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The dark places in life have taught her this much-some things simply cannot be forgiven. Cheryl Thompson learned over a decade ago to guard her shattered heart with a veil of cold indifference. Life since that day has been an endless cycle of detachment and loneliness, followed by superficial relationships. Break up, rinse, and repeat. Until something in her snaps. This liThe dark places in life have taught her this much-some things simply cannot be forgiven. Cheryl Thompson learned over a decade ago to guard her shattered heart with a veil of cold indifference. Life since that day has been an endless cycle of detachment and loneliness, followed by superficial relationships. Break up, rinse, and repeat. Until something in her snaps. This life...she can't do it anymore. She returns to her childhood home in the Colorado Rockies to help her Nana, only to discover a man capable of thawing her iced-over emotions-a man she knows she doesn't deserve, so she pushes him away. But he keeps coming back. Brock Kelly lived high as King of the Slopes in the world of snowboard cross racing. Medals. Money. Fame. But after a visit to an orphanage in Mexico, he gave up his adrenaline-packed lifestyle to follow a calling from God he didn't know he had-helping kids who'd been damaged emotionally. When his best friend's baby sister returns to town, he recognizes the hollow look in her eyes and sees the pain beneath her icy armor. It seems God has issued new call on his life. One he is not prepared for. Falling in love with a woman who keeps secrets is dangerous all on its own. But when Cheryl finally tells Brock what she's never told anyone wonder she is the way she is. It would take a miracle to heal that wound, and a love bigger than Brock had ever imagined to walk with her through the process....

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  • Fiction Aficionado
    2019-01-28 11:23

    I'm not sure how it's possible to combine such soul-piercing agony, and such heart-swelling beauty in one novel, but that is exactly what Jennifer Rodewald has done in Red Rose Bouquet. It seems trite to try and put my feelings into words - 'squeezing words out of feelings' is how a friend recently phrased it - but hopefully this review will in some way convey the magnitude of deeply reverent 'wow' I feel for this story.First of all, this may be classified as a 'romance', but that is a dreadfully pale word for the depth of love shown in this story. It is a relentless, unmerited love; the kind of love that willingly endures heartache for the sake of another's healing. It was such a beautiful picture of Christ's love for us, and yet, at the same time, eminently human in its imperfection.Brock doesn't know what has happened to turn the Cheryl he remembers into an ice princess, but he recognises a wounded soul when he sees one. His pursuit of first her friendship, then her love, is one of the most tender and beautiful I have ever read, and I found myself wiping my eyes on more than one occasion. He doesn't always get it right, but he has such a teachable spirit, and a willingness to humble himself; to put aside his own pain in order to be what Cheryl needs. It was... Oh, there just aren't words!And Cheryl. She's not an easy character to like in the early stages of the novel but, like Brock, I was stirred to compassion for her, which deepened throughout the novel. And her story chastised my soul. As an adamant pro-lifer, I'm passionate about saving babies, but how often do we consider what condemnation our efforts heap on women who have already made their choice and are now suffering for it. How often do we reach out to post-abortive women and show them Christ's healing love?In many ways, reading this book means being prepared to have your own heart broken along with the characters. I felt Cheryl's pain as she worked through her guilt, her belief that she had committed the unforgivable. I felt her very real fear that sharing her pain would mean losing the one person who had taken the time to melt the wall of ice she had built around her heart. But I also felt the gradual softening as she began to respond to Brock. There are so many beautiful, even light-hearted moments amidst the pain, I know this is a novel I will come back to more than once.Tying this all together is the beauty of Jennifer Rodewald's writing. It's not just the story she tells, but the way she expresses it. Each word, each sentence is perfectly weighted, and the result is exquisite, in a completely natural and unpretentious way.In short, I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. May there be many more novels to come from Jennifer Rodewald in the future.

