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One red eye flight and ten years of marriage later, Carly Bishop had what she considered a practically perfect life. Her journalist husband and her two adorable children were everything to her. But soon she would find out that her dream life didn't fall in line with her husband's expectations. Left alone to sort out the pieces of her crumbling life, Carly finds strength inOne red eye flight and ten years of marriage later, Carly Bishop had what she considered a practically perfect life. Her journalist husband and her two adorable children were everything to her. But soon she would find out that her dream life didn't fall in line with her husband's expectations. Left alone to sort out the pieces of her crumbling life, Carly finds strength in her children and her growing relationship with her in-laws. Most importantly, she finds her greatest strength as she builds a friendship with herself. This is a beautiful story of one woman's strength and determination as she finds the will to move forward and be happy while the life she had grown to love crumbles around her. It is a story of a man who has lost his way and may lose it all if he can't find his way back. The Girl in Seat 24B is a story of love and forgiveness....

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  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-01-23 14:58

    3.5 stars. It's Kindle freebie romance time again, and I've gotta say, this was a different type of romance. It's more of a "Can This Marriage Be Saved" type of story (my mom used to get the Ladies Home Journal, and as a teen back in the day I would avidly read that column each month).We begin with a brief blog entry by Michael Bishop about how he meets Carly on a redeye flight one night and almost instantly falls for her. Fast forward 10 years, where we change to Carly's POV. Michael's been more and more distant in their marriage in the last several months, and as she urges him, one night in bed, to tell her what's wrong, he springs on her the last news she expected: he wants a separation. He's unhappy with his life, wants to do more with his journalist career, and feels like he's being held back. (I'm not sure if the words "midlife crisis" were actually used, but that's pretty clearly what Michael is going through.)Carly is stunned, and over the next several chapters she does whatever she can to try to save her marriage. Michael moves into a separate apartment, they deal with telling their two young children, Michael says he doesn't want a divorce, at least not yet, but doesn't really know what he wants at this point. He's not a great communicator and is spending most of his time traveling on assignments. Carly spends an awful lot of time weeping, at least at first, but she gets more and more frustrated with him and finally is ready to move on with her life.**some spoilers follow** This being Romancelandia, about the time Carly's had it and decides to file for divorce, Michael starts to -- dimly at first and then more urgently as he realizes they're reaching the point of no return -- communicate better and then try to win Carly back again. But Carly doesn't think she can ever really trust Michael again.It was a compelling story and really sucked me in, I'll give it that. It was only after I finished it that it occurred to me, gee, it's nice that Carly had a great photography career that she was able to jump back into after 10 years away, and also, BTW, a hefty trust fund from her dead parents, so she could tell Michael she doesn't need any of his money, so there! And then I started thinking harder about the whole set-up. Carly also has: (1) charm and beauty ... even being (oops) pregnant from before the split, (2) other guys hitting on her even though she's visibly pregnant, (3) supportive in-laws, and(4) a husband who realizes his idiocy and starts begging for another chance.In other words, for a person whose marriage is breaking up, Carly has it awfully good in pretty much all other ways. It's sort of like a divorce fairy tale, not very realistic. Also, there's a little too much repetition and telling rather than showing in this novel. But still, it's a fun read in its own way. If you're looking for a "he done her wrong and now he's gotta grovel" kind of a book, you can't beat Jennifer Peel.

