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Hachiman Hikigaya is a cynic. "Youth" is a crock, he believes--a sucker's game, an illusion woven from failure and hypocrisy. But when he turns in an essay for a school assignment espousing this view, he's sentenced to work in the Service Club, an organization dedicated to helping students with problems in their lives! How will Hachiman the Cynic cope with a job that requiHachiman Hikigaya is a cynic. "Youth" is a crock, he believes--a sucker's game, an illusion woven from failure and hypocrisy. But when he turns in an essay for a school assignment espousing this view, he's sentenced to work in the Service Club, an organization dedicated to helping students with problems in their lives! How will Hachiman the Cynic cope with a job that requires--gasp!--optimism?...

Title : My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 1
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ISBN : 9780316312295
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 240 Pages
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My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Yui Sei
    2019-02-15 11:21

    It's like Japan's version of Perks of Being a Wallflower except it doesn't touch on suicide and physical abuse. It instead deals more with the traumatic and sometimes positive effects of emotional abuse and social ostracism. It definitely has more depth. It's an example of how a novel written from the first person POV should be like - replete with self-deprecating introspection, dark humor and somewhat pessimistic and yet logical view of society.

  • Aaron
    2019-01-26 18:34

    Hachiman Hikigaya is the best kind of misanthrope. He sees the world for what it is: unfair, reproachful, and without use for those who don't fit into neat, little boxes. Life sucks.Hikigaya thus wanders through high school in open rebuke of the idiocy he witnesses every day. Not that he can do anything about it. Alas, other than surviving the perfunctory idealism of his peers and navigating their vacuous social strata, there is no greater (or more desired) provocation he can levy than to simply exist.In MY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY. . ., youth is a farce. It's naught but the calculated farming of pubertal zeal. To experience youth is to fulfill the protracted yearnings of a generation that has long forgotten how to think for itself. Youth doesn't matter.This is where Hikigaya comes in. A devoted cynic, Hikigaya is self-aware, and he spies his fellow inmates of Chiba City Municipal Soubu High School as lunatics, many of whom have no idea how lost they truly are. Fortunately or unfortunately then, Hikigaya is not the only one with a firm grasp of how damning the illusion of youth really is. Yukinoshita is a cute but fundamentally abrasive overachiever, Yuigahama is a dim girl who "lacked the courage to risk loneliness in order to be herself," and Zaimokuza is a boisterous otaku. Dragged together by the school's Japanese language arts teacher, a petty woman named Ms. Hiratsuka, these four kids are forced to socialize (at first, with each other, and then later with others by way of forming the Service Club).Now, are these four kids really all that determined to get the most out of getting nothing out of their teenage years? Yeah. Kind of. Why? Because youth is the fiction of a culture too full of itself. That's why all the popular kids are praised for losing, and all the loser kids are forgotten among the throes of victory. At the heart of MY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY. . . is the dutifully insulting reality that nothing matters unless you think it does. Isolation during break? Doesn't matter. Being the victim of a school bully? Doesn't matter. Fresh bisexual attraction? Doesn't matter.Indeed, regardless of whether Yukinoshita befriends those who spite her intelligence, the world will continue spinning on its course. She may find it revolting how others treat her poorly for her academic skills, but she hates it even more when they fake treating her better because of it.Indeed, regardless of how many times Yuigahama apologizes and bows her head and thumbs the hem of her skirt, the stylish girls of the class will always see her as a wannabe joke. Prettiness has no room for humility. Indeed, regardless of how hard Zaimokuza play-replicates historical figures in an effort to channel literary inspiration, the fact remains that the young man is woefully uncreative. Even if nothing is original anymore, original people still exist; Zaimokuza just isn't one of them.Again, nothing matters. Youth is a farce. The author's decision to reveal these truths through the eyes of a loner is less a manner of choice than a matter of necessity. MY YOUTH ROMANTIC COMEDY. . . is a schoolyard comedy with the fiendish and the dismal as its goal: happiness is relative (and no, the Service Club doesn't actually help anybody, so go away). In terms of the light novel's presentation, Watari's writing is fast and has a devilish rhythm to it. Hikigaya, the narrator, is eternally impatient, and the writing style leans heavily on the character's disposition in this regard. One considerable drawback to this, however, is the book's "talking-head syndrome," in which dialogue tags and behavioral cues are dropped in favor of swift-moving conversation. It happens a lot, and it's never for the better.Also, Ponkon8's contribution is abysmal. The artist employs at least four different art styles across the book, and none of them are particularly enlightening save for the interstitial character folios. Perhaps, instead of wasting time by drawing super-cute girls in irrelevant scenes, why not help readers visualize the school grounds on which the story actually takes place?

