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When Madja manages to convince Sevrrn to take her into town, hilarity ensues. But so does the realization that Sevrrn will never fully understand her or her needs.Can an ancient dragon god ever possibly love her?This is the second novella in an ongoing story. It is not intended as a standalone read....

Title : the dragon s appraiser part two
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ISBN : 25209881
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the dragon s appraiser part two Reviews

  • Erika
    2019-02-21 02:07

    3.5 starsWhen I first started this series, i thought it would be a lot cuter and light-hearted than it has ended up being. Still, I think it is unique and interesting. Definitely need Book 3 to see if the dragon is able to really change -- and love the heroine, unselfishly.Note: This novella has a violent sexual encounter in which the dragon is angry and jealous and ends up scratching up and hurting the heroine when they have sex. It is pretty rape-y. If this were set in the real world, and if he were human, this would have gone in DNF pile. But he is not human.

  • Ðawn
    2019-02-11 07:04

    ++Spoilers++This is the second in the series. This is not a stand alone. I am really enjoying the series. Not much to say except I love it.Totally safe for me. Some of those who are extra senstive to rough sex scenes may wish to pass on this. There is a love making scene where the hero takes the heroine roughly. I personally do not see this as being rapey.. but others may have a different view. I plan on continuing the series and will certainly consider reading more from this author.SafetySee my review from the first book. All is safe to me.Still waiting for the hero to say the ILY's, but he is also still learning about himself and his emotions. Hopefully this will be resolved in the next book.

  • Marianne
    2019-02-23 04:50

    Get ready for an amusing fish out of water tale when the arrogant dragon god Sevrrn takes his treasured human to town.It's not easy for a possessive dragon to fathom why his most prized possession would long for the company of lesser creatures when she's got him, but it's amazing what he'll do for after some sexy-time with his little human. Against all odds, he suddenly finds himself immersed in that ridiculous human culture he's always been avoiding. Beneath his human skin lurks the mind of a true predator, and of course Sevrrn deals with humans as dragons do: by scarfing down entire trays of sample foods without second thoughts, detesting the vegetable based foods he's offered and wondering why on earth a scantily clad woman would think he'd part with anything from his hoard in exchange for some one-on-one time with a female who reeks of other men, unlike his Madja. After all, dragons do NOT share!Poor Sevrrn is in for some hard lessons, like jealousy, regret... and the hardest lesson of all: love... But is a dragon truly capable of feelings that go deeper than a natural possessiveness of everything he owns, or is Madja hoping for the impossible...?This installment is as amusing as the first and hits all the right buttons in humor department. This age old hoarder's life might have become interesting and amusing for the first time in eons, but it's also challenging him in ways he's never even considered. I can't wait for the third imstallment. Can a dragon - that's as old as time - and a human who's not yet seen three decades truly find common ground? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Luckily, that installment is righ around the corner, thank Smaug!4.5 stars

  • iliana G
    2019-02-07 04:14

    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.Oh my god it just gets better and better!!!!!i so love this story!!!Madja finally persuade her Dragon to visit the town with her and now we see them interacting with people and with one another in the real world.The feelings between Madja and Sevrrr seem to evolve and at the same time while we think they walked a step forward at the same time we see they went 2 steps amazing story with lovely characters fast paced that makes you want to read more !!!can't wait for the next one!