  • Sophie
    2019-01-26 12:15

    "No one deserves a husband like me, especially my wife." Carly feels her husband slowly pulling away from her, keeping his distance from her, until one day he drops the bomb that he wants to seperate. Michael has already a new apartment and booked new assignments with his job as a journalist that demand him traveling. He doesn't even say goodbye to his two kids, Ashton (7) and Mia (4). She suspects that he has an affair, but he denies that and at the same time he won't answer about what is his deal and why he's truly doing this. "I wanted to make it all better. I wanted an extra- large Band- Aid to fix our family, but I was pretty sure they didn't make one that size." Carly tries to save her marriage but it seems hard since her husband seems indifferent and not in the least interested to bother with his family anymore. He asks for time, but he also becomes cold and harsh with Carly. She doesn't know how much longer she can hope for him coming back. Her children seem torn and the situation gets even harder with an unexpected surprise. "I prayed for strength and courage. Courage to do what, I wasn't sure. Should it be to stay or to walk away?" Carly will face the greatest struggle in her life, all because her husband has turned out to be, suddenly, an unemotional, selfish prick. But watching her children struggle with the current unknown situation will bring her to her limits and she will have to take drastic measures.I truly enjoyed this book and even though it was more depressing than I expected, I loved how realistic it was. Truth sometimes is hard to shallow and therefore a damaged marriage with kids wasn't an easy read. However, I think it was an interesting story and I know it will hit too close to some people. The hero was so annoying at the biggest part of the book that i was fuming! I wanted to know what his deal was and what happened that made him give up on his family. Realistically raw and yet so well written ! Give this a chance and you won't regret it! Also if you need to know (view spoiler)[ there is NO cheating in this book!(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Maria
    2019-02-03 13:16

    The first 77% of this book gets 4 stars. The rest gets 1.5. I couldn't believe how good this book was, at first. I couldn't put it down. It was so realistic and heartbreaking, but at 78% it turned into something totally different. Something cheesy. I didn't get to see the hero's character develop/change, instead, he did a 180 all of a sudden. I was so disappointed, also because the heroine was no doormat, which is really rare.

  • Nikki ღ Navareus
    2019-01-24 11:19

    ***FIVE STARS***I really enjoyed this story of a woman trying to hold the pieces of her family together, after her husband, going through a mid life crisis, suddenly walks out on her and her two children. Bishop was a Grade A Asshole through most of the story. He was such a jerk that even someone as sweet as Mr. Rogers couldn't stand him. What was your first though after meeting Bishop, Mr. Rogers?Carly was such a sweetheart through the entire story, and she tried to be patient and positive for her two children (view spoiler)[as well as the new baby she just found out she's carrying (hide spoiler)], all the while not understanding why her husband didn't want her anymore or why he even left in the first place. Carly's pain was very believable and my heart broke for her through her entire devastating experience.A great deal of this story was Carly trying her hardest to be patient with Bishop until he (hopefully) pulls his head out of his ass and decides to come home. After months of Bishop only giving a shit about himself, avoiding his wife and children, missing out on special occasions, and being pretty much distant and cold to Carly, she finally starts to acknowledge that their marriage is over, and she starts to see her future as a single mother, and in self preservation she finally starts her plans to make that future a reality. Bishop finally gets a wake up call when Carly demands her divorce from him, so she and her children can finally move forward and start to heal from this painful year. Like the old saying goes, you never want what you have until it's gone, and that's when he decides he wants to fight for their marriage.There was a fair amount of groveling by Bishop towards the end of this story, especially the last chapter. My eyes teared up during this story several times, because the Carly's devastating pain and the hit she took to her self esteem cut like a knife. I enjoyed every bit of the angst in this awesome story. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-01-24 16:11

    I have now officially read every book by Jennifer Peel. This was the last book to check off my list. Something I love about Jennifer Peel is her ability to make me feel like each of her books are something new and different. This book isn't anything like her other books, it's a bit tragic and sad but not without hope. It has a completely different feel to it than her newest book, Trouble in Loveland. (which I loved, by the way!)I was, from beginning to end, pulled into the dynamics of this book. It felt so real and emotional. I really had a hard time pulling myself away from this story and these characters. Consequently, I read through this book in a day. (yeah, not much else got done...)Carly is an incredibly patient and kind woman. A much better woman than I am. No doubt I would have reacted in a much less stellar way if I was in her position. I really liked Carly though. She is strong, resourceful and did I mention patient? Man. So patient. Like, she might be a saint, patient. Jennifer Peel wrote this in such a way that it really felt personal to me- like my friend telling me a heartbreaking story. I really, really liked it.One thing that I still just do not understand completely is Michael and his complete about face. I mean, he was wishy washy for most of the book and I got that, but then he completely went the other way with such gusto and I'm not sure I completely bought into how that came about. Especially after so long. It was a small thing really, and one probably more based on my personal experiences and personality than anything else. Bottom line: I loved it. I was emotionally invested and that, to me, is really the beginning and end of it all. If you can make me feel something and make me care, you have done a good job. So, good job, Jennifer! Thank you for allowing me to read and review for you. I love your books, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Anne OK
    2019-02-10 13:23

