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After allowing herself to be taken captive in order to save her friends, Morgana awakens to find herself naked, bound, and at the mercy of a handsome doctor named Kade. She cannot hide her helpless arousal as her captor takes his time thoroughly examining her bare body, but when she disobeys him she quickly discovers that defiance will earn her a sound spanking. His sternAfter allowing herself to be taken captive in order to save her friends, Morgana awakens to find herself naked, bound, and at the mercy of a handsome doctor named Kade. She cannot hide her helpless arousal as her captor takes his time thoroughly examining her bare body, but when she disobeys him she quickly discovers that defiance will earn her a sound spanking. His stern chastisement and bold dominance awaken desires within her that she never knew existed, but Morgana is shocked when she learns the truth about Kade. As a powerful shifter and the alpha of his pack, he has been ordered by the evil lord who took Morgana prisoner to claim her and sire children with her in order to combine the strength of their two bloodlines. Kade’s true loyalties lie with the rebels seeking to overthrow the tyrant, however, and he has his own reasons for desiring Morgana as his mate. Though submitting to a dominant alpha does not come easily to a woman who was once her kingdom’s most powerful sorceress, Kade’s masterful lovemaking is unlike anything she has experienced before, and soon enough she is aching for his touch. But with civil war on the verge of engulfing the capital, will Morgana be torn from the arms of the man she loves or will she stand and fight at his side no matter the cost? Publisher’s Note: A Gift for the Doctor is the sequel to A Gift for the King. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book....

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a gift for the doctor Reviews

  • ValerieC
    2019-02-09 19:39

    2.5 StarsGood story that continues after directly Book 1.Spanking/Beating fetish. Not at all my thing.

  • Kathy Heare Watts
    2019-02-15 14:26

    AND RID THE WORLD OF SHADOW ONCE AND FOR ALLThis is the second story in the Terranovum Bride series. Each book could read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading them in written order. We meet some of the characters in the first book, and one of them was Morgana, who is Sorceress to King Dante. In protecting Emma and Lana from Lord Nero, she becomes his prisoner and is taken back to his homeland.Morgana has been stripped of her powers by Lord Nero with a band on her wrist containing ancient symbols. She wakes up after being captured and is strapped down to an exam table and watched by a man, who identifies himself as a Doctor named Kade. After a thorough and humiliating examination, he takes her to his home and reveals that she has been given to him by Nero to be breed as his mate.Kade is not only a doctor but is a wolf shifter. Nero wants the power of the shifter with the sorceress powers of Morgana. What Kade has keep secret is that he isn’t the only shifter and he is not supporting Nero.The story is a power play of good versus evil. Along the escape from the kingdom of D’Lormere, they will join with Kade’s pack of shifters and try to get back to Morgana homeland under the protection of King Dante. Morgana belongs to Kade by Nero but also agrees to be his Alpha female mate and is under his protection and discipline. The story includes many punishments, medical play, anal play, and explicit sex scenes. Along the journey to her home, they encounter dragons, once believed to be extinct. The story does lead into the third and final story in this series, A Gift For The Commanders.

  • WhiteWitch
    2019-01-28 21:47

    Terranovum is a planet filled with great beauty, wonder, and true magic! But nothing is ever perfect, regardless of how wondrous it might seem. When native women from Terranovum give birth to female children, those females are infertile. As a result, the Terranovans got creative long ago. Their solution? Kidnap females from Earth to keep Terranovum's population stable and thriving. The Earth females are trained and auctioned as slaves. Some are fortunate enough to earn a place in Terranovan society as wives. And some are endowed with very special and extraordinary powers, the likes of which could never be imagined on Earth!Morgana has been on Terranovum for a very long time. She started out as another female slave from Earth. But then something amazingly wonderful happened, and her life changed forever. She's now the king's Sorceress with great prestige and power, living in the Hall of Magic. But catastrophe strikes Legeari, and Morgana's taken by the great evil threatening the entire planet of Terranovum. Suddenly, she's without power, subjected to the greatest evil Terranovum's ever known. Terror and pain beyond comprehension become her new existence. Is this the end of her life? Will she ever find a way to overcome the horrible evil and excruciating pain she has to endure at the hands of King Dante's enemies? Is there any way to escape and return to Legeari? Kade's a doctor serving among the elite in the city of Drentine, capital of D'Lormere, the enemy territory of Legeari. Morgana's delivered to him on her arrival. Kade may be a doctor, but he has deep secrets of his own. All is definitely not as it seems. And Kade has to make decisions, life-altering decisions. Can he keep Morgana safe? The better question is can he even keep himself safe? If his secrets come out, he's doomed. Can Morgana and Kade learn to trust each other and work together? If so, will they be able to find a way to not only save themselves but countless others in the process? And what of the overwhelming evil that still seeks to destroy the very fabric of life on Terranovum? In the end, will anything be able to make a difference?Sara Fields' writing is inspired! She has the imagination and talent to combine elements of sci-fi, paranormal, and erotic romance into a spectacular work of fiction that is totally enthralling. This second book in the Terranovum Brides Trilogy is just as delicious and exciting as the first. The combination of action, adventure, magic, good, evil, and erotic romance is so well-crafted and enchanting in its detail and creativity. Once again, Ms. Fields has created a story that shows her mastery of this genre. I couldn't put this book down. It literally grabbed me from the first page and held my interest to the last. I truly can't wait to read the final book in this wonderful series. I give A Gift for the Doctor my very highest recommendation without reservation. Thank you, Sara Fields, for another delightful reading experience. This book is extraordinary, and your talent as an author shines through once again!One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. USE THESE RESOURCES. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice.Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

