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This fall...Happily-ever-after.That’s what happens when you get married.Right?Turns out sparkly rings, cake and a fantastic wedding do not automatically grant you that, not even when it’s all you truly want.I’m even starting to doubt the bottomless, unconditional love I share with the man I married will be enough.I can’t have happily ever after, know why?Because I can’t giThis fall...Happily-ever-after.That’s what happens when you get married.Right?Turns out sparkly rings, cake and a fantastic wedding do not automatically grant you that, not even when it’s all you truly want.I’m even starting to doubt the bottomless, unconditional love I share with the man I married will be enough.I can’t have happily ever after, know why?Because I can’t give Romeo what he truly wants. I’ve tried. So hard. I won’t be happy unless he is and something is missing. Someone.Paparazzi are in my face. The flashing cameras and prying eyes are everywhere. My secret is getting harder to hide, and I know the second the scoop is dished the grip I have on the fraying rope of that happily ever after will snap right in my face.In our face.I can’t let that happen. No matter what. Because with or without a happy ending, Romeo comes Before Anyone Else....

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  • Catarina
    2019-02-09 14:26

    4,5 Emotional Stars. *If you haven’t read the previous books, there might be small spoilers.*This fourth and final book on Rimmel and Romeo’s story starts a while after their marriage in “Heart”. Everything is great between them until tragedy strikes and suddenly they find themselves trying to hold on the other and breathing at the same time, being in the public eye doesn’t make their lives easier. Romeo is trying his best to protect his wife and making everything better, but he’ll soon understand that in order to help someone, they need time to heal and help themselves first. I once said that I could read forever about Romeo and Rimmel and wouldn’t be tired of it. This book proved me right. It was funny, it was emotional and it was absolutely heartwarming in the same way this couple got us used to in the previous books. Although I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a epilogue set further in the future, after all this is the last book, I was very happy with the way it ended and it was definitely a deserved ending for this sweet couple. I’m sad to see them go, but I definitely loved the ride. Rating:4,5 Stars. Steam:Some hot moments. Sensible Subjects:(view spoiler)[ Miscarriage.(hide spoiler)]Love Triangle:(view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]Cheating:(view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ Yes.(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)
    2019-01-30 10:21

    The moment I heard Cambria Hebert was going to write another book in the Hashtag series, I squealed and fangirled so hard it's a miracle I didn't have an ictus.There are few authors have me so hyped up. Cambria is one of them. Especially if the couple featured is my absolute favorite in the series and one of my top favorite in general. Romeo and Rimmel are amazing together. He's so sweet, caring, protective and yet totally alpha, while Rimmel has the biggest of hearts, is nerdy, awkward and adorkable. What I love about them as a couple is that you never question the love they feel for each other, it's so encompassing and powerful. They would lay their lives down for the other in the blink of an eye if need be, and they're just so supportive, especially Romeo in this book. He's like the ultimate book boyfriend. The one you'd bring with you on a deserted island, so to speak.Before starting to read, I expected, as the author said in the note at the end of the book, happiness, happiness, happiness. Well, this book isn't unicorns and rainbows 100% and I loved it even more because of it. The nothing-going-wrong policy can work with novellas, but in a full-length novels you need a plot, you need things going the way you hadn't expected. This book was the perfect balance between internal and external factors testing the MCs, with a heavier stress on the external side (which is something I always prefer), not being a major fan of angst. I heard once that if your lady was in a mood, the best course of action was to throw chocolate at her and back away. I wasn’t backing away from Rimmel. I’d rather take the heat of her anger and be at her side. But chocolate might be a good idea.The book is told by both MC's POVs and you can feel their love for the other seeping through every word. Also, Hebert's style is pretty awesome on its own, and fun too. So it's not a cheesy novel about two people in love wanting a kid. No. It's more than that.And let's not forget the whole #family. This is some major source of brownie point, in my opinion. There's something I adore in series and it's when you get to see the characters of all the books together. Well, the characters of the hashtag series are all a big family. Really, they call each other sisters and brothers even if they're not blood-related. It will not make much sense if you haven't read the series but after going through all they had to go through, seeing them like this made my heart soar, and ache because I too want to be part of that family, too.Plus, seeing Breaden and his baby daughter Nova together... awww, I'm a melt puddle on the floor.“Da-dadadadada,” she part cried, part babbled.“All right now,” he said soft, and I imagined him reaching into her crib to pull her into his arms. “Tell Daddy what’s going on.”Of course the baby said nothing.“Gonna make me guess? You women are all the same. Always wanting us men to read your minds,” he muttered, but affection was heavy in his voice. It was a little heart-melting for such a big, rough, and sometimes hotheaded man to turn into such a big ball of mush when faced with a little dark-haired girl. “I’m just gonna get right to the daddy duties. C’mon, then. You can help.” He went on. “Let’s check the closet first.”To conclude, this book was the perfect conclusion to an already incredible series.-We get to see the whole gang living together, and also standing up for each other in times of need.-We get a healthy dose of heart-squeeze and feelings.-A swoony hero that is still my n.1 book boyfriend.-Enough cuteness to kill a kitten dressed as a bunny.-Amazing, fun style.-Incredible chemistry between the MCs and outstanding interactions between all the family members.-A plot that stands on its own.-Did I already name Romeo? Yeah, well, never mind.-Romeo-Romeo-Romeo.On a side note, I'd like to say that the #Bae (acronym for Before Anyone Else for those who like me didn't know) is referred to the MCs and how they'd put the other one first even before any eventual baby. I may sound like a heartless bitch when I say it, but when I read it I thought: "Finally!". Too many times I've read books in which once there's a baby in the picture, the MCs' relationship gets on the backburner. So yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed the focus on them as a couple.Where to find me:

