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Title : A Laird for all Time
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781492759249
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 312 Pages
Status : Available For Download
Last checked : 21 Minutes ago!

A Laird for all Time Reviews

  • Carrie Olguin
    2019-01-25 14:28

    I managed to read through chapter 14 before I had enough. So I really tried because there is a story here. It's just badly written. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. Instead, I was bored.Fortin "tells" the story instead of showing (which accounts for the lack of emotional connection for me). She does a poor job of head hopping (no proper setup before switching POV). She has paragraphs of boring (though probably well researched) descriptions and historical information, harping on and on about the restorations to the castle. Aside from the physical attraction between the H/H, the emotional content is just plain lacking. She overuses the !!! Author intrusion abounds. I kept getting bumped out of the prose by jolting, crude and out-of-character dialogue.Emmy is supposed to be an almost 30 year old OB/GYN from 2010 but she talks like a cocktail waitress. Her bedside manner is horrible to nonexistent. And for someone who has had no time for vacations, sleep or a private life for the last seven years - due to her residency work schedule - she knows way too much about the content of daytime TV, as well as other POP culture references, which I can't imagine a resident doctor would have time for.Connor, the hero is flat, stereotypical and gloomy - for no good reason. He thinks Emmy is his long lost wife, whom he did not love or even like, a woman who left him on his wedding night ten years prior. He had the marriage annulled. But his ego was badly damaged by her running away, he became a bitter man who hasn't known happiness since she left. He spent years searching the world to find her. Really? A woman he didn't love and who didn't love him, whom he met the day he got married. An alpha male would have said good riddance and had the unconsummated marriage annulled. But ten years later, Conner is still grieving for the loss and can't let the past go and forgive.After fourteen chapters, the story has yet to progress. No one has learned anything or changed much at all. There's no explanation for how she was transported back in time, no villain, and nothing interesting has happened. Sorry Fortin, this wasn't ready for publication yet.

  • Linda
    2019-01-27 13:33

    Okay, so what can I say I really liked this book a great deal. Dr.Emmy MacKenzie vacations to Scotland alone between her internship and starting a new position at a women's Ob/Gyn office. Emmy takes a shuttle bus to the castle Duarts on the Island of Mull; she turns out to be the only tourist on the Shuttle and winds up talking to he driver Donnell quite a bit; upon reaching the castle she makes a statement that life must of been so much simpler during the time the castle was refurbished , she getsa sudden feeling of vertigo and finds herself in front of the Castle alone with Large highlander riding up to her looking angry and shouting in gaelic , what is a girl to do but faint.1895- and the big angry handsome highlander is Conner MacLean who believes her to be his runaway wife from 10 years ago!This sets up th Story line for a budding romance, discovery of old secrets kept and second chances not only for Conner an Emmy but for Conner 's bother Ian and his wife Dorcas! Emmy,s skills as a doctor help to endeare her to the MacLean family and the people of clan MacLean.I enjoyed the humor of the language difference no only between the American verses Scottish but the time difference made for some intresting exchanges and as always for me live to see how an author works out having a strong independent women from the future trying to live and love in a time of when the man of the house is dominant and controlling!

  • ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎
    2019-02-06 14:38

    I loved this book. There was so much that went on but with all the twist and turns in the story it was a well written time travel romance. I want a Connor all my own :)

