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Volume 4 of the award-winning series returns with a high seas tale of pirate battles, vengeance, and lost love. Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, and Shakespeare become pawns in a deadly game of survival between the legendary masked pirate Captain Cessario, his first mate Viola, and the new terror on the water, Titus Andronicus' forbidding war ship The Lavinia....

Title : Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 4: The Mask of Night
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ISBN : 9781631400582
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Kill Shakespeare, Vol. 4: The Mask of Night Reviews

  • Jarrah
    2019-01-24 04:40

    I was pretty disappointed with this installment in the Kill Shakespeare series. The story lacked both the attention to small details and the more epic and important feel of the previous arcs. The art felt lazy in some cases and I particularly disliked Cesario's mask, which didn't look at all special or menacing; just tacky, and yet seemed to appear on practically every page. From a feminist perspective I was super grossed out by Lucius' plots re: the pregnant Juliet and exasperated by the somewhat soapy feeling of Juliet and Hamlet's relationship in this volume. But I really liked Viola - her character was definitely the highlight of this volume, leading me to still rate this three stars and decide it's too early for me to stop reading.

  • Daniel
    2019-02-18 07:35

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 2.25 of 5What is happening to the Kill Shakespeare series?  I feel as though there is nothing to review here with this issue.Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, and Shakespeare are on a ship, Captained by a masked Cessario whose first mate is Viola.  Cessario and Viola and crew appear to be pirates, but pirates who are afraid of another ship, captained by Titus Andronicus (okay...I'd be afraid of that ship, too).  There are some battles aboard the pirate ship and ... well ... that's about it.Previous books have followed more than one storyline and sometimes leave the reader breathless as the story whips and winds around, and there are sometimes so many different characters in play that you need to have your Shakespeare Spark Notes at hand.  But this volume slows it down...way down.  Which is a bit odd since they are racing away.Although Othello is on the ship, we tend to only see him when we need a break from the monotony of dialog and he comes up, raging, out of his mind.In Volume 3, we saw Hamlet, Juliet, Romeo, and Othello head to Prospero's island for battle.  Now,fleeing and captives of Cessario, it seems that they have become pawns to others who are much less powerful (and less interesting) than Prospero.The art is still fair.  More vibrant art may have enhanced this rather dull story.This book feels like 'filler.'  As though everyone involved needed some time off and tossed together this volume.  I hope it picks up again very soon.Looking for a good book? If you've been buying the Kill Shakespeare series, you'll want to get this to keep your collection together, but if you don't pick up this book, you won't be missing out on much.

  • Joana Felício
    2019-02-02 02:24

    READ MY ORIGINAL REVIEW ON MY BLOG: and pirates. Who wouldn't want to read that?I hadn't read the previous volumes, so it started quite confusing and abruptly for me, but I got hold of the story pretty quickly from then onward.The illustrations were as they usually are: amazingly powerful and put us immediately in the right atmosphere that is necessary to a storyline like this. They were also vert graphic and violent. Very violent. I would not recommend this to everyone.As for the story itself, I thought it was original, rude and badass. I felt like I was in a parallel universe where Shakespeare's characters were badass pirates and Juliet was in love with Hamlet and Viola was the bravest, most awesome pirate captain I have ever seen, yet they all talked in Shakespearean style!With an explosive ending (in every sense of the word), I will get my hands on the previous volumes as soon as possible.A retelling/adaptation well done, in my opinion.

  • Christina
    2019-02-20 04:33

    Wasn't fond of the ending, thought that it was maybe a little rushed, but all around enjoyable (like all the other ones).