    First book I’ve read by this author. The title intrigued me. And the fact that it isn’t your usual NA romance made it all the more tempting. This couple has been married for ten years when the bottom falls out and the husband, Michael unexpectedly tells her that marriage isn’t for him any longer and he abruptly leaves his wife and children. Michael’s so-called reasons for his departure were selfish and without solid merit, and I felt there should have been more development. It was in this area that I felt the story lacking depth-wise. The wife, Carly Bishop, was amazingly admirable, strong and creative and well, you get my drift. She loved her husband and was devastated when he packed up and left. But she pulls herself together and struggles to make a different life with her children. What happens? You’ll have to read the book because I’m a spoiler-free reviewer. I will tell you this: there is no cheating. The story was well written with characters that came across as realistically portrayed and draw on your emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. My attention never wavered and I found myself caught up in the emotions of whether or not this was a marriage worth saving. For the most part, this was a substantive read and I recommend it to any reader that is looking for a story filled with real life moments.

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    2019-02-03 18:04

    Carly Bishop is a saint! Or at least very close to one. I really came to love her character and was rooting for her and admired her strength. This story is mainly about her and everything she is going through with the separation from her husband and becoming a single mother. I wish I could say I liked Michael or grew to like him, but I really didn't. Not that he doesn't have some nice moments, he does. But he also did a lot of things that really ticked me off! I would have loved to have his POV along the way to really get inside his head and see why he was doing the things he was doing. I thought his change at the end was a little rushed and would have liked to see what made him wake up. I kind of made assumptions about his motivations and how things would happen, but again he really ticked me off so having his POV would have been really interesting. Overall, I was sucked into the story and had a hard time putting this one down. I wanted to see what would happen and how things would work out. I thought Carly was a great character and I enjoyed being along for her journey. Oh, and I loved how close she became to her in-laws and how they were really there for her. Content Romance: Clean Language: None (that I remember) Violence: None Religious: None-mild

  • Kathy Jo
    2019-02-01 19:23

    May 2017: I can't believe I didn't mention this in my below review... but holy hannah! I totally want to Gibbs slap Michael! Haha. Now that I have that off my chest I just have to say... I still absolutely LOVE this book! Yes.. it's an emotional roller coaster... and yes... I totally cried but... *dreamy sigh* This book is AMAZING! <3 October 2015:Carly's life is pretty close to perfect. She's married to the man of her dreams and has 2 very adorable children. But over the last several months Michael has been drifting away from her. When he drops the bomb on her that he wants a separation, Carly's world is turned upside down. She doesn't know why everything is happening but she refuses to let go of her marriage without a fight. And boy does she fight! She tries everything she can think of to get Michael to open up to her and just talk about how they got to the point of separation and how they can fix it. However, the bonehead Michael, doesn't want to talk. He goes about his life as if he were a single man. He's taking more assignments and travelling as much as he can with little thought to his wife and children. After several months Carly gets to the point that she's just tired.. tired of fighting.. tired of caring.. tired of being the only person in their marriage who is trying to fix it. She doesn't think Michael will ever change and so she goes about doing everything she can to make her life and her children's life the best that it can be without Michael in it. She decides several changes need to be made and if she is ever going to be happy again, she needs to make those changes. About this time is when Michael decides to open his eyes to what has been right in front of him the whole entire time. Now HE is the one that will be fighting to keep their marriage and their family together. And can I just tell you... the epilogue is absolutely PERFECT! <3 *dreamy sigh* While this was an emotional read and not a typical Jennifer Peel book, it was still beautiful! I loved watching Carly's journey. She is not only one of the most amazing heroines I have read about but also one of the most selfless ones as well. She became a better mother, a better friend and a better person through all the trials she faced during this hard time in her life. One of the lines in the book really stood out to me and totally sums up Carly's journey... "It's not our circumstances that define us, but how we choose to deal with them." This will be something that gets added to my favorite quotes and one that I will be turning to on a regular basis. Jennifer Peel has quickly climbed to the top of my favorite authors list! She has a way of sucking me in and not letting me go until I have finished the book! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next! There is no doubt in my mind that it's going to be just as amazing as all her other books! And of course there is no way I can forget my casting! These two fit perfectly for Michael and Carly in my opinion... ;) Hehe.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-02 14:12

    Wow! Loved! review to comeclean

  • Debbie
    2019-01-31 13:19

    Really good - probably 4.5 stars - still thinking about it. If I re-read, I will rate 4.5 to 5 stars.