  • Kristy
    2019-02-07 17:28

    I see that a lot of reviewers found this book slow. But I really enjoyed it. In fact I was pretty pleasantly surprised. I only paid .99 for it so I wasn't expecting much. There were some editing issues, with words that were left out of sentences in a couple of places but that didn't bother me so much. Like I said, I was really surprised because it was a such a cheap book. I thought it was a fun read. I love the time travel highlander books.(view spoiler)[I will say I was sorely disappointed by one thing. The reunion. What the heck? That was one of the most important parts to me. You know through the whole book that she is going to get sent back. You ache for them when they are finally apart and when she finally gets her head on straight and goes back, your emotions are all tied up and ready for Conner's reaction and you turn the page and it is the epilogue. Granted, it was a good epilogue, I LOVE how she finished it up with Elvis. BUT the reunion is completely glossed over and summarized. I don't want a freakin' summary of their reunion. I read the whole book for that moment when they were reunited and Conner finally knew that Emmy was his and she would stay. I wanted to experience those emotions with them, as he ran to her and scooped her up and whispered his love to her. I was so angry that I was cheated out of that moment.(hide spoiler)]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAVORITE QUOTES"Oh, you poor dear.. you don't remember, do you? It's me, Dorcas, your sister."Disarmed by the unusual name, Emmy snorted in surprise. "Really? You're kidding, right? Dorcas?" Emmy couldn't contain her amusement and chuckled out loud drawing puzzled stares from the room's occupants."Listen, Dorc... Dorc... I'm sorry, I can't say it. Is there something else I can call you?" Emmy shook her head again with a snort of laughter. "Just can't do it with a straight face."~ Dorcas and Emmy - I love this quote so much because I think that would be my reaction too if someone told me their name was Dorcas. I always laughed when they said it in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I laughed when I read it here.

  • Edwina
    2019-01-29 12:25

    LOVED IT!!I am Happily Surprised at how much I loved A Laird for All Time. This is my first Angeline Fortin book but it won't be my last.While on vacation in the British Isles Dr. Emmy MacKenzie is catapulted a 100yrs back in time to the late Victoria Era. While on a tour of Duart Castle she commented to her tour guide and driver about how life was so much easier a 100yrs prior then now the year 2010. Well she soon finds out this is not true. Donell sends her back in time and she arrives on the 10th year wedding anniversary of Connor MacLeans and Heather MacLean. Emmy looks identical to Heather who had gone missing on her wedding night. Connor is the Laird of Duart and the Earl of Stratclyde, so his missing wife of 10yrs has now returned and she is much changed. He will make her pay for humiliating him. After all the Prince of Wales had attended there wedding. The story and the characters are very well developed. I felt like I was in a movie instead of a book. The Historical Period is accurate. The Romance and growing love between Connor and Emmy is sensual and believable. They made a marvelous couple. The supporting characters were well developed too and all the back stories were done well. The mystery of the missing Heather well be apparent. However, there are a few twist and turns with that and the end of the story is a complete an unforeseen scenario. It was a very good ending. I Highly Recommend A Laird for All Time. You won't be disappointed in this book!! Well Done

  • Rachel
    2019-02-16 10:23

    If we could all go back in time and find our romantic heroes... but alas that's why we have fantasies just like this and for 99 cents, this is quite a beauty.Our heroine is a much needed vacation having dedicated her life to her studies and residency, she needs some "alone" time, what she actually gets in a twist of fate, thanks to a elderly but mystical cab driver who questions her implication that our ancestors had an easier time in their time than the current time.Emmy is thrown back 100 years in time and comes face to face with Highlander Connor Maclean and he in turn thinks he's come face to face with the bride that ran out on him on their wedding day some ten years ago. The reunion is fraught with tension, sexual and otherwise and so begins the will they or won't they.Wonderful read, I enjoyed every second of it. Time travel, sexy scottsman, romance, angst, humor... give it a shot!

