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The Original Vampire is rekindled for the 21st Century..."Some stories should never end. Good stories leave the reader thirsty for more. The best stories can give us legends that leave a permanent imprint on the literary world. Count Dracula is just such a legend; spawned countless film adaptations, inspired the 20th century horror genre and, ultimately, planted the vampirThe Original Vampire is rekindled for the 21st Century..."Some stories should never end. Good stories leave the reader thirsty for more. The best stories can give us legends that leave a permanent imprint on the literary world. Count Dracula is just such a legend; spawned countless film adaptations, inspired the 20th century horror genre and, ultimately, planted the vampire firmly in popular culture. Yet in a world of civilized, sparkling vampires, Stoker's story begs to be continued.With Dracula Rekindled, Xander Buchan takes the reigns from Bram Stoker with a fresh sequel that remains faithful to the Gothic horror classic, Dracula. Crafted in an epistolary style, and sharing the same DNA as Dracula, Xander also succeeds in making the read distinctly contemporary. This clever, suspenseful story builds steadily to draw the reader into a place of much mystery, intrigue, and horror. The ORIGINAL VAMPIRE has been rekindled and Buchan has created a believable Dracula for the 21st century.SYNOPSIS:'Not until he cannot lose will he make his move! His preparation will be slow and thorough. Never again will he meet defeat by the same ends...'A young couple find their plans delayed by unforeseen events. A student's PhD research digs up more than she bargained for, and a renowned Haematologist discovers his ancestor, Van Helsing, was master of more than just medicine.Amidst a series of strange events and horrific discoveries, lands are being bought up in Scotland; renovation work begins in a quaint coastal village to restore a medieval castle ruin. Does the prestigious restoration, and its new owner, hold any connection to the dark events unfolding?As a dark force rises, a secret history is uncovered - but could it even be believed? A desperate hunt for answers leads to the farthest reaches of darkest Europe; has an ancient foe returned to threaten mankind once more?"...

Title : Dracula Rekindled: Part 1 of 2
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ISBN : 9781480191495
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Dracula Rekindled: Part 1 of 2 Reviews

  • Helen Strachan
    2019-02-07 03:47

    Didn't intend to write a review but as someone has, bizarrely, dared to give it a 1 Star rating, I thought it best to justify my own 5 Star rating.The book surprised me BIG TIME! The author states that he wrote this as a "direct" and "Faithful" sequel to the original Dracula. To me, it was exactly that. The writing style and mood were replicated extremely well by Buchan, and the flow and continuity from the original worked great.We meet the same Dracula Stoker created, as opposed to the lovey-dovey one from Francis Ford Coppolla. Dracula is plotting, scheming and being MUCH more sly than in the 19th century story...he's even tweeting!There is a bit of closure at the end, only for the (apparent) last page to be turned and BOOM... the whole thing is blown open for a sequel.A word of warning though; this book is not for everyone! Certainly worth reading if you liked the original, but avoid it if you didn't! This book is too good for 1 star reviews!

  • Cheryl
    2019-02-15 05:35

    I read the 'official' sequel to Dracula when it came out and was beyond disappointed with it, I was interested that this book was described as also being a sequel and I have to say that this book is leaps and bounds better than the official one.Not only is the writing style of Stoker continued it's also updated so we get diary entries, newspaper reports and now Twitter, brilliant. Who would've thought that Dracula would have his own Twitter page?There's a number of characters in this story and I have to admit that on a couple of occasions I was almost worried to be met with another new name to remember but what's wonderful about this story is that eventually, in some way or another, they all intertwine, whether it be immediately or at opposite ends of the book which I think is very clever writing. As mentioned before it stays faithful to Stoker's style and also picks up Dracula's character well decades after the original finished. Johnathan and Mina's characters are continued while their ancestors are also brought into it so there's plenty for Dracula fans to relate to.Genuinely looking forward to the next book coming out.