  • Chris
    2019-02-01 01:46

    3.5 bumped up to 4.This book was a departure from the previous ones. It's barely about our ongoing heros at all. They are there and they are semi-important to the story, but they aren't really what the story is about. This one introduces Cesario, pirate extraordinaire, his first-mate/love interest Viola, and his cardboard crew. They are pursued by typical psychopath cannibal Lucius, son of Titus. Speaking of Titus, he was sorta kinda mentioned in a previous volume, but I think I learned more about who he is in this world by reading the blurb about his character at the beginning of the book. Missed opportunity. The art was at times really good. The seas, the ships, the swirling of water, was all done really well. Sometimes the characters were okay, sometimes they looked rushed. I think this book as a whole might have been rushed. As far as I can tell, this is the end of the series, which makes zero sense at all, because there is no conclusion. There is plenty of loose ends from the previous book as well (Sycorax, Lady Macbeth, and Romeo all had motivation for more action, but are not at all present in this volume). In fact, this volume doesn't make much sense at all. How or why were Juliet &co captured? What happened to Will (he's sick but ended the last one fine)? Other aspects were fine. This just seems like a filler volume. While the story of Cesario, Viola, and Lucius was okay on it's own, it just doesn't fit to the point of irritation. If I were to recommend this series (if it's truly the end, and considering this was published in 2014, I can only assume it is), then I would say just outright skip this volume. Which is sad, because I really liked the last one a lot.

  • Adam Šilhan
    2019-02-21 07:51

    Pořád je to dobré, ale čtvrtý díl nic neposouvá.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-23 08:40

    This was much shorter than the others and, I'll admit, a little bit disappointing. I love Viola to little pieces, however.

  • Fiction State Of Mind
    2019-02-10 08:22

    A stand alone story arc with fierce pirate battles

  • Ian Wood
    2019-01-25 05:29

    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three-fifths worth reading! The only reason I've relented and started putting stars up there is to credit the good ones, which were being unfairly uncredited. So, all you'll ever see from me is a five-star or a one-star (since no stars isn't a rating, unfortunately).I rated this book WARTY!WARNING! MAY CONTAIN UNHIDDEN SPOILERS! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!This graphic novel appears to be mainly Hamlet & Juliet (given the cast), with some Othello thrown in, but considering the immense amount of blood-letting and violence, it was far more like Titus Andronicus than ever it was like any other Shakespeare play.I wasn't able to follow it. For one thing, The language was wrong, with expressions from different eras getting mixed together such as, for example, one sentence which read: "You hold thy belly"! Say what?There was - in my ARC - no title page or preliminary pages giving writer/artist/publisher, or other information. It appeared to start in the middle of a story, which made it look like pages were missing, or like this was a continuation from a previous volume which I've not read. Which of those it was, I have no idea.I tried to get into the story and follow it, but it was nonsensical to me. There was no story as such, that I could discern. It was just an endless fight, either verbally between crew (it was set on a pirate ship being pursued by a ship of cannibals, apparently) or violently with swords, cudgels, daggers, etc. The character's idea of a good exchange was to attack someone and preferably end the 'conversation' by ripping out their heart and stamping on it.It wasn't interesting or intelligible and I cannot recommend it. Letting Shakespearean characters run rampant outside the confines of their particular play, and interact with each other is a great idea, but that wasn't evident in this particular work.

  • Theediscerning
    2019-02-20 07:50

    While starting to this newbie as if it was only intending to try and prove the adage that Shakespeare, if alive now, would be writing for either TV soaps or for graphic novels, this story did gain some strength in time for me to see what it was about. It's still very awkward in taking characters from each and all of the Shakespeare plays and combining them, and peppering the script with quotes, play titles and more. But it does still have some merit, in managing to transpose all of that onto a typical comic storyline, where the status or mantle of a superhero type is at issue, the solo character can undergo so much more drama than the collective can face, and the fantasy quest base of the plot is neither forgotten nor particularly furthered. The artwork and characters are quite strong, and I assume if I had been on the enchanted isle with Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, Shakespeare himself and more, I might have got a great deal out of this pirate-ship based drama. As it is this was a promising look at a just-about-clever-enough series, that showed itself off quite well.

