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Could you fall in love despite the great risk of losing the one you cherish most?Hoping for a fresh start, Hannah Wright moves to Springhill, the hometown of the father she never knew because he died in their volatile coal mines before she was born. She tracks down her aunt, Abigail Percy, and is immediately welcomed to move in with the whole Percy clan. This includes herCould you fall in love despite the great risk of losing the one you cherish most?Hoping for a fresh start, Hannah Wright moves to Springhill, the hometown of the father she never knew because he died in their volatile coal mines before she was born. She tracks down her aunt, Abigail Percy, and is immediately welcomed to move in with the whole Percy clan. This includes her Uncle Ray, a coal miner, and their four lively children. Suddenly, she's surrounded by more family than she's ever had in her life.The day after she arrives, the mine explodes, trapping many underground, including Uncle Ray. Little did Hannah know when she set off on this new adventure how much her family was going to need her. When the Percys face a sudden lack of provision, Hannah knows she must get a job to help them. But the only industry in town that pays enough is coal mining--and the mine company doesn't hire women.Hannah secretly masquerades as a man and gets hired as Mel, a distant cousin of her father's. Keeping up her charade is challenging in this tight-knit, 1950s town, where everybody knows one another. Hannah is placed on the team of Josh Winslow, a handsome bachelor who noticed her the moment she stepped into town. It doesn't take long for Josh to see through Hannah's disguise as Mel, but she convinces him there's no other way for her to help take care of her family. Understanding the pressure she's under, he agrees to not blow Hannah's cover--for now.Though Hannah seems to keep Josh at arm's length, he's determined to chip away at her defenses and win her heart. She resists, afraid to love someone who could die at any moment in an accident underground. Long-time miners start to sense that "the big one" is coming. Calling it a "Bump" does little to calm Hannah's fear of the impending underground earthquake, a disaster that could come any day. Will Josh and Hannah be among the next miners caught in a catastrophic disaster? Does Hannah stand to lose everything she's worked so hard to rebuild? Song of Springhill is a love story set against the backdrop of true-life disasters that plagued the town of Springhill, Nova Scotia in the 1950s. It was a town torn by tragedy that also experienced some of the most astounding, miraculous rescues the world ever watched unfold....

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  • Arianna
    2019-02-12 00:45

    A sweet love story surrounded by the devastating historical events of a mining town in the 1950s. The characters are very dynamic, with some being based off actual individuals. The story is beautifully written and inspiring. The author conveys the importance of faith and of remembering the many tender mercies (large and small) the Lord constantly extends to each of us.

  • Daren-meagan Schober
    2019-02-04 07:40

    I have to say that not only did I relate with the characters of this book, but I laughed, I cried, I sang along (yes, you read that right, sang along), I cried some more and I fell in love with a little town in Nova Scotia and the heartache that they endured. Although many of the characters in this book are very much a part of the author’s imagination, I long to know more, to dig deeper and connect with those who are true survivors of the 1956 Explosion, the 1957 Main Street Fire, and the 1958 Bump. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a good book that features snippets of real life events because I absolutely love History. Where would we be today without it? We wouldn’t, that is all there is to it, without time, success and failure, risk and love, we wouldn’t even exist. Without the God given desire for family, community and love/relationship with one another, we would never have made it past the ousting of the Garden of Eden. So here we are, in a world full of many “what if” s and it happens that we are at a loss of how to get beyond what is happening in our lives right this moment. That is where History comes in and shows us that God is Awesome!, Love is Amazing (especially when it is the Love of our Savior) and there is Hope for tomorrow. You may ask me what does this have to do with McKay’s book Song of Springhill? Everything. When God gives somebody the ability to bring Hope and Faith into a story and that story is given to the world to see…Amazing things happen. Everybody needs Hope and Faith in something, someone, in God who is Greater than all of the things that press down on us. I believe that the author does a wonderful job of serving up a meal of Hope, Faith and Love, not just romantic love but brotherly love and eternal perspective in her book Song of Springhill. Well done Cheryl and thank you for sharing your gift. This Historical Romance is written for adults but suitable for teens 16 and up. Sensitive Topics:There is no foul language; however, Hannah is running from an abusive relationship which is mentioned a few times but not in great detail. There is a lot of loss in this book being that it is based on traumatic events. The loss tends to be of characters we have not been introduced to but does include some we have maybe taken a liking to. Some of the loss is described, such as the mourning of the families, some of the injuries are noted and even though the men in Springhill continue to work the mines, there is always a lingering thought in the townsfolk knowing another tragedy could happen at any moment. Teenage romance and adult romance are both present in this book. Liesel is teased by her siblings when her family hears that she and Garrett kissed. She and Garret go out on a double date with Hannah and Josh as their chaperones. The entire time Josh is trying to pursue Hannah he is always respectable and sensitive to how a gentleman behaves. The owner of the town’s five &dime continues to try and woo Josh even though every body knows he is not interested in her and she pushes herself on him a little by kissing him on the cheek and strutting in front of Hannah. The relationships in this book are very admirable, minus the one that Hannah is running from. We see that not everybody we encounter is worth giving the time of day but it is handled in a respectful way and there is a lesson learned. I loved this book. I want more. Cheryl McKay’s book Song of Springhill – A Love Story can be purchased on Amazon as well as her book Spirit of Springhill: Miners, Wives, Widows, Rescuers & Their Children Tell True Stories of Springhill’s Coal Mining Disasters. If you want to know more about the author please see her blog