  • StephanieG
    2019-01-31 05:13

    3.5 Stars

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-02-02 00:14

    THE DRAGON'S TREASURE !!!Wowza! This is Part Two of the exciting new series, The Dragon's Appraiser by Viola Rivard and it totally rocks! I love it! I actually fell in love with this story when it was first introduced as a short story in the Taming the Alphas bundle several months ago. I so hoped that Viola would continue this incredible story and was so excited when I learned that she was creating a serial based on the original story.And she doesn't disappoint! Much of Part One is the same as the original short story but there have been some additions and Part Two is fresh off the presses. Viola has used her extraordinary talent and incredible skill to brilliantly create an entertaining paranormal romance filled with fantasy, magic and adventure. The story is exciting, thrilling, original, imaginative, enchanting, humorous, heartwarming, romantic, arousing, sensual and steamy. The dialogue is smart, snappy, funny, well written and flows effortlessly. The characters are fascinating, captivating, intriguing, engaging, endearing and sexy. Madja O'aer has never believed in the gods, at least not the gods that seem to favor the rich, but a small part of her has always held out hope that the dragon god, Sevrrn, did exist. Long ago, rich and poor alike came from far and wide to pay tribute to the dragon that protected her island home of Erda. Madja like most children had always fantasized about infilitrating the dragon's lair to glimpse the treasure inside. Be careful what you wish for! In her fantasies, she never dreamed she would be captured and sacrificed as tribute to the dragon god. She just may get a glimpse of the treasure she had once dreamed about but the ultimate price may now be her life! Oh My! But to her utter disappointment and relief there is no dragon nor any treasure in the small cavern where the guards left her chained. By the time she frees herself from her shackles, she's pretty sure there's definitely no dragon god. Hmm...Sounds like a perfect opportunity to search for treasure. She's always been interested in treasure and its history. After all. her father had been a world class appraiser and she had inherited his love of history and learned much from him. She needs money for her escape since she will never be able to return home. People have been throwing gold and valuables into Sevrrn's lair for thousands of years and since there's no dragon, maybe she could just take a few items. There's only one little problem - There is a dragon and he just showed up! Oh my glory! But as Madja soon discovers, the dragon is also a man, a very handsome man and she's very attracted to him. And it seems the mighty, magnificent, dragon Sevrrn may also be attracted to the lovely Madja. What? Impossible! He would never be attracted to a human nor tempted by the desires of the flesh. He is only impressed with her knowledge of his treasure, nothing more. Besides, she was given to him as tribute, she now belongs to him and we all know how a dragon feels about his possessions. No, she may belong to him but he would never debase himself by being with an inferior human! Or would he? Hmmm.....I guess we all have read Part One by now and know that Sevrrn desires the lovely Madja and he definitely desires more than just her company and appraisal skills. Her body has now become his treasure to claim and he seems to love to plunder it quite frequently! Oh my! But Madja is unhappy with the solitude of her life in Sevrrn's lair and longs to be around other humans even if it's only for a short time. She is finally able to convince Sevrrn to visit the marketplace but her interaction with Sevrrn among humans is quite enlightening and disappointing. She begins to realize that although Sevrrn may at times act human, it is a only facade - he is a dragon incapable of human feelings and emotions. Or is he? She has shared her mind, her body and her heart with Sevrrn because she loves him but will Sevrrn ever be able to return that love? Maybe she's just another one of his possessions and his fascination with her will likely soon fade and if so, what happens to her then? Can a dragon god ever be capable of true, unselfish love? How do you explain love to a dragon? Sexy dragon shifter-check! Beautiful sassy virgin-check! Adventure, humor, magic and fantasy-check! Instant attraction, explosive chemistry, romance and sex-you bet! I can hardly wait for Part Three. Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