  • Oa
    2019-01-23 13:05

    The series starts out slowly. The first volume is certainly very solid, with flowing prose, attractive characters, obscure yet brilliant references, natural foreshadows (something at which many, many light novel writers are miserable failures) and a clear theme. Everything necessary is there to create a quintessential light novel, if you ask me. Still, having read the whole series, I feel that the first volume is serves as a setup for the rest of the series. It feels like an introduction to the characters and plot coming later. Even trivial lines like "Yukinoshita would never lie" serve as an important plot element, and this makes it an excellent introduction but as a standalone volume lacks a punch.

  • Niquie
    2019-01-21 16:06

    My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected vol 1 grew on me the more I read it. The first few chapters feel full of nonsense but once the story figures out where it's going (the whole purpose of the club and the members actually doing there club activities) it starts to work and seems like it has the potential to be decent.Some notes:- MC suffers from second year HS. He thinks he's special, smarter than everyone else, and tends to call girls who expose more skin than he finds acceptable sluts. Basically he's a work in progress that has plenty of room to grow and learn empathy.- This may or may not eventually be a harem. According to novel updates it is, but according to baka-updates it isn't (okay it says harem subtext but in the genre section harem isn't listed). For now a potential love triangle may or may not happen, fingers crossed baka-updates is correct and no harem will happen.- The girls get along and I look forward to their relationship growing. I especially liked that one of the girls didn't just ditch her old friends because she's decided she wants to change.- Guys besides the MC are introduced (always a plus) one as a friend, one as a love interest, and one as a rival. Oh and one as an idiot who may not be important to the story.- There's some fan service that made me scratch my head because why did you need to change so urgently you'd do it outside. I also want to ask the illustrator if he (?) doesn't know how bras work because that is not what breasts look like when a bra is worn.- So far the story is episodic, which is fine, but it's nice that characters are already reoccurring.- The author did a really good job on the match, when the cheat was introduced I found myself losing interest, but then the cheat was legit subverted and the match became interesting to the point I held my breath.- There's a bet mentioned that quickly gets dropped only to be brought back up but before any explanation can be given it's dropped again. Right now it just feels weak, but maybe later vols will bring it back better.- This is the first ln I've read where the MC is drawn with three different hairstyles. Personally I prefer his hair on the color illustration the best.- MC has a little sister, but right now they come off as platonic siblings close in age who get along. No lolis or inappropriate sexual or romantic feelings here. Thank you author.- Sometimes this reminded me of Haganai I don't have many friends, but it's different enough that it will hopefully not become the disappointment Haganai was.- I never struggled to remember or figure out what character was from where/when.Final Thoughts:This had a rough start but it gradually gets better and the characters not only have room to grow but seem to get along. Also props to the author for including other male characters (even if one of them is just a girl with a d).

  • Bimugdha
    2019-01-23 11:22

    I dont read Japanese Light novels so often , but this was honestly one of the greatest books ...oops ... one of the greatest comedy books i've ever read . It has just a slight touch of japanese Media , but altogether , it seems so common in our lives . there are always some typical characters in our high school life , and so , this book captured it all ! Thanks to the writer and Baka Tsuki for translating it !

  • Hasnat Sakin
    2019-02-16 17:24

    Those of you, who rejoice in youth, are perpetually deceiving yourselves and those around you. Under their discretion, lies, secrets, crimes and even failure are nothing but the spice of one’s youth. And in their corrupt ways, they discover something peculiar about failure. If failure could be seen as proof of one's youth, wouldn’t it be strange not to consider those who fail to make friends as experiencing the height of their youth? Of course, they wouldn’t acknowledge it.It amounts to nothing. The whole thing is nothing but a result of their opportunism.Therefore, it is a sham. Full of lies, deception, secrets and fraud that ought to be condemned. They are evil.In conclusion, youth, go blow yourselves up. It's just prologue . After reading this I just couldn't drop it. And waiting for me was hilarious twisted cynical things. Never laughed so hard before. Can't review much after all I've to read the second volume.