  • Alanna Jenkins
    2019-01-20 13:14

    Emmy MacKenzie has just finished a decade of training to be a doctor and decides to go on holiday before she starts her new job. She tours around England, on her own, and spends her last few days in the Scottish Highlands. She travels to the ancient castle of Duart for the day and finds herself transported back to the time of the castle’s laird and restorer, someone she’d just be reading about in her guidebook. The laird, Connor MacLean, mistakes Emmy for his bride, the one who ran away on their wedding night and hasn’t been seen in the decade since. He doesn’t understand why she would choose to reappear on their tenth wedding anniversary, only to deny her identity. He also can’t comprehend why she is so different from the woman he knew all those years ago. Until she figures out how she can get home, Emmy decides to play the part of his wife so that she has somewhere to stay, and ends up discovering that there might be something worth staying for, if only Connor can let go of the pain his wife caused him and see Emmy for who she really is.Connor and Emmy were both great protagonists for the story. Emmy was strong and independent, but there was an underlying sadness about her that was tangible on the pages. This sadness seemed to stem from her loneliness – she was travelling alone, after having spent nearly a decade of her life focusing on studies rather than her social life. This sadness gave her something in common with Connor and made for a strong basis for their connection. Her struggles between her two time zones were shown to exist in terms of her relationship with Connor, but I thought that more of a struggle with the amenities of the time might have made her time-jumping feel a bit more real for the reader.Connor, as a leading man in the story, was everything you’d expect from a romance novel hero; strong, defiant, stubborn and undoubtedly vulnerable. His relationship with Emmy was, at the start, based on the fact that he thought she had run out on him 10 years ago. That pain, stemming from male pride, was the centre of everything that Connor had become and how he behaved. Watching him struggle to let that way of life go for something better was a great part of the plot. I found his understanding of the truth to be a little unplausible, he barely reacted to what he was being told, which most people would not do. Other than that, he was a character that I’d enjoy reading again.The plot itself was fairly well written and I was pleasantly surprised by a plot twist that I didn’t see coming. I’m one of those people that likes to guess at where a story is going as I’m reading so it’s always nice to come across an element of the plot that I hadn’t accounted for – it piques my interest and wills me to carry on reading. I was initially worried about whether or not I would be open to the time travelling involved in the plot, but as I read through I found that it didn’t have a negative effect on the story and was actually very well handled in the context of the rest of the story; it wasn’t overplayed and didn’t become the main focus of the story.All in all, this was a nice easy read of decent length with strong characters and a good plot.

  • Babs
    2019-01-24 15:38

    Emmy takes a long needed vacation.  When Emmy and her driver arrive at Duart Castle, Emmy talks about how simple the life was back then and how she would love it and more.  The driver ask if she really thinks that and the next thing she knows she is back in time in the wrong place at the right time.  The Laird, Connor MacLean see Emmy at the gates and think she is his long lost wife Heather coming back to him.  As things heat up and anger starts to take place wild things start to happen for the two.  Will Emmy want to go back to her future life or stay with Connor in the past?A lovely read I did not want to see come to an end. I enjoyed seeing both characters try and find a way to work this situation out. It took Connor a while to see that Emmy was not Heather as much as they were a like. The support characters were well defined as well and brought some humor to the storyline.The book is a page turner for any reader as you do not want the story to end. The author does a great job with the characters and the descriptions. There were some issues with needing more proofreading but not as bad as I have seen and certainly not bad enough to take away from the story.A cute read.

  • Cario Lam
    2019-01-29 18:18

    Previously I've read one other Highland novel where elements of science fiction came into play. I did not think I would read another such work but I must admit that "A Laird for All Time" handled the paradox of time travel quite well. The author Angeline Fortin just didn't try to explain it. Some times it is better that way because it ends up detracting from the characters. The characters in "A Laird for All Time" are well developed and the author manages to build up the suspense without being too long winded and drawn out.

  • S.J. Drum
    2019-01-23 11:32

    Although this manuscript suffered a bit from exclamation point-itis, I liked it enough to read it in one sitting. The characters were believable and loveable. The sex scenes could have used a little work. I also think I would have enjoyed it more without the epilogue. Still, I liked it enough to put this author's other works on my to-read list.

