would be back for more in book 2. They make a great detective team. But alas, book 2 seems to be about completely different characters. I'm hoping that these two make at least a cameo, though.

  • D.W. Nichols
    2019-02-02 10:18

    Una historia de amor envuelta en la intriga, el misterio, la aventura y el asesinato. Si estas razones no son suficientes para leer esta apasionante novela, hay algunas más.Leo Drake, Conde de Monkcrest, apodado el Monje Loco es como un Indiana Jones del siglo XIX, con ganzúas en lugar de látigo. Un hombre de 40 años que tiene el convencimiento que lo que le queda de vida tendrá que enfrentarse al mal que más teme: el aburrimiento. Pero por suerte para él, Beatrice Pool aparece en escena y se cruza, no, mejor digamos que irrumpe de forma avasalladora en su vida y trae consigo un enigma que Leo es incapaz de rechazar.Los Anillos de Afrodita son una de esas leyendas que de vez en cuando se hacen eco entre las murmuraciones de todos los aficionados a las reliquias y las antigüedades, y parece ser que el tío de la señora Pool ha sido asesinado porque logró encontrarlos.En el momento en que Leo y Beatrice empiezan a investigar, es evidente que sus fuertes caracteres harán saltar chispas entre ellos, y no solo porque se exasperan mutuamente, si no porque precisamente a causa de la pasión y el firme carácter del que ambos hacen gala, inevitablemente acaban sintiéndose atraídos el uno por el otro.Los dos personajes son totalmente opuestos a los personajes al uso. Ni él es un libertino ni ella es una remilgada virgen inocente. Ambos son fuertes y decididos y tienen muy claro lo que quieren aunque eso no les libre de sentirse inseguros cuando empiezan a ser conscientes de los sentimientos que están desarrollando por el otro.Esta novela tiene algo que me ha gustado mucho, y es que el argumento no gira exclusivamente en torno al romance, si no que la parte del misterio y la investigación sobre el asesinato tiene tanta importancia como el primero, no siendo una mera excusa para el desarrollo del amorío.La autora intentó impregnar parte de esta obra del ambiente tétrico de las novelas de terror gótico que tanto en boga estuvieron en esa época y he de admitir que ciertamente lo consigue en los pasajes más tensos. Las descripciones de las neblinosas calles nocturnas de Londres en los pasajes en que los protagonistas se internan en las callejas o en casas ajenas sin permiso, son bastante acertadas, haciendo que en algún momento se nos pongan los pelos de punta. La inclusión de un villano misterioso del que no sabemos su identidad hasta el final, es totalmente atinada, y más aún cuando hace parecer sospechosos a casi todos los torvos personajes que rodean a la pareja protagonista.Aventuras, misterio, romance, algo de acción y, sobre todo, el hecho que la heroína sea verdaderamente capaz de salvarse a sí misma, han hecho que esta novela sea una de aquellas que guardo con gusto para poder volverla a leer otra vez.

  • Heather
    2019-02-06 10:19

    This was an enjoyable read. Much better than the second book in this series (I Thee Wed - which doesn't really seem related to this book to any great extent). Leo Drake ("the mad monk") is a very likable well portrayed character. I enjoyed his role from the opening scenes of the book right through the end. He's eccentric, charming, and enigmatic. Beatrice Poole, the heroine, is also well portrayed although she can be a little pushy and demanding at times.The book made me laugh out loud in several instances (I especially liked the twists added with the side-plot of Beatrice's cousin, Arabella, trying to find a husband). The book wasn't as "steamy" as some of Amanda Quick's other novels, but the romance was still very enjoyable.I found the brothel keeper's role lacking. Pearce Brunby's role was excellent.Overall story: 4.5/5Hotness: 3/5Hero: 5/5Heroine: 3.5/5

  • Nancy
    2019-02-14 12:19

    Beatrice Poole, a widow and secretly the author of romantic “horrid” novels, contacts Lord Leo Drake to assist her in locating a valuable relic. The “Mad Monk of Moncrest”, as he is nicknamed, is known for his antiquities studies. Thrilled when he accepts her challenge, she wonders if she’ll be able to focus when his seductive manner distracts her. Engaged by the woman’s forthright attitude, Leo has reasons of his own for agreeing to his scheme. Little does he know that his heart will be at risk along with his life, as the stakes rise and various people they’ve contacted end up dead. Will he be able to protect the headstrong woman while guarding his heart?An intriguing mystery and a classic romance combine to make this a quick read.

