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When Tom's big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experiment involves dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom knows that there is only one thing to do: Zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there's something weird about the new Frankie. He's now a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with hypnotic powers . . . and he's out for rWhen Tom's big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experiment involves dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom knows that there is only one thing to do: Zap the fish with a battery and bring him back to life! But there's something weird about the new Frankie. He's now a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with hypnotic powers . . . and he's out for revenge!...

Title : My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
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ISBN : 9781250042415
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My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Reviews

  • Mari Anne
    2019-02-01 14:00

    This MG novel gets points for creativity but lost points with me for the excessive sibling violence. The sheer brutality of it just turned me off. Some readers might point to the tongue in cheekiness of this book, and yes I, as an adult, get that. But, this is a book aimed at primary kids, where satire is sometimes lost in a sea of literalness (is that a word?). This isn't just a little pinching and poking among brothers, this is concussions and taping mouths, dropping glass bowls on their heads and creating chaos in the school. Maybe this won't bother others but it bugged me and I don't think I will recommend to others.

  • Kate
    2019-02-03 13:56

    My first grader picked this out at our library's summer reading party. She said it was awesome, and I should give it five stars.

  • Madissen
    2019-01-30 19:16

    I liked because there was to different stories that had adventures with this zombie goldfish that had toxic waste spilt on him that made him die and then Tom had to use elctricity to bring him back to life.Once I was done with that on I read the other one it was weird because it was about Tom and his friend Pardeep both of their brothers started a virus to go on all computrers to make zombie gold fish.So thats why it was a intresting book to read so if you like zombie goldfish/zombies this book is perfect,just right and is a good book.

  • Mehsi
    2019-02-07 16:10

    4.5 stars.I saw this one in a book store here (an English book here, at a normal price? It's a miracle!) and I had to buy it as I heard a lot of good about this little book, and I saw it on Twitter a lot. I do love zombies, and I was curious to see what a zombie goldfish would be like. Never read a book about those. The only other zombie pet I read about was a hamster. :)This book tells us how Frankie was created, I just felt so sorry for Frankie. Being an experiment for a big (trying to evil scientist) brother. Luckily for Frankie he has 2 people who care about him and revive him Frankenstein-style, thus creating a very epic little zombie goldfish with a big personality.Frankie was just awesome, he is one tough little fishy and I just loved how he enjoyed green foods (which generally are mouldy), how he would get all hyper when danger (or brothers) came close to him. He was quite epic with his fins (he really knows some self-defence) and he really was a good friend to Tom and Pradeep, and also later Sami (the little sister of Pradeep).Lets talk about the humans. We have several. Our main characters are Pradeep and Tom, but we also have Sami (Pradeep's sister, who often tags along) and Mark (trying to be an evil scientist, but failing oh so hard in general, he is also very rude and mean) and at times we also see Pradeep's older brother Sanj (who is also trying to be evil, only he is more of the hacking and computer stuff, while Mark is more evil scientist and trying to create stuff.Of course the plots are generally a bit the same (not only in this book, but also the others). Tom and Pradeep either stay at home or go somewhere, something happens, they take action with Frankie, generally it is Mark who is doing the bad stuff and they solve whatever is going on. I don't mind this at all. Because the rest of the story, the setting, the characters are still great and really fun, and with each book you learn a bit more about the characters, and also will find new characters to love.At times I was annoyed and frustrated with Mark, that he got away with a lot of stuff. Sure, he got into some trouble, but generally he was just being a big bully to his little brother and his friend(s). It is something that happens a lot in books though, big brother bullying his little brother, I don't really see the appeal and at times I wish we would have more books about brothers being kind to each other and helping each other out. Now, I guess that wouldn't fit this book, as that would mean Frankie wouldn't be around and that there would be no real reason for Frankie to stay.Tom and Pradeep are fun characters, I love their friendship and how they communicate between each other, with just one look they could tell what the other was saying, and no it wasn't simple stuff, at times it was a whole story and they would still understand each other. It was really fun that Tom takes Frankie with him everywhere, something he learned to do after Mark tried to do stuff to Frankie, and Frankie in return, tried to do stuff to Mark.Surprisingly, I normally don't like little sisters in stories. They are often annoying, clingy. Sami however is a bit clingy, but mostly tries to help out even though she is really young. She loves Frankie and does a lot things to help him out. I love how the hypnotizing works and I just laugh each time that someone got hypnotized. Swishy Little Fishy. :DWhat more? Ah yes, something that I found out while reading. I thought this would be one big book, but as the story progressed and I was getting worried on how it would go on, as I was now around page 80 and this story was winding down and going to a conclusion. As I flipped the pages, I found out that one book actually has 2 stories in it. Stories that are kind of a continuation of the first one, but also a totally brand new story. I really like that, so we get 2 stories in one book? Yes please!The first story was all about how Frankie came to be Frankie, the second story was about Mark and Sanj trying to take over the school. Both were really fun stories. :)We also have some illustrations, which made the book even more fun.All in all, I just loved this book, it was funny, hilarious, though at times a bit over the top. I loved the kitchen ladies in the second story, they totally kicked ass.I would really recommend this book if you are looking for a funny story. Review first posted at

  • Krista
    2019-02-13 13:48

    I bought this book for my son for his birthday (10). I was extremely disappointed when he came to me after reading a little of this book. His problem he did not understand why the siblings kept fighting and calling each other names. So I read a little of the book. I was applaud at the overall treatment the siblings do to one another. The excessive name calling, like over use of the word "moron". This was suppose to be a book for ages 7-10 years of age? We don't name call in our home and my children don't treat each other badly. Not for kids!!!Caution parents of the verbal and physical violence that is in this book. Not good and I would not let my son finish this book.

  • Barefoot Danger
    2019-02-14 15:18

    Parents, do not subject your children to this travesty.

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    2019-02-15 15:01

    This made me laugh.Well, almost made me laugh.Okay, there was some internalized smiling going on.It was an enjoyable, silly kids book.

  • Damien Goodwin
    2019-02-13 11:58

    I think its a really good book and I recommend it.

  • Tiger Finnick
    2019-02-12 16:15

    Fast paced and action packed from the very first page to the last. Not bad. 2.5/5~swishy little fishy~

  • Cade Cook
    2019-02-01 12:11

    "To call this book good just isnt right. its just so unrealistic. i get that the zombie goldfish is out for revenge but it just deosnt have a good story line. one weekness of this book is that how it gets to school, and why its at school just brings the book down as a whole. another weekness this book has is why the zombie goldfishis out for revenge. that is a huge reason why the book makes no sence. To be honest with you, i dont think that i will read the second book in this series. I dont think the the audience would appreciate how this book it made, because it leaves you with alot of questions. this book really comes off to me as a book that uses humor to connect unrealistic things. Its just simply unrealistic." -GoodReads user Cade

  • Michelle
    2019-02-16 15:12

    Really this can be read in a day but I had better things to read than this sad little book. SO won't be reading the rest of the series. I understand the novel is for elementary kids, and I have no problems checking out what kids are reading, but I really won't be recommending this to anyone. First this book is really like 2 small books into one. That threw me off but I did enjoy the second part better. Second, the word "moron" was overly used which made me feel like I was being verbally abused and that is basically what the older brother(s) were doing to the main character and his friend. Plus be creative with your wording. Repetition makes for a really dull read. Third, this "zombie" might be one of the worst zombie concepts I have come across and I have read a lot of smack out there. The zombie goldfish was atleast dead at one point and like Frankensteined back to life BUT basically the fish liked moldy green things to eat, could hypnotize people, and understood humans and was personified quite a lot. Other than the moldy eating and having died at one time, I don't know how this was a zombie.....The main character also did too much of explaining himself after he did something. Example, he high-fived his friend and then explained why he thought it was a good time to high-five. Pretty sure those things shouldn't need explaining. What was cute was the misunderstanding of words like perpetrator he thought was PURPLE-TRAITOR. Adorbs! I did enjoy the second story since it was less...mean, I guess. Not too many "moron"s but still overly used. No kid besides those in like grade 4 or below should read this so it makes me sad I have seen grade 5 and 6 students take this out and I know their reading levels are higher. This novel doesn't challenge them enough. Done rant.See newer review on my blog