  • Rebekah Rodda
    2019-01-23 17:12

    I'm conflicted about this book. On the one had side this is a story about relentless unconditional love towards a very undeserving woman - she's so cold and harsh and Brock, the guy giving her love, has really nothing to work with except childhood memories and a beautiful face. He is a lot like a Jesus figure loving the fallen human race. She rebuffs him quite well quite often but he persists because he realises she is broken and wounded and he wants to see her restored. So far so good. It would be remiss of me to not mention that this is an issues book that deals with a very very sensitive issue in a loving way. I like how this book encourages the universal church assess how this topic is approached and how the women post-procedure are engaged with. An important message. However I did not like how Brock believed that God's command to love Cheryl meant he had to romantically pursue her and propose marriage to her. She is definitely not a Christian, so God would not say that. Also the emphasis seemed very much to be on Brock's love saving her. He seemed focussed on showing her his love not bringing her to Christ. Also there was a lot of kissing and touching in the book (pre any kind of commitment - Cheryl is very clear she is not interested in a relationship) and yet it got fairly steamy there at one point. Boundaries Brock???? So I wouldn't recommend this as a blueprint for how to conduct a romantic relationship but I liked the redemption elements and the last letter at the end. Incidentally I have not read the first book in the series but this stood alone well enough.

  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    2019-02-13 13:16

    There are tears in my eyes still as I sit here, staring at the screen, trying to put into words the beauty and grace that flow from Red Rose Bouquet. Jennifer Rodewald has a gifting, perhaps like no other, at taking the ugly of life and transforming it into an exquisite story of redemption that brims with mercy and hope. The kind of story that hits you in the feels, even if you think to yourself (as I may have done when I started reading this particular book) “I’ve never dealt with that so at least I won’t cry in this one.” Uh… wrong. Because Jennifer gives you characters in whom your heart fully invests and she teaches you by example to be “willing to look at [their] brokenness, listen to the pain, and let it break [your] heart.” Cheryl is broken, some by her own choices and some by lies fed to her. What she needs is the reminder that, as Corrie Ten Boom said, there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still. Even when she refuses to listen. Even when she doesn’t dare believe. Or love. Or trust. He’s there. With forgiveness and grace and a love that won’t let go.Enter Brock. The love he shows Cheryl – a love that defies expectations or anticipations – is so touching that I still can barely breathe around the beauty of it all. His part of her story is exquisitely gentle and wildly romantic and bravely determined. He’s not perfect at it, but he’s a beautiful (sorry, Brock!) reflection of the One who is.Bottom Line: Red Rose Bouquet by Jennifer Rodewald is a powerful novel of healing and hope. It takes a raw look at the human side of a hot-button political and religious topic, and it coats every word with mercy and grace and Love. There are no easy answers on these pages, only the redemptive embrace where “mercy and truth have met together [and] righteousness and peace have kissed.” (Psalm 85:10)(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book via Kindle Unlimited.)See my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-15 11:17

    “Red Rose Bouquet” is exquisite; equally breathtaking and heartbreaking in intensity; a romance between two souls desperate to follow the path of the redeemed; while desperately afraid that the journey will destroy them. It’s a story of unconditional love, even when it hurts; it’s a story of forgiveness, waiting to be claimed, even by one who views her sin as unforgivable; it’s a testimony to a God who is relentless in His ability to bring beauty out of brokenness. Cheryl Thompson is practically a shadow of her former self, her stunning beauty only surface deep, disguising a heart filled with rage, bitterness, and hopelessness. Returning home to the Colorado Rockies at the request of her brother, she uses a short en route lay- over to confront a former lover regarding his curious letter of apology. Subsequently, Cheryl Thompson begins to unravel. Soon after her arrival back home, Cheryl is reacquainted with a childhood friend, a former Olympian snowboard cross racer, now managing a ranch style camp for foster children, his lifestyle radically different following a spiritual conversion. Who or what could have persuaded Brock Kelly to give up the spotlight? Brock Kelly is shocked by his best friend’s sister, though her appearance exudes confidence and sensuality, her eyes illuminate a soul of pain and suffering. When the Holy Spirit nudges Brock to “love her”, he has no way of knowing what lies beneath the shiny veneer, and when he does, he can only cry out, “God, help me. “ Jennifer Rodewald has added another stunning story to her already outstanding collection of books. “Red Rose Bouquet” is a story of hope and healing, rich with spiritual truth, reminding its readers that God can heal the deepest of wounds with His everlasting love. I am grateful to the author who gifted me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Staci
    2019-02-04 15:34

    Cheryl had a minor part in Blue Columbine. She is the main character in the second book of the Grace Revealed Series. Red Rose Bouquet is a beautiful story of redemption.