  • Pam Graber
    2019-02-15 04:28

    Hannah Wright flees from her home and the life she knows in Toronto and heads to Springhill, Nova Scotia where her only living relative, Abigail Percy, lives. Springhill is a coal mining town and the Springhill mine is where Hannah’s father died on the day she was born. Orphaned at a fairly young age, Hannah has always been curious about the man who so obviously loved her before she was ever born. He left behind his journal where he shared his hopes and dreams for the baby his wife was expecting, the baby he was so sure was a girl that he gave her a name, Hannah Melody.Song of Springhill is the story of a small town whose main industry is coal mining. Tightly knit, nearly everyone in town has lost at least one family member to the mine. With no other industry and few other employers, families are locked into working for the mine if they want to eat.Song of Springhill is also the story of Hannah Wright and Josh Winslow’s romance. She is wary of any romantic involvement but especially with a miner. She tells him at the outset that, “I don’t date miners.” Having lost her father already to the Springhill mine, she has no desire to fall in love with someone she could lose the next time the mine “bumps.” Josh’s gentle persistence opens Hannah’s eyes to the possibility that she may be wrong in her stance.Song of Springhill is finally the story of Hannah’s struggle to believe in a God who allows such terrible things to happen to people. She knows her parents believed and she knows their greatest desire was for her to share that belief but she is angry. If God is Almighty, why did he let her father die, then her mother? Why did he let her get into an abusive relationship? Until she sees Springhill and the way the residents live every day with the threat of a mine collapse, she dies not understand the importance of faith.This book was so rich in historical detail. In some cases, there was almost too much information for me. One of my most deep seated fears is being buried alive so knowing that these characters were voluntarily mining 13,800 feet underground made this a tough book for me to read. Fortunately, McKay doesn’t give a lot of detail from the miner’s viewpoint or I’m not sure I could have gotten through it. It was incredibly interesting to me to find out in the end notes of the book that many of the situations in the book had come from actual occurrences in the author’s own family!I would recommend this book to any history buffs. I understand a little better now why the Miner’s Union was such an important thing when it came about. The safety measures put into place since the time period found in this book have made mining accidents much less of an issue. This is a job I could never do but I’m glad there are those who can.I received a copy of this book for my unbiased review.