  • Sweetpea
    2019-02-07 18:41

    As a powerful sorceress, submission is not in Morgana's nature. When she is taken captive to save her friends, her handsome doctor awakens desires of being dominated. Will they get their HEA or will civil war tear them apart?A Gift For The Doctor is a story full of dragons, shifters, aliens and magic. Also hot sex and spankings - lots and lots of spankings. Beyond the love story, there is also a civil war being waged between the rebels and the evil tyrant (is there any other kind?), with plenty of action. Logan McAllister has a distinctive narrative style and was outstanding as usual. I found this to be a very entertaining listen and would recommend A Gift For The Doctor. Oh, and did I mention that there were spankings?I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator. This review is my honest opinion.

  • Kitty_ranma
    2019-02-04 15:29

    "Sara Fields is definitely a new favorite of mine."This is the second story by Sara Fields that I've read or listened to. I love the way she writes so far. I wish I could afford to get all her audio books. I can't recommend this book enough. I hate spoilers so I won't do it to you.Logan McAllister has a earthy voice that just pulls you into the story. I've only listened to him narrate 2 other books so far the first one I didn't care for at the time. It really threw me off listening to a male reading from a female perspective. The second one I enjoyed a more as I was getting a little more used to it. Now I really love his work.This audiobook was given to me for free at my request from the publisher, author or narrator and I provided this voluntary review.

  • LuDena Radford
    2019-01-30 13:48

    EscapeGood story ! The number 1 thing that needs to be done is kill Nero . Nero is as evil as Voldemort . May Morgana and Kade have a long and happy mating .

  • Katherine Deane
    2019-02-01 15:28

    What a fantastic second story in the series!I adored Kade- he was Alpha all the way- uber hot, dominant, sexy, yet caring and compassionate. Have I mentioned he's also a shifter? Super sexy wolf, and Alpha of his pack.Morgana was awesome-strong, brave, intelligent, an amazing female lead.Their chemistry was off the charts!The sex was hot, the romance wonderful, the spankings were hard , but not too hard.Then you add in sorcery, dark magic, dragons, shape shifters.Wow!It was like a buffet. And I definitely indulged.Now, I have to read the third one!!

  • Tammy
    2019-01-30 19:27

    Morgana has allowed herself to be taken captive to save her friends, however she never expected to be given to the sexy Doctor, Kade. She quickly leans that Kade will punish her is she disobeys and that he has been ordered to have children with her to strengthen their bloodlines. This is a fast paced steamy read with lots of drama and suspense. I loved it!I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

  • Jan
    2019-02-06 15:44

    OMG!!! This was one hot story. I was so glad to read about what happened to Morgana when she went off with Lord Nero. Thank goodness for Kade. I love his dominance with Morgana. I know she is tough but she needs someone to protect her. They are perfect for each other. I don't want to give out anything on the story. But it is most definitely hot hot hot. The twist at the end was sad but I had a feeling it wasn't the end. I cant wait to read what happens next.

  • Debra
    2019-02-15 14:23

    My first book by you and it was cookbook goodI must say your gift for writing a book was truly blessed. I wish you continue success. This book was so good I had to get the set although this was a stand alone I was surprised to find book one and book three so I just got the set. Now to read book one and I have no doubt it will be a page Turner. A MUST READ. DH from New York City

  • Clara
    2019-01-22 15:25

    I enjoyed the Plot of this story; however, I guess I am just not into the heavy submission and spanking! I do like a little play, but this book does have a lot of what felt like conflicted/forced submission and spanking in it, but at the same it seemed to be consensual! (this left me feeling confused about the sex sense in this book, she liked it but fought against it).

  • Renee
    2019-02-02 18:25

    Excellent, imaginative storytelling with very believable characters. I found the settings to be very creative but well explained within the context of the story. I particularly enjoyed the mystical elements. The passion between Morgana and Kade melted the edges of my kindle. Outstanding addition to the series. Can’t wait to read the next book.

  • Gskm
    2019-02-09 14:43

    Good readThis has a good story however it is heavy on hard spankings. Some seemed a bit abusive and frankly I skipped over them. The story I enjoyed.