  • Brianne
    2019-02-09 17:33

    I had to take a short break from unsatisfying romances and With This Ring was the perfect way to come back. This was sort of a quiet read, something I enjoyed and would recommend but it didn't blow my mind. I really liked both the hero and heroine, and enjoyed the way they ended up together. Also, the hero's two older sons, 17 and 18, set this romance apart from most others. They didn't play a big role but I liked seeing that both characters were more mature than usual and had lived lives separate from the ones they had at the end. Basically, I enjoyed this and will probably pick up another Amanda Quick soon.

  • Fernanda
    2019-02-07 14:28

    :) muito bom!uma historia envolta em misterio, lenda e uma trama muito envolvente Amanda Quick, mantem o leitor agarrada, literalmente.Beatrice, uma escritora de historias de horror anda na demanda de encontrar uma chave muito especial... e nesta sua senda encontra o tão mal fadado Monge Louco, na pessoa do Conde de Montcrest.... O prato forte da historia é mesmo o misterio e o suspense, na sua vertente romântica é muito breve. Mas é sem duvida uma historia imperdivel. :)

  • Molly
    2019-01-17 17:36

    The usual fabulous, steamy, fun writing, coupled with a little bit more mature couple. The story progresses naturally, the plot is interesting and the villain is not completely expected. There are surprising turns in the mystery sub plot (which actually helps the love story). I liked this one a lot!

  • Shasha
    2019-01-29 15:43

    I liked the romance and the mystery kept me going. However, what was with the paranormal feelings of the heroine? She had a sixth sense about old items. Not what I look for with my historical romance.

  • Brenda Audiobooks Only
    2019-02-16 17:23

    Barbara Rosenblatt - narration 5*sAmanda Quick will always be a favorite uncomplicated author for me.

  • Vivian Chan
    2019-01-23 17:35

    This one's a bit turn-off. The suspense is mediocre and the romance is cliche at best.I actually jumped dozens of pages several times to see the destined happy-ever-after ending...

  • Miriam Stern
    2019-01-16 18:29

    A fun, entertaining, and very quick-paced novel! I liked both main characters. Well balanced and a very good plot that keeps you wondering who the real culprit might be by the end!

  • Dakota
    2019-01-26 16:18

    Around 3.5-4Liked this one better than I thee wed. Enjoyable read

  • Linda Rice
    2019-02-15 10:23

    I always love Amanda Quick's books, and I loved this one as well, but not quite as much as others.

  • Sarah S
    2019-01-28 18:38

    The romance came on a bit abruptly. Surprisingly, "everyone" turned out to be the bad guy. Lots of skimming.

  • AstriNasthasia Videlia
    2019-02-13 17:32

    hahahhahha.. kata orang ini jelek.. kata orang ini biasa ajah..tapi gw suka... ^^

  • CatBookMom
    2019-02-06 13:43

    Interesting mystery, heavy-handed on the details of the sex scenes.