  • Minh Nhân Nguyễn
    2019-01-20 11:34

    4 saoCuốn light novel hay nhất trong số những cuốn mình từng xem (một đối thủ đáng gờm là Cô Gái Văn Chương thì mình chưa đọc tới).Nhìn lại thì trước giờ mình toàn đọc LN của IPM làm thôi nên quen với cách hành văn, biên tập bên đó rồi. Phải công nhận là IPM Việt hóa LN rất tốt, làm cho mọi câu chữ đều trôi chảy, trở nên dễ hiểu và gần gũi với người đọc. Còn cuốn này khi mới đầu đọc mình thấy nó hơi khô cứng và không mượt cho lắm, dù rằng dịch như vậy mới đúng và sát với văn phong của Nhật. Nhưng đọc càng về sau sẽ càng quen dần và nhập tâm vào câu chuyện hơn, không còn thấy gượng như lúc đầu nữa.Cũng như những cuốn LN khác, cuốn này rất dễ đọc, đọc rất nhanh và cho mình một cảm giác nhẹ nhàng, tươi tắn, dễ chịu, không phải nặng đầu bởi vấn đề gì cả. Câu chuyện được xây dựng chủ yếu thông qua những lời đối thoại của các nhân vật với nhau đan xen với cảm nghĩ của nhân vật chính, có đều lời thoại của các nhân vật cứ tiếp nối nhau liên tục, hầu như không có câu dẫn trước đó hoặc có thì lại được để sau câu nói nên ban đầu, rất thường xuyên mình không biết được lời nói đó là của nhân vật nào. Nhưng cũng cứ yên tâm là càng đọc sẽ càng quen dần và dễ nắm bắt các lời đối thoại này hơn lúc ban đầu.Có lẽ do bộ này thuộc thể loại slice of life, nội dung xoay quanh cuộc sống đời thường, phù hợp với gu của mình nên khiến mình thích hơn nhiều bộ light novel mang hơi hướm fantasy khác chăng. Không có yếu tố giả tưởng, huyền ảo, sẽ rất khó để tạo nên một câu chuyện thu hút người đọc. Ở cuốn này, sự thu hút đến từ chủ đề và hệ thống nhân vật của nó. Vẫn rất dễ hiểu, dễ đọc nhưng nếu đọc kỹ sẽ thấy những vấn đề của các nhân vật đều có chiều sâu và tạo cảm giác nó được đúc kết từ những trải nghiệm thực sự.Hai nhân vật chính cũng là hai hình mẫu mới lạ ít gặp trong số nhiều bộ light novel/ manga mình đã đọc. Không phải kiểu nhân vật nam chính rập khuôn đến nhàm chán của LN với tính cách ngây ngô, khờ khạo, nhiều bạn bè, trọng nghĩa khí; trong cuốn này Hikigaya là một anh chàng hướng nội điển hình: thích sự yên bình, cô độc, có nhiều "triết lý" sống sâu sắc; nhưng cũng gặp những rắc rối xuất phát từ việc không có mối quan hệ bạn bè nào và thái độ coi thường sự đề cao quá mức mà người ta hay dành cho tuổi thanh xuân.Chính tính cách ấy lại phù hợp hơn với lối viết của LN: đó là thể hiện những suy nghĩ, cảm xúc đa dạng của nhân vật chính ở ngôi thứ nhất. Điều mà lúc đọc các cuốn khác mình thấy chưa được hợp lý cho lắm khi cho nhân vật chính có quá nhiều suy nghĩ so với những gì thể hiện bên ngoài, làm cho các nhân vật này chẳng khác nào anh hùng rơm, chỉ dám nghĩ chứ không dám nói hay làm. Đó là lý do trước giờ đọc LN mình ít khi nào thích nhân vật nam chính cho đến khi đọc cuốn này :).Là một "ông cụ non", suy nghĩ sâu sắc hơn các bạn cùng tuổi nhưng Hikki vẫn là một đứa trẻ thiếu kinh nghiệm trong các mối quan hệ. Cuốn này hay ở chỗ nó cũng là một dạng coming of age, đặt nhân vật chính qua nhiều trải nghiệm để tạo sự thay đổi, trưởng thành dần của họ chứ không chỉ tạo ra những nhân vật một màu từ đầu đến cuối.Yukinoshita cũng là nhân vật nữ chính hay ho không kém, với cá tính ăn đứt hình tượng "thánh nữ" đẹp đẽ, nhu mì rập khuôn ở nhiều LN khác. Vẫn là một nhân vật nổi bật về tài năng, ngoại hình, nhưng bên cạnh ánh hào quang, Yukino phải chịu mặt tối của sự nổi trội đó từ lúc còn nhỏ. Kết quả là tạo ra một cô nàng lạnh lùng, mất niềm tin vào các mối quan hệ với mọi người xung quanh. Cùng đứng ngoài ánh hào quang của tuổi thanh xuân nhưng khác với Hikki đang đứng chân núi ngước nhìn lên với vẻ chê bai thì Yukino lại đang đơn độc ở tại đỉnh núi ấy. Sự trưởng thành hơn của nữ chính trong điểm nhìn so với nam chính hứa hẹn tạo nên nhiều điểm thú vị. Và những thay đổi của Yukinoshita về sau cũng là điều tạo nên sự thu hút của câu chuyện.Các nhân vật còn lại, từ cô Hiratsuka, Yuigahama, Zaimokuza, Totsuka, đến cặp "phản diện" Miura, Hayama cũng đều có những nét đặc trưng riêng thú vị, được tác giả khai thác tốt để sau khi gấp sách lại vẫn có thể hình dung rõ nét về từng nhân vật.Thuộc thể loại light novel, cuốn này rất dễ đọc, tạo cho mình một cảm giác tươi trẻ, yêu đời. Bên cạnh đó hệ thống nhân vật và các vấn đề nó đặt ra cũng rất thú vị, có chiều sâu, đáng để suy ngẫm. Từ những đối thoại của các nhân vật, ta có thể dễ dàng rút ra được những "triết lý" hay ho xuyên suốt quyển sách. Không cần những yếu tố hoa mỹ kỳ ảo tô vẽ thêm, cuốn này vẫn đủ sức thu hút mình từ những nhân vật và tình huống đời thường như thế, hy vọng tập tiếp theo cũng sẽ làm được như vậy :).

