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A LOVELESS WEDDINGWhen the Honorable Trevor Jeffries loses everything at cards, there's only one way to cancel the debt--by marrying his opponent's unwanted ward, Miss Caitlin Woodbridge, a country girl fresh from the schoolroom. Their forced union proves to be a glum affair; and Trevor, leaving Caitlin well provided for, hastily escapes from it by enlisting for the PeninsA LOVELESS WEDDINGWhen the Honorable Trevor Jeffries loses everything at cards, there's only one way to cancel the debt--by marrying his opponent's unwanted ward, Miss Caitlin Woodbridge, a country girl fresh from the schoolroom. Their forced union proves to be a glum affair; and Trevor, leaving Caitlin well provided for, hastily escapes from it by enlisting for the Peninsula and urging her to seek an annulment.A PASSIONATE REUNIONSeven years have transformed Caitlin into a nonpareil of style and charm, adept in the enrichment of her long--lost husband's estate. Though her senses flame at the sight of her handsome bridegroom, she cannot forget his abrupt abandonment and long silence. But before she will surrender to him his heritage, and her heart, Trevor will have to vie with half the young bloods of London in an ardent courtship--of his own wife!...

Title : The Wagered Wife
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The Wagered Wife Reviews

  • Lyuda
    2019-02-03 11:58

    Closer to 1.5 starsThis was a tedious traditional regency with unworthy hero and the plot which relied heavily on lack of communication between the main characters.The hero, 21-year-old younger son of the Earl, had lost his money at cards, and was forced to marry the opponent's unwanted ward, our 17-year-old heroine. The couple moved to the hero's dilapidated estate. In two weeks, the hero got summons from his father. (His family never knew about the marriage). He promptly left his young wife behind to attend the said summons. His 'lovely" family made him believe that he was tricked into the marriage, that the girl is with child by someone else. Although, the heroine was a virgin at the start of the marriage but, hey, he gets persuaded by his family that women faked virginity since time began. At the end, a weakling as he was, he decided to follow his family wishes to leave England for an undetermined period of time. His family would take the necessary steps to procure the dissolution of marriage. Did he confronted his wife with these accusations or informed her of his plans in person? No, instead as a coward, he sent her communication by mail, abandoning and ostracizing her. And when, later, his mother informed him of his wife's pregnancy, it only confirmed his believe. What about his bedding of his wife for these first two weeks? Well, who is counting, right? Fast forward, six years. Heroine has managed to rescue the estate and has succeeded in making it a profitable enterprise. She had not seen or heard from her husband in all these years. The husband finally returns from the Peninsula and still plans to peruse divorce. What stopped him you may wonder? (view spoiler)[Well, he encounters a beautiful woman in London and realizes it's his wife and he's very attracted to her (I shudder to think what would happen if she was not beautiful). As for the child, the only reason he accepts her as his daughter is because she looks so much like his younger sister. And now, you rightly think the heroine would require a lot of growling from the husband who wronged her so much to forgive him. Since I can't recommend the story, you can imagine the growling was totally unsatisfactory.(hide spoiler)]

  • Debbie DiFiore
    2019-01-27 17:51

    Okay I wanted to like this book. I loved the h, Caitlyn, and I loved Aunt Gertude and I liked how she brought his inheritance from nothing to something. But I totally hated the H. I do not think he was faithful while he was gone. He said he didn't sleep with the contessa but he did kiss he once or twice and flirted he thought. But I say bull. I don't think he was faithful to her. He was an idiot to listen to his dad and brother about her not really being a virgin in the first place, he never wrote her alnd even towards the end he still had doubts about her faithfulness. But she my friends was true. She made him a rich man. And she was amazing and so was Aunt Gertrude!!! I loved his sister Melanie too. I loved what she did at the ball. It was priceless. Even though it all turned out at the end I still didn't really like him. I wish she would have found someone better.oh well. You love who you love. And it did have a nice epilogue eight years later and that was cute. It could happen I guess.