  • Shirlene
    2019-01-24 10:22

    Leo Drake, also known as the Mad Monk of Monkcrest Abbey, was at home alone. His two sons, Carlton (19) and William (17) had left for the Continent in the company of their tutor. Leo had married the woman of his dreams. They had two sons and then a few years after his second son was born, his wife developed a lung infection and had died. Beatrice Poole had also married young and three years into her marriage, her husband was killed by a highwayman. It was now five years later and she was an author who wrote under the pseudonym Mrs. Amelia York. Only her family and best friend, Lucy, knew that. Beatrice and Lucy also owned a dress shop together. Shortly after they opened the dress shop, they found a woman on their doorstep who had just had a miscarriage. They nursed her back to health and found her a job by helping her pretend to have a French accent. They continued to help prostitutes in London who wanted to better themselves by teaching them enough French to get jobs as ladies maids and housekeepers. Sally was her current project. Beatrice was the daughter of a vicar and Lucy had married a wealthy fabric merchant. Beatrice arrived at Monkcrest around midnight in the midst of a storm. Her coach had been delayed after being held up by a highwayman. She had come to talk to Leo because he was known for his writings on legends and such. Beatrice's uncle had been killed and she believed that he had located the mysterious Forbidden Rings. Legend had it that an alchemist designed a statue of Aphrodite out of something that was extremely strong and hid a fabulous treasure inside. The statue was locked with a key fashioned from a pair of Rings. She came in person because it was known that Leo was slow to answer questions when written to if the subject was not of particular importance to him. Leo was intrigued by Beatrice and he felt that she was also interested in him. They disagreed somewhat in their interest in books. He told Beatrice that he didn't hold much stock in sorcery and such and didn't care for the type of books that Mrs York wrote where she discussed legends and such and threw in a little romance on the side. Of course, Beatrice argued that the legendary men that she wrote about turned out to be the hero's in the stories and were drug out of their mysterious and dreary lives into the light. Beatrice told Leo that she was there to find out what he knew about the Rings and that she was going to find them in order to get back some of the money that her uncle had paid for them and to help her cousin, Arabella, gain a dowry so that she could marry a somewhat wealthy young man. She needed the money to pay for a dowry for her. Leo told Beatrice that he would go to London and search for the Rings himself. Beatrice was upset because she wanted to do this herself to get the money back for her family. Leo decided that they would work together. He surprised both himself and Beatrice by sealing their partnership with a kiss. Leo delayed Beatrice from leaving and went out the next night in search of the highwayman that had tried to rob her. Problem was, there were two of them and he got shot in the shoulder. He did shoot one in the leg and he and his massive hound, Elf, scared them both off. In this case, the legend of his being a werewolf were most helpful in scaring would be robbers out of the area in which he lived. He didn't think they would ever dare return. They both went to London in search of the Rings. There was a museum, the Trull museum, in London and many of Morgan Judd's artifacts were being kept in a basement there. The Aphrodite statue was one of those items. The museum owner was also searching for the Rings. They were rumored to have been found but were missing once again. The mysterious owner would do anything to possess the rings and use them to discover the secret treasure within the waist-high Aphrodite statue that was made of a greenish substance. Leo went to visit the shop of someone he knew on the seedy side of London, Mr. Sibson. He got no information but asked a whore, Clarinda, to keep watch for any new customers that might come to the shop. He told her that he would pay her well to keep watch. Beatrice had contacted the madam of the brothel, Madam Virtue, where her uncle had died and she agreed to meet with Beatrice. Leo and Beatrice had not seen each other for five days since returning to London. Both realized that their interest in each other had not subsided with time. Beatrice told Leo of her meeting with Madame Virtue and they immediately began arguing again, this time over Beatrice being involved in the investigation. They agreed to go see her together in a local park that afternoon. As they were leaving, Leo noticed that someone was watching them. He tried and failed to catch the guy. The next day, they set out to visit with a Dr. that Beatrice's uncle had been seeing. Her uncle had died after drinking a potion given to him by Dr. Cox. Beatrice realized that she was being followed and went into a store. The man was a friend of someone who worked for her publisher. His name was Graham Saltmarsh. Graham invited Beatrice to visit the Trull museum with him. Leo showed up and frightened him away and they went to see Dr. Cox. After the visit, Leo determined that the direct approach wasn't working and he needed to search the Dr.'s house when he was out. Beatrice argued but Leo wouldn't change his mind. He was taking her home that night and the coachman attempted to kidnap them. They ended up staying in the home of the prostitute, Clarinda, who was across from Mr. Sibson's shop. They discussed their marriages and Beatrice told Leo that her husband had no interest in her. He was in love with someone else. The woman he was in love with was forced to marry an older man and that man had shot and killed Beatrice's husband. Beatrice had made up the story of him being killed by a highwayman. Leo also confessed that his marriage was not all a bed of roses either. His wife hated making love to him also. She was always upset and crying. Beatrice and Leo ended up making love in Clarinda's place that night.After the men trying to kidnap Leo gave up, they went to their separate houses. Leo went out in the morning with his hound, Elf and found the person who tried to kidnap them and found out that he was the target and not Beatrice. Beatrice received a note that said that Madam Virtue wanted to meet her at Trull museum so Beatrice went there alone. When she arrived, she found Graham Saltmarsh