  • Yvonne Daniels
    2019-01-29 07:57

    The Dragon Appraiser: Part Two, is one of the BEST series, by Viola Rivard. I just fell in love with this series! This is a incredible storyline and there is so much excited with the first and now the second. I love that Viola used her expressive talent, her brilliant writing, her creative way of using magic, fantasy and love in her storyline. This storyline has something for all of us its imaginative, exciting, thrilling, will make you laugh, have you fallin in love with the characters, this book is enchanting and so arousing, sensual, Hot and steamy wet your panties read. The pace of the story is so well written that it just flows effortlessly.Madja and Sevrrn has been together for a few months and to Madja it is being to get boring. She want to take Sevrrn along but Sevrrn is very stubborn and for a while he said No No and No. So one day Madja decides make Sevrrn give her whatever she wants, of course he did. On their outing Sevrrn exprienced a lot of emotions he learned while they were walking around the market. Madja learned a few things herself about how much she love Sevrrn. They needed money for her to shop so Sevrrn pick out the pieces for them to trade When they got to the money changer Sevrrn ask Madja why did they trade his treasure when he could just take the silver and keep his treasure. Madja tried to explain the laws but Sevrrn acted as if he didn't understand. Kevrrn stayed a man more more than his dragon form. Sevrrn is a very handsome man and Madja's attraction to him has turn to love. It seems that Kevrrn isn't the only one who can be jealous Madga found she can be jealous of Sevrrn. Sevrrn is so jealous that he marked Madja body he promised that he would never do it again. Madja realizes that the solitude with Sevrrn's in his lair is what she wants now being around other humans even if it's only for a short time. She begins to realize that although Sevrrn may at times act human, it is a only facade - he is a dragon who has no idea of the human feelings and emotions he's dealing with. Or is he? Madja feels Sevrrn fascination with her will likely soon fade and what happens to her when this occur? How do you explain love to a dragon? Adventure, humor, magic and fantasy this story has loads!I can hardly wait for Part Three it can only be magnificent .Absolutely Fabulous entertainment and Awesome read!

  • Daria
    2019-01-31 07:01

    “Would you die for me?”How can one even explain being human? How can one explain being a dragon. For Madja and Sevrrn its about time and being around each other. All that Sevrrn knows is he keeps what is his, simple logic to a dragon. His little human of course doesn’t think like that. This has been such a fun series, getting to know the characters and their developing personalities. I loved the scenes when Madja took him to the village, kind of reminded me of a new toy. I also see why Sevrrn sees the tributes as he does, who wants to just be around when they are needed? Then again who wants to be around if they are not loved? There is Madja’s dilemma . Can love be fitted into a box of how someone is to act? Or is the needs individual. Short and sweet this book is... And leaves you with a wth ending.. Laughs, because you’re going to want to know what happens next. I find I really liked the story and the characters. It all worked for me. Ive read work from this author before and loved it as well as this one. You can feel the emotions and the wants or needs of Madja as well as Sevrrn somehow they need to meet in the middle. A couple of heated scenes, some scenes will make you laugh, some will just have you shaking your head. But it will having you coming back for more. So grab it read it and enjoy it.

  • Sue Davis
    2019-01-28 04:18

    ONE VERY GOOD, INTERESTING AND FUN STORY.....MORE SOON PLEASE!!!!! I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST OPINION AND THIS IS MY OPINION OVER 18 FIRST I love this series, in this part Madja, human woman sacrificed to the dragon god (who is one of the first four dragons) Sevrrn, is going through his treasures - appraising the items for him. Really trying to teach him what is has got, where the real value lies in each. It is a way she has found to talk to him since she was left for him 3 months before. They are sexual, He seems to crave her. She has learned a little about how to get him to do something she wants,first big thing, a trip to the market place. Now everything in this trip that she learns and he starts to realize, is interesting, from the fact that the land maybe in danger and needed the dragon god to protect them, not knowing that he was talking to him, in human form. Sevrrn seem to have different opinions on the subject, some of which he voices to them, not as himself. Their inter - reaction to each other and different things is fun to read. Watching as they learn about each other, what is important to each, what hurts or bring pleasure and happiness to each other is really interesting. I can't wait to see how they change toward each other after there trip.

  • Saša
    2019-02-13 23:52

    I was thrilled to receive an advance copy for my honest review. Viola did it again, i was sucked in to the book, there was some surprises, and i can wait for the part 3 to come out.The dialogue is smart, snappy, snarky, funny, well written and flows effortlessfy. The characters are fascinating, captivating, intriguing, engaging, endearing and sexy. Sevrrn is just as lovable and head strong. Not understanding human emotions Madja boggles his mind. He still sees her as his posession. Sevrrn learns new emotions that he has never had. Madja is fallin for the dragon, and she is jealous when some whore is talking to Severrn, and mad because he dosent have any ideas what she is feeling. But Severrn learns new emotions that he has never had befor, and he doesent like it. He is jealous when he smels some men scent on her. He is lousing it, and Madja is happy to see him felling someting for her , but she doesent know if he is starting to have some fealings for her, or is he lousing it yust because he thinks of her as his posession.And as alwajs the end came to quik....Now i have to wait for part 3..