  • Cam
    2019-02-11 11:12

    This was an emotional read and made me teary eyed several times (one time I was out with my sister and she actually told me to stop reading it in public if I'm going to start sniffling). I usually shy away from realistic stories that deal with married couples going through issues. Sure, throw in some themes of mafia, shifters, dystopian, hot billionaires.. I would probably more than likely read them. This was just too realistic. I felt so heartbroken for Carly. What Michael put her and his family through was just selfish of him. I felt like when he saw that she wasn't pining after him and was able to make it on her own, made him open his eyes and realize her value and yes, that he had a family. I'd agree with Carly that one of the good things that came out of it was she became close to her in-laws. I've always wanted my HEAs so I was secretly rooting for them to get back together. Michael could have done more groveling though.

  • Tara
    2019-02-02 11:00

    Ok, it's official. Jennifer Peel has jumped to the top of my list of favorite contemporary (non YA) authors. Her books are so real and engaging. She writes in such a way that it seems like the character is telling you their story over a cup of coffee. I love it!When I read the description to this book, I almost hesitated to start it. Wife in her 30s (check, me)...two kids (check)...husband is older (check)...I was almost afraid this was going to hit too close to home, even though I am not going through what Carly did. But because of all those similarities, I related to Carly in a real way; felt the emotions she was feeling. This story was so real and raw and I experienced all the emotions right along with Carly. But that made the redemption of their story that much better. I was longing for it! As for the story...for starters, their meeting? Adorable!!! I. Loved. It! And then when it fast-forwarded to present time, it was heart-wrenching.Carly was such a strong character. To have your husband walk out on you and tell you he is simply not in love with you anymore (or worse--"done playing house"--that was killer!), I can't even imagine. But she didn't give up. She still showed him she loved him. She still remained strong for her kids. But when enough was enough, she wasn't a doormat. I respected that about her. A woman can only take so much before she has to emotionally protect her family. Speaking of family, Michael's parents were great. I loved that they were there to care for Carly and the kids, and didn't make excuses for their son. Awesome in-laws! And Michael. I hated him and I loved him at the same time...I wanted to hug him at times, but five seconds later, I'd want to slap or strangle him. I could feel his struggle, but I couldn't sympathize with it, because you just don't do that to your family. He was a really well-written character...and it really was hard to stay mad at him because he wasn't trying to be hurtful. It's as if he just didn't get it. Didn't really see the heartache he was causing. Or at least convinced himself in the long run it was for the best--that she was better off without him. But when he started getting his act together, I definitely found myself rooting for him (like the first time he said "Goodnight, 24B"...*sweet sigh*)--but more so, I resonated with how conflicted Carly was feeling. Man, this book was just so good!! As they say, it gave me all the feels! ;) And the epilogue...LOVE!So do yourself a favor and pick up this won't be sorry you did! I read this one in less than 24 hours. (I even cleaned the house and got dinner made, so my hubby was none the wiser! Ha!)So glad I read this book...and even though it might not have been as "happy go lucky" as some of her others, this one is still of just as great a caliber! I laughed, cried, sighed, and was left with a big smile on my face at the end. So good!!! Side note: her male characters are easy for me to picture for some reason. I pictured Michael as Patrick Dempsey. :)