  • Janice Dick
    2019-02-11 02:35

    Song of Springhill is a historical romance, a work of fiction built around a true story that will touch your heart and soul. In 1956, in the town of Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada, an explosion killed 39 coal miners. One man in particular, Charles Hugh McKay, survived because he had changed shifts with another miner. Author Cheryl McKay is the granddaughter of this man, who also survived the Bump (underground earthquake) of 1958, which killed 75 men. With her connections and encouragement from her father, Cheryl researched the Springhill Mining Disasters and wrote this novel. An accomplished author, screenwriter and producer (see my interview with Cheryl on last week’s blog), Cheryl brought together the details and formed them into a beautiful love story.Being Canadian, I had heard of the Springhill Mining Disasters, but reading this fictionalized account brought the events close to my heart. These were real people who learned to love their work and the camaraderie it inspired in spite of the dangers and fears tied to it.Song of Springhill is a story of fear, courage and trust.Lead character Hannah Wright flees her claustrophobic past and an unbearable future, and returns to Springhill, the place of her birth, in search of her Aunt Abigail. She needs to understand why her mother wouldn’t ever bring her back, why her father worked beneath the earth in such a dangerous job and died there, and how she can come to terms with the losses in her life.In Springhill, Hannah meets handsome Josh Winslow, who fancies her. But Hannah keeps him at arm’s length, afraid to become attached. After all, he works in the mines and might die like so many others, including her father.Tensions rise when Hannah disguises herself and lands a job in the mine to help support herself and her newfound relations. Known as “Mel” to the other miners, Hannah is assigned to Josh’s crew. Will Josh allow her to continue to work in the mines once he discovers her disguise? Will Hannah learn to risk, to give and accept love, in spite of the possibility of losing it again?Hannah arrives in time to experience the mine explosion of 1956, as well as the Main Street Fire the following year. In order to help her aunt survive, Hannah poses as a man and works in the mine for two years, which also makes her a witness to the Bump of 1958.This is the essence of Song of Springhill, but the emotional impact is unforgettable.Cheryl McKay has also released a non-fiction companion volume, Spirit of Springhill, a book of interviews with people associated with the Springhill Disasters—survivors, rescuers, and families of the victims.

  • Iola
    2019-02-15 00:27

    It's 1956, and orphan Hannah Wright escapes from Toronto to Springhill, Nova Scotia, hoping her one living relative, an aunt, will take her in, at least temporarily. She finds the bustling Percy family are only too happy to have her stay, which leaves her with the challenge of finding a job. There isn't a lot of call for music teachers in the impoverished town where the main employer is the coal mine that killed her father the day she was born. Although the characters in Song of Springhill are fictional, the plot is set against the backdrop of real historical events: the 1956 mine explosion, the 1957 Main Street fire, and the 1958 bump. I've read several novels over the last few months where the plot was based on real events, and they've all come up short for me. The plots have felt contrived and preachy, as though the characters only exist to follow the Real Story. Song of Springhill is the exception. Cheryl McKay has taken what could have been a depressing and contrived plot and turned it into something special, and I think the difference is the characters. While Hannah, Abigail, Josh and Liesel aren't real people, they feel like real people, and surely that's the ultimate aim of good fiction. I cared for them. I wanted them to be happy. And I especially wanted Hannah to learn that God is good, even in the midst of her troubles. "Had she spent too much of her live focusing on what God wasn't doing rather than what he was? Had she missed all of his little graces?"In summary, I really enjoyed Song of Springhill. It was an original plot with fascinating characters, and backed up by solid writing. Recommended. Thanks to Cheryl McKay for providing a free ebook for review.

  • Miranda A. Uyeh
    2019-02-02 05:33

    This truly is a love story—beautiful, and its theme, even more so.A hurt heroine struggling to believe in God, an optimistic hero who makes the complexities of life look so simple, a family to cherish held strong by their relentless faith in God, and a town that will find its way to your heart like a beloved song—make a story full of heart, love, truth, hope, and promise that despite the odds of life, all will eventually be well if we take things in good faith, and that the risk of loving and being loved is worth every effort, faith, and hope on our part.From the first to the last word, the intentional plotting was tremendously and intricately put together, not only to drive home its message, but to entertain as well. Characterization was at its peak, as well as the setting—from every shop, street, house, and yes, inside/outside the mine—as McKay brilliantly brought every element to life. I’d like to especially applaud her skill on how she handled the time factor. The events in the book spanned two years, yet while reading it, I spotted no lapses, gaps, or inconsistencies. Time flowed effortlessly in keeping with the plot.The theme is the aspect of the story that I appreciated the most. Without trying to make a case for why God lets bad things happen, McKay clearly but subtly showed the imperativeness and the beauty that could come from trusting God, being thankful to Him at all times, acknowledging His mercies when we experience them, and holding steadfast to Him still, even when it seems He withholds it from us. This is truly a remarkable story—a healing and soothing balm to those searching for answers or seeking to understand the way of God in allowing pain in the lives of His precious children.