  • Gary Butler
    2019-01-17 17:09

    28th book read in 2016.Number 326 out of 522 on my all time book list.Review Pending:

  • Pam
    2019-02-02 17:12

    I needed to read this since I recommended it to a young man who was stuck in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid rut. He ended up returning for more in the series, so yay me!Tom has an evil big brother named Mark who receives a chemistry set for his 12th birthday, so therefore he becomes an evil scientist. Mark says that he needs to do an experiment with a new goldfish to see how pollution affects the fish, and dumps some of his chemistry set into the water. Tom and his friend Pradeep rescue the fish, who is now labelled a zombie because it is now undead. The fish can hypnotize with its wonky eyes, and has a vendetta against Mark. The fish, named Frank (short for Frankenstein by Tom), can use its flippers to travel out of water (even in a plastic bag), and smacks Mark in the face.There is a second story with Mark and Pradeep's older evil brother taking over the elementary school by hacking into the computer system, but I did not read it.There are drawings throughout, which was a plus for the young man I helped, but not so many that his mom negated the series.Goofy outlandish fun, and many in the series so afficianados can now get stuck in the My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish rut.

  • Traci
    2019-01-30 16:08

    Since I was heading out on vacation, I wanted something cute, light, easy to read. And since we just got the 3rd? 4th? book in this series at work, it was back on my radar. Decided this would fit the bill nicely.So, it's cute. It's not as good as some of the children's fiction I've read, but it's also the first book. It's almost like two books in one, as the book is divided into two sections, "A Frankly Shocking Tale" and "Rules the School". The first section introduces our main character, Tom, his evil scientist brother, Mark, and of course, the goldfish, which is named Frankie - and which was purchased solely for scientific experiments conducted by Mark. Primarily, one where Frankie is killed with "green gunge" (aka toxic waste). Tom and his next-door-neighbor-and-best-friend Pradeep think Frankie is cute and don't want to see him go to the big bowl in the sky, so when Mark slimes the fish, they try to save him. How? By using a sort of homemade defibrillator, aka a household battery touching the fish.Frankie does come back - but he comes back wrong. OK, many apologies to Stephen King. I couldn't resist! Frankie is back, but he's, um, sort of strange, hypnotizing people with his glowing eyes and causing Pradeep's little sister to constantly mutter "Swishy little fishy". That was cute, until it wasn't. Basic story is that Mark wants his fish back, and to be a pain in his brother's life. Tom and Pradeep want Frankie to chill out, but will totally take advantage of his new powers if they need to. It's not a bad read, and I can see where it would appeal to kids in grade school, especially if they have older siblings that they don't get along with.I'll probably pick up the next installment, see how the story progresses. Hopefully, a bit more substance, but we'll see.

  • Krista Ivy
    2019-02-08 16:49

    Yes, it's a child's book and I am grown. It made me laugh like crazy though. The basic story is that a boy has an evil older brother who wants to become an evil scientist. He gets a chemistry set and a goldfish. this isn't your regular goldfish that you get at the fair though. it's fat and it winks. the smart goldfish is killed by the evil scientist who pours chemicals into his bowl. in comes the good younger brother and his best friend, the cub scout, who get a battery and zap the goldfish, Frankie, back to life. the thing is that Frankie's eyes go all green when he wants things from people. He controls people with his hypnotic eyes and the story unfold further from there. recommended for those into: children's books, comedy, family dynamics between children, smart and murderous goldfish, and zombies/zombeish.