  • Katie W
    2019-01-25 18:04

    Love at first sight. Sometimes it happens and a true and everlasting love is formed. That's exactly what seems to happen with Michael and Carly. Until he decides one day that he's done playing house.Ms. Peel is fantastic at writing a story that immediately draws a reader in and holds him/her captive. Told in first person, I felt like I was right there, witnessing the events as they unfolded. Of course, I only got Carly's side of the story and it would sure be interesting to see what in the world is going through Michael's mind. He is completely hot and cold...and absolutely confusing! He'll say something, but then his actions contradict. He has a few moments where he is likable, but for the most part, he's kind of a jerk. I was stunned that after 10+ years of marriage, he didn't feel that he could air his true feelings and kept Carly in the dark, not allowing her to do anything to help. Marriage is something that has to be constantly worked on. Through it all, Carly's relationship develops in a positive way with her in-laws, and I loved seeing that happen.I had forgotten what this book was about, as I read the synopsis a long time ago, and was taken by surprise at the many emotions that I felt. Carly is such a strength and influence and her journey is told in such a heartbreaking, yet positive way. Although it is a sad tale, I never felt bogged down by negativity and really enjoyed it all, as it captured my attention and had me flying through the pages. Jennifer Peel really makes her characters come to life and I feel like I really know these people and that they are my dear friends. Well done!Content: mild romance (intimate implications, some innuendo, brief kissing). Clean, but subject matter is probably for an older reader.

  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    2019-01-16 17:06

    What a cute read, I loved this and because it is so true to life I could relate to it all. You could see what was happening and try to understand and it was great to see a couple fight for a marriage rather than just give up. I loved it. (full review to come)

  • Jessie
    2019-01-26 15:59

    I hesitated to read this, because I knew that the plot would make me cry, which it did, but I have loved Jennifer Peel's other books, so I couldn't stay away for long.The story is about Carly Bishop and her husband, Michael. They met on an airplane, dated, fell in love, and had ten happy years of marriage. Now, Michael says he's moving out and that he doesn't love her any more. I knew from the description, and my experience with Jennifer Peel's books, that he must still love Carly, and is only being idiotic. Still, I cried from beginning to end. I loved Carly and her children. I loved how Carly kept a good attitude and kept trying to show how much she loved her husband. I usually avoid books that I know will make me cry, especially for prolonged periods. Instead, I felt drawn in. I felt like I really knew the characters, and I felt Carly's pain. I couldn't stay mad at Michael either, because Carly wasn't, and because despite his hurtful decision, he wasn't being malicious. He wasn't cheating, or abusive, just blind to the effect he was having on his family. And of course, eventually, he had to realize the error of his ways...This was not my usual love story, but I enjoyed it all the same. It was a very emotional journey for me, probably because I'm at a similar point in my life (married about 10 years, kids, expecting a baby girl), and I didn't want to imagine the devastation her husband put her through. Thank goodness for strong characters and happy endings! I need to go read the happy parts again...

  • Susan K
    2019-02-06 16:07

    This was such a wonderfully crafted real-life book. The Heroine is merciful, struggling to understand how her husband can want to be separated. The journey they go through to come out on the other side, and the struggle she goes through with her pregnancy and single parenting was so beautiful, and poignantly 'real' to me. You could sense her feelings, her struggle, her devotion, her commitment, and just her tired struggle to keep things together for her husband, her family, her children, and herself. The misconceptions, misunderstanding, trials and the magic of everyday life were beautifully portrayed through this one woman's struggle with her situation. Definitely a 3.5 for me, but putting the 4 because it really resonated with me very deeply. A 3 is actually a good review for me. The story of the baby and the rebirth of a marriage was well crafted. I think I wanted to know exactly what was wrong, but it came back together in the way things do with children in the picture. Sometimes interrupted and in bits and spurts. The Heroine's struggle with her feelings, her loyalty to her marriage, but most of all loyalty and devotion to her husband along with her children was such a beautiful story. The prologue and the epilogue from the husband's point of view was interesting and made for a good finish and contrast.

  • Jen
    2019-02-01 19:21

    2.5 stars This story is beautifully written. The heartbreak is raw and realistic. So many readers will be able to relate to the MC as so many of us could easily find ourselves in her position but for me it just wasn't exciting or angsty enough. I need an element of excitement and surprise to keep my interest. Predictable is boring and so, although Michael's behaviour invoked enormous amounts of hatred in me that kept me keen to find out more, that only lasted until it was obvious he was about to do a complete 180 (and he's not the only one) and that just didn't sit well with me. Perhaps I'm just cold hearted, I don't know!Anyways, this story wasn't enough for me but that's not to say many others won't enjoy it because it really is heartbreakingly beautiful!

