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Elements of Retrofit Generation versus generation, traditional versus contemporary, these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love. Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design? A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living hElements of Retrofit Generation versus generation, traditional versus contemporary, these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love. Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design? A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life. Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short-lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thinks he knows everything about architecture, about life. Cooper Jones, twenty-two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm. Talented, professional, driven and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y. Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom's world off its axis. Tom can teach Cooper about the architecture industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom what it means to live. Clarity of Lines When some lines blur, others become crystal clear. Absolutely smitten, Thomas Elkin and Cooper Jones have decided they're prepared to give a relationship a try. What they're not prepared for is the reaction from their families, who try to force them apart. Both men are about to learn that there are lines that define us. Sometimes the lines blur, sometimes the lines become crystal clear. Sense of Place Designing homes is easy. Finding home is something else entirely. Thomas Elkin and Cooper Jones finally have the support of their families, and their love grows stronger every day. Now living together, they think nothing can stand in their way. But there are outside influences trying to pull them apart. Cooper encounters a man, closer to his age and with connections high up the property development chain, who wants Cooper as his own. Tom encounters discrimination and a hidden agenda from a fellow senior partner who's trying to take him down. No matter what the world throws at them, Tom and Cooper are the real deal. Age differences aside, Tom has finally found his sense of place. His one true center, his home....

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The Thomas Elkin Series Reviews

  • Nazanin
    2018-11-27 17:19

    3.5 It’s-a-Gen-Y-thing StarsOkay, this series contains three books:1. Elements of Retrofit2. Clarity of Lines3. Sense of PlaceIn the first book we meet Thomas and Cooper. Thomas is a 44 years old man and Cooper is a 22 years old boy! At first I think maybe the age difference annoy me but in the whole story it wasn’t palpable for me, almost. Thomas is separated from his wife and he has a son, Ryan. He has decided that he can’t live a lie anymore. Yeah, he is gay. Cooper is his son’s friend and they’ve met each other through Ryan. A few days later, Cooper becomes an intern in Thomas’ office and this is beginning of their relationship. Until Thomas makes decisions that affect Cooper without asking him first!In the second book, (view spoiler)[Thomas’ ex-wife comes to view. Moreover, Cooper and Thomas have problems with their parents about their relationship! (hide spoiler)]The third book wasn’t anything special and so it was really slow.But reading this series was funny and all in all, I really enjoyed it!

  • Chelsea
    2018-12-10 20:00

    Re-read x2- Cracked open my paperback :-DThis really is my favourite age-gap book. There's 22 years between Cooper and Thomas and Cooper is Tom's sons friend, soooo perfectly what I love about age-gap books. Oh and Tom starts out as Coopers boss.... So many buttons pushed... So far I've read this book once a year since I first read it and I can see that becoming a necessity soon enough. My original reviews for the individual stories here:Elements of RetrofitClarity of LinesSense of Place

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    2018-11-11 13:05

    After an unknown number of readings, I still live this series just as much now as the first time.

  • Angelique
    2018-11-12 12:57

    Reviews about this one were good and I am a sucker for a good age-cap story.because I could not buy the ebook,For the first in a long time.I bought the paperbackoff an unknown author for me at least.first part I was not happy,too much job talk and too much,off a bossy Cooperand a boring Tom.but never say die.and I kept on reading.I became charmed by Cooper and his,witt,banter and sass.But most off al his crush on Tom.And poor Tom dit not stand a chance.Thank god He remained a good/strong man and just what Cooperneeded.I loved how mature they stayed.I am good with angst and drama.but not for the sake off it.Loved the guys,wished a touch more time together.And more from Coopers p.o.v.Butt a great,fun read.and no regrets ,it will be a reread

  • Is
    2018-11-22 17:59

    Honestly, i need to go and rerate all of this books, because official an all time favorite series. I absolutely love this couple.

  • Pepca
    2018-11-16 13:14

    Maybe even 4.5? This was such a sweet, beautiful love story that goes through all the stages and aspects of a relationship. Sad, frustrating, touching, and hilarious, but most of all, it is ultimately a feel-good kind-of read I would recommend for when you need something to pick you up. (Also, an excellent holiday read for the upcoming season.) I loved it.

  • Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie
    2018-11-19 13:18

    5+ Retrofitted Stars!!!Elements of Retrofit is book 1 in the Thomas Elkin series, which should be read in order. Thomas Elkin is a very successful New York architect, but for as successful as his professional life is, his personal isn't as much. After coming out to his family and getting divorced before his 40th birthday, now at 44-years-old, his life finally seems to be getting back on track and his relationship with his son is on the mend. The last thing he expected was to be so attracted to Cooper Jones, one of his son's best friends and his new intern at the firm he works at. Cooper is half Tom's age, talented, driven, more mature than his years suggest and he won't be deterred when he wants something. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and the last thing Tom wants is not to give in, especially when he realizes how much more alive he feels when he's with Cooper. I absolutely loved both Tom and Cooper, although I have to admit that my favorite in this first book was Tom. There's just this vulnerability about him that drew me to him. Cooper is the epitome of the Generation Y, and as such, he takes the lead in many of their personal interactions, which balances out the age gap and their professional relationship as intern and boss. They were really hot together and it was amazing to see them go from intern/boss to lovers, it was such a natural and seamless transition for them and it was lovely seeing how they presented a united front to others right from the start.In Clarity of Lines, book 2 in the series, Tom and Cooper are working apart now, but their relationship couldn't be more serious and now they're both ready to share it with their respective families, which might not work as well as they'd hoped. I adored this book, it was the more emotional of the three. I cried so much in the second half of the book, but it only showed me how much Tom and Cooper belonged together and how perfect they were for each other, despite their age difference. I loved that even if their families weren't all in favor with their relationship, this was such a non-issue for them. They were together and they wouldn't let anyone interfere in their relationship, standing up to anyone who tried and they both dropped everything to be with each other when they were needed, especially Cooper there in the end. In Sense of Place, the last book in the series, Cooper and Tom are living together, but there are outside influences that are threatening to pull them apart as a younger man makes it clear he wants Cooper for himself and Tom's work starts suffering due to a fellow partner's discrimination. It was kind of heartbreaking seeing all these issues being thrown at Tom and Cooper, but it was amazing to see them work through them all together, always communicating, always loving and always there for each other no matter what as they headed towards their HEA.The conclusion of the series was about as amazing as all the rest, showing that age is just a number and that when two people love each other that much and are willing to work together as one, there's nothing that will pull them apart. N.R. Walker's writing was excellent throughout the series and there's no doubt that she's very talented at involving the reader in the story. This is now one of my favorite May-December books, but it's also one of my favorite series, one that I'll likely read several times in the future. Highly recommendable!!!

  • Mindy
    2018-12-06 18:51

    LOVE THIS SERIES. If you haven't read any of N.R. Walker books you need to.

  • EmilyRose
    2018-11-29 17:53

    Love love Love!!!!