  • Val
    2019-02-10 10:54

    Honestly I could not finish this one. I attempted to read it for a advisory program at our library. It's not horrible, it's just not for me (the adult). Tom's big brother is mostly evil. He picks on his little brother without mercy. When he brings home a science project that involves an unfortunate bug eyed goldfish, he turns into a MAD SCIENTIST!!!! When the experiment fails and the goldfish is belly up, Tom takes a chance and shocks him back to life. This creates a crazy bug eyed Fat Zombie Goldfish with hypnotic powers! Is the world doomed???Even though I did not finish this one I can recommend it to children ages 8 and up. Kids who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Timmy Failure, among others will enjoy this book. It is part of a series so be prepared for more mutant zombie goldfish fun! Personal rating- 2 starsKid rating- 3 stars

  • Kristen
    2019-01-17 11:17

    Kooky and meant for younger readers, this is a quick read that is actually two books in one. In the first story, Tom's older brother intentionally poison's the water of a goldfish, and Tom and his best friend Pradeep bring it back to life by shocking it with a battery. Thus, Zombie Goldfish Frankie is born. In the second book, Frankie goes to school with Tom and chaos ensues.I like that Frankie isn't really a BAD zombie goldfish (he seems to only have it out for bullies--in particular Tom's older brother Mark and Pradeep's older brother Sanj) and I like the diversity in the characters. Really, though, the whole thing is just a little silly for my taste--but I'm clearly not the target audience!

  • Jess
    2019-01-24 15:03

    Eh. Evil older brother brings home a goldfish who gains the ability to hypnotize people after being stuck in slime and zapped with a battery. Picked on younger brother Tom and his friend Pradeep like the zombie goldfish, have adventures. Kind of dumb. Both older brothers use the word moron every single time they talk to Tom and Pradeep--too many times--a poor choice that's bothersome and lazy. The book will have its crowd and that's OK. There's a flip book in the bottom corner - cool, until you realize it's the same exact 7 panels repeated over and over again. Disappointing.

  • Dinah Marchand
    2019-02-07 12:59

    I listened to this book with my children. It seemed like every other sentence in this book started with, "stupid little moron" in addressing the younger brother. Sigh...I don't know why so many kid book authors think calling the younger sibling names is so acceptable. I repeatedly told my kids that I had better not hear them address each other as "stupid" or "moron". The repeated and repeated and repeated (you get my point) use of these words really took away from the story and no, we won't be continuing this series. I was one frustrated mother after listening to this book.

  • Raymond Ruiz
    2019-02-05 16:48

    This book was my style and I really enjoyed it. It's about a kid's goldfish dying, but the kid bringing it back to life. He brings it back to life, but as a zombie goldfish that has eyes that can hypnotize people. The kid's brother get's a hold of the fish and hypnotizes people to do things for him. I recommend this book to anyone who likes comedic books.

  • Freud
    2019-01-17 11:18

    This book was good! But the thing that made it better is the zombie part. Also i know how it feels to have a older brother that's a jerk but mind changed but this one doesn't. And this book is good because, it's a boy that terned his brothers project(fish) into a zombie.And that's why i like this book.

  • Scott
    2019-01-28 18:08

    This has a very nice balance of humor and adventure. The characters are fun, no real depth or development, which for a transitional reader is just fine. I think it will do well with reluctant readers.

  • Kieran Cobb
    2019-02-16 11:00

    This book is a true story about how "Frankie" A goldfish that toms big brother brought home for a science project.then One day he ended up in green muck that almost killed him until Tom and his friend Pradeep shocked Frankie back to life with a battery.

  • Josh
    2019-02-11 11:56

    look into my eyes

  • Tisha
    2019-01-19 12:08

    Zombies and goldfish - could it get any better?

  • Gabriel
    2019-01-18 10:58

    FishI had a litel bit of a hard time of onder standing this book but and the end it made send

  • Janice
    2019-01-26 15:14

    I must not be the target market for this book, which was a read aloud for my child. I did not care for the violence between siblings/friends nor the frequent use of the word "moron."