  • Wendy
    2019-01-18 12:21

    I am known for reading series out of order and in this case, I had already read the Gearshark series and the first books of this series, so I figured why the hell not. I skipped a whole bunch of books in between, but it didn't matter, because this book was about Romeo and Rimmel. It was heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. I really enjoyed reading it.I still have to read Ivy and B's books, but since Ivy isn't really a favorite of mine, I'm not sure when I will get to it. I do love B I will get to them eventually ;)

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-01-26 11:16

    5 #Bae Stars I have been putting off this book for a long time, why well I kinda of figured if I didn’t read it…then the series wasn’t over. I loved #Nerd. So Rimmel and Romeo were my favorite couple of the series. I love the rest of the couples don’t get me wrong but there is just a place in my heart that belong to Rimmel and Rome.This book is a perfect way to end the series without it ending. I loved it. Even if I hate the word “bae” thank goodness you can get over that part fast. ;) Rimmel goes through a lot of ups and downs in this book but there are all of these constant in her life. Romeo, and the gang they are really a family and they all stick together when one is hurting they all pitch in to make it as easy as possible on that one person.I lovvvved how Romeo was just so Romeo. He was possessive and protective and just plain perfect for everything Rimmel needed. I am glad I took the chance and read this book, even if it took me a long time to get the courage to do it. The Hashtag Series is awesome I recommend it to anyone.*You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  • Snow
    2019-01-25 12:43

    4 "we will always be #family" starsWith a bitter sweet sigh, i am proclaiming this conclusion #series more than worthy!Romeo and Rimmel will forever be in my eyes a couple that exceeded the #nerd and #quarterback labelling...they were so much more...through out all the pain and misfortune they dealt with, they still found love, passion, devotion...inspite of it all...they survived it, they grew stronger, they belong to each other, and they put each other...before anything elsebefore anyone elseBeautiful ending.*sigh*

  • Hanne
    2019-01-17 12:41

    5 -- #PerfectFamily #RomeoAndRimmelForever -- starsThis book was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. It brought tears to my eyes one moment and the next it put a big smile on my face. It had a few twists that I didn’t expect at all. I loved every second I spend reading this book, just like with every other book in this series. #Bae is my favorite book of the Hashtag series and the perfect conclusion of the series.Romeo is absolutely perfect! I must admit that I didn’t like him very much at the beginning of #Nerd. He was arrogant and cocky back then, but he has changed so much. The more he liked Rimmel, the more I fell in love with him. I felt harder for him with each book, until I thought that I couldn’t love him more. That was until I read this book. He showed a vulnerable side in this book and that made me love him even more. Romeo is without a doubt one of my favorite bookboyfriends ever. He is an alpha male. He is caring, loving, protective and strong. I knew that he would be an amazing dad one day.Rimmel is amazing! I loved her from the moment I met her in #Nerd. She is so adorable and believable. She is the perfect woman for Romeo. She is sweet, caring, strong and clumsy. She is also very protective over her family. Rimmel loves animals as much as Romeo loves football. Romeo and Rimmel couldn’t be more opposites, but they work perfectly. They belong together. I love them together so much! The love between them can’t be measured. They would do everything for each other. For Romeo (Rimmel) there isn’t another person more important than Rimmel (Romeo). They put each other first. Always. They can’t imagine a world without the other one in it. It’s true love. A love that is worth every fight and struggle, because it only made them stronger and they will always have each other.I loved that the other members of the family also appeared sometimes, but not too much. The focus of this book was on Romeo and Rimmel’s relationship and the start of their own little family. Ivy, Braeden, Drew and Trent are amazing and so supportive. They always have each other’s back. The Hashtag series will always be one of my favorite series, because of Romeo and Rimmel. I will definitely reread this series in the future and still love it. I don’t think I will ever get enough of Rimmel and Romeo, but I loved the ending of this book. It’s the happily ever after they both deserve. I won’t mind books about the children of this series, because I get to see everybody again.

