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After a long search for the rebel group of wolf shifters located in the eastern Canadian woods, Brandt Malik finally stumbles upon them while hunting one day. But before he can report back to his alphas, Brandt is captured by the rebels, who take one look at his uniform and believe he’s spying on them for the Bureau of Lupine Affairs. The rebels don’t make any attempt to hAfter a long search for the rebel group of wolf shifters located in the eastern Canadian woods, Brandt Malik finally stumbles upon them while hunting one day. But before he can report back to his alphas, Brandt is captured by the rebels, who take one look at his uniform and believe he’s spying on them for the Bureau of Lupine Affairs. The rebels don’t make any attempt to hide their contempt and mistrust of the former agent, and Brandt is sent to be interrogated by the second in command, Zayne Sala, a powerful and dominant alpha.Zayne, a huge Alaskan wolf, can’t believe what his senses are telling him when he discovers the good looking BLA agent. This man, this traitor to their kind, can’t be his mate, despite all evidence to the contrary. Despite his growing compulsion for the agent, he takes charge of Brandt and tricks him into leading the rebels back to his camp. They capture the entire group and lead them back in chains to their stronghold. Now it’s up to Brandt and the others to convince the rebels that they’re trustworthy and that they only wish to join the rebellion. Zayne has vowed never to truly mate with Brandt, no matter how painful it is for him to stay away from him, but as it becomes obvious that his plan won’t work, he tries instead to teach his mate proper submissive behavior and ignore his painful past.As their love struggles to take root, Zayne must learn to trust in Brandt and stand together against the forces trying to tear them apart or risk losing everything....

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Rebel Moon Reviews

  • Makhda
    2019-02-01 22:00

    It was the same type of a book. But there's something with Ms. West writing that makes me crave it. It's like reading Ms. Calmes's books. And I know I love it. I dig it. It works with me.Zayne was more aggressive and dominant than Brandt. I usually like versatile boys. But they're just fit so well. I don't mind a bit. For the story itself, I really liked it. It felt different than the other books she's ever written. It's more emotional.There's a bit of info dump about the BLA and the background story from the book #1. So you could read this as a standalone if you prefer that way. And I'm so happy to see Jaden and Ty (characters from book #1) in here. *grins*(view spoiler)[What I disliked : - I hate reluctant-mate plot. I have a bad record with that. It makes me frustrated. I understand they had a 'situation' between them. But I still hate it. *gritting teeth*- The ending felt too abrupt. After all that action stuff, it just ended like that..? And what about Lillian? I know she was their mother. I'm sorry, but she was a b*tch. (hide spoiler)]Warning : Dub/con, Violence

  • Lorraine Lesar
    2019-02-13 19:51

    I'm a total book slut when it comes to Ms West's books and proud to admit it - I'm sure if she released a book on train spotting or waste management, I would read it (well maybe not train spotting, but you get the idea). This second book in the series was, for me, way better than the first one, we were given pack politics, intrigue, possible enemy to lovers scenario, very hot sex scenes and an inspirational storyline concerning the Alpha of the Rebels, which I'm assuming will be played out in book 3, as we were left hanging in this one, so be warned. Jaden and Ty from book 1 also featured heavily, but don't worry if you haven't read that one yet, as the author very cleverly explained the events leading up to their frantic escape from the U.S. to Canada and the reason why. And of course we have Brandt and Zayne, all I'm going to say is..........I'M TEAM BRANDT!