  • Devon Flaherty
    2019-01-21 15:03

    Yes, this book is part of a series, but since I only read the first one, I can speak only to that book. As of 2017, there are six books in the series: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish The SeaQuel Fins of Fury Any Fin Is Possible Live and Let Swim Jurassic CarpWhy didn’t I read the rest of the series? Well, this kind of writing doesn’t cross over to adult reading very well (unlike, say, Where the Red Fern Grows or even Winnie the Pooh or Frog and Toad) and my son was not interested enough to continue. He thought the book was decent, but he wasn’t hooked the way he was with Magic Treehouse or Jack Stalwart. This is saying nothing of the literary merits of any of these books, because, quite frankly, I thought Zombie Goldfish was better and more interesting than either of those other options.This isn’t a future classic. It kind of feels like a dime-a-dozen thing. But it also seems very appealing for children who are in the beginning reader stage before they get to heftier or more literary books. The idea is cute. The characters are cute. The whole thing is just pretty cute.On the flip side, the writing is not always very fluid, and somewhat basic. Yes, I get that it is meant for younger kids (with its giant font size and limit of like ten words per line between giant margins), but I also like reading to stretch the child a bit. The illustrations are neat, but they look rather computer-generated and sometimes have very little to do with the text. Overall, the book seems to be standing halfway between a standard novel and a half-comic (a la Wimpy Kid), and I would have liked to see one or the other.Overall, the story is an easy-to-read romp where things happen very quickly and kids can probably relate to the setting and circumstances. As an adult, the pacing requires simplicity which can often make the whole thing seem wonder-breakingly unbelievable. I suppose the pacing is for the benefit of the little kids and their reading level, but there you are. Still, unlike some of the other books in this genre, O’Hara manages to work in plot twists and engaging characters, with a dash of humor and proper grammar.If your beginning reader picks this up to read for themselves, there’s no major reason to object._______________We read My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish¸written by Mo O’ Hara and published by Scholastic Inc. in 2013. It was illustrated by Marek Jaguki.***REVIEW WRITTEN FOR THE STARVING ARTIST BLOG***

  • Laura Langer
    2019-02-13 19:01

    I read this book along with one of my students recently, and he wrote a review. Here is what he thought:"The book is about an evil scientist that kills a fish for a science project. But you'll find his little brother and his friend brings back the fish from the dead by electrocuting him. The friend, Pradeep, saw this on TV. The fish wants revenge by killing the evil scientist.There are four main characters. Tom is the brother of the evil scientist and Frankie's caretaker. Pradeep is the friend that is helping. Mark is the villain in the book and the evil scientist. Frankie is the zombie goldfish that is not the villain, but is a hero.I give this book a 4 1/2 stars. Unfortunately, the book is not long enough for me. On the other hand, the good stuff about the book is it is humorous and fun. There are a lot of pictures in the book (about 65), so you get more of the story and can see how the characters look."I think my student's review is right on! This is a great, fast-paced book for young adult readers. I like how the main character Tom interprets several figures of speech (such as "keeping an eye on you") literally; it adds a subtle element of humor. The only thing I did not like about this book was the lack of character development; for instance, we know that Tom's big brother is an evil scientist who is quite the bully to his younger brother. However, I would have liked to know how Tom's poor relationship with his brother ended up the way it did.

  • Jeanette Rupel
    2019-02-14 15:49

    My son (7 years old) really enjoyed this book. He loved the title and wanted to read it. He was glued to it. As a baby brother, he was able to identify with Tom and Pradeep. He loved the art work and the story. Though he did not have the background knowledge to understand the whole plot, he did enjoy the rest of the story. I believe the book is for slightly older kids.I read the book as well to help my son with his book report. It was entertaining. The characters feel real. The artwork is fun and from the point of view of a child. I felt the evil big brothers take over the world angle was a little over the top, but then again I am no longer in a life and death battle for moral superiority with my brothers. The characters are fun, and the plot is silly and interesting. I think kids would really like it.