at the bottom of a staircase. She went to check on them and they were both locked in an underground chamber by the mysterious new owner of the museum. She managed to get them both out of the museum by removing a rusty grate. She ran into Leo who had come looking for her. Leo had gone to see Beatrice at her house and was worried when she wasn't home and went through her desk. He discovered her writings and figured out that she was the author, Amanda York. The three of them talked and went their separate ways. Leo attended a dance that evening with Beatrice, her aunt and cousin. Leo danced with Arabella and it was notified by Burnby's mother. Leo and Beatrice left around midnight to finally search Dr. Cox's residence. They arrived to find him shot dead. They searched the place and Leo took nothing but Dr. Cox's appointment book. They were both frightened for Clarinda's safety and went to check on her. They found out from her that one of the people who had come into Sibson's place appeared to be Graham, without glasses. Burnby came by Leo's house the next morning and challenged Leo to a duel. Leo told him that he wasn't interested in Arabella, he was interested in Beatrice. Burnby left. Leo went to talk about this to Beatrice and found she had gone out for a walk. They ran into each other by discovering that they had both entered Graham's place to search it. They got out when someone arrived to enter at the front door. They concluded that Dr. Cox, Sibson, and Saltmarsh were working together. They then decided that the only place they hadn't yet searched was the museum. They made plans to search there the next night. They returned home to find that Leo's engagement to Beatrice and been spread all over town. Leo explained to Beatrice what had led to the statement of their engagement and she wasn't as upset as Leo thought she would be. She told him she understood why he did what he did. Leo went home and got ready for the evening. His butler told him that he was happy about the engagement and Leo took a family heirloom ring out of his safe. They attended a party again until midnight. Arabella told Leo and Beatrice that Burnaby had asked her to marry him and she had accepted. They left the party to get ready to search the museum and Leo gave the ruby ring to Beatrice. He told her that it was hers regardless of the outcome of their search. They entered the museum the same way that Beatrice had escaped when she had been trapped there. They searched through the basement and found the Aphrodite statue. Sibson and Saltmarsh arrived with guns. They were both under the assumption that Leo and Beatrice had the rings. Leo started talking and told Sibson about Saltmarsh killing Cox. Sibson became nervous about Saltmarsh maybe killing him once they had found the treasure in the Aphrodite statue. Beatrice screamed and Sibson's gun accidentally went off. Saltmarsh then shot Sibson and Leo attacked him. Saltmarsh ended up dead when he and Leo were fighting another of his guns discharged. Sibson was wounded but not dead. Leo and Beatrice noticed some markings on Sibson and noted that it was from the administering of the Rod. They both thought of Madam Virtue at the same time and started to leave when she appeared in front of them with a pistol in her hands. Madam Virtue told them that she had found out from one of her drunken conversations with Beatrice's uncle that he had purchased the Forbidden Rings and knew where the Aphrodite statue was. She had hired Saltmarsh to dispose of Trull, the owner of the museum, in order to get the statue. She was the new mysterious owner of the museum. She then set out to use Dr. Cox's poison's to drug the uncle into telling her where the rings were. She used to much poison and ended up killing him. His last words were something like 'ruin or ruined'. Saltmarsh had killed Dr. Cox and tried to poison Clarinda on his own. She was satisfied that the others involved in the treasure out of the Aphrodite statue had all been disposed of now. She asked for the rings and was very angry when she found out that Leo and Beatrice had no idea where they were. Then Beatrice told Madame Virtue that the ring around her neck was one of the Forbidden rings and she stepped closer to examine it. Leo then knocked her lamp out of her hands and started a fire. Madam Virtue shot Leo in the shoulder and knocked her out. They put out the fire to discover that Madame Virtue had taken poison and killed herself. Two weeks later, Beatrice found out that Leo and secured Arabella's dowry and they were getting ready for her wedding. Beatrice was convinced that her engagement was off and the ruby ring was hers as a gift. Her aunt told her that the ring was part of the Earl's family treasure and the ring was passed on to the one the Earl truly loved. Her aunt told her to ask Leo about it when he arrived and kissed Beatrice. Leo told Beatrice that he had destroyed some of the museum items and auctioned others off to collectors. This was following the instructions of Madame Virtue who had left the museum and it's belongs to The Academy run by Beatrice and Lucy. Leo reminded Beatrice of the story she told the police about what had happened and neither Mrs. York or Mrs. Poole were 'ruined' by it. This led Beatrice to remove from her library shelf the manuscript of a book that she had penned entitled 'Ruin'. It was returned to her after she had found out her uncle was dead and she had never opened it. Inside she found a letter from her uncle and the rings they had been searching for. They used the rings to open the statue and found a penned formula for turning lead into gold. They both laughed because they knew that it was an impossible task. If only the ones who had died had known what they were going to all this trouble to find. Beatrice then thanked Leo for getting rid of the museum artifacts that she didn't like just for her. He told her that he would do anything for love and Beatrice asked him if he loved her and he told her that he truly loved her and that is why he had given her the ruby ring. The ending chapter of the book has Leo complaining about the bad review that Mrs. Amanda York's latest book had received. Beatrice told him not to be concerned so long as the public purchased her books, she was not the least bit concerned. She then handed Leo their daughter, Elizabeth, to calm hm down. Leo's sons had returned and one had settled in a flat in London and the other was attending Oxford. Elizabeth was very happy and she got along well with his two sons.

