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After the events on Samhain Eve things have calmed down for High King Eamon and his Fianna. The Unseelie Court is under new rule, and Eamon is happily married—and with an heir on the way! But just when it seems like things couldn’t be better, reports of changelings keep coming into BPAFF (Bureau of Protection Against Fair Folk). With the risk of children being changed outAfter the events on Samhain Eve things have calmed down for High King Eamon and his Fianna. The Unseelie Court is under new rule, and Eamon is happily married—and with an heir on the way! But just when it seems like things couldn’t be better, reports of changelings keep coming into BPAFF (Bureau of Protection Against Fair Folk). With the risk of children being changed out in their cribs, especially when a royal heir is weeks from being born, Eamon enlists the help of Aeden Mac Cool, Commander of Na Fianna, and Cassandra Whalen, Director of BPAFF, to deal with the threat before it escalates. Riots, Faerie rebels, and road trips with the King of the Unseelie—it’s just a typical day, right?...

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  • Deborah O'Carroll
    2019-01-26 16:29

    (Review originally posted as part of blogtour/giveaway--runs Sept. 18-29, 2017--here: a rollick of a book! We’ve got a nefarious changeling plot, cute Faerie children, awesome warriors, snark and humor, and of course an epic and amusing road trip. :D MY FAVORITE. I had a splendid amount of fun reading this book. :D As with any third-book-in-a-series, some things are hard to discuss without spoilers, but I shall do my best to be careful...I love how each of these books has been so different so far. I mean, they’re all in the same world and have similar stuff going on in a way, with the snarky characters and the fun and the danger and all, but they’re all unique and surprise me! Blood Ties features lots of questing in the Fae Lands, while An Earthly King is primarily centered around Tara Hall. In Scars of War, we get to explore the southern parts of Ireland, which was neat, mixing the modern and old feels and Faeries into the mix. I love it!There are two main parts to the story: stuff going on at Tara Hall with High King Eamon, and Ciran and his company—not as much with them; I might have liked more, but I suppose this is Cass’s story—and various troubles there on top of getting ready for Eamon’s heir to be born. Which factors into the changeling plot... leading to the second, and main, part of the story: Cass, Director of BPAFF (Bureau of Protection Against Fair Folk) is setting out to stop the outbreak of changeling incidents in order to keep the future heir safe. Joining her is Aeden, Commander of the Na Fianna (yay!) and, inviting himself along, Oberon, King of the Unseelie—and these three head out on a road trip of all road trips. Let the fun ensue!I was so excited when I found out this would be about Cass and Aeden! The first book is all in Ciran’s POV, while the second is a delightful mix of several POVs, so for some reason I guess I wasn’t expecting nearly the whole book to be in Cass’s head? I wasn’t as much of a fan of that since I didn’t need to spend an ENTIRE book with her and might have wanted more Aeden; BUT I do like Cass and once I got used to it, it was fine. What we did get of Aeden was fantastic, even if that didn’t get going as soon as I might have liked. XD He’s awesome and precious. <3 Both he and Cass are great, and I loved getting more of them and their stories. ^_^ (We got some of Eamon’s POV to see what was going on over there as well.)AND THEN THERE’S OBERON. I may like Aeden more, but Oberon is absolutely hilarious and one of my favorites. He’s the fabulous King of the Unseelie and he makes sure you know it, and is vain and purposefully rather petty at times, and loves to annoy them and gripe about things, but he has many unexpected hidden talents too, and a heart of gold underneath, even if he doesn’t let on. His dialog is my favorite. XD He’s the annoying third-wheel and it’s glorious. :DThe changeling plot was fascinating. There’s also mystery-type elements, and danger and peril, and it’s very exciting. The character arcs as they deal with various things were well done too. I guess I’m trying to say that while the fun elements are what stand out to me when I