  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    2019-01-27 13:15

    A perfect end. The drama, the sorrow, the love. Its all there and its beautiful. And sad. There were tears. Full review to come

  • Talía
    2019-01-27 15:21

    5 #BaeForever STARSIf there was one thing I’d learned over the past few years, it was life wasn’t easy. In fact, at times, it was f*cking brutal. Family was supposed to be the exception. Family was supposed to make life easier. It wasn’t always that way.Guess that’s why the six of us formed our own family. A family by choice and out of loyalty.I have so many emotions right now, finishing this series is one hard thing for me, especially when you have spend reading about this amazing characters for over 6 books. Being totally honest, I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna read this book. I read some reviews and got scared that this would ruin the whole series for me, I know, somehow I became the stupid one that believes rummors (I hope Romeo and the fam don’t hate me too much for that).This book turned up to be more than I expected, one of my favorite ones and exactly what I needed to say goodbye to this characters and this beautiful story. I even had tears at the last pages, I can´t imagine not reading this books and Im so thankful they got into my life somehow, thankful for Cambria Hebert for this precious gifts. To say that this book was a walk in the park would be an understatement. It was filled with tragedy and heartbreak, all that made me feel so much for Rimmel and Romeo. I felt like both of them had waves of endless things thrown at them and it was hard to see how they would come out from it. We got back to just Romeo and Rimmel’s POV, something I wasn’t that thrilled because my favorites characters are Braeden and Ivy, but I’ve always loved Romeo and Rim too, and this book made me love them even more."All I expect is for you to breathe."So our favorite couple is back, or more likely, they are trying to move forward. After the one tragedy that changes their lives, Rimmel is still full with guilt, anxiety and sadness that makes it impossible to move forward. And it obviously doesn’t help when the media and the paparazzi are hell-bent on getting all your secrets and invade your life. It was hard to watch Rim blame herself for the miscarriage, it was even harder watch her try to keep this “I’m fine” façade in front of everyone when she was clearly suffering. Seriously, those panic attacks left me with so much longing to hug her tight. But, one thing that we all know about this girl is that she is a strong one. Yes, she felt scared and sad and guilty, but she never stopped giving love to the people surrounding her, she never stopped taking care of others and is that perseverance that got her through those dark times.Romeo, as always, is the fierce protector, the one rock that supports Rimmel and does anything to give her happiness. Even if he was going through hard stuff himself, he always made sure Rimm was first priority, that is just how much he loves her, and she needed all that love. He is such an amazing character, I´ve always loved his alpha ways in the way he takes care of family and how loyal he is. This guy deffinitely deserves an award for fierce protector.The way they came together and lay down their fears, feelings and guilt, just made them stronger as a couple. Their love is certainly a thing that would conquer anything."I finally accepted the fact I was really struggling today, and with that acceptance, it became a little easier to breathe.” I loved the whole family, Braeden, Ivy, Trent and Drew; also Nova being cute doing anything and the pets. I enjoyed having Braeden be such a big brother for Rimm (BBFL), the new closer relationship with Trent that Rimm developed and Drew being protective as always. I missed having more Ivy and Rimmel scenes to be honest, I understand why there aren´t many, but I really wished to see more of my girls together. Also, Valerie and Rimmel´s development was gold, I think it played out perfectly and I´m happy that Rimmel had someone to talk to when she was feeling down about something she didn´t know how to share.In the end, I could stay hours talking how much I loved this book, or this series if I´m being honest. The Hashtag series has always been one of my favorites and saying goodbye is hard, but Cambria Hebert did such a great job with everything, from characters to the story and the end of all of it. Especially the characters, I fell in love with all of them and their struggles and dreams, their desires and personalities. Thanks Romeo, Rimmel, Ivy, Braeden, Drew and Trent for being amazing. I can honestly say I had the time of my life reading this books, and I finish them with tears, but with my heart full and warm. I guess it feels like a goodbye, but is not the end when this characters will always live in the piece of my heart they stole.If you haven´t read this book yet (or any of this books), stop what you are doing and get into this crazy roller coaster, you won´t regret it. #ThisSeriesSlayed---WE ARE GONNA HAVE A 7TH BOOK!!!!So I just stumbled upon this news and I basically screamed of happiness. Im so excited for more of this series (especially Ivy and Braeden bc they are my faves). It says that it should be published this year in the fall, which is not that far away!!! Thanks Cambria Hebert for giving us more of this, #LoveYou.