  • Ana
    2019-01-23 06:55

    Part 2 of this story was great, it is starting to fascinate me!Madja convinces Severrn to go into town and he is fascinated by the things he sees, but then he is a Dragon that has never been around humans before, only from afar. Madja loves that she is able to be among humans again, but realizes that she is in love with Saverrn when she feels the pang of jealousy as he is accosted by a prostitute.Madja feels at home when they return to the Dragons lair and is convinced that this is where she wants to be, but also realizes that Severrn is not unfeeling as she thought. The problem is that Saverrn has never had human contact before her and does not know what the feelings mean. Therefore, he reacts the only way he knows and his possessiveness can hurt. She now realizes that she must teach him these things.Saverrn is feeling emotions that he does not understand and he reacts the only way he knows, but realizes that his actions could hurt Madja and he promises to never hurt her, will he be able to control his emotions to that extent?Very deep emotional discoveries emerge.Can't wait to read the next book.I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.

  • Cilicia White
    2019-02-05 08:05

    This is part two in this series and it takes places about a month after part one ends and Madja and Sevrrn are still going through all his treasures, but Madja is starting to go a little stir crazy because she is use to being around other humans. When she wants to go to the village but Sevrrn refuses she uses a new trick to get him to agree. While visiting the village they both learn that the people are starting to suffer because they can't get the supplies needed because they are being stopped by those who want to take over. Sevrrn really doesn't care because he remembers saving the people over and over and then forget about him until they need him again. We also learn why Madja was given as a sacrifice. Madja has fallen in love with Sevrrn but does he feel the same? This part ends on a cliffhanger and a sad note. I almost cried for Madja in that last moment.I was given a copy of the book for a honest review...

  • Deanna from Deanna's World
    2019-02-13 03:06

    Sevvryn continues to engage me thoroughly as a character. He is so much a dragon and the life he has led is so vast compared to the limited time that humans are on this earth. I expect this story to be a lot more fun and hilarious as Sevvryn experiences a human town and marketplace for the first time but there is a seriousness to it as we explore the depth of his feelings for Madja and how she feels about him.I loved how Sevvryn with his incredibly complicated mind turns things over in his head as he deals with thoughts and concepts that are new to him. Each time I expect him to do something in a particular situation only to find him doing something unexpected but totally him and totally dragon. I'm really enjoying this series and am looking forward to the next installment in that is coming out in April. I hope April comes round quickly.

  • Stacey
    2019-02-14 07:00

    The Dragon's Appraiser part 2 Viola Rivard .Madja and Sevrnn are back and they have their own way of thinking as we know Sevrnn don't want to have Madja in public but she feels trapped as we knw from the last book . can Madja change his mind or will he not find out what may happen if they go to the market or if not how Madja may react if she can't go to market with Sevrnn . also this is an ARC REVIEW COPY AND LOVED THE BOOK SO MUCH HAD TO READ BEFORE BED NOW I WANT MORE can't wait til April to see what may happen and oh boy from what i read what it may be about even bigger than this book but i would reccommend anyone who loves dragons to give it a try but first read book 1 of the Dragon's Appraiser before you read this one then review them both and wait til the next book comes out next month .