  • Susan Snodgrass
    2019-01-25 13:21

    Sometimes you read a book that is so powerful you have a hard time wrapping your mind around how to craft a good review, a review that will do it justice. This was such a book. It was recommended to me by an author and I bought it. Now I recommend it highly to anyone. Cheryl Thompson has lived with guilt and pain of the most horrible sort for over a decade and she is certain that she absolutely cannot be forgiven. The holy cannot be in the presence of such sin as hers. She has filled her life with such things that defy description just to try and get this unending guilt out of her heart and mind. Nothing she does works. Then her brother calls her back to their hometown in Colorado to help with their grandmother, who has dementia. She tries not to go, doesn't want to go, but goes anyway. Cheryl is barely functioning, suffering blinding migraines and horrific nightmares that refuse to leave her alone. Brock Kelly, former snowboarder and friend of her brother, notices Cheryl and hears a small voice from God telling him to love her. But how can anyone love a woman that closes herself off to everyone and has a demeanor that drives all away from her?This is a novel of forgiveness, grace, and redemption. The power of God to redeem that which seems unredeemable is to amazing here. I find it very difficult to put into words what I am feeling about this book. God is so very good. He runs after those that need Him. He never gives up. Ever. He loves us. He created us and wants us to live in the light of His love. But Cheryl doesn't believe that. All she sees is her sin.Brock is willing to be obedient to God and love Cheryl. But her secrets threaten to undo them both. And the enemy of Cheryl's soul is not willing to let go without a fight. You see, satan wants to keep us all bound up so that we can't see or feel God's grace and mercy.Oh, I loved this book! It was hard to read at times and I wept through sections of it. Jennifer Rodewald has written this book so that the reader actually feels like she is inside the characters' heads. You FEEL their pain, you hope with them that this situation can be resolved. You want to hug them and pray with them, telling them that God is on their side and that He will bring about restoration! Truly. The writing is top notch, the message is astounding and I wouldn't have missed this for the world! Just powerfully amazing. God CAN heal! God CAN redeem. And He WILL!Do not miss this book. Just do not miss it. The good thing for me is that I have discovered I had already bought Jennifer's other books and they are just sitting on my Kindle. Now I must find the time to read them all. This is a writer you will want to add to your favorites list.

  • Lucette Nel
    2019-02-14 10:30

    This book carries the important message that we, as flawed humans forget too often. NOTHING WE CAN DO, CAN MAKE GOD LOVE US LESS. MS. Rodewald does it once again. She tackles a heartbreaking incident and uses it to show God's love. Shattered dreams, disastrous decisions, and broken promises scatters the heroine, Cheryl Thompson's life. But they're not bigger than God. And God has the perfect vessel to teach Cheryl that she's not as unlovable as she prefers to believe. Brock Kelly is the steadfast hero that God uses to thaw Cheryl's frozen heart.

  • Linda Syman
    2019-02-14 12:13

    An amazing, hard story to tell. Thanks for telling it.This story battled some incredibly hard truths but was told through love and forgiveness. I was moved and changed. I am amazed that the author told it with such emotion and truly captured what goes through the mind of someone with this secret. What was great about this book was that it was written with such love that it doesn't set up a mood of deep depression. The "choice" does that all on it's own. Thank you for writing this amazing story.

  • Sarah Monzon
    2019-01-25 18:11

    This book is so achingly beautiful. Like a gorgeous violin solo, the writing and message will pull on your heart strings. This book will stick with you even after the last page and has the ability to change your life.