  • Nicla
    2019-01-17 13:25

    Loved it. Definitely my favorite book in the series. I love Romeo and Rimmel. In the 1st book I didn't particularly like Romeo but he has turned into such a fantastic hero. He is so devoted, protective and crazy about Rimmel. Highly recommend for fans of this series.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes. Final book in the series. Not a standalone. (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation(view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Heat Level: MediumAngst Level: Medium (but on the low side of medium)

  • Steffi De Ceuster♥
    2019-01-18 12:24

    This is the last one in this series and it was so good! I mean they were all so good, but with this one I felt so many different things.I felt so terrible for Rim and Romeo with the paparazzi they are so ruthless.. Are they such asses in real life too? I guess they probably are.. I felt so much anger in their place I wanted to go in the book and defend them from all the papz!This one made me feel so much different feelings sadness, love, swoony, heartache, family bond!I love how they are very loyal to their family! The best family! Thank you Cambria for this wonderful series and such a beautiful end!

  • ReadingisMyEscape
    2019-02-16 13:36

    3.5 Not enough happiness stars....To say this was a much wanted and highly anticipated book is an understatement. Since Cambria ended the Christmas Novella with Rim stating that she was ready to start trying for a child everyone has been begging for this book. Side note - who the hell ends a series like that?? Who doesn't give their anchor characters a complete HEA??Anyways, I digress but I do have some rants and will get to them at the end of this review. When this book was announced I was bouncing in my seat with excitement. Who doesn't want a baby for Rome and Rim?? Well...then the synopsis came out and I started scratching my head. It sounded good but confusing as it didn't really seem very happy. The first thing I did on Friday was download the book and dive in...again...a BABY FOR ROME AND RIM!!! It all started off beautifully. Rome stole my heart once again when he was talking to their pickle. It was what I wanted for them...well then @ 4%...From that point on until the end of chapter 25 (there are only 29 Chapters and an extremely lacking epilogue in the book...) there is soo very little happiness for one of my favorite couples. Rim is put through the wringer by the press. She's afraid to leave the compound, stopped going to Rome's football games. Has to have someone with her anytime she is outside of the compound. Her family members are being offered obscene amounts of money for the "inside" story. And sadly, having panic/anxiety attacks in her own house. It was hit after hit for this couple. Finally after 25 chapters of heartache, betrayal, and pain Rome and Rim find some happiness. The problem I had with is that we only get to experience that happiness with them for 4 chapters. Another problem I had was right after she delivered (95%) while the baby is only minutes old Braeden and Ivy announce they are pregnant again. We end up having to share their happiness with someone else...they can't even get a moment to themselves. SMHOverall, the story was good but like I said...not nearly enough happiness for a couple who deserves it. However, one of the best parts of the story, besides the baby, is that we got the old Braeden back. He was the BBFL again (I felt he lost a lot of that in his book...). He helped make this book tolerable. my rant section:1) The compound. Seriously..are we five? Is there a reason that Braeden and Ivy can't have a separate house? I don't care if its 10,000 feet. Everyone needs some privacy. Plus, Rim was dealing (view spoiler)[with the miscarriage (hide spoiler)] and because they all lived together she had no where to go to be away from another child. FYI - that panic/anxiety attack I mention..she had it at Nova's birthday b/c she was having trouble dealing with her emotions. She had said attack in her closet because she had no where else to go as they all live at the compound...together!!2) Ivy, Ivy, Ivy (in the tone of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!). OMFG! Every single time she was mentioned in this book it was how put together and beautiful she was. Seriouly...can we please have Rim stop feeling like she's less because of how perfect Ivy is? I will be the first to admit that I don't like Ivy - never did, and I never saw or wanted her with Braeden. 3) Blue..WTH? Its not a name...its a color. It doesn't work for Jay Z and Beyonce and it doesn't work here.3) The epilogue we got was not nearly good enough. The only glimpse we got to see into the future was the fact that Brae and Ivy had a son and him and Blue started a bromance like Rome and Brae had...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    2019-02-04 12:36

    Release Date:September 16, 2016 Series:Hashtag series #7 (read in order) Genre:New Adult Romance :: 4.5 Pretty Little Stars :: What a perfect ending to one of my favorite series ever! While it certainly had its share of drama and up’s and down’s I find myself very satisfied with the overall story and series as a whole. In this particular one, we get to witness Romeo and Rimmel as they try and become parents. Some parts are extremely sad and emotional (which makes the story very real for some) and others are as beautiful as ever. The gang is also there with the couple every step of the way, and seeing how their friendships have turned into family is amazing. Cambria Hebert certainly outdid herself with this series and ending it this way and while I am sad to see if go I do look forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future. So, have you read this series yet? If not, you really should! It’s really amazing in every single way.

  • Elise Spencer
    2019-01-19 11:15

    Another #Rommel (yup, that's officially what I'm naming their ship) book? OMFG YASS! CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!

  • Corina
    2019-02-08 16:42

    This was the perfect ending for a perfect series!I know I was complaining about the first book and I know I said I only continue reading, because it's on KU. But with the second book I fell totally and irrevocably in love with Rimmel and Romeo and with every other book I fell even deeper. Now I'm debating with myself, if I should buy the series, to own it forever. Romeo was the perfect book-boyfriend. I think I need to get a divorce, because my husband can't live up to my expectations anymore! (Nah I'm just kidding- about the divorce-not about not reaching Romeo's level-nobody can). I loved how confident Rimmel had become. She was a fierce little fighter. Most of all I loved their love for each other. There was a lot of drama in their way, but never between them both. #before anybody elseI just wished, that we would be able to see more of R&R in the future. To see their family a little novella aka a veeeery long epilogue would be nice *waving to Mrs Hebert*!By the way, Cambria Hebert did an excellent job. Every book was special in it's own way and it never felt like a re-run of another book before.Oh and the idea of the pictures of R&R was awesome. It was great to see them brought to life. I really gonna miss them.

  • BookSmacked
    2019-01-31 13:13

    I'm a fucking mess right now. This book ripped me open.It might be the 2nd book in my entire life that has hit me to within my very core.Why? You ask, it's because this book hit very close to home for me. I was up until 4am last night and only go to 50% of the book. By the halfway point I was a complete and blubbering mess. My hubby not understanding why I was sobbing so uncontrollably over a book. And when I explained it to him, he understood why. He proceeded to do what he could to comfort me. He reminded me why I was his #BAE. I finally cried myself to sleep knowing that I couldn't continue to read the rest of the book at this point.1. Because it was 4am.2. Because I was mentally drained and emotionally exhausted from having cried until my throat was dry and my body was shakingI woke up this morning with the intent to pick up and finish the book. I went to grab my kindle and immediately began sobbing all over again. For at least three hours I cried while my husband slept beside me. I talked to a a few friends who would understand why this book left me raw and feeling a little broken.My husband got up and proceeded to be annoying as all fucking hell. He refused to console me. Why because he knew, he knew I would continue to dwell. He knew what I needed to continue my day. He was my strength. Again he reminded me why I was his #BAE.So finally I picked up the book, my throat tight and emotions still running high. I picked up the book and continued to read and what I read helped me, it helped me see that what I have with my husband, my best friend, my #BAE will always be more then enough for me. It helped me see that I have a life full of love. It helped remind me how strong I am. It helped heal me. And I think that when the time comes when I am feeling lost, hopeless, inadequate I will pick up this book to remind me I am anything but those things.This was more to me then just a book.

  • Saunders
    2019-01-18 12:26

    So we come to the end of the Hashtag journey and loved how Cambria Hebert developed these characters and this storyline and how this "family" has come together.Hashtag was meant to be one book but I am glad that it went further than that and she really did it justice.I has been a while since I read the first storyline and I have just had a reading fest with the remainder of the series. It is hard for an author to develop a story further and to bring nuance to it but Cambria Hebert did this extremely well.Book 7 delved into some raw issues but these are issues that we deal with in every day life but the Hashtag Family came through.As I reader I got everything I wanted from this series, over the top alpha males, romance, an unpredictable outcome (at times).A great end to the series and I finished it with a warm feeling and a massive smile on my face.Straight onto Junkie (Gear Shark 1) a spin off of the Hashtag series.

  • Bo
    2019-02-03 13:23

    I am so happy I got to read about these guys again. This book was everything I hoped for and more. I am so sad to see the end, but maybe we'll have some cameos in other books. I think Cambria did a great job of handling the emotions of miscarriage. I really felt Rimmel's pain and inadequacy. I love the whole gang, but Trent and Drew will forever my favorites! I hope to see them in Arrow's book. I can't wait.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-16 10:40's so hard to say goodbye to this series. Romeo and Rimmel will forever have a place in my heart. I was shocked by how emotional this final book is, but still enjoyed the journey. As a reader, there's no better feeling than smiling through tears, and saying goodbye to friends when you finish the last sentence.Romeo was my real home. Not everyone believed in magic, but I'd never known anyone who didn't believe in him. Rim knew I loved her. And I was learning that sometimes love didn't fix everything.

  • Loopylo
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  • Melina Terry
    2019-02-08 12:35

    4,5 Blue Jay Stars!!Title: #BaeAuthor: Cambria HebertSeries: : Hashtag #7AMAZON US | B&NThis fall...Happily-ever-after.That’s what happens when you get married.Right?Turns out sparkly rings, cake and a fantastic wedding do not automatically grant you that, not even when it’s all you truly want.I’m even starting to doubt the bottomless, unconditional love I share with the man I married will be enough.I can’t have happily ever after, know why?Because I can’t give Romeo what he truly wants. I’ve tried. So hard. I won’t be happy unless he is and something is missing. Someone.Paparazzi are in my face. The flashing cameras and prying eyes are everywhere. My secret is getting harder to hide, and I know the second the scoop is dished the grip I have on the fraying rope of that happily ever after will snap right in my face.In our face.I can’t let that happen. No matter what.Because with or without a happy ending, Romeo comes Before Anyone Else.This book was so awesome!! I was very excited when Cambria announced another book in the #Hashtag series and it came out not long after! What was it?! Two months?! Okay, so I was a bit sad that Arrow's book was put on hold, but how can I complain when we got #Bae?! The story was just so beautifully told. I couldn't wait to see how everybody's life had turned out, and now that I finally read it, I can say that the last book was absolutely needed to complete the series!! I simply loved it!! In my opinion, it was very carefully written and everything happended at the right time. Not too soon or too late!! The only thing that had me a bit frustrated, was the description of the compound at the beginning. And that was because I couldn't wait to get to the rest of the story already!! Maybe it was a bit too long! Other than that, I found #Bae pretty compelling!!Rimmel and Romeo where such sweethearts! I liked how Cambria managed to keep to their characters and make them appear more mature and all grown-up. Especially, with everything that's going on with the pregnancy and the paparazzi. It's sweet seeing that even though they both feel sort of depressed they choose to be strong for each other and put their feelings aside so the other can feel somewhat lighter!! And even after they confess to each other how they truly feel, their bond becomes much stronger and that is just amazing! To be honest, they are one of the couples that just stuck with me, no matter how many other books I read. Braeden and Ivy on the other hand, they were EPIC. You can't have Rimmel and Romeo without Braeden and Ivy!! Just no!! Braeden was hilarious and made everything just a little bit less serious. I loved how supportive and compassionate he was with Rimmel and Romeo's situation and with Drew and Trent's relationship! And his approach to all the drama is always different from the others’, what with his jokes and all. And I believe that’s what makes Ivy love him even more. She and Braeden have accepted parenthood and their relationship with Nova is sweet and funny sometimes. Ivy is still the best friend Rimmel could ever have, which given the situation, is something priceless to Rimmel. Now, Drew and Trent are another story. First of all, their book series "Gearshark" is one of my favourites. And I really, really liked that they had so many scenes in #Bae. Not just filler scenes, but scenes where we saw how they have managed to move forward, despite all the paparazzi drama. Aaand other "family" drama, that still remains to be solved. Trent, as usual, is the most understanding of them all and his relationship with Rimmel has gotten stronger. Something that I personally didn't expect, but I liked it all the same. All in all, they where perfect to me and I can't wait to see more of them in Arrow's book!! Please!! And what can I say about the ending?! It was fan-freaking-tastic!! Everything just turned out okay if not better! It was fulfilling, touching and humorous all at the same time. We got to see another side to Romeo and Rimmel, which made them even more lovable! Honestly, they deserved everything they've got and more. Can't say there was any exaggeration or anything irrelevant. The story ended perfectly with a cherry on top!!! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who's in the mood for something funny, touching, and filled with love and friendship!!Review can also be found on SheReadsRomance

  • Arousa
    2019-02-13 16:20

    OH MY GOD.Another? #numeroseven. I just finished the entire series this week and this already has me jumping out of my seat.I NEED MORE ROMEO AND RIMMEL.

  • ☽☆Jean☠BookRampage☆☾
    2019-01-26 12:42

    I'm so happy I finished this entire series!!! Also, super sad because I love all of these characters. I'm currently on my phone so I can't really write much so review to come!

  • Jamie (The Kansan Reader)
    2019-01-18 16:31

    Actual rating: 4.5 starsAll I expect is for you to breathe. -RomeoRomeo and Rimmel are having a happy marriage. Everything is going peaceful when one day Rimmel wakes up to have her world shattered. Her and Romeo are trying to pick up the pieces to heal together, but the press, and some people from the past have other news for them.I finally accepted the fact I was really struggling today, and with that acceptance, it became a little easier to breathe. -RimmelI like that the relationship did change after the horrible news. Romeo and Rimmel still love each other but dealing with their grief has put a barrier between them. The way they work past that makes it that more realistic. Rimmel having to deal with her heartache but she puts on a front so no one worries about her. I love the heart of stone she is written with. She puts everyone else before herself. Most of all she puts Romeo before everyone else. She tries to remain strong for Romeo even when she is dying on the inside. Of course Rome knows what's going on and makes her open up as much as she will let him.It isn't your fault. These things, these horrible things just happen. -ValerieMost New Adult books have a thing me and a few people call magic peen. What that is is when a MC mostly a heroine has something horrible happen, most cases it's rape, she has issues dealing with that as any human should. Then out of no where *clears throat, sings* here comes our hero to save the day with his magic penis!!!!*stops singing* All of the sudden our heroine forgets whatever issues she had and is all better. NO!! Authors please stahhhp that shit.Again as I was saying with the magic peen, this book does not have it. I wanted to jump for joy with that. Thank you Hebert for making this without magic peen. Romeo and Rimmel have to deal with real life shit. But it's okay. They make it through it. They even become a stronger couple due to this.Here's the thing: when you back a wounded dog into a corner, it's going to come out fighting. -RomeoRomeo is a man after my own heart. He is up there on my book boyfriend list with the other Romeo from Sweet Home and Preppy from King. His love for Rimmel never faltered. If anything it grew stronger. Romeo also showed that even though you're an alpha male, sometimes you need to lean on your queen.Yes I recommend this series. Even though #Selfie and #Poser are not anywhere near my favorites I still recommend. I'm a little sad that it's ended but hey every great series has that bittersweet moment. Now if you excuse me. I need to go crawl into a fetal postiton and figure what I'm going to do with my life.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just to clear something up, I loathe the word Bae. I do not like it. I have my reasons. I told Wy if he every called me it, he can very well get use to Rosy and her five daughters for a year. So when I found out the next book is called Bae, my teeth grated. But I know it is going to be a cute story because of Romeo and Rimmel.

  • Caitlin Audet
    2019-02-04 15:13

    Rating: way more than 5 stars#Bae was hands down the most beautifully perfect way to end a series. I'm known for being the anti-read the last book in a series person. I never like saying goodbye to amazing characters that I fell in love with as if they were my own friends. It's funny how I never felt that with #Bae. Counting down til the release was nothing but exciting and no matter how close I got to the last page of the book I was just so happy to get to read about these characters one final time. Most, if not all, of #Bae is a spolier so I will definitely stay away from those. What I can say is you really need/want to read every book in the series in order, including the GearShark series. Not only will it guarantee you don't miss anything and get confused but also because each book is amazing on its own. #Bae is also written strictly between Romeo and Rimmel's POV. As much as I love the entire family I was happy to have not been taken away from these two. The storyline itself was extremely emotional and went in a direction I never would have guessed. From page 1 we were front row to a topic that is so heartbreaking and it's sad that it does actually happen. I myself teared up plenty throughout #Bae but in between that was some pretty hilarious scenes. Like I said before this book was perfect. The Hashtag series has found a very special place in my heart and has given me characters that are so relatable I wish they were real. This is also a series I know for a fact I will be rereading now and again til I can't read anymore. Cambria Hebert has said that she planned #Bae for awhile before anyone was even asking for it but I still want to say a huge Thank You! for writing it. It's the cherry on a very delicious cake that I'm grateful I got to eat and I'm more than excited for what Cambria has coming in the future. #OnePackUnited #AlphaUForever

  • Amy
    2019-01-18 18:25

    When an author can make a reader feel like their not just reading a book but truly living it and feeling it with their whole heart and soul that's when you know you've found a beautiful book and that's exactly what I found in this one!!! It's not just a book to me it's became so much more.. I've followed this series from book one I've watched the characters grow and blossom and the stories unfold... This whole world, the characters, they've become family! I can't begin to express how much these books mean to me!! This book is my favorite by far it brought out so many emotions (laughter, tears, anger and sadness). The book is easy to read because the words flow so well that you don't realize how far you've gotten until you reach those dreaded words "the end" but its so bittersweet and you just want to go and start reading them all over again because you're not ready to let go just yet! The story is addicting it piques your curiosity from the beginning and then by a few Chapters you know you're hooked! It's an amazing story of love, loss and strength! If I could only read one book for the rest of my life I'd choose this one! Such a beautiful story!

  • Maria
    2019-02-08 13:43

    Yes. I'm an idiot. I don't know why it took me so long to read this and finish the series. The feels in this book was sooooo immense, my eyes were leaking throughout most of the book. My New Years resolution is to (try) and finish series' that I've started and haven't yet finished, so this is my first one. I hope the other books I'll read are as great as this one. I'm going to miss Romeo, Rimmel and the rest of the family, but I'm going to finish reading the GearShark series so I'll still get my Drew/Trent fix (even it's a little cameo)...

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-02-06 16:25 stars -- Oh Rimmeo... I forgot how much I loved their voices, you know? Like I knew I was in love with them, but I forgot just how much. And right from the prologue I was like "OH YEAH!" Seriously, these two are epic. Like I love them both individually, but I also love them as a couple. I love the way they love each other, I love the way they tease each other, I love them from their light interactions to their heavy interactions.What I think I loved most about this book is that it wasn't just an extended epilogue, full of happy, happy, happy. Don't get me wrong, I love those...though usually in novella form, not in novel form. NOPE, Ms. Hebert gave us so much more. It's like how in real life there is no such thing as a Happily Ever After...not really. You find your person, and that part is AMAZING...but you still work EVERY SINGLE DAY to make it the best it can be. You're still faced with challenges, both individually and as a couple. And that's what we get to see in this book, though a bit amplified because of Romeo and Rimmel's celebrity status, and because Ms. Hebert loves to torture her characters along the way.This book had a lot of heavy. It starts right from the prologue, and we really get a lot of feels and raw emotions. I'll try not to go into too many details to avoid spoilers, but as I already had an idea of the issue Rimmel and Romeo would be facing, I'm not sure if it's a spoiler or not. But if you're adamant about not being spoiled AT ALL, perhaps skip the rest of this review.OK, still with me? I cannot fathom how prospective parents do it. The loss that they suffer in the prologue is experienced by so many, but not really talked about openly. And as someone who doesn't even desire children, it's a bit out of my realm of experience. But I have friends who have experienced miscarriages, and I thought that Romeo and Rimmel's experience was very raw and real, and touched on a few related topics. I actually did OK emotionally in the prologue, probably b/c I knew it was coming, but Ms. Hebert certainly tried to make me bawl, b/c you see how happy and playful and excited they are. And the rest of the book we get sprinkles of their struggles, mixed in with paparazzi crap, and the usual drama that seems to surround our favourite couple. I broke down for Rimmel, particularly in the scene where she visits Valerie. It's so hard to see our kind-hearted heroine struggling with so many expectations and guilt. But it was Romeo's struggles that truly caught me off guard...because I think we forget about the potential papa's sometimes. I totally bawled for him, and felt every one of his emotions.If that all has you concerned, don't worry...we do still get a lot of moments of levity sprinkled in. And not only that, but it feels like coming home while reading this book, where you get to hang out with all your favourite characters again. I love the whole freaking family, and seeing Braeden, Ivy, Nova, Trent and Drew again just made my heart happy.And yes, they do experience their fair share of over the top drama, but if you're a fan of the Hashtag series, you know what to expect. And can I just say that I laughed so hard at the fourth wall break near the end of the book that I actually woke my husband up? That was comedy gold Ms. Hebert. Dark humour at its finest.So yeah. As a die-hard fan of the series, I wasn't surprised that I loved the book, but I think I was surprised that even after all this time there's still more story to tell. And honestly? It just made me desperately want to reread from the beginning again. Instead I'm on to #Blur! Soon I will be done, and they'll have to wait until I have time for another epic reread.

  • Quinn's Quippy Quotes
    2019-01-30 17:33

    I am a huge fan of long series. I love to slowly collect them and then finally binge reading them all. I do this because when I find a good series like this, I can't wait for the next book to come out. I'm so glad that I did this with the Hashtag series! I have fallen completely in love with every single character in this series. I'm sad to let them go but glad that I was able to experience their stories one after another. #familyforever

  • Lisa Helen Gray
    2019-01-18 12:43

  • Christi
    2019-02-08 15:29

    Wow. I mean wow! #BAE is such a wonderful end to such a wonderful series. I read the whole thing...then had to go back and read it again just to be sure I hadn't missed anything. And then as I sat reading the end again I knew I needed some time before I can write a non-spoiler review but I could tell YOU how the book made me feel. It made me cry. Then laugh. Then cry some more. First of all, no one ever said all books have to be happy. Sometimes heartbreak is what a story needs to be phenomenal. #BAE balanced that fine line between happy and heartbreak and yes, in my opinion, it's phenomenal. Cambria Hebert nailed it. As the last book to the series you know the characters. You know the love that they have for each other. And you know what the story line was missing. And with that came #BAE. The emotions; the sadness, the guilt, the heartbreak, the fear. They are perfect. Spot on. The way Cambria handled the delicate theme of the book, the way she was able to voice Rimmel and Romeo, the thoughts they had, the emotions they portrayed, was almost like therapy.So for all of that rambling I hope I made my point. #BAE was fabulous. In all ways.