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Gail Simone and Jim Zub team up to bring together two legendary warriors: Conan and Red Sonja! This volume collects issues #1–#4 of the smash-hit crossover! In a tale spanning three eras in the lives of these classic characters, Conan and Red Sonja become comrades to take down a sorcerer-priest hell bent on creating a new age in Hyborian warfare!...

Title : Conan Red Sonja
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ISBN : 9781616556518
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
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Conan Red Sonja Reviews

  • Sesana
    2019-02-21 03:22

    I didn't like this one quite as much as I've been enjoying Gail Simone's Red Sonja series, but it's still pretty good. It's an ok story, but nothing terribly exciting. This may not be a good representation, but from this I don't think I like Conan nearly as much as I like Sonja. Still, their interactions are the highlight of the book. I just wish that the story had been more interesting.

  • Mark
    2019-02-20 07:07

    This is a comic about my favorite Barbarian and Redhead from a world long gone.I first encountered Conan the Barbarian in the black and white pages of The Savage Sword of Conan in which I actually met Red Sonja too, but she never had that much of an impression on me perhaps since I wasn't interested in women at that age.This Conan and this Sonja are but a shadow of their black and white history and this tale has very little to offer and leaves you behind with a sense that the story had been done before and much better. The art in glorious colour is fine, the story just is not there. Any sense of awe when Conan and Red Sonja are doing their best is just not available in this story.A wasted opportunity in my humble opinion. I will have to read some Savage Sword of Conan with Conan & Sonja to feel good about both characters.

  • Mike
    2019-02-15 05:32

    5-stars for art, and realistic action physics.3-stars for the plot and writing. Glorifying Conan as Simone does, is out of place with Robert E. Howard's storytelling style, and there were a couple of deus-ex-machina moments that could have been written better.

  • La Espada en la Tinta
    2019-02-09 08:28

    Estamos en una época en que eso de juntar personajes de diferentes orígenes —no solo narrativos, sino también editoriales— se ha puesto de moda: desde las Tortugas Ninja y Batman, o el Hombre Murciélago con la Sombra, pasando por Tarzán en el planeta de los simios, Conan con Wonder Woman, Conan y Groo, Hellboy y los innumerables crossovers dentro del Mignolaverso, hasta los incontables cruces dentro del cableado de Marvel. Si tiramos del carro, hasta Fafhrd y el Ratonero Gris se han pasado por Fábulas. Por esa misma razón, la idea de juntar a Conan con Red Sonja no era nueva, habida cuenta de que ambos personajes ya han coincidido en ocasiones anteriores, siempre dentro del marco de las viñetas porque, recordemos, Robert E. Howard creó al personaje de Sonia la Roja en un contexto totalmente diferente. Para más señas, Conan Red Sonja incluye los cuatro números de la miniserie original publicada por Dark Horse, y la edición española de Planeta es la misma que la americana, con buen papel y una sólida encuadernación en tapa dura.Sigue leyendo...

  • Amy!
    2019-01-23 06:15

    Gail Simone continues to be my new favorite. This was excellent, and I really enjoyed Conan & Sonja's adventures together ((view spoiler)[though I might have preferred it if they hadn't had sex (hide spoiler)]). Overall, this was just a really fun sword & sorcerery GN. My only complaint is that Sonja is a little too pinup-sexy in this. She's got big pouty lips and is constantly in her chain-mail bikini (UGH), and she's just drawn to be pretty, not powerful.

  • Timothy Boyd
    2019-02-07 08:18

    Nice comic adaptation of Robert E. Howard's creations. good art and plot. Recommended

  • Zachary King
    2019-02-17 05:11

    I was not as enthralled with this one as I have been with Gail Simone's Red Sonja proper. Maybe this genre just isn't my bag, but I wasn't thrilled by the mix of barbarian swords, arcane magic, and ghastly creatures. The personalities of the characters come through well enough, and I appreciated that each respected the other's abilities, but it didn't add up to a very memorable meeting for me.

  • Marj
    2019-02-01 03:21

    Pulpy fun with some questionable art (women's bodies don't typically do... well, a lot of things drawn here).

  • Bruce
    2019-02-17 06:29

    Not as good as the others prior from Simone, but all in all, not bad either. I think the art in the previous volumes was more to my liking; a quick read.

  • Vendela
    2019-02-02 08:15


  • Adam
    2019-01-25 07:31

    Wow, I really feel like the author had no understanding of the characters. A very generic team-up comic that I can only recommend if you like Dan Panosian art (which I do sometimes).

  • Cynthia
    2019-02-08 01:07

    I loved this arc. I haven't read much about either of the characters, but I really enjoyed this journey throughout their lifetimes. It had a pretty simple premise but it was a very enjoyable introduction to the characters.