  • Donna
    2019-01-31 02:33

    I kept putting off reading this as you shouldn't mess with a classic novel such as Dracula. I really wanted to read it, but I didn't want to read it in case I was disappointed. I needn't have worried.This novel is set in two time periods - 7 years after the events in Dracula and also in 2010-2011. The older events are laid out in journals and letters by Abraham van Helsing and his family members, and the modern day events are in emails and texts and Facebook timelines. So it follows a similar format to the original, just updated.There are quite a few viewpoints to follow, and it can jump about a bit but the story is all building up to Dracula making a reappearance in Scotland after a hundred years of silence. He has slowly been plotting his comeback.There isn't too much bloodsucking and murder, it is more suspense and there are some great homages to the original, including a madman in a mental hospital eating flies. So if you enjoyed Dracula I think you will enjoy this. I'm sure the author's name is a pseudonym, but you never know!

  • Sonja
    2019-02-23 07:44

    I just finished this book and I love it. The "voice" of the book sounds like Stokers. It takes you on a journey through Transylvania, Amsterdam and up to Scotland. I live my monsters, I really do, but when they come to my dreams... It´s the first time a character from a book visited my dreams. It is a "to be continued" book and I hope the sequel soon comes out.. It is a must buy if you like Bram Stokers Dracula..

  • Hope
    2019-02-04 04:20

    This is not a complete book! Ending with "To Be Continued" completely pissed me off. I felt cheated. To my recollection, not a single plot point resolved. Frankly, I'm still too annoyed about the "To Be Continued" to say much about the rest of the book. The books flaws wouldn't have been a problem if the damn story had actually, ya know, ended.

  • David McDonald
    2019-02-06 06:40

    2012 marks the centenary of the death of the author Bram Stoker, whose most famous creation, Dracula, has not only endured but increased in popularity to the point where more than 200 movies have adapted Stoker's gothic tale.Dracula has been imitated, parodied and "reimagined"... Now, a century after Stoker's death, new Scottish author Xander Buchan has taken this classic tale and written a direct sequel, Dracula Rekindled.It is only fair that I set out my own stance before embarking on this review in earnest. I would consider myself a near lifelong fan of Stoker's vampiric villain. From my first time watching late night Hammer House of Horror films when I was a kid, to reading the source material repeatedly before my teenage years, to the academic paper I wrote, critiquing the book; it's an understatement to say that I am an aficionado of what many consider to be the best known archetype within the genre.Against that background, I was wary about starting to read a book which purported to be a direct sequel to Stoker's classic tale of horror; and one that came with its own low-budget youtube trailer that used Wojciech Kilar's memorable score from Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula...Xander Buchan, as a first time author, can in no way be faulted for being so ambitious as to take on a project of such magnitude. To my mind, the most successful adaptations of the Dracula tale have come from Kim Newman and C.C.Humphries, who both adopted wildly different takes on their fictitious accounts, one focused on Stoker's creation and the other on developing a tale of fiction based on what was known of the real Dracula. Buchan, as stated, has chosen to create a direct sequel to Dracula and so, adopts the characters created by Stoker and advances matters further, following not only their plight but the fate of their descendants also.Buchan has heeded the advice given to many authors and has written both what he knows (setting much of the proceedings in Aberdeenshire) and what he loves, since the man is clearly a fan of Dracula. The author has taken the epistolary style used in Stoker's original tale and used it, I would suggest, quite faithfully and incorporated not only diary entries and newspaper articles but also Facebook posts and emails, in keeping with the time in which proceedings are set.However, Dracula Rekindled is not without its problems. The author has literally been a one-man-band and written, edited and tackled every facet of this project alone. As admirable as this is, I would suggest that the resultant typos and mistakes were to be expected. Similarly, the pacing of the book is at times quite off and difficult to gauge. I felt it settled down considerably when events that mirror those of Harker's visit to Transylvania in Dracula occurred but this did not occur until around halfway through the book. Overuse of certain words and turns of phrase were commonplace and the final chapter, I felt, ought to have been more properly absorbed into the body of the text rather than utilised as the closing stanza.The main critique that I have of Dracula Rekindled is ultimately, one passage. A knowing refereence to the Twilight saga by Dracula himself was an attempt at light humour that was entