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Flash forward twenty years after the Madison is rescued from her abusive boyfriend by Orion, they now have a twenty-year-old son, Noah, and a sixteen-year-old daughter, Riley. Now it is Riley’s turn to deal with her own problems at Kennewa High School. With the help from her friends and family, will she be able to balance her time between her successful band, The ValentinaFlash forward twenty years after the Madison is rescued from her abusive boyfriend by Orion, they now have a twenty-year-old son, Noah, and a sixteen-year-old daughter, Riley. Now it is Riley’s turn to deal with her own problems at Kennewa High School. With the help from her friends and family, will she be able to balance her time between her successful band, The Valentinas, and the school play she is writing? Will she be able to choose between her current boyfriend, Preston, and her long-time friend, Landon?When shady figures from her parents’ past re-emerge, Riley’s life is thrown into a tailspin of danger and emotion. The pressure from her record company and writing her school’s play begin to weigh her down, badly. Will her family and friends be able to help her along the way, or will she have to save herself?Or will she make it safely out of high school at all?...

Title : to know you is to love you
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ISBN : 17374623
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to know you is to love you Reviews

  • Abby
    2019-02-15 16:42

    I loved this book so much! There were scenes when they were like WHAAAATTT! (view spoiler)[ when damian came back form jail and kidnapped Riley! holly mother of jesus that was exciting!(hide spoiler)]This book was so cute, and i loved that it was Maddison and Orion's daughter's P.O.V. (+ Landon) This was also a short book like the first one, im not sure i liked this one better than the previous one that was about Her parents (madison and orion) but i still really enjoyed this! There wer some things that i think didnt really need to happen, like Madison's father coming up all these years, i think that wasnt really necessary but then again, thats kind of what got Landon and Riley together. Also stuff with Preston. Like when he was cheating on Riley with Mia (hooking up) and then she was really really angry and started crying. YES you should be upset and hurt if your boyfriend cheats, but you cheated first.. and also you were going to dump him.. Also, when Riley had doubts about Landon, AFTEER she was kidnapped and didnt know if she wanted to be with him??? no bitch. you do want to be with him. so shut ya brain up. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY HHHAAAAATTTTEEDD THE ENDING!??!?!?!?This ending to the book was shit as horse poo! i was not happy i didnt have a smile and sigh with happiness and put the book away. NO i was pissed of with a scowl on my face and tears because i was so annoyed and threw the book. yeah not put it down, threw it. thats how annoyed i was. The next book is about Landon and Riley again, because it is were they left off (4 years later). i get that and i am excited to read it but just that they left it at that, after reading the whole book and falling inlove with them!?!?! theat was a mistake!

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-28 22:03

    So I had read the first book and thought it was horrible. I read a review that said this book was better so I thought I would give it a try. While I did like it tons more than the first book, I still didn't think it was amazing. I mean in both books the main characters cheat on their signifiant others. And it is like whatever. I also didn't understand why everyone hated Preston. He didn't seem bad. And it seemed like at the end when (view spoiler)[ it turns out his uncle is Damian and then apparently he was working with the uncle to kidnap her, it seems like that was just thrown in so you would have a reason to dislike Preston and think the cheating was okay? I don't know. I didn't get it. Also she gets upset when she finds out Preston is cheating on her, even though she is totally cheating on him with Landon. Why? I mean sure it sucks, but you wanted to break up with him anyways and you were cheating on him too so...Then the epilogue...I was confused by that. I mean did they never talk about where they were going to school? Did they not talk about the future at all? Or do you just want a trilogy and this is the easiest way to do it - some lameo school separates us so we cannot be together thing. I mean yeah it would suck, but you could make it work for the short term. I don't know. Much better than the first book, but all the cheating all over the place really bugged me. And then not being able to break up with the boyfriend when you obviously want to be with someone else is just mean. It is not sparing boyfriends feelings. Lame.(hide spoiler)]

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-01-31 00:04

    This is a series first off that doesn't necessarily have to be read in order as I wasn't aware when I began to read it , that it was Book #2 in the series. To Know You is to Love you, starts off with sixteen year old Riley who has just gotten the lead role in the new school production Freedom in which she has also written the music for. However, her two love interests in the production is Preston - her current boyfriend whom we discover is cheating on her and her ex-best friend whom we see Riley re-developing feelings for - Landon. Will this production put into perspective who Riley is to choose as her love interest in real life ? Meanwhile Riley's mother Madison gets two nasty surprises in the form of blasts from the past. The first is her father whom abandon her when she was little and now wants to reconnect with Madison and get to know her and her family and the second is Damien , an abusive ex-boyfriend who has been serving the past twenty years in prison for attempted murder. Madison and Damien's story was told in Book #1 and had the introduction of Riley's Dad Orion who was Madison's new boyfriend and now twenty years later her husband.To Know You is To Love you was a good clean read with minor sex and abusive scenes e.g Riley's kidnapping and can either be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone novel.

  • Pat aka Tygyr
    2019-01-17 21:12

    In the 2nd book, Madison and Orion are married with 2 children of their own. Noah is out of high school and Riley is a Junior. Riley takes after her dad and writes music and plays in a band. She's been dating Preston. Lately he sees more of Mia than Riley, he claims he is tutoring her. Noah, Riley and Landon used to be close friends. She and Landon had a falling out. He's a popular jock at high school. The musical is coming up near the end of their school year. Riley is the female lead who is torn between 2 boys. Riley also has written the songs for the musical. Her boyfriend Preston will play one of the "boyfriends" and Landon is picked to play the other. Riley and Landon agree to get along since they have to practice at school and away from school to learn lines and all of the music. Landon breaks up with his girlfriend. He and Riley get very close. The rest of the story is about Riley's band, Riley's relationship with both Preston and Landon. It also takes them past college and into young adult hood.

  • Megan Shultz
    2019-02-08 17:03

    man. I really got into some of the scenes. like when *SPOILER* Damian came back and kidnapped Riley? dude I was freaking out. I was never expecting that to happen. I didn't like the ending, but only because I wanted them to stay together. I think it was a good ending though, it's just that my personal feelings got involved. lol. onto the last one!

  • Crystal Feaster
    2019-02-02 22:07

    The series skipped a head by almost 20 years so that was a little wierd for me but I still liked it I liked Riley and her band although it did jump around quite a bit for me over all it was a good edition to the series glad to see Madison and Orion's daughter and son to find such happiness

  • Melissa T
    2019-01-23 21:55

    The continuation of this story isn't really necessary, but I do like the characters enough to keep reading. There are some plot inconsistencies and holes that make this have a lesser rating, though. Full review to come.

  • Aydrea
    2019-01-29 19:52

    I loved seeing Madison & Orion "later on" in life. These stories are so short I feel like things happen so fast! The ending kind of ticked me off.

  • Dawn Marshall
    2019-02-17 18:08

    Glad i carried on reading definitely pleased i carried on with the series.

  • Amy
    2019-01-26 19:45

    Another okay story. Still poorly edited.

  • Andrea Dillon
    2019-02-14 20:07

    Much better than the first one. I liked the insight to her parents and the surprise twist.