  • Kristy
    2019-02-21 07:10

    So I just finished part 2 of "The Dragon's Appraiser" & all I can say is... WOW!! I picked this up & lost myself in the story, it captured my senses completely. Before I knew it I was finished & left wanting more of Madja & Sevrrn. Please read part 1 of "The Dragon's Appraiser" first, as part 2 continues straight away. As Madja & Sevrrn's relationship (if that is what you call it) is put to the test as Sevrrn battles feelings for the first time in his long life. The alternating POV's kept everything interesting & gave us insight to both Madja & Sevrrn's inner most thoughts.I can not wait for part 3, so I can find out what Sevrrn & Madja get up to next. Viola's weaved her magic with this serial, leaving me HOOKED!!

  • Robyn
    2019-02-01 00:50

    Madja and Sevrrn are still learning about one another. Madja still is amazed at his lack of knowledge when it comes to women. All she is hoping for is that he wants her as deeply as much as she craves him. They journey out to the local village; Sevrrn is perplexed by all he sees. Madja tries to show him through her eyes how wonderful life and humanity can be. Viola captures the raw essence of Madja and Sevrrn as these two are trying to make a relationship work. They have raw passion and delectable sex. Sevrrn is overwhelmed by new feelings of possessiveness, jealousy and frustration. He cannot find the way to express himself and Madja is the only one to help. I am so excited and cannot wait for the next part.

  • Lamonica Hart
    2019-01-25 06:10

    How can you not love them. What started a play thing lead to something interesting. I will look for more from this series and cannot wait to find out a about this couple. I find them both interesting and could not put the book down. The stories were not to short there much going you will love them none the less and jump into the next read with the same though of what is the next adventure about. That is what I really loved about this series because it did not drag on with unnecessary issues but it also kept you wanting more. I do hope that there are several more books in the future regarding the couples future and there child. The action, romance and wonder , not to mention the interesting things that will have you laughing.

  • Robyn
    2019-02-09 00:50

    The Dragon's Appraiser: Part two revolves around Sevrrn and Majda making a trip into town to visit the marketplace. Sevrrn, with limited interaction with people, doesn't understand why he needs to buy things and cannot just take items in which he desires. Majda begins to question whether Sevrrn actually cares about her the way she does him. With the threat of an impending invasion, the town is relying on the dragon to defend them, but Sevrrn doesn't have a care. Will that change?Will Sevrrn defend the lands and their people? Is he capable of caring about anyone but himself? Will Majda ever receive the affection she so desires? These questions will surely set up a fantastic part three.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Shannon Robinson
    2019-02-13 03:07

    This story continues with Madja and Sevrrn going to the town and the market to get ca change of scenery. While there they meet some nice towns folk who are just trying to make a living. we also get some background on why the people of the town send tributes to the great dragon. Sevrrn starts to show emotions not familiar to him while out of his cave. Jealously came up and slapped him in the face when Madja was out one night and almost got hurt and he smelled man on her. Going back to the cave and feeling like its home shows how Madja has become quickly adjusted to the dragon's appraisers role. I wonder what will happen next.

  • Read
    2019-01-27 03:10

    Cute, enjoyable, part of a book. Book 1 was a basically a riff on Scheherazade but with a dragon shifter god. In this book, she gets him to take her into town for shopping and it just happens to be a celebration for him, the dragon god, which he "sleeps" through. Some cute moments of him not understanding the concepts of shopping and interacting with other people. It's not really a series, it's really one book that has been deliberately cut into several pieces to raise the overall price of the book. Let me rant for a minute - I hate this new approach to marketing books! I see so many authors doing this these days and it drives me crazy! 65 pages does not make a book!

  • Lory
    2019-02-03 06:53

    This series just keeps getting better. I feel so bad for Madja she struggles with her insecurity every day thinking that Sevrrn is going to get bored and tried of her. What can I say about Sevrrn he's freaking hilarious. I feel bad for him as well it's funny to see him try to interact with Madja his Alpha way just piss her off he just doesn't understand human emotions but we see a different side of him in this book a more venerable side him struggle with all these different emotions trying to comprehend what they mind hopefully he can understand his feelings for Madja is love. I can't wait to see what going to happen next.

