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Tyler Campbell is rescued from having his butt handed to him by Jessica, a courageous biker bartender with gorgeous ink. Jess is a single mom, her life taken up by raising a son and keeping away from her ex. Tyler is the first man who’s truly looked at her in a long, long time, the first to make her remember what passion is. Though she recognizes that Tyler’s a playboy, shTyler Campbell is rescued from having his butt handed to him by Jessica, a courageous biker bartender with gorgeous ink. Jess is a single mom, her life taken up by raising a son and keeping away from her ex. Tyler is the first man who’s truly looked at her in a long, long time, the first to make her remember what passion is. Though she recognizes that Tyler’s a playboy, she sees something else in him, a pain he’s kept hidden from all, even his close-knit family. Jessica doesn’t believe she’ll ever have anything with Tyler, but when she needs help, she risks all by seeking him in a little Texas town called Riverbend....

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  • Jennifer Ashley
    2019-02-09 10:22

    Tyler's book is out! I fell in love with Tyler while writing it. I wasn't sure about his character, but once he walked in and started interacting with Jess, the courageous heroine, he melted my heart. :-) I got very close to Tyler and Jess, and hope you enjoy reading about them. All the brothers play a part, babies are happening, and the clan of Riverbend grows. I am happy to be able to return to this series!

  • Alison
    2019-02-12 15:35

    I'm not really a fan of cowboys but darn these guys are F.I.N.E.Jess is stuck, a divorced mother of one working in a biker bar in Dallas, reliant (against her wishes) on her ex-husband's best friend, when a cowboy walks into her bar one night. When the bikers take offence to his presence and try to start a fight, the cowboy turns out to be Tyler, a stuntman with a show playing locally. There is an instant attraction between Jess and Tyler and after the police arrive to break up the fight Jess drives Tyler back to his hotel.Jess' ex-husband is a nasty, violent man. He's in prison for nearly killing a biker in a fight and he's been dealing drugs and guns and women, his friend Elijah is just as bad. Together they have Jess cornered and helpless. Tyler offers Jess an escape from reality, for just one night. But in the morning, Tyler hasn't had enough.I suppose that this is a stock romantic thriller type plot, good guy offers downtrodden woman an escape from brutal bikers and life of drudgery. But I really enjoyed it. Jess and Tyler were engaging characters and Tyler's interactions with his brothers and their wives were fun.Recommended if you like your romantic thrillers heavy on the romance, love you some cowboy and love that small town homely feel. I love this series.

  • Cheesecake
    2019-01-20 15:27

    DNF at 50%. While I love most of JA's other stuff, I guess I just don't get into her cowboy stuff.This one in particular wasn't the 'get away' that I like in a romance. That's my own shallow taste in books I guess.(view spoiler)[ The h has MS. The H is a bit younger. Just not my thing.(hide spoiler)]But even without the things that bothered me, it was a little predictable and boring. I got tired of Jessica pushing him away... I did listen to the last chapter and the epilogue (which was cute). The truth about Tyler's high school sweetheart isn't revealed til the was good. (view spoiler)[ she died in a car crash while leaving him with another man, because their love had gone stale and was more of a friendship. He felt responsible though because they had a big argument before she left. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Sheila Melo
    2019-02-01 12:30

    "Well, hello tall, dark, and sexy."FINAL DECISION: Loved this story. There was an immense sense of kindness between these characters along with the attraction and lust. One of my favorites of the series.THE STORY: Stunt cowboy Tyler Campbell is saved from a severe beating at a biker bar by divorced mother Jessica. Despite the sad pasts of both, there is an intense connection between them that leads to a night together. In the morning, however, Jessica has second thoughts about getting involved with Tyler. When danger threatens Jessica and her son, however, she turns to Tyler and his hometown for help.OPINION: There are some books that I shouldn't start reading late at night because they are so addictive that a chapter or two just won't do it. This is one of those books. I loved it from the beginning. Tyler and Jess are both so nice and skittish without have a thick skin separating them from others. Once these two get together there is not question that they are meant for one another. In fact, most of the drama is external which makes the sweetness between these two special.I also really enjoyed seeing the couples from the previous books and other characters from the series. My favorite series are ones that don't forget that the other characters exist in the same world.Both Jess and Tyler have scars that make them skittish with one another and yet the two quickly find that they have something special together. I liked how everything worked in this story (except that points of the plot resolution seemed a little farfetched, but that didn't diminish my enjoyment). I finished this book in the middle of the night and didn't regret it at all even though I had to wake up early to start my day.WORTH MENTIONING: Lots of children in the air.CONNECTED BOOKS: TYLER is the fourth book in the Riding Hard series. While this romance is self-contained and can be read as a standalone, there are secondary characters from other books in the series.STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.This review was originally posted on

  • Annie ♥TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd♥
    2019-01-29 16:26

    Another great addition to the Riding Hard series. I will definitely be reading more of these stories.