  • San-Dee Keefner
    2019-01-31 13:14

    Excellent book. I loved loved this book. I just loved how the h, did not give into the H. He had to work for her forgiveness and her trust. She even told the H how she did not know if she ever trust him again. A great read. It really does bring together how relationships are not easy and how even through the good times there will be bad times. It is how, as a couple, you deal with the bad times that you come out on top. Highly recommend this book to everyone.

  • Heidi
    2019-01-18 11:24

    4.5This was in no way just an easy going light hearted read. Most of it was heart wrenching actually....but so well written. I found myself glued to the pages and completely lost in Carly's story and hoping for her happily ever after. I don't usually read sad books...I figure there is enough sad in the world...I like to read things that make me feel uplifted and positive. That being said I'm glad I didn't read about what this story was about or I probably never would have even opened the cover. I'm so glad I read it! Despite the hardships that these characters went through I really enjoyed the story and did finish it feeling happy about the ending. (Which surprised me....half way through I was wanting her happily ever after to be with anyone but Michael. :)The book begins with our two main characters and how they meet...and fall in love......all coming from Michael's point of view. We then switch over to Carly's point of view and several years later.....and the drama begins. First of all, Carly is amazing. An amazing mother, wife, and person. I absolutely adored her character. Second, I don't think I have ever despised a leading character as much as I did Michael throughout about 85% of this story. The story and characters became so real...along with their trials. My heart ached for them and Michael did redeem himself though I didn't know how he was ever going to. I'm really enjoying all the books I have read by Jennifer Peel.

  • Alisa
    2019-01-31 13:08

    Once upon a time a hardened journalist named Michael fell in love on a red eye flight with the girl sitting next to him... in Seat 24B.Ten years and two kids later Carly, the girl in Seat 24B, realizes that her perfect life is crumbling down around her. But she also learns how strong she really is. And that sometimes things aren't really as bad as they seem... and sometimes they really are that bad. But even when they really are that bad, there are wonderful people and tender mercies that help you and sustain you.I really don't want to say more than that because I don't want to spoil any of the story, but I felt like I was with Carly and feeling her joy and her pain all throughout this story.This was another really well written story by Jennifer Peel... this is the third book of hers that I have read, and I am officially a fan!Content: CleanSource:

  • Taylor Dean
    2019-02-14 19:12

    The husband's actions will make you mad in this story! If I found myself in the same situation, I'm not sure I would have followed the same path the wife follows.That being said, I understood her dilemma and why she chooses her family above all. Realistic thoughts and emotions. Sometimes things are just not black and white. It's a heartbreaking story that had me hooked from page one! A great read!

  • Rachael Anderson
    2019-01-21 17:10

    I've been wanting to read a Jennifer Peel book for so long but haven't found the time to do it until now. Apparently I have been missing out. I loved this one. It sucked me in from start to finish. Great writing and a great book. Highly recommend!

  • Margie Van Evera
    2019-02-14 12:21

    I thought this book was well written, and the characters were believable dealing with some real life issues. It wasn't a book that dealt with hard core issues and it had a good ending. Fast read.

  • Shauna
    2019-02-04 19:05

    I couldn't have started a better story while getting on a plane. Seriously perfect setting. This story went a different direction than I thought it would, but I felt super invested in their lives right away. This story resonated with me because it was about a marriage on the fritz. What would I have done in her situation? Probably not be the saint she was, but I'd want to aim for it. The only thing I had a problem with is Bishop's change of attitude, especially because I didn't understand what really upset him to begin with. I never got a clear picture on the why, but I'm sure that was intentional. I liked that they had to work through things, although she should have let him have it a couple of times, and he had to do some groveling. A thoughtful read.

  • Angela
    2019-01-21 13:25

    Another freebie I pickup up for my Kindle app. I read another book by this author and liked it so I started this one without really knowing anything about it other than 2 people meet on a plane flight and end up hitting it off. I actually thought that would be the bulk of the story (and I've read and enjoyed a similar story-line before). But that was just the prologue and I was really intrigued with starting the story that way!In books, the prologue *would* have been the story. I don't know, I just really loved how the the relationship was set up. But then I was totally surprised when chapter 1 starts 12-ish years later their marriage is falling apart. That blind-sided me. But I enjoyed the book and the writing and was happy with how things played out.