  • Vanessa
    2019-01-16 17:54

    Trevor was a young pup who believed and trusted his family. He honestly believed that Caitlin was in on the wager by the unscrupulous gambler that he lost to. He did ditch Caitlin for several years, but he still supported her and he was sure that an annulment/divorce would proceed and she would agree to it, as well. However, Trevor was wrong about that and so much more!In Trevor’s defense he trusted his family to know what was best, and he barely knew Caitlin – other than she was related to that gambler. Why would he think the best of her? Okay and Trevor seems to be slightly superficial as well, but that really isn’t surprising in the whole scheme of things. He didn’t think much of Caitlin’s looks before leaving, but now she is a very attractive to him. I’m not sure that he would have believed Caitlin if he didn’t see similarities b/w the two though, but they are there. (Trying not to spoil things :) ) I thoroughly enjoyed the way Caitlin had grown up and showed that she didn’t need Trevor, yet realized that in that day in age he still held all the power. I also liked that Trevor grew up as well and he was willing to put her first in all things! There is a bit of malicious machination thrown in to the mix as well, but a wise old aunt seems to nip some things in the bud before they take root. Yes, even Trevor fell victim to some of his suspicions about Caitlin, but you know what will prevail in the end. However, it is so great when he is proven wrong and doesn’t have much to say. In the end Caitlin proves to be a very giving and forgiving heroine just as the wise aunt advised Trevor. This was a nice read and even though Trevor irked me at times, it was understandable given his youth and past suffering before he met Caitlin. He grew up fabulously and Caitlin proved her strength over and over. I also really enjoyed the fact that all wasn’t happy families afterwards. No quick make-up w/ those that sought to hurt, whether ignorantly or spitefully.

  • Suri
    2019-01-24 19:08

    I didn't really completely like it bec of my off/on liking for Trevor.There would be so many moments that I find what he thinks of Caitlyn unforgiving.Despite knowing she's not who his family have said she is, he would still keep having doubts and I totally hate him for that. But then again he's not completely ruthless. So yeah, I don't really know what to feel about the hero.

  • Lynn
    2019-01-18 17:05

    Really enjoyed this book, Caitlin was a wonderful heroine, she was a mother and abandoned wife. The vicious OW of this book was the hateful mother of the hero...there was another woman sniffing around whom the husband "befreiended" overseas when he abandoned his wife, but we are to assume he was faithful all that time away.. no I did not believe it at all. THe hero was deep in his cups and gambling and was already beholden to the man who held his markers when he reluctantly bet his hand in marriage..and lost. Caitlyn was a orphan, her parents death left her at the hands of a selfish and stingy step aunt and uncle who manipulated the drunk for her betrothal.He did not abandon her immediately...they had a less than stellar first night together and 2 weeks of cautious relations before his parents caught wind of his betrothal and called him home. He left but not before absently telling her that she was his wife as a bet, then further anguished her by explaing her hand was not won..his was lost.... ugh... not a stellar beginning. the story takes up 5 years later, as he finally returns from war to find his run down state thriving and catching the eye of a beautiful woman in town discover she is his wife...grown up and into her own beauty. However before the hero abandoned our heroine his family along with a horrid caricature deemed Caitlin a joke who was probably already pregnant, he knew the truth but they made him doubt what he knew to be true, so despite the fact his wife had a child 5 years ago, he never acknowledged it or her in any manner... he does not think it is his...SPOILERS maybeit is only when he sees his daughter remarking that she is exactly his sister in miniature that he sorta believes her, his family shuns his wife and daughter and for the most part until the end he sorta accepts their behavior...technically itr only stopped when his sister makes a grand entrance that makes all accept that the child is his.... warmed to the hero by the end but not until the last 3 pages did I truly find him a hero worthy of her and I did so only because she thought

  • Pravana
    2019-01-30 18:46

    I'll go with Suri's Review. Even my liking for the hero Trevor was on / off. He was easily swayed and at the same time tried to protect Caitlyn. I would have liked to read more pages on how Caitlyn manages to turn round the estate. The hero could have groveled a bit more. Even after coming to know about how his family conspired to keep Caitlyn's letters from him, Why was he so quick to jump to the wrong conclusion? The book hints at some adultery regarding Trevor's parents - The Countess and Earl of Wyndham but it's left unsaid. The epilogue made me think that mayhap Trevor's brother Marcus would get his own story, but I don't think its happened.All in all a decent read which I wouldn't mind reading again a few years later when I would've forgotten all about this book.

  • Seema
    2019-02-03 11:55

    Sweet trad refency

  • PriscillaWaller
    2019-01-17 16:53

    It was a trad regency, nothing special. I really like Wilma Counts so her books are auto buys for me.