  • Lenivanilla
    2019-01-30 14:29

    Aren't we all a little Hikki deep down in our hearts? When I read the light-novel first I was a big one, I really was. And when I read Yukino preach about effort (I marked this page to always re-read her quoute), Hiratsuka telling Hikki about his 2nd-year thick-head syndrome, Hikki telling how he burst down in tears after a certain social interaction... I could relate so much and didn't feel sad nor was I offended. I laughed. I laughed so hard. About me. About Hikki. About this whole situation. Because sometimes it's so easy and we just don't see it... And I think for the first time in a life time I kind of liked myself. I at least was okay with myself...My words sound cheesy, I know. But it's true. This novel was so impactful to me, it gave me motivation to go on with life... And thought me lessons that are very important in life.I loved this novel. Every second I read it was amazing. And person who don't know me will think: "There she is, reading her silly anime-stuff again!" But it's more than that, it really is.The characters were amazing, the interactions were natural and smooth, and they were all likeable in their own way, they are not perfect, though, and Wataru Watari understands that perfectly well. The novel relies on conversation, like most novels but if you don't expect action action-packed fights this won't bother you because the dialoge is amazingly clever.❗❗ SPOLERS AHEAD. please... please, please, PLEASE do not read if you didn't read the novel yet. Go. Buy it. Give Wataru Watari all your money, read it, laugh about it, cry about it, and then come back. ❗❗Read it? Very good. So let's go on. Another thing that really warmed my heart was Hikki's crush on Saika Totsuka, and this isn't just the little fujoshi in me writing (I swear...)It was handled so well: There are no homophobic actions or thoughts, and even though Hakki questions his crush on a guy he never really sees it as unnatural, more as unusual. He doesn't hate himself for these thoughts, he only thinks they are unusual for him... And discovers himself and maybe his bisexuality or bi-curiousness but fully accepting it at the same time. This is felt really important to me because you could imagine that many teenagers read this novel and as teenagers and maybe even adults we often struggle with the thought of us not being straight and maybe even dislike ourself for feeling interest towards the same sex. But Hikki doesn't dislike himself for this, as I said. And this kind of impacts one to accept themself too. You don't have someone shouting "hah! gay!", you don't have these gay clichés in which someone acts really over-the-top, you don't have these annoying anime-clichés in which guys liking other guys can't control themselves. You don't have any hate. You have a boy having a crush on another boy! That's it. Oh my! Please someone tell me I'm not the only one who finds this absolutely amazing. In the end "My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected" helps you on your way of self-discovery and makes you laugh about yourself and your thoughts... And gives you a cast of characters to love and most likely at least one to relate to. You grow while reading it. And that are some of the reasons why I absolutely love it.That's all I have to say for now. Have a nice read! Byee~