  • Michael-Ann
    2019-02-05 15:20

    Jennifer Peel did it again! I can't tell you how much I loved this book...and hated it at the very same time. It was something I simply could not put down! Instead of a tale of love blooming, it is the tale of love ending. It is the story of the end of a marriage, of one partner's selfish choices (though not adulterous) slowly destroying a beautiful little family. The heroine of this story, Carly, is truly heroic as she fights to save her marriage, her family and her happiness. It is riveting to read her determination and feel her grief as she finally accepts that she can't force Michael to love her or even their children. She copes with her heartache, anger and loss with grace. She does everything she can to help maintain a semblance of normalcy for her children but she is also falling apart. The author infuses some if her trademark snarky humor here and there, which I love. These people are so real, their struggles so well written. Even the children and minor characters in Peel's books are realistic. She is truly gifted. I won't spoil the ending for you...shame on anyone who does. Just know, it too felt real and the story felt resolved and complete. Carly was finally at peace with things and so was I. Did she end up alone? Dating a future president who knew her father? Starting a relationship with the man from the beach? Did Michael "pull his head out" of his nether regions? Did Carly find happiness? Read it and, hopefully, love it as I did.

  • Ashley
    2019-01-26 17:03

    Such a strange book for me to give 4 stars to, but I didn't think 3 was enough. I'm not sure what to say about this book, but it almost had me to tears (and that's saying a lot because I don't cry). The marriage between Carly and Michael seemed like something that could happen to me (not really, but go with me here). She goes to bed one night and thinks how her husband has been a bit distant lately so she tries to cuddle up next to him and get things rolling again, but he turns to her and says he can't "do this anymore". The next day he moves out and she is dumbfounded by what just happened. It made me think of my own marriage and being more aware of my surroundings and appreciating what I have. I don't have a bad marriage by any way, shape, or form, and this book just reaffirmed those thoughts and made me think, that's all. I was also impressed by her attitude in trying to love him anyway and finding happiness no matter her situation, but it was still relatable since she did her fair share of crying.I kept waiting for the reconciliation to happen. Does it? Well I guess you'll just have to read it.

  • Charissa
    2019-02-12 19:14

    Oh, my heart! It ached so much as I read this book, but in a good, gut-wrenching way. From page 1, I loved the characters…so when a page or two later skips over 11 years of history between them and throws love to the gutter, I wanted to bawl right along with Carly. This is a tale of a struggling marriage that swept me into Carly’s and Bishop’s world immediately, and the river of sorrow kept pulling me along in tears clear until the waterfall ending. Though it is a tragic romance for the majority of the book, the theme that love is the most powerful force in the world comes through magnificently and makes all the sorrow you wade through worth it. Yes, this book will make you cry…but it will also make you laugh and cherish being a mother, and value good fathers. It will make you adore love…and want to choose to work to make it last. Incredibly awesome book! This author never disappoints me!

  • Deborah
    2019-02-08 18:14

    A K/U book.I loved this story and the strength that it took to get through and get over heartache. I lovedthe characters even if I want to punch Bishop in the face more than once. Carly and Bishop have been married for 10 years and have had a really good and loving marriage.Lately, Bishop has been distant and Carly has desperately been trying to figure out why. She startsto think that he is having an affair even though Bishop vehemently denies her accusations.Bishop decides that the life that he is living isn't the life that he wants. He decides that his wife and children aren't enough for him anymore and plans to make his dreams come true. Even if that meansdestroying his family in the process because he is a Selfish, Self Absorbed, Self Centered Jackass whocan't give up on his dreams and aspirations even if it has been years since he has had them.

  • Rachelle
    2019-01-28 12:12

    This is one of those books that kept me thinking about it days after I read it. I read this in about 3 sittings and was engrossed with the story because most of the time I was hoping that Michael would just die and the rest of the time I was amazed at Carly's strength of character. I honestly don't think I could have been that charitable. This book was clean, had a fully detailed plot arc with all kinds of emotional turmoil that turned into many beautiful romantic moments. I liked the hope that this story gives in the face of relationship troubles that seem insurmountable.Peel's writing was swift, precise, and with many quotable lines. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author.