  • Terry Sasada
    2019-01-28 16:23

    What more can you say about cowboys? Tyler is a tough stunt rider and is in town for a show. Instead of going to the cowboy bars to get a drink he chooses a biker bar. After a few words Tyler is on the recieving end of a brawl until Jess comes to his rescue. Jess is an amazing woman, Tyler has finally found the one, the problem is she comes with 'biker' baggage. One night together and they both are sure they want each other, but Jess knows she has to let him go. Jess has a son, and a ex husband in prison and a biker that will not let her go. After some bad news Jess and her son are on the run, and she knows where to go. This book was well written and really drew you in. And there were a couple surprises from the other Cambell brothers, which I loved. This series keeps up on the entire family throughout. Can't wait for more

  • Angela A. McCarter
    2019-02-05 18:28

    Another HomerunIf you are looking for a great read that includes hot Texas cowboys and steamy Texas nights, The Campbell Brothers series will not disappoint! If I had to pick a favorite, there's no way I could. Your heart goes out to both Tyler and Jess as they struggle through what they believed to be their weaknesses and inadequacies, and even their failures, but actually being what makes them strong. Can't wait for Ross's story next! Thank you, Jennifer, for such a great escape into the lives of these wonderful characters!

  • Carol
    2019-01-22 12:18

    I've really enjoyed this series.I didn't feel we knew Tyler quite as well as the others when the book begins, but I enjoyed learning about him. I liked Jess. While I liked that she had something different about her with her slight disability, I did feel like Tyler was just a little too clueless about it all. Most people know something about her condition whether they know anyone with it or not. It was a little hard to believe Tyler knew nothing at all. That is a minor quibble though.Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

  • Caryn Denny
    2019-02-01 16:44

    GREAT STORY!Sweet story of two wounded souls finding each other! Jess, a survivor from an abusive husband, and Tyler, cowboy, in town with his brothers' travelling trick riding show, meet when Jess rescues Tyler from a serious whooping! Jess' ex is about to be released from prison and, in panic mode, drives with her son to Circle C ranch. Love is in the air and Jess and Tyler fall hard. First they have to deal with her ex, a bad man and very dangerous.

  • Jay
    2019-02-13 12:35

    Oh Tyler! How you ever lived your life before Jess is beyond me! It is absolutely so obvious that this couple belongs together from the very first pages so I really appreciated that the ever so talented Ms. Ashley didn't stoop to the overdone tired plotlines other authors employ and actually took this couple in a different direction. Great read and absolutely can't wait for whoever's story is next!

  • Linda
    2019-02-07 12:43

    Loved it Tyler and Jessica! Tyler, after having the stuffing beat out of him in a biker bar is saved by the beautiful bar tender Jessica. Jessica flees to Riverbend when her ex is released from prison and comes after her. A really great series.

  • Dixie Nickel
    2019-02-11 11:25

    I love the series. I have read this series 1-4 twice. I like Jennifer Ashley as an author. She is funny and uses her characters to tell a good story. I get to see all the main characters in each book.

  • Sammie Shorter
    2019-02-07 11:42

    Great love storyTyler and Jessica were both jaded about love and romance. These two were destined for each other. Their story is encouraging especially with her health issues. This story was true love at its best. Can't wait for Ross's story.

  • Cinda
    2019-01-22 16:39

    Each one is better I enjoyed reading 📖 this book and can’t wait for the next book 📖 as I understand will be about Ross

  • Marsha Mcdaniel
    2019-02-07 13:26

    Tyler and JessThis one kept me amped from page one. All the excitement and danger was so realistic. Their chemistry was smoking and the touches of humor were perfect.

  • Samie Kauchis
    2019-01-19 18:37

    Loved it, though it was quite the wait... I'm looking forward to the rest.

  • Shelley
    2019-02-07 12:26

    3.5 stars

  • Anna
    2019-02-16 12:29

    Good addition to this series.

  • Glenda Bettin
    2019-01-27 13:23

    loved this book

  • iDreem2
    2019-02-06 10:26

    4.0 overall starsCouple 3.75Plot 3.5Story 3.75Sex 4.0Series 4.0

  • Anna
    2019-01-29 12:42

    No bad guys allowed! ;) Get lost Cade & co. ...Hot, sweet, heart warming, bitter-sweet - the best combo, I think ;)

  • Kristiej
    2019-01-21 14:18

    So now it's 3 for 3 in enjoying this seies. Another one I recommend

  • Les
    2019-01-27 13:17

    Is it really coming out Jan 1 2017? It says "Published Dec 2017. Anyone know?