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-01-30 01:01

    2 Heart Review by VickiOh No! I did not like this book.This one picks up where Moonstruck left off, the group of refugee wolves has been in the Canadian woods searching for the rebels they have heard lived there, hoping to find a home. Brandt, Jaden’s older but not alpha brother is out on his own hunting for the rebels when he finds them. He’s captured by them, and is taken to their home. The leader of the group that finds Brandt is an alpha named Zayne. Zayne is a fucking douchebag asshole. He realizes Brandt is his mate, decides to fuck him, use him, and dump him. He drags Brandt to their home, and takes him to his alpha, a horrible bitch of a woman named Lillian. Lillian doesn’t believe a word Brandt says, and thinks he needs to be killed. She sends him off with Zayne, telling him to fuck him, then maybe kill him.So Zayne takes Brandt to a barn, Brandt feels some attraction to Zayne but doesn’t understand why. Zayne is nasty and rude to Brandt, and basically rapes him. Just because Brandt says yes, doesn’t mean he really wants it. It felt like he said yes to the fucking, so he didn’t get hit. Zayne fucks him over a dirty bale of hay and on the barn floor a few times, giving him the mating bites against Brandts will. He then turns him loose and follows him right back to Jaden, Ty, and the pack. Who get beaten, tied up, and hauled back to the lodge Lillian and her pack have been living in.Zayne is horrible to Brandt, there is a fine line between dominant and abusive. Zayne crosses that line repeatedly. Lillain invites the former BLA wolves to “train” with her wolves, then suggests that Zayne and Brandt fight. Zayne beats the crap out of Brandt, who is obviously a weaker wolf. Brandt gets his dander up and won’t back down, so Zayne just hits him. At the end, he tells Brandt to listen to him next time and he won’t do that again. Fuck that shit right there. How many abused partners have heard that?Lillian is a big raging bitch. I won’t say what her problem is because of plot issues, but it made no sense to me. I don’t know why she was so adamant about it, so hurtful and disbelieving. I didn’t like that at all. Oh, and after she does decide they can stay for a few months, it’s basically to get slave labor.At the end of the book, all is well after some drama, then Zayne basically tells Brandt, his MATE, that he doesn’t want a mate but he guesses Brandt can stay with him. But he’ll probably ignore him sometimes because Zayne is busy, and he’ll treat him bad, just want to have sex, and be an asshole to him. And stupid Brandt is all fine with that.This book had editing issues even more than the first book. Brandt is captured and his hands are tied behind his back. Then two sentences later his hands are tied behind his back again. Zayne fucks him over a dirty bale of hay in a barn, they fall to the floor in extasy, Brandt passes out. When he wakes up, still in the barn, they have yet more sex, and Brandt tosses his head on the pillows. Pillows? Where did they come from? Brandt’s name is spelled wrong at one point as well. Yes, these are minor things, but they were obvious to me.So if you like reading a book with an abusive asshole of a main character, who treats his fated mate horribly, you might like this book. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the lack of connection betwen Zayne and Brandt, and the lack of caring between them. Fated mates can dislike each other at the beginning, but what I like to see is them growing closer and realizing that fate is right, and they do love each other. I didn’t feel that even by the end of the book. The story was interesting, I liked the world and the concept, but to dislike a character in the first book and hate a character in the second book means I won’t be reading any more of these. Usually I try not to rate a book low just because I didn’t like a character, if the rest of the book is ok. But I just can’t with this one. The way Zayne treats Brandt is too close to abuse for me to be able to like this book.A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. Please visit to see this and many more reviews, author interviews, guestposts and giveaways!

  • John-TorleifHarris
    2019-01-29 01:08

    Not as engaging as the first bookI didn't like this one as much as I liked the first book. We got to see more about the Malik brothers, especially Brandt, but it felt more like a repeat of the first story with ash alpha who doesn't want to admit the mating pull. I'm not quite sure that I understand exactly what Zayne had against being mated, especially since he grew up as a relatively free wolf, so he would have known all about shifter society.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-02-24 01:57

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3 starsOkay, first things first, I had no idea this was the second book in the Moonstruck series until I started to read. And I was definitely feeling the lack of knowledge in the very beginning. But then the author gives us an info dump to get us caught up, and after that the story works just fine on its own. After that dump, I knew what had gone on previously and was sufficiently caught up. However, that was only one small problem in a story full of issues.What I liked about this book was Brandt. He’s not an alpha, and therefore is not overly dominant. But he is fierce and loyal and bound and determined to protect his younger brother’s no matter what. He is honest to a fault, and has a big heart. But he’s had a lot of practice keeping his emotions inside from his time in the BLA and he doesn’t show what he feels unless he wants you to see. Out of all the characters in the book, I thought Brandt was the most well-rounded and layered, and I truly liked him and wanted him to have his happily ever after.But other than that, the story fell flat for me. The rest of the characters were mostly two dimensional with a few moments of depth. For the most part, the plot moved quickly, but there wasn’t enough transition between scenes, nor was there enough explanation, and it felt like we were just jumping from one event to the next. The plot was occasionally bogged down with long sections of exposition that read exactly like an info dump. We had POV sections from our two MCs, but also from other characters as well, and it didn’t always work for me. There were points that didn’t make sense to me, or where the characters changed their actions and motives too fast without explanation, and it left my head reeling. The sex was, frankly, not that hot, and was repetitive and unimaginative. I don’t want to dissect everything point by point here, as there was too much that had me shaking my head.Read Kris’ review in its entirety here.