  • Marilyn Johnson
    2019-01-27 05:37

    Hannah Wright is running from something, the only place she knows to go is Springhill, where she was born on the night her father died. She struggles with her anger at God, trust in others and the unconditional love she receives from a family she just met. Hannah feels she must help her family in their time of need by finding employment. Even though no one in town is hiring, she turns to the last place she really wants to be, a place only a man can work, the cole mine. Will she be able to handle the place that took her father? Can she ever really understand why the miners continue to work knowing the risks, and will she be able to surrender her anger and find true love before it is to late?Joshua Winslow never planned for Hannah to show up in his world, especially in his work world. After tragedy strikes will he be able to move on with life? Will he ever be able to truly know Hannah and be patient enough with her that he does not push her away?I loved all the characters in this book, their realness, struggles, faith, love, community and story line are great. Cheryl McKay does an amazing job at putting you in the middle of small town life and the struggles of a mining town. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who likes good clean historical (1950's) romance. I was given a copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion.

  • Susan
    2019-02-10 05:42

    This is a very engrossing inspirational historical romance. I’d been looking forward to the publication of this novel since reading its nonfiction companion true story interview book, Spirit of Springhill.For me, Song of Springhill, the novel, has it all—a dramatic historical backdrop, romantic suspense, and compelling characters that kept me turning the pages from the first chapter till its inspirational conclusion. McKay took me into the depths of a world I’d never before explored, but had long found so intriguing. Period details from the 50s add vivid dimension to an unforgettable love story.

  • Heather
    2019-02-12 00:30

    I absolutely loved this book! I hated to see it end. This is one of those books where I get so involved with the characters and when the story ends, I want to keep reading and stay in touch with the characters. The author did an awesome job with the character development in this story. This story will really capture your heart about a small Canadian town that has endured many trial and tragedies, yet they are so resilient and pull together, supporting each other through it all. It's amazing to think the stories in this book are based on true life events. I really admire the town of Springhill and the people that lived there during these tragic events.

  • Amber Dahl
    2019-02-06 07:19

    Great story & historical fictionUpon finishing this book, I walked away from it feeling uplifted & inspired. The author has clearly done her research, & has a personal vestige in the backstory of this town & it's mining history. I would definitely recommend anyone, man or woman, reading this book. I would only add that there were times I wished for more detail regarding the characters. Sometimes it felt like I was left hanging as the story moved on, but at least the story didn't drag. That is a definite plus. 4.5 stars.

  • Karen
    2019-02-20 02:21

    Based on real people and events, this story feels authentic, especially when disaster strikes the little coal mining town in Nova Scotia. Told from different characters' point of view, which makes it interesting. Loved the patience, kindness, and positive character of Josh. What a guy! Wished Hannah had been a warmer person, but her closed off, tough exterior was part of how she coped. It was wonderful to see how she changes after everything that happens. I was holding my breath at the end hoping for a good finish. Recommend! 4.5 stars

  • Dana
    2019-02-08 01:35

    This is not the first piece I've read by this author. And once again, I enjoyed her work very much. It's a sweet story for sure, but it also gives you a dose of the kinds of lives that miners and their families had. It brings to life a very real lifestyle where you never knew if your loved ones were going to come home to you. I can't help but appreciate my life more because of it. Because of the challenges, the characters question their lives and faith and this book will help show you how even your deepest fears can be overcome. Excellent and encouraging read.

  • Lynn Schafer
    2019-01-29 00:44

    InspirationalI have read a number of historical nivels, and I liked the fact that the author was writing from her family's history. I can't imagine the fortitude it takes to enter a mine each day, knowing that these things happen that take lives, but it is reality for many. Having a solid faith would at least give peace knowing that they are ready for death, regardless of when it comes.

  • R Luker
    2019-02-08 04:24

    This was an enjoyable, moving read. I liked learning about the actual mining events that inspired this story. The faith some of these families showed through incredible hardships was very inspiring. The dedication the men showed to their coworkers and families was equally impressive. It was easy to see why Hannah felt like she was "coming home" to such a remarkable town.

  • Regina
    2019-01-31 08:45

    An amazing true life storyThis was a gripping story of faith and love. You will fall in love with the people of Springhill. You will be reading this into the see hours of the morning.

  • Jluker
    2019-01-29 08:18

    Good story...slow in the beginning. ..not a favorite.

  • Dolly
    2019-02-13 08:23

    Wonderful!I chose this rating because it is a symbol of hope, faith, and the love & Grace of God. I recommend this book to anyone, any age.

  • elizabeth mcdaniel
    2019-02-06 00:43

    DifferentI couldn't get into her style of writing. The sentences are very disjointed but maybe some will love. Good luck

  • Nitah
    2019-02-04 07:25

    This book ignited something special in me. It was so refreshing, and oh-so-sweet. Thumbs up!!