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The popular interactive series returns! Can you save Haley from loserdom?Sixteen-year-old Haley Miller is back at Hillsdale High school after the holiday break, and she’s finally got her driver’s license! But something fishy is going on. The few people she trusts are now acting less than trustworthy, and she’s beginning to wonder: is she turning into an outcast? Haley wasThe popular interactive series returns! Can you save Haley from loserdom?Sixteen-year-old Haley Miller is back at Hillsdale High school after the holiday break, and she’s finally got her driver’s license! But something fishy is going on. The few people she trusts are now acting less than trustworthy, and she’s beginning to wonder: is she turning into an outcast? Haley was looking forward to her best spring break yet, but now it’s not clear she’ll get an invite from anybody. Maybe readers—with their excellent decision-making skills—can guide Haley back to her rightful place in the social strata. Anything’s possible in this fun series where Choose Your Own Adventure meets Gossip Girl....

Title : What If . . . All Your Friends Turned on You
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ISBN : 9780385738187
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 320 Pages
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What If . . . All Your Friends Turned on You Reviews

  • Julie Suzanne
    2019-02-18 19:02

    Okay, I didn't actually complete reading this book, but I really want to review this for teachers who may be in my position. First, I had literally drooled on myself while coveting this series in a bookstore. Last year, I recall, one of my students read my 25-cent garage-sale find,What if....Everyone Knew your Name and loved it, passing it along from friend to friend. After it had circulated the popular crowd, it was never returned. Here, a few weeks before Xmas, I had the whole, crisp collection in my hands; I loved the feel of them, the silky rustle of their covers against each other, the charming covers, the concept behind each book, and I fantasized about my gum-smacking, Ug-boot wearing, OMG-wielding bottle-blonde middle school girls becoming honest-to-god READERS after delving into these exciting choose-your-own destiny novels. I considered forgetting my budget constraints for this noble cause, bu I refrained. One of my 7th-grade girls used her Barnes & Noble giftcard to buy this one, What if....All of your Friends Turned on You and after reading it, passed it my way. Elation! She said, "It was good" and walked away. She didn't hyperventilate and OMG ad nauseum, so I wondered what had gone wrong. Perhaps she was in a hurry. I spent the rest of my plan period snuggling in. Now I know. The story begins at a New Year's Eve party of several adults and teens all arguing politics. Really, politics. The argument is one in which I myself could be engaged, but definitely not one that my 7th graders are going to follow. I couldn't get a real grasp on any of the characters; they were all in this heated debate about the solution to global warming and I hadn't even met any of them yet, so each name dropped was as if over a cliff rather than into my cup of memory. Shifty....I'm already disappointed. Next thing I know, the teens are jokingly making Ed McMahon references, Al Gore, & Laurence Welk (seriously) and I know the book is doomed to never save even one of my students. Was I wrong about the target audience? Isn't it so VERY middle school? Well, this one certainly isn't. It's so VERY written by a 30-something who is out of touch if that's what she was going for. Hoping that I'm wrong, I ask 3 random students in the hall, "Hey, have you guys ever heard of Ed McMahon?" "Does he go to this school?""No, he's famous; he'd be on t.v." Blank stares. "No...."Thanks, that's all I needed to know. This book's a gonner. I see the owner of this perfectly packaged disappointment and I ask her to tell me the truth. What did she think about the book. "Well....I kinda didn't get, like, any of it. But I READ it, though. It looked good." After having her clarify her definition of "read", I deduced that she really had tried, but that she couldn't even get started, let alone make choices for the characters (the best part). So....further investigation of this series is required. Are they all written by the same author? Are they all a flop? Why, then, did the blue one do so well?Even though I admit I didn't read this whole book and I don't know what score I, an adult reader, would have given it, I can confidently say that this is not a good choice for middle school girls. I'm not ready to condemn the series; more on that to follow. As for this one, it should be titled, "What if.....a book that could've been great actually sucks?"