  • April
    2019-01-16 11:10

    4.5 Stars!Wow, I am a little overwhelmed with emotion, as I have just finished reading this novel. Rodewald took a delicate and controversial subject and brought it to life in an honest, heartfelt and redeeming way. I do not want to give away too much here, but understand that going into this novel there are subjects that may be hard for some to read, but also may be good for them to read at the same time. This is most definitely not a light hearted novel. This novel, has a message and it is a good one; but it will bring tears and work on your heart.We first meet Cheryl in Book 1, Blue Columbine. Cheryl is abrasive and not a warm and fuzzy character, but you get to the heart of why that is in this novel. I enjoyed Blue Columbine, which dealt with one of the main characters being an alcoholic. In that novel too, I felt like Rodewald did a wonderful job of conveying the struggles of the person in need of help, as well as those who are there trying to help. However, in this story I felt like Rosewald really took it up a notch. She powerfully brought to life the struggles and truths in this situation, in a way that was both moving and transformative.There are no perfect people, but there is a perfect Savior. While our love is not perfect, His absolutely is. Christ offers grace and He can and does redeem anything. There is no sin that is too great for God to redeem. This is the beauty that this story portrays.Definitely worth the read!

    2019-01-21 13:18

    Loved it. I cried and laughed. It is so true that we put limits on God. He has no limits. He is a loving and forgiving God. Thank you Jennifer for reminding me of that.

  • Bhriv
    2019-01-22 12:38

    Red Rose Bouquet, written by Jennifer Rodewald, is book two in the Grace Revealing Series. Book one of this series was about Andy. We get to peek in on Andy for a moment in book two, but this story is about his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl.Wow! I’m amazed at how deep this story goes…each page pours with deep emotional wounds that only Christ could possibly redeem. Red Rose Bouquet is a story of redemption…forgiveness from God, self and the thoughts that others might have…about value in God’s eyes and others…about the Grace that only Jesus can provide…about hope…and then about, Love, unconditional, selfless, without strings attached.My favorite character(s)…well, I have to say first it would be Cheryl because she is such a wounded person and needs to see past her past to have a future. She is the “Ice Princess” who needs to be thawed with love and forgiveness. My other favorite character is Brock. He’s just a guy who has a past who has already found forgiveness from Christ and now is trying to show others that same grace that he learned through his experiences. Rodewald has taken a tough storyline and opened it up to us with feelings that just ooze from each page. There are times you just want to weep with these characters. Other times, you’re praising God that He is such a Big God that sent His only Son to cover ALL sin. I don’t usually go past the third chapter in books in reviews, but there is just one tiny quote that I just have to add. “You who are without sin, cast the first stone… No one did. Because you can’t grasp a stone while keeping a grip on grace.” What a great analogy! Rodewald shows us how wonderful grace is throughout this story over and over. If you are carrying wounds, have carried wounds, will carry wounds…this book will open your eyes and heart up to forgiveness and hope is possible. I totally recommend this beautiful read!I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Connie Saunders
    2019-01-29 12:36

    Cheryl Thompson is very beautiful in her outward appearance but she feels anything but beautiful on the inside. She has experienced damaged relationships and tremendous hurts and she feels very ugly and unworthy. Brock Kelly has experienced glory days as a former Olympian but his real glory days began when he received forgiveness and became a child of God. When Cheryl returns to her hometown after many years away Brock recognizes that his best friend's baby sister needs to feel that she also is worthy of forgiveness.Red Rose Bouquet is the beautiful story of Cheryl's long, hard journey back to redemption. It reminds us that God's love is unconditional and that He is always waiting to forgive. We are also reminded that any and all hurts can be healed through His great love.This is the first time that I have read any of Jennifer's books and she certainly knows how to involve her readers. She took me deep into Cheryl's anguish, she carried me through her struggle to accept and believe, and she let me witness her ultimate joy of redemption!I was provided a Kindle copy of this book for my honest review.