  • Carlla
    2019-02-02 11:25

    Good characters, not whining or over powering women. I enjoyed the adventure and the women in this novel. Also, the fact she was an authoress. I found this very interesting.....(This is taken from the 'Author's Note' at the end of the book) The author gives us a little insight into the romantic, Gothic, horror novels popular in the early 1800's written by women. Novels with titles such as The Mysterious Hand, Subterranean Horrors and The Enchanted Head was enthusiastically accepted by audiences but critics deplored the taste for thrills and dark mysteries. She states the critics managed to keep most of the horrid novels and their authors out of the respectable literary establishment and that this genre is seldom studied in literature classes today, even though they left lasting impact on modern popular fiction. The genres of romance, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and horror are especially indebted to them. One horrid novel did make it into the modern era. The critics at the Quarterly Review savaged it when it first published in 1818, but today everyone knows the title. That novel was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

  • Annika
    2019-02-16 11:43

    This is definitely now one of my favorite Amanda Quick novels next to Ravished. Wonderfully funny, with fast suspense plot that doesn't really matter because character interactions are so witty and hilarious. No rapey pseudo-alpha heroes, no fainting sheep of a virgin heroine. The hero IS alpha but in the best possible way, the heroine is headstrong and occasionally impulsive but not TSTL.This pretty much describes their relationship to a T:"That afternoon in The Academy’s schoolroom Leo had argued at length in an effort to talk Beatrice out of joining him in the clandestine activities he had planned. She had listened very politely until boredom set in and then she had been forced to put her foot down very firmly. For an intelligent man, Leo could be extremely stubborn at times, she thought."Snigger. Happy sigh. Will go to keeper list.

  • Bethany
    2019-02-12 10:22

    Fun mystery romance with themes of the horrid novels of the early 1800s. This reminded me a lot of Quick's Tobias March/Lavinia Lake trilogy (which I loved), in its best facets. The hero and heroine are nicely matched, and neither are stupid or overly irrational. The mystery was somewhat predictable, but the character development and relationship are the A plot, and the mystery was better than most in the genre. I would read a sequel with these characters; this was a quality story with well-crafted characters. On to book #2!

  • Carol Cummings
    2019-02-05 18:43

    I have been an Amanda Quick reader for years and for some reason am now just starting this series. I loved Beatrice! She's strong, intelligent, and mature. Leo's admiration for her strengths made me love him too. Not only did I enjoy the hero and heroine but the mystery in the story as well. Just when I thought I knew who the "bad guy" was Quick proved me wrong. Can't wait to continue reading the other books in this series.