  • Mary
    2019-02-01 01:54

    I like this book mostly because of Brandt; I thought he was a strong character and I was genuinely impressed and moved by his concern for his brothers. I liked the exposition of his background, and I liked how it was done from the point of view of other characters; it gave him more depth, made him more realistic, because then I knew everyone else was aware of the strength of his character.Zayne is kinda blah to me; there were moments when he was okay and I had an idea what he meant about caring for his mate, but what I remember of that is clouded by the time he's an asshole to Brandt. Especially in the end, where he actually repeats that he doesn't want a mate, and he tells Brandt that he's going to ignore him sometimes and it's implied Brandt should be okay with that. Uhm. How about no?I actually hated Lillian; she was just a raging bitch through and through. At some point I wanted to stab her with a spoon. Sure, she's alpha and I get that, but... really? Why was she such a bitch? She wasn't sympathetic AT ALL, and I hated her even more because she had so much shit to say when she didn't even know anything about what she was talking about. She struck me as very backward, especially in her beliefs of the BLA and generally how the world works. I honestly wish Ty and Jaden would decide to move camp and ditch the bitch, because she totally don't deserve and help putting together that sorry excuse for a pack territory she had going on there. If I were Brandt or Jaden or Connor, I'd rather give myself back to the BLA instead of running for that woman who claims to be their mother. Seriously. Lillian is a psychotic bitch.I still like the first book better.

  • Tina
    2019-02-15 21:12

    Rebel Moon by author Shannon West is the second book in the Moonstruck series. I did not read the first book and was not lost. I did like that. It is fun to be able to read a series as a standalone.Brandt Malik he is watching the rebel camp. He and the other wolves that have escaped the BLA need help fighting. They need stronger army and numbers. They think perhaps the rebels will be the way to go. Allies are good, especially if you are at war with one of the most powerful groups around. Brandt is captured and the rebels know he used to work for the BLA, they don’t trust him at all. They are mean and inhospitable. That is all but one. Zayne is a strong alpha wolf. When he meets Brandt he knows there is something special about him. He cannot allow his pack to kill him. He even might be his mate. But how can that work when they are on opposite sides of a war? In this story not only does Brandt and Zayne find each other but everyone gets a surprise about who the rebels are and what everyone has been through along the way. There are many twists and turns in this book that kept me turning the pages. I cannot wait to see where this series goes next. There is a lot of story in this book. I liked that very much. There is great romance, but it was the story itself that kept me reading. When you want a different take on shifters this is the book to pick up.

  • Kera
    2019-02-06 21:51

    Zayn and Brandt: it's pure and simple abuse.Zayn crossed a red line too many times to be forgiven. It was painful to read when time after time Brandt consented to sex only to avoid fights between his brother and his mate and after sex he despised himself for consenting.Zyne's comment after their fight was classic "you made me hurt you - next time do what I say and I will not hurt you" how many abused partners and children hear it on daily basis?Lilian is heartless bitch: for forcing the mates to fight and even more for her comments about children in concentration camps. While the former is cruel, the later can never be forgiven. And Zayne behaviour is also unacceptable: in all other West's books mates put in such situations would disagreed alpha's order (see "Bad Wolf" from Dark Hollow series).In the end Zayne even did not apologise but promised more abuse and Brandt agreed!!!.There is much more sex than in book one, which is always good for me but the context made it much less enjoyable than it should be.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-02-17 21:59

    Better than the first. This is because we got to meet some rebels and see initially that things are brewing. The two MC's I enjoyed better than the first story - probably because it's an Alpha/Gamma combo and the Alpha really was very alpha. And Hot. Shannon West is my crack and my cotton candy. Not a ton of substance usually - however there is a chance here to really go into some level of depth and I hope she takes it.I need to note I *almost* subtracted a star because of an ending that does not tie up any loose ends. NONE. That was not satisfying at all and not the norm for this author. The author gets a bye here - but that's a one shot deal with me. The next one shouldn't have this issue. So say I.

  • Debbie Benson
    2019-02-15 02:15

    good. It's the oldest brother's story in the series. A more drawn out mating story which shows not everything is easy but still works out.