  • Lori McD
    2019-02-03 17:30

    Unfortunately, I agree with several other reviewers here at Goodreads. The book's premise has promise, but the story and the characters just don't live up to that promise. I can overlook the formatting and typos and other ebook issues - heaven knows that too many publishers race to ebook format without giving the book a good once-over after it's in that format. But I can't overlook taking what should be a really good novel and making it only so-so.I've never read a "highlander" romance novel set in Victorian times, so I can't speak from any historical perspective, but.... even the past Duart and its inhabitants seem to be too modern for Victorian times. And the Heroine, a 28-year old American OB/GYN from Maryland, seems too over-the top. She's brash, and her modern phrases seem to be too crass for a woman who's worked her way through university and medical school. Granted, being a doctor doesn't make her prim and proper, but still. Knowing what time she's gone back to, you'd think she'd at least attempt to avoid crude and startling statements. I don't quibble with her frank attitudes towards sex and child bearing; I quibble with her constant grating speech.The "mystery" of what happened to the laird's wife, Heather, isn't much of a mystery - it's obvious early on. What isn't obvious is why, as one reviewer here put it, such an Alpha Male wouldn't just push the whole incident in the past, let it go, and move on. Why would this man, even a prideful man, hold on so hard to a hurt caused by a woman he'd met the day before their wedding? If the two had been closer or if he'd always been in love with her from afar, it might be more understandable. But Connor seems to be overly sentimental and broody about something that's very inconsequential. Which means the underlying reason for our Heroine's return to the past is moot. Shame.I'd love to give this book a higher rating, because, as I've said, there is something charming about it. And I enjoyed the twist on the time travel, putting us into an era where the 'past' characters could live through much of the early 20th century to witness events that the 'modern' time traveler knows about. I got a good chuckle out of the family's eventual investments in Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google. But overall, the story didn't do it for me.

  • Jodean
    2019-02-12 18:34

    This book is about Dr. Emmy MacKenzie, an obgyn, who finds herself hurled back into time and comes into contact with Connor MacLean who swears that Emmy is his long, lost wife Heather. The author did a great job of transporting the reader back in time, where men wear kilts and woman are slowly coming into a greater role in society. I normally have issues with historical books as one of my majors in colleges was history and I hate when inaccuracies abound. A lot of times historicals end up feeling like modern characters with dialogue in historical garb. I end up wanting to punch something and cannot finish the books. But this author really was able to bring the past to life in a believable and accurate way. I found myself enjoying the past she brought to life on the pages for the readers.The main characters had a great interaction between the two. I loved how the plot unfolded, there are plenty of twists and turns that leave the reader anxious to see how everything comes to fruition. I really loved that the plot wasn't a normal cookie cutter time traveling book. It had a creative spin that really was enjoyable and I had a difficult time putting the book down. This is the first book I've read from this author and I hope to read many more. I had such a great time getting to see how Emmy's and Connor's love story played out and to see how they came to discover the heart does not know the bounds of time or place. It is always great to see a strong woman character who can appreciate a hot guy in a kilt but also stand her own ground as well. This is truly a 'magical' book for time traveling and historical readers.

  • Erin
    2019-01-21 18:24

    I picked this book up back in October as an ebook deal on Amazon. I am always willing to drop a buck or two for an interesting story from an author I haven't heard of. I very much enjoyed this book.The basics, Dr. Emmy MacKenzie travels to Scotland prior to taking her first job after finishing her residency. Upon her arrival to view a castle in Mull, she wishes to see what it would have looked like when it was rebuilt around the turn of the century, thinking those times were simpler. Her wish comes true as she is whisked back in time and accused of being the Laird, Conner MacLean, long lost wife Heather.Emmy sets out to convince Conner that she is not Heather and to help him move past the hurt and anger he held at his wife's leaving him. In addition, she helps him to heal the wounds his 10 years of anger has caused with the rest of his family.This is one of the few time travel stories where part of the story involves the curiosity by some of the main characters regarding the future.There is a twist in this story that was unexpected and Emmy has to come to accept what she truly wants, without regret, to reach her HEA.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-01-16 13:30