  • Tammy Sowards-Sanchez
    2019-02-05 01:11

    I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.We continue from where part one left off.She finally convinced him to go to the village. As they go thru the town he sees a lot of new and interesting things as well as learning new scents and stimulation. They learn of the t new turmoil boiling over.But will Sevrrn help them or not?After her altercation in the town the dragon decides its time to go back home. They have a discussion and we are left wondering what will happen next.

  • Melody
    2019-02-16 01:57

    This is a fun three part book about an eons old dragon who aquires a human sacrifice who turns out to be to interesting to kill or eat. He turns to a human form to get to know her and gets a crash course in humanity and emotions. He is not human though. He is often confounded by human values and behaviors. He thinks she is just a possession but eventually realizes she is worth more to him than all thegold he has collected for centuries. Their interactions are often funnyy and sometimes steamy.

  • Angel
    2019-02-21 00:05

    Part One of The Dragon's appraiser was really good, and Part Two is a fantastic continuation of the story of Madja and Sevrrn. This installation gives you more insight to the characters and really helps you to understand more about where they come from: physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is especially true for Madja. There's adventure, some awesomess from Madja, and more of Sevrrn being himself. I'm sure the next installment will be just as exciting, and I can't wait!I received a copy of The Dragon's Appraiser in exchange for an honest review.

  • Becky Burciaga
    2019-02-11 05:03

    I didn't think that this story couldn't get any better, or funnier than the first book, but this author has far exceeded my reading expectations. The relationship between Madja and Sevrrn has grown even richer...Madja is understanding Sevrrn more, even using that understanding to manipulate her wants and needs. The hilarity of Sevrrn as he encounters new experiences (things that Madja takes for granted) for the first time. Both the characters are so well written, that is is saddening as the end of the story nears. So looking forward to the next cannot come soon enough.

  • Amy
    2019-02-23 01:01

    I received an ARC of this ebook in exchange for my honest review. Part 2 follows the story of Madja who was left as a sacrifice to the dragon God Sevrrn. Serrn has taken a great interest in Madja, including her body. In part two Madja convinces Sevrrn to go to town, and we learn of an impending attack on the Capital. Madja gets into a bit of trouble. Nothing she can't handle after dealing with a mood swinging ancient dragon. Sevrrn is starting to show more human emotion, but love isn't one of them......yet. I enjoyed part 2, and can't wait for 3. I gave it four stars.

  • Nancy Fontaine
    2019-02-22 06:12

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Sevrrn and Madja continue to go through his gold treasure finding article's of historical significance. Madja is very happy and realizes she is falling in love. Sevrrn continues to be aloof but extremely insistent on exploring sex with Madja. She convinces Severrn to visit a local town for a few days,but fell ill after. Sevrrn attempts to find an artifact that will make Madja immortal. This book continues seamlessly from book one and the reader will benefit from reading in order.

  • Linda
    2019-02-02 05:18

    I liked the second part even better than the first one. I feel like they have now developed a relationship. There are real feelings and a desire to find love and acceptance with one another. He gets exposed to the town for the first time during their celebration to honor him as their protector. It is funny to see him visiting with the humans and it pushes her to ask for more from him than he was prepared to give. It looks like there is more action headed for the third part as she pushes him to protect the town.

  • Judi
    2019-02-18 07:12

    Madja gets what she dearly wants a trip to the marketplace. But this also introduces Sevrrn to new things that make her question her importance to him. She realizes his importance to her, can an ancient dragon ever give her the what she needs forever? In this story Viola gives us a thought provoking study on humanity, rather than her turn on a dime plotting (as in Running with the Alphas) but the insecurities in Madja and Sverrn are something we all go through.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-22 02:53

    I love this series. The dragon is just a riot. I'm not sure what is funnier what he says or what he does. I just love him. I wish this could be turned into a long running series instead of a short series. Ms. Rivard is truly a gifted romantic comedy writer. I can't wait for the next book in the series. I totally recommend this book for a fun light romantic read.Thanks for letting me ARC for you again Ms. RivardL.