  • Corey
    2019-01-21 16:25

    Red Rose Bouquet I love Jen Rodewald's books because she writes about real life subject matter in an honest true life way. She describes the struggles the characters go through that touches the readers' heart and makes you think. In Red Rose Bouquet the author tackles tough subject matter in a way that even if you never went through it personally, you can still understand the pain Cheryl is feeling. I'm trying my best not to give away spoilers because this is an awesome read. When reading the book, I felt like I was going through the process with Cheryl. I was cheering her on and encouraging her. I was crushing on Brock. I loved the book completely. The author has a gift. Highly recommended.

  • Christina
    2019-02-10 16:32

    Jennifer has done what not many authors can do with her books, and that is gently change how I feel in my own spiritual walk. Her stories are beautifully written, but it's so much more than that. There's a spirit about them that feels heaven-breathed. In this book, she tackles a tough subject through the lens of both sides of a divisive issue, and in the process my heart was stretched for those on both ends of the spectrum. That takes talent, and this author has that in spades. Every time I read one of her books, I'm left proud of them in the end, even though they aren't mine to claim. So, so good.

  • Marlene Moore
    2019-02-15 16:30

    This is a book that will last with you for a very long time! The message is one that everyone needs, but it really reaches those who's souls are hurting and who need to know God is there waiting to forgive and redeem us. We just have to ask. Though that seems easy, it's probably a very hard thing to do. However, God will walk with you through the rough times and He will be there through it all. This is an excellent book and I can't wait for future books in this series!

  • Donna D
    2019-01-21 15:37

    Oh my!!!There are not adequate words to express my feelings for this book. Although I have not experienced what Cheryl did in life, the healing, no matter what the sin is, can still be found. Thank you so much for such a beautiful book, Jennifer. It was heart wrenching and at times so very hard to read. You write such beautiful books of redemption, other books pale in comparison. You write with such compassion and love. Everyone needs to read this book!

  • Eileen Carter
    2019-01-20 15:27

    Excellent bookThis book touches on a real life struggle, one that many women deal with. The way that Jennifer Rodewald handle this life changing, life altering event is beautiful, full of forgiveness and hope. As you read it you will find yourself crying, as Cheryl and Brock deal with life. This book has a strong Christian references to the bible which only make this book more endearing to the reader. I highly recommend it.

  • Andrea Boyd
    2019-01-23 15:13

    Let me just get this out of the way first - every woman needs a Brock Kelly in her life. Every. Woman.Now to Cheryl. This is the most relatable character I have ever read. You don't have to go through the aftermath of an abortion to be angry, to feel undeserving, to cause yourself harm. Jennifer Rodewald is my new favorite. Her writing style has won me over and keeps me coming back for more.

  • Marlene Moore
    2019-01-30 15:21

    This story was told with such love and grace that I pray it heals all who are in need. I found that this book is healing no matter what your issue is; God forgives!This is an emotional read and many times I cried, but just as many times I smiled with joy when God's love came through.This is an excellent book!

  • Carol and Gary Curtis
    2019-01-25 11:19

    Hard book to get over. A bit slow and difficult to follow in the beginning. After the two lead characters finally made contact, the story took off and continued at a rapid, though more complicated pace until the end. This story will remain in my memory for a long time.Reread not any better now

  • Toni Shiloh
    2019-01-16 18:36

    I loved this story. I love the title and how it ties into the stories. Cheryl hides her hurt and shame under an ice façade. Brock senses that had determines to break free. Great characters. Fantastic story. Read it. :)

  • Sore
    2019-01-24 16:23

    Loved itLoved it. Broke my heart, made me cry, laugh and more. I like it when an author writes with depth about issues people may face

  • Josée
    2019-02-15 12:23

    A story of hope and forgivenessWell written heart-wrenching and tear-jerking story. A story of hope, forgiveness, and love that leaves the reader changed as most of us can relate one way or another to Cheryl's struggles and feelings.