    This wasn't terribly done. The writing wasn't redundant or all that cliched, there wasn't an overabundance of purple prose, and the premise was somewhat interesting. The plot twists were pretty good, too, all things considered, and the usual time travel angst was absent. There wasn't, however, a whole lot of immersion. There was a lack of feeling that came through in the writing, an almost clinical approach to storytelling. Some authors are capable of crafting characters who feel real to the reader, and atmospheres that convey the requisite feelings required for readers to really get lost in the story. Those of you who've enjoyed some truly well-written, emotionally jarring tales will understand what I'm talking about. This book lacks that depth, so reading it is, alas, not very fulfilling. There were also some technical issues. The POV shifts were abrupt and confusing, and the story dragged quite a bit. I won't denigrate it further, Fortin shows some promise, but she's not an author I'll continue reading.

  • Taria Reed
    2019-01-30 16:20

    I'm really enjoying the story but I am getting a bit frustrated that Emmy is not hiding some of her modern knowledge, but hides the fact that she is from the future as if her toting around an iPhone with earbuds isn't gonna rouse suspicion. 2hrs left......oh oh oh i have an idea of what Dori's secret is so now i'm just sitting through the last 1.5hrs to see if i'm right.back to the story....Yup I guessed it but I loved Emmy's "solution". I was hoping the reunion was a bit more detailed. It was more of an after thought and left me a little unsatisfied. A few reviewers complained about Emmy's personality not being what the expected from a doctor. I totally offer each of you one of my famous side-eyes. Emmy was smart, competent, straightforward, honest, fun and sassy. Why can't doctors have those qualities?Story 3.25 rounded to a 4 for the sheer enjoyment of the story. Yes I'm still happy my last two stories haven't traumatized me. Lol. Narrator 4 I like Kristen porter.

  • Katinki
    2019-01-16 15:16

    In my quest for silly little highlander romance books, I stumbled upon this one. On a business trip where the internet is SLOW, so I'll be brief:What I liked best: the female protag. She was actually fairly well done. I liked that she was smart, accomplished, had a smart mouth, etc. What I liked least: the time of the book. This one was set much later than the other highlander books I've read: late 1800s. In a way, it was nice to see a few more modern conveniences. But it's hard to explain... it was too close to have that "untamed highlander" feel to it, lol. What annoyed me: the ending. There's a scene where there's a nasty little time travel paradox that the author flubbed pretty hard. Worse, there was no need for her to do it. I may give another of this author's books a shot. But I definitely want something set a few hundred years prior to this one.

  • Tanya
    2019-02-01 17:31

    I loved this book!Emmie is visiting the Uk on a ten day vacation after finishing all her requirements for becoming a doctor. On her last day on vacation she is to visit a medieval castle. Her tour guide/bus driver is her only company , as it is the last day the castle is open to the public . She makes the random statement about " simpler times" and how easy life was back then. She has a moment of vertigo , and is now in the 18oo's. She encounters Conner , the laird who believes Emmie is his long lost wife Heather.......... If you like time travel, scottish/scotland , highlander themes you will love this book. This book had many twist I did not expect , redemption , second chances... I shed several tears toward the end. A must read.

  • Jana Smith
    2019-02-07 14:20

    Excellent and entertaining.I am not one to summarize a book in my reviews, and will not start now. However I must heap high praise on Angeline Fortin's book A LAIRD FOR ALL TIME. It a well written book with a clever twist on the time travel theme....second chances and heart's deepest desires. it is very possible that we don't know our heart's deepest desire, until we loose it, nor do we understand second chances until we are in a position to grant them. Connor and Emmy must find it in themselves to do both, despite their life circumstances, and in the process find that which they need the most.....each other, no matter the cost.