  • Albert Zhang
    2019-02-15 15:08

    The story follows a high school student, Hachiman Hikigaya, an anti-social loner with an extremely cynical view of society and a pair of eyes similar to those of a "dead fish." Worried about his future, and as punishment for submitting an essay without proper content, his teacher forces him to join the Service Club, where Hachiman meets the ice-cold beauty, Yukino Yukinoshita, the president and sole member of the club. The activities of the Service Club consists of helping people with their problems, but rather than solving their problems directly, the club instead aims to lend a helping hand and give advice to encourage independence so that clients could solve their problems themselves. Although Hachiman possesses a rotten personality and a pessimistic outlook, some of his most outstanding traits are his impressive analytical and logical thinking skills and his result-oriented way of solving problems.I found the main character to be very interesting and unique, as he is unlike the typical generic protagonist. When the author delves into the psychology of high school students, I feel that it has some truth in it (at least, in my experience). Although depressing at times, I especially enjoyed Hachiman's cynical and often witty comments on a variety of topics, like society and social norms. The story is also quite humourous with it's jokes and references, albeit often self-deprecating on Hachiman's end. In a way, this book has opened my eyes in some aspects of life and I even managed to learn a few life lessons, like to not blindly conform to the expectations of the people around us, or to improve ourselves rather than undermining others to make ourselves feel superior. Overall, I really had a lot of fun reading this book.

  • Sukma Wardana
    2019-02-10 11:24

    I love book that using first person point of view, because you will know everything about the main character yet you need to rack your brain to understand the mystery around the main character itself and this book not only doing that, but do it very well. In my opinion this kind of book is easy to read and I would recommend to some one that wanted to read light novel at the first time.Then about the story of the book itself. I wonder, did Hikigaya Hachiman youth resemblance with mind back then?Well, I believe it's not quite the same after all, neither have beauty teacher that look after me or girl that represent as Ice queen in my youth back then. The interesting was there is a lot trivia things about Japanese pop culture such as anime, manga and about Japan itself and I thanks to the translator and publisher that put an notes on this book (you will learn a lot about Japanese, I believe).The book itself really well written and the comedy is very good (hope I don't have creepy smile while read this). I would recommend this book if you wanted to reminiscence your high school or for you who still on that age, but I swear don't follow Hikigaya Hachiman way! You need luck from God to be able found beauty girl (and boy too). So, just enjoy the story from this book.

  • Monkuso_103
    2019-02-14 14:09

    It's a slice of life book that contains a relatable cast of characters based off of common tropes found in the world of youth. Our main character , Hikigaya Hachiman, despises social interaction and youth life and even writes about that in his paper for school. This is when his guidance councilor comes in and forces him to join a club that specializes in social interaction where there is only one other girl as a member. This girl is said the be smart and graceful but is soon realized to have "the personality of a garbage fire". This book contains good pacing, excellent comedy, a nice vibe and a relatable view that I found satisfying and somewhat deep. I honestly love this which is a hard thing to get out of me.