  • Joanna
    2019-02-06 23:26

    The story begins with Haley at a New Year's Eve party with her parents, some of her schoolmates and her parents' friends. Being bored by all the talks about politic, Haley suddenly got a handful of texts, each one showing a picture of Hillsdale High School's most popular bad boys, cheating behind their girlfriends. What's even more shocking was, one of the text was a picture of her so call boyfriend,Reese! What should Haley do? From here, Haley can either get together with her popular friends to dig into the meanings of these pictures or don't care, and stay with the new friends that she just made tonight.This book is really different from the other books that I've read. In this book, the readers get to pick the path the protagonist should go. By being the one who choose the protagonist's destiny, the reader is learning how to choose their own path in life.

  • Michelle Arrow
    2019-01-27 19:25

    This one, definitely has the best cover, and I really enjoyed reading it!Haley is back after holiday break, where she's spending the New Year with her new friends. She finally has her driver's license, but that's one of theonlygood things. Her friends are starting to act untrustworthy, including her boyfriend, Reese.Choosing Haley's choices and future is like eating a spoon full of peanut butter, which Iadore.She's very confident, but is not sure what she wants in life, which isdefinitelyokay. At least she's having fun and having good grades, right? High school is known as the best times of your life, they say. The key here is,what if, all of your friends turned on you?

  • laysia!!!!
    2019-02-13 20:06

    whenever you go on a break the weather changes and to Haley people do too, but they dont turn on each other but to Haley they just turned on her and to Haley if they do turn on you its time to make new friends that wont.Anyway in this book maybe haley just needs to give her friends a break or just dont care or sit down and talk to them or something and if they wont talk to her at all move on and make new friends.Bottom line this story should just be about MOVING ON for everybody I would reccomend this book for anybody who is interested in drama.But overall this is a good book!!

  • Hope Faith
    2019-02-09 18:10

    I went to a book sale and only found two more of these books. I almost have the whole series I think.I'm only missing 3 I think. But I'll find them eventually. I enjoy these books but they're nothing more than a cute quick read for a 23 year old. For a middle schooler or high school sophomore picked it up it wouldn't be too bad. They're really quick and cute and I really just love Alex and Haley together and yeah. I liked it a lot.

  • Heather
    2019-01-23 19:26

    I remember reading these books before and enjoying them but unfortunately this time was disappointed. :/ The endings were really predictable and the book is called 'If All Your Friends turned On You'. One of the main reasons I picked this book was because of that---however! In the paths I choose, nobody turned on Haley (the main) so it was definately an anti-climactic ending for me... :P

  • Akilah Hall
    2019-02-04 02:11

    this book open my eyes to alot that i didnt see in friendships and also life related ,things i couldnt see .i would recommand this book to girls who feel like their being betrade by a bestfriend or some one they knew for so long .

  • Ellen
    2019-01-27 23:18

    in what world does a school nurse have an IV??? Also, this was terrible. First, from a concept point. Then, from an execution point. Irene was introduced in one thread, but you can enter into a story line with her later, and then have no idea who she is.

  • Holly Letson
    2019-01-28 17:59

    Books in this series are like The Clique/Gossip Girl meets Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, and they are terrible. There are misspellings, bad punctuation, and consistency errors throughout them. I would not recommend them to anyone.

  • Bridney
    2019-01-24 20:18

    This book is very good.

  • Alexis
    2019-02-23 02:07

    I've read what if everyone knew your name, and now i want to read this one.

  • Arisbethe
    2019-02-14 18:02

    This boook was soemthing alike me because some of my friends turne on me to.

  • Ann
    2019-02-04 01:27

    This is the most current book of the what it series. In these books you get to choose your own destiny, so everyone reads a different story. This book was probably my least favorite of the series.

  • Gab Rose
    2019-02-23 01:11

    y do i keep reading these? xP

  • Arisbethe Rodriguez
    2019-01-25 00:04

    this book was about that this girl had alot of friend but sudely all of her friend turned on her i really didnt like this book but i read it.