  • Linda
    2019-02-01 15:18

    Uplifting!Wow, powerful and both heartbreaking as well as healing. Truly a great read. Showing God's love through a compassionate heart.

  • Barbara Higdon
    2019-01-26 15:15

    WowWhat a great story of redemption. As Cheryl showed in this book, forgiveness from God is sometimes mixed up with our own forgiveness of ourselves in our mind. This story is a good reminder that God forgives even if we don't . The whole series is great.

  • Sydna Masse
    2019-01-27 17:27

    Jennifer Rodewald has authored an exquisite piece with her second installment in the Grace Revealing series, Red Rose Bouquet. Red Rose Bouquet touches on a common pain that many face in life, outlining with a beautiful intensity that there is no sin that God cannot forgive and redeem for His glory.Cheryl Thompson starts her journey back to her home town with an urgent call from her brother, announcing their grandmother needs her care. From the moment she steps back into the small community where she grew up, God begins to beckon her back to His divine fellowship. While she maintains her “Ice Princess” status initially, her big brother’s friend, Brock, works to unearth the beautiful girl he once knew that he called, “Sherbet.” God helps him in that pursuit.Through Brock’s tangible efforts, God begins to call Cheryl back into Him. While Cheryl’s journey back to faith may initially seem long and hard, with each chapter, we can identify with her struggles in understanding God’s unconditional love in a dark world. As someone who has walked through many similar dark places in my life, I could identify and understand Cheryl’s pain, distance and anger. I cried as I was reminded of how it felt to be outside of God’s fellowship. With each page, I was encouraged and renewed. The impact of Red Rose Bouquet allowed me to understand God’s amazing grace at an even deeper level. Red Rose Bouquet provides the perfect outline of how to begin the process of reclaiming our past sins by accepting God’s amazing love and mercy. It’s also an encouraging book for those who are struggling with family members who may also have an “Ice Princess” heart, providing tangible ways to minister to them.Thank you, Jennifer, for this precious piece of Godly literature. I recommend it highly to everyone who is searching for a deeper walk with Christ in a troubled world. God’s love is bigger than we could ever imagined!

  • Anna
    2019-01-29 11:33

    The Red Rose Bouquet is a personal story about love and forgiveness. Rodewald has been able to give her readers a glimpse into the depth of despair of a broken woman, Cheryl. The author does a beautiful job of correlating how society judges and how people judge themselves. The question concerning what sin is too great to be forgiven frames this intense, heart wrenching story. Rodewald brings to life a man, Brock, who has fallen away from his faith and yet found forgiveness and grace. As Brock's relationship with Cheryl becomes more personal he begins to help her unlock the secrets of her haunting past. The story is a beautiful testimony of hope and redemption. The reader may become so involved with the characters that it is easy to allow emotions to run high. Although Brock is an amazing man, his character helps to give the readers a small view into the love of Jesus Christ. Excellent book.

  • Karen Salyer
    2019-02-05 10:32

    I am not particularly fond of romantic fiction. It usually seems like a trip into fantasy land to me. However I love reading Jennifer Rodewald's books. Yes they are romantic, but they also beautifully demonstrate God's patient love for each of us. They show how God can work in those around us in ways that help to heal our heartaches and help us come to a point of being able to then help others. I also love how Jennifer researches her topics. I learned a ton about the emotional aftermath of abortion by reading this book. I had compassion for women having had abortions before. Now I have a much better understanding of the hurt and burden they bear. This knowledge will be a great help next time I run into this situation with foster children and college women I mentor. What a blessing from God.

  • Vonda Young
    2019-02-08 10:24

    This is a tremendous book about the grace. Jennifer's insights into the sorrow and pain of devasting choices are thought provoking as well as challenging. Is it possible for individuals to receive forgiveness when they can not live with themselves. It is a remarkable story about a man truly loving a woman for who she is not what she has done and where she has been. The book also begs the question, "Are we truly living the love of Jesus Christ?" The book is an easy read that demands to be finished. Excellent story.