  • Joanne
    2019-01-24 16:06

    This book is all about students at a high school. Some of them are very popular, some are not. The ones who are the least popular have to deal with a lot of unfair treatment from both the students and the teachers.The great part of the book is the development of the characters. There were some laugh out loud moments. There were also some moments that were extremely sad and made me want to cry as I remembered my difficult childhood.

  • Strider
    2019-01-28 13:26

    This was a quick and fun read. Hachiman is one of the most entertaining characters who I read about in a long time. He can be funny and serious at the same time and his perspective on the world is really interesting. Yen on made a great translation and I was really happy to see that there were a list of the several references at the end of the book which explained what they meant.

  • Teck Li
    2019-01-17 18:30

    Don't judge a book by its cover. Definitely one of the best LN turned Anime turned Otome turned manga Romcom of all time IMO. Unfortunately, Wataru Watari is not releasing the final few chapters after all the build up. Too cruel

  • Marvi
    2019-02-10 13:18

    Reads like a YA novel a 30-year-old jaded cynic would write.

  • Nicholas Lucio
    2019-01-27 11:19

    Really interesting series about a lazy, anti-social loser who is proud of being a loser meeting two people in a club which will change his life.

  • Orison
    2019-02-02 11:11

    Best LN I've read.

  • Lloyd Duske
    2019-01-21 18:24

    I enjoyed this light read that was worth a chuckle here and there and there were even some sweet moments, although the narrator would deny any.

  • Benjamin Arnold
    2019-01-31 13:23

    Disclaimer: I love the animé and everything about this series so my opinion is probably very biased.Let me briefly explain why I love the series: the characters.Okay, that was perhaps too brief :p. This series is very good at exposing the psychology of a high school student. All the thoughts and emotions, all the pretences, all the self-delusion, all the raw feeling, all the dilemmas, the uncertainty about social interaction, the happiness and sadness and inadequacy and insecurity and jubilation: this novel hints at it all. The voice is so believable and relatable. There's a lot of subtext (okay, perhaps more in future novels than in this particular one).Perhaps it's a little bit hard to see how the series develops over time by reading just this one instalment, but, judging by the TV show, it's going to be worth it!

  • TechVision
    2019-01-27 18:23

    An entertaining and hilarious story centering around the "optimistically pessimistic" Hikigaya Hachiman, as he lives out his highschool life. The plot starts out slowly, with exposition from Hikigaya's POV, but as misfortune befalls upon him, the story truly transforms into an anti-thesis of a typical rom-com anime. Pros: - Great MC and side-characters; complex, with many issues of their own that are not explicitly mentioned - Hikigaya; cyncial, sarcastic, realistist; relateable character- Avoids typical rom-com cliches; story remains fresh and exciting- Solid interaction between characters; seemingly realistic conversations- Doesn't take itself too seriously; plot is light-hearted, which contrasts the cynicism of Hikigaya Cons: - Slow start, not exciting until mid-way through

  • Rozelle
    2019-02-11 19:15

    I've watched the Japanese animation of this light novel before picking it up. A friend recommended this light novel series to me. I also wanted to find out more about our main character's perspective. My decision to buy and read it never left me with any regrets.Hachiman Hikigaya is a veteran in being a loner and a loser. But I think he's an awesome character that left me laughing and smiling with his humour throughout the novel. Seriously, why does someone so amazing as him have no friends? Why is society so cruel to him?If you have a twisted humour like me and is also salty about their high school life or youth, in general, what are you waiting for? Pick up this book!

  • Cris N.
    2019-01-31 12:12

    I read the English fan translation of "Oregairu" volume 1, which was rather well-done except that reading all those extensive footnotes could get tiring (so I stopped reading them at some point, but I don't blame the translators for putting them in). It's about a lonely, friendless high school student named Hachiman who practically glorifies loneliness in order to justify it to himself, and I suppose to try to cover up the pain of loneliness that he feels. He makes a lot of criticisms of hypocrisies he observes in the lives of other students and develops a sort of "I don't need friends" thought pattern. I could actually sympathize with Hachiman because I used to be like that in high school myself, although he goes a little too far even for me. His teacher tries to get him to become more normal by forcing him to join a special club that helps other students accomplish things, which would encourage developing friends. From there the whole romantic comedy aspect kicks in, and it's pretty funny. The only down side for me was that this felt like something I totally should have read back in high school rather than now.