  • Wayne McCoy
    2019-02-10 02:34

    'Kill Shakespeare Volume 4: The Mask of Night' takes place at sea. Our main story has moved off the crazy island. As usual, the art and story are good.The story starts aboard masked Captain Cesario's ship. He and his first mate Viola find something stowed aboard their ship. It's not treasure, but it may prove of value. It's stowaways in the form on Juliet, Hamlet, Shakespeare and a crazed Othello. Surprises abound, especially when they run into Titus Andronicus' war ship The Lavinia. Viola makes some tough choices, and sets up the story for the next chapters.The story, as usual was pretty good, but it did feel a bit like a middle story. The art was as good as it's been for this series. I liked this volume of the story. It's definitely graphic and a bit rough, so know that going into the story.I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

  • Randy
    2019-01-27 04:22

    The tale continues, and by the way this books ends, looks to continue even more, with Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and Shakespeare being rescued by pirates. The pirates are being pursued by those who work for the the new ruler Titus. I picked this book up because it continues a very clever series I am enjoying that retells Shakespeare by blending his characters into a new story.I finished the book because the story drew me on. Now that this book is finished, I want to read more.I would recommend this volume, and the entire series to Viddhu. I know he is exploring graphic novels, and I think these would appeal to him.

  • Marisa
    2019-02-16 06:30

    This was awesome! I will be trying to get my hands on the previous volumes as soon as possible. Storyline independent, the artwork was fantastic and the writing was the perfect mixture of Shakespeare and everyday language. Set in an adventure on the high seas and this was a great read. I would highly recommend it.Who should read it? Any comic fan that loves Shakespeare!Please note: I received an advance copy through NetGalley.See all my reviews and more at

  • Ron
    2019-02-15 06:41

    Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and Shakespeare are rescued by Cesario and Viola of the pirate ship Boreas. Disagreement between the crew and Cesario over how to dispose of their captives arose, but was rendered moot due to the Lavina's arrival. After being trapped in a rocky coast, a trade of Juliet and Cesario is made for the Boreas escape. Of course neither Lucius' evil plan nor Cesario's rescue attempt work out. The volume finishes in grand style with plenty of action and mayhem to help the plot along. An enjoyable read!

  • Kyle
    2019-01-25 04:49

    A strange case of expanding the narrative world with familiar yet alternate version of Twelfth Night characters, yet sidelining the main Kill Shakespeare characters to rather soap opera-ish subplots: a baby with two possible daddies, a comatose and a raging guilt-trip. Viola and Cesario make an adequate leading pair, but it really would have tied up a loose end if it were Titus, not his grandson Lucius, who lost a leg in a sea battle with Antonio - sigh, less and less a treasure chest of Shakespearean wit, more a violent reimagining of quasi-Elizabethan dialogue.

  • Paul Allard
    2019-01-26 06:45

    I’ve not read any of the previous episodes so came into this quite confused: knowing Shakespeare reasonably well, it was at first strange to find Othello, Juliet, Hamelt, Lear, Viola etc.. all together, along with Shakespeare himself.This series of episodes take place mainly at sea in a pirate environment. It is a story of betrayal, mutiny, sea battles, love and lust. There is a lot of action, much of it bloody.Quite well-illustrated

  • Elle Markov
    2019-02-22 02:37

    A twist on Shakespeare with all the gore the Middle Ages and Pirates can bring to a story.I was so sad when Cesario died, I wanted him and Viola to sail off together as he wanted to. But revenge is all the more dramatic when it's done for love, at least that's how it's in all the classics.If you're into the dramatic, old English read, you'll enjoy this book. The illustrations are good and in the steps of Shakespeare all love ends tragically.Rating 4 out of [email protected]

  • Paul
    2019-02-09 00:47

    This series continues on roiling with treachery, regret, revenge and unrequited love. Even with all these intense passions, this volume seems like a pull back from the intense pace set by the first three volumes. This is still recommended and I look forward to future volumes.

  • John Opalenik
    2019-01-29 05:34

    Another awesome chapter in the Kill Shakespeare story. If you've liked it so far, you'll love this.My one and only complaint is that it was comparatively short.

  • Lukas Holmes
    2019-02-18 00:24

    Best volume yet.