  • Deborah Gafford
    2019-01-26 12:29

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!I love Scottish historical romance and time travel romance. When I bought this book, I expected more of the usual delightful stories as I've enjoyed in the past. I was mistaken- but in a good way. This story is very different. It's uniqueness makes it an absolutely FANTASTIC read! The characters will steal your heart and the plot is so well done, you may stay up till 5:00 in the morning reading as I did just to stay with it to the wonderful end. Twists and turns and the future versus the past layer throughout the story so that it is impossible too put down. GET THIS BOOK!

  • Cindy Winder delong
    2019-02-06 17:38

    Emmy goes on a vacation to Scotland and goes on a tour. She is there on the last day of the tourist season and happens to be the only one on the tour. She goes to visit a huge magnificent castle. While standing before the castle a man approaches her on a horse and she faints. When she wakes up, she is in the year 1895 and the Laird of the castles claims she is his long lost wife. I enjoyed the story, but hated what a know-it-all Emmy was. She had an inappropriate temper, threatening those who could help her. She was bossy and rude, too. I wished she had more of a soft feminine side.

  • SheLove2Read
    2019-02-15 10:13

    Quite a few editing errors and the story seemed inconsistent, but what really turned me off is that the heroine is a doctor but makes the comment early on that (and I'm paraphrasing) "thank God she didn't specialize in mental illness". This just seemed a crass and ugly statement to hear from a doctor, and as a parent of a mentally challenged child, I'm making a note to avoid this author in the future. It wasn't cute or funny no matter how you want to play it.

  • Twarla Hill
    2019-02-14 18:10

    When a 21st century educated OB-GYN suddenly finds herself in the restrictions of 18th century barbaric Scotland, she cannot imagine the how/why. Nor can she explain why everyone insists she is the laird's long lost wife who fled and abandoned him on her wedding night ten years ago. She cannot imagine why these prudish women finds her posture and speech appalling, and just saying breast is simple unheard of. So what did the good doctor do by their outrage she sang breast breast breast...

  • Trish Bash
    2019-02-14 13:30

    I was so happy to read a well written complete story. So many books today are series books with cliffhanger endings so you want to buy the next book. I still want to buy more of Angeline Fortin's books because she writes an awesome story but I don't feel forced to buy the next book to complete the story.If you want to know what the book is about, follow the link:

  • Wende
    2019-01-30 17:36

    I really liked this book. It was unbelievable of course but it was fun. Emmy was a doctor from this time ends up over a hundred years ago. She meet Connor who thought she was his wife who returned after being missing for ten years. I liked how it was set up and that it was not instant love. This is the first book I had read of the author and it will not be the last.

  • Stacie
    2019-02-14 14:16

    3 1/2 Stars!I'm rounding up on this one. It was a very good story and both main characters are very likeable, as well as the supporting characters. It just took a long time for the H to accept the truth of who the h was. More time.could have been spent on other things or just cut out. Anyway, I liked it. Happy reading.

  • Larissa
    2019-01-18 13:09

    Loved this book! I've always enjoyed time-travel romance books and this one did NOT disappoint!

  • Lisa Nobbs
    2019-01-20 17:38

    I love a good time travel romance ane this story did not disappoint. The story was funny and heart wrenching at times. Connor was hot.

  • Debbi Skeen
    2019-01-17 18:39

    absolutely loved it! time travel, romance, mystery... What more could you want? ?!!

  • Linda
    2019-01-31 14:10

    Usually not much on Time travel stories but I LOVE this one! I love the ending!

  • Karen McLeanBarnett
    2019-02-06 11:37

    A Laird for All Time is the Greatest This book is so great that I had to read it in almost one sitting!! I was pleasantly surprised when I started the first page. I happen to be a descendant of the Clan MacLean of Duart. I enjoyed this story even more because of the familiar connection. This story is wonderfully written and the characters jump off the page and grab you and take you into the story. It feels so real and I would and will share this story and hopefully the next story with everyone and anyone I know. Angeline Fortin you are wonderful and I rate right up there with my favorite author Diana Gabaldon!!!