  • Alex Le
    2019-01-21 16:17

    I thought this truly was a very eye opening book because not only do you get to see how the character goes through is daily life but you also get to see what a loner can feel like and most importantly you will be taught the meaning of YOUTH.Throughout this book you get to see through the eyes of Hikigaya Hachiman a normal high schooler who has a normal life and most importantly is a loner and despises youth. He believes that youth is just horrible and disgusting. I really enjoyed this book because I got to see the opinion of this writer and I immediately got hooked into the at the very beginning simply because I thought that the characters in this book are all very interesting.I recommend this book to all teenagers even some teachers who are still young because this is a great opportunity of how some students are like and also can give inspiration to you or over people on how to deal with your life problems or to be more precise youth. This is also a great book to relax sit back and read in the afternoon or as a time passer.

  • Annie Wilbury
    2019-01-17 19:13 I certainly know why they call this a "light novel".It's so easy and refreshing to read something like this. The story is about a loner guy called Hikigaya Hachiman. He's a dick. A sexist and cinical dick, mind you, but a lovable one at that. He's a really realistic guy that was rejected by people so many times that he can't bring himself to let anyone in anymore, so he just gave up and made a shell to protect himself all while thinking he was just tired of people.And the sad thing is that he puts the needs of others before his needs without even realizing it. Because he really does think he's a worthless piece of trash. One down, 9 to go.

  • Aleatha
    2019-01-31 15:10

    It was nice seeing Hachiman's inner monologue throughout the whole novel. Unlike the anime, there is more explicit details on Hachiman's perspective on this "youth" thing. There is a sense of foreboding in one of the chapters where there is a quick peek on his accident with the car and the girl walking the dog. Somehow, I believe this certain event is what started Hachiman's path to the services club where he meets the Ice Queen and Yui. Overall, this light novel is well-written with quirky, likeable characters and slow-placed storytelling of one's troublesome youth in high school.

  • Lily
    2019-01-19 16:33

    I think that this was a very funny light novel. It had cute characters, and it's a great series to get started on. The only complaint I would say, would be it had very big words in it. My reading level's a bit low, so it was a bit hard to read. It had a lot of anime/manga references (which I'm happy about :), so new anime otakus would have a bit of a hard time understanding it. If you can look past all of that, I definitely recommend it! :)

  • Ondrej
    2019-01-31 11:31

    nebo taky My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Videl jsem anime, celkem se mi libilo, ale knizky jsou vyrazne lepsi. Slice of life o nicem od nikud nikam skolni prostredi, coz by samo o sobe temer garantovalo = odpad, ale fakt dobre napsane, zajimave postavy, a hodne me to bavilo. Ovsem i po 11 knizkach tam toho pro milovniky romantiky fakt moc nebylo :) Jinak ma to zatim 11 volumu plus nejake kratke "omake", ktere teda imo krome toho prvniho jsou dost slabe. Mozna skipnout...

  • Manuel Gómez
    2019-02-15 11:07

    Algo lenta al principio y si no fuera por el anime no la seguiría leyendo. No obstante, es de lo que no hay actualmente, no tiene echi ni se va por el fanservice, es mas pegado a la realidad y aún así maravillosamente divertida gracias al protagonista. La clasificaría como un nuevo genero de la anti comedia romántica.

  • Glauconar Yue
    2019-01-29 18:33

    Dropped at page 100. Although I can relate to the cynicism preached from the first page, the novel doesn't really depart from there and nothing ever happens. It's just two bored persons sitting in a room talking about nothing. Tedious.

  • Urim
    2019-02-04 17:13

    Very good and interesting, quite different from what you see usually in same setting/genres. First volume only introduces main cast and circumstances of protagonist, it's not greatest start for a series but still really good, it felt a bit slow paced but the monologue makes up for it.