  • Russell Wilcox
    2019-01-29 05:12

    Conan Red Sonja collects issues 1 - 4 of the Conan Red Sonja limited series published by Dark Horse comics that teams Gail Simone and Jim Zub together. Being a big fan of both writers, I was definitely going to pick this up.Conan and Red Sonja have crossed paths several times in their lifetimes. This book covers several of these meetings when they must deal with Thoth-Amon and the Bloodroot. While facing these threats, the series touches on the two heroes as they evolve in their own stories. Conan goes from an eager young pup searching for battle and adventure to a war weary veteran who had recently lost his pirate queen. Red Sonja goes from a young thief/warrior imposing her will on the world to an older thief warrior who is attempting to right the wrongs of the world. Seeing these changes in just a few issues makes this story worth the read.Sharing the art duties are Dan Panosian (artist of issues 1 and 2) and the team of Randy Green and Rick Ketcham. Having what I consider similar art styles definitely helps this book. You can detect where the artists change, it still isn't overly different where its bothersome. All the artists did a wonderful job, and I will be looking for other books that these artists work on. Colorist Dave Stewart does a pretty good job as well, especially with the darker shadowy moments of the book.A stand-alone series with almost no impact on the main stories of these two characters, I still enjoyed it fully and would recommend it. Especially if your a fan of either or both characters.

  • Jacob
    2019-02-04 08:02

    Public library copy. This wasn't a pleasant Conan or Red Sonja adventure because the characters didn't seem like anything Robert Howard wrote. I much prefer the faithful adaptations from Kurt Busiek or someone like Joe Lansdale. The story seemed like it was plotted in a color by the numbers. The art in the beginning by Dan P was okay, better than what came after, I just wish the story was better. Are readers really supposed to accept Red Sonja would be an animal rights activist, given the type of world she lives in? I'm all for strong female characters, but does Sonja have to be the best fighter, better than Conan? Why is she a lowly citizen carrying a sword for social injustice if she's smarter than anyone else she talks down to and the voice of reason to anyone she comes into contact?

  • Richard Barnes
    2019-02-15 07:03

    Cracking good fun - a story spanning 3 different eras for the warriors. Artwork in the first half is slightly let down in the second half of the book but this is a minor complaint.Simone lets both heroes have the space to show off how great they are, diplomatically letting them both be as tough as each other.Conan is allowed a rare moment of sadness following the death of his one true love while Sonja always has an edge of sorrow - rarely do sword and sorcery romps let these hints of emotion to come through.One issue - I know its the traditional costume, but surely a sword swinging warrior should be wearing more than Sonja does? Even Conan gets a pair of trousers here.

  • Fernando Gálvez
    2019-02-13 06:13

    Más que un mero crossover entre dos editoriales (Dark Horse y Dynamite) aquí tenemos una historia central que se va hilando dentro de los cuatro números que componen esta miniserie donde los caminos que Conan y Red Sonja han recorrido en sus vidas están destinados a juntarlos para que enfrentren la gran amenaza que se fue gestando desde su primer encuentro. Un relato que mezcla aventura, brujería y espadas bien dosificado es lo que podemos encontrar aquí que bien sirve como punto de inicio para cualquier persona que no conozca a estos personajes.

  • Benjamin
    2019-02-07 03:09

    Four-issue mini-series cross-over event, telling of three times that Conan and Red Sonja met, all three of which have to do with Thoth-Amon and his plan to summon extra-dimensional monsters. Not a RE Howard original--and some of the narratorial language could use a pass-through to punch up the Howardian nature--but fun, hitting a bunch of old favorites: Conan/Red Sonja as thieves; Conan/Red Sonja as pirates; Conan/Red Sonja as gladiators.

  • Diz
    2019-02-08 07:32

    The art is quite nice in this crossover between Conan and Red Sonja. It's very atmospheric. The story is a bit light though with a strong focus on action over plot. Also, the story jumps around in time a lot, so it seems like they tried to rush an epic story without having the number of pages to do it justice.

  • Gareth Brown
    2019-02-02 08:15

    The story of how Conan and Sonja met and team up to defeat the red weed. The story moves along well and gail simones wit shows through and gives the story a bit of depth. They fight but who wins? well we don't know but well one draws blood! and what colour is blood?? The art is good and I cant wait for the next issue as this is a different kind of opponent to the usual fare.

  • Seth Tucker
    2019-01-27 03:28

    A fun read featuring two of Robert Howard's most famous creations. Exploring the characters meeting in different times of their life, this story shows the intrepid adventurers crossing paths with Thoth-Amon and attempting to foil his nefarious plans for world destruction.

  • Gonzalo Oyanedel
    2019-02-10 08:05

    Reunidos por las circunstancias, ambos personajes deben encarar un mal que en su momento les llevó a conocerse y resurge a través de los años. Sin ser una mala historia, cumple con su objetivo de entretener para pasar el rato.

  • Eric Hart
    2019-02-12 00:30

    Gail Simone's story is top notch, bu the art was disappointing. And the kindle edition broke up the spreads.

  • Richard Radgoski
    2019-02-14 02:21

    a decent story but not sold on the art

  • Perry Gough
    2019-01-28 01:23

    Decent story, excellent art work and characters as well as source material are used well.