review, there’s plenty of epicness, action, and depth to go with that. :)The roadtrip was one of my favorite things! I mean, you have the no-nonsense Director of BPAFF (essentially like a cool FBI for dealing with magical-creatures or Faerie problems), the Commander of the elite super warriors Na Fianna, and the King of the Unseelie Fae, who is... erm... high-maintenance and snarky. Put them together in a Land Rover and have them driving around Ireland chasing a mystery, running into Faeries, having fights or car chases or peril, bantering, stopping for coffee at gas stations, and all the while Oberon is snarking away, complaining about being hungry, or that his suit is getting ruined, or they have the wrong music on, or not wanting to eat the Meat Stix (a running joke which was awesome), annoying Cass and Aeden so much... XD I JUST LOVE IT. Those three + roadtrip = best. ever. <3There also mayyy or may not be a bit of a romance on the side WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND THE CUTENESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS. Ahem. I love it and approve and ship them very much. :D Most of the other characters are kind of shipping them too, which makes more hilarity. XD *zips lips* I WILL SAY NO MORE.There may have been a couple things I wasn’t sure if I liked, and I did see through what the bad characters were planning near the end and thought that the heroes should have SEEN THROUGH IT ALL TOO, buuut then I suppose there might not be a story... *cough* So other than a few minor issues like that and some typos/errors, I overall enjoyed it a ton! :DThe characters, humorous snarky dialog, and details, totally made this book. The little details though! I LOVED the presence of a Claddagh ring! <3 The food references were hilarious. XD (I now want to eat Meat Stix and find some Elf Eaties—whatever they are—and go eat a sundae at Dippity Aye. XD The Dippity Aye subplot was HILARIOUS and I will not spoil it. Just read the book. Also, I now want there to be Oberon’s King of the Unseelie Foodie Blog, please. XD) And I just love this WORLD, with all the mix of old/new/Ireland/folklore/Fae things/modern technology. It makes me happy and I want to live there. <3Also, please note that the image of Cass, Aedan, and a Faerie king all sitting on the floor in a circle with little Faerie kids IS ADORABLE.Point of interest: there’s an awesome mini-short-story included at the end which tells the saga of what a few of the characters were doing at one point off screen that I’d wondered at, and it’s fabulous. XDOverall, it was a fun and exciting adventure, and my only question is WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK? Because I could read these things forever! ^_^ If you haven’t, I highly suggest checking out Blood Ties (and then An Earthly King... and then Scars of War...) because you need these modern Irish warrior books in your life. <3SOME FAVORITE QUOTES(I say some; all of them and we’d be here all day. I know most of these are Oberon—sorry, he’s just hilarious, is all. XD)***“You have got to be joking,” Oberon complained. “Meat Stix—with an X? How do I know this is even real meat? Never trust products where they purposefully misspell a word.”***“Hope you don’t mind more pub grub, your majesty.”Oberon sighed like a martyr. “At least I will be able to rate and review every pub and inn in the south of Ireland by the time we’re done with this little road trip. I should start my own foodie blog.”***“Just do what you Fianna do best,” I added unbuckling as I turned around in the seat to face Oberon and grab my crossbow. “Drive fast.”“Yes, Director,” Aeden said with a grin.***“Oberon, your things are in the barn.”He looked at me indignantly. “I do have to question the benefits of a peace treaty with your people if all you do is shove me in the back of your car and then house me with the cows.”***Imagine the surprise when we came in and I saw Oberon in the kitchen, standing at the stove and making sausage and eggs and pancakes, flipping them happily and whistling to himself as he wore a “Kiss Me I’m Fae” apron that might have been glamoured, or might just be something he carried in his copious bags. It was hard to tell.***“Fae magic does cell service no favors.”I received a free e-copy of this book from the author (thank you!). These opinions are entirely my own.

  • Joseph Leskey
    2019-01-20 17:14

    =============================Review as of September 19, 2017 A.D.=============================I am gladdened that I am unlike those lowly mortals who find it critically impossible for them to deport a book from their hands. As it were, this Scars of War took greater amounts of will to do so than some novels.According to my knowledge, which I confess is limited in some areas (thus creating me a being without omniscience, wouldn't you know it), there are not many books that have the hysterically hilarious king of the Unseelie on a road trip. No, I didn't go into hysterics, thanks for asking. That adverb was for the benefit of emphasis. The road trip, of course, deserves five stars itself, naturally, so it's a good thing some brilliant person invented averaging, so then there can be whole book ratings. Of course, the fact that I had been sitting for a long time certainly helped me get the feel for a bit of traveling. And then Oberon had to mention Meat Stix (which I'm not sure I would trust either, Oberon)—and Elf Eaties. I was getting seriously hungry and the characters just kept about their business—never gave so much as a thought to the creature that was peering into their reality. As we script developers who develop scripts in JavaScript say: var is_rude = true;Of course, there were lots of cars, and that was all fun—actually, I just remembered something. It's funny. Agh. I just remembered how funny everything was. I'll start a new paragraph to communicate to you the humorous quality of this book.This thing was funny. Really funny, in truth. Of course, you've got Oberon—he may or may not be the funniest thing in the book. Just absolutely, 100%, completely, and totally "ha-ha" inducing. And then you have the whole Captain of the Guard and High King bantering thing—which may or may not be the funniest thing in the book. (Isn't the word thing useful, by the way? I might have to reflect on that.) Oh, incidentally, did you know that I'm buying time here, because I kind of forget what's in a book whenever I try to review it?Oh, dear, I have no reviewing adrenaline.The characters. These were some kind of characters. But I can't say anything about them, except for (view spoiler)[Oberon and the king of the Unseelie are one and the same, if I didn't make that clear and you don't already know (hide spoiler)] {this is a spoiler if you haven't read, uh… book two}. Because, although I want to shower spoilers on your heads, I won't, and it's way too hard to write "(view spoiler)[" every time you give out one. Just make sure that you remember that you've never seen such fine characters. Oh, and we get partially Cass[andra]'s perspective this time.The plot is just fine, so it is. I can't really describe it without spoilers, sae tae bad fer ye.The writing is quite excellent. And I'm a very good judge of writing, naturally.* Note: I took a short break to practice some archery about here. *Actually, I'm really confused as of now. I have completely forgotten what I wrote in this review. I guess that's what happens when one breaks off in the middle of writing one to preform some archery. (And, no, I didn't exactly hit the bulls eye (with a projected arrow, that is), but I shot a nice hole in my quiver. I had a presentiment that I might do so when I placed said quiver upon my foam target, embedded in which is the tip of a now tipless arrow.) But I digress a little…Back ter business. Let's try this over again.We have gathered here today to see me review this book. Am I correct? True to the natural course of the world, yes, I am. In the aforementioned book you will discover a reluctantly worn silver circlet. Manifested to you will be the incredibly fascinating Fae-folk and their qualms about rivers and stuff. Interpreted in the depths of your mind will be three wheeled cars, which doesn't sound right now that I actually say it, but I'm pretty sure—Oh, look. I've just spoiled the mood of this paragraph. How dastardly. Ahem. You'll also find "muffin tops," patty pie supply and demand crises, Fae, Faery objects, veritable loads of coffee, a road trip (it deserved another mention), "nannies," an angry mob, baby blankets, Sight (psst… note the capitalization), mental scars, glamor, and no… goblins on motorcycles are exclusive to book one (Blood Ties) and book two (An Earthly King). But, before I give away something accidentally, I'd better stop listed pros and start listing cons.Cons:—Oops. That didn't work. But, I'm done. I cannot… review… any more. My prow-ness is drain…d. Although I do feel bad for authors if they read my reviews of their books that I happen to really like. After all, my reviews keep changing the subject. Seriously. Who taught them discipline, anyway? Oh, and seeing as my review doesn't discipline itself and I'm too exhausted to override its default state, I'm obviously not to be blamed for errors in this text, either typographical or grammatical. (hide spoiler)]

  • Rebekah Rodda
    2019-01-20 17:11

    All the elements I enjoyed in the first and second books were present in this one - the humor, the camaraderie, the Fae related quest. The focus this time was baby related (hiring the perfect nanny, preventing the royal baby from being switched with a changeling). I also liked the way it showed Aedan recovering (book, by book) from his scars of war. Yet for some reason I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first two books. I thought Aedan and Cass were a bit mean to the Goblin King, who was being very kind in personally attending to the changeling problem. The other books in the series also had a darker edge that made them more suspenseful. In utter fairness, I should mention that I read this when I was exhausted after Christmas so that may have impacted how I read it. Overall I really enjoyed the series.

  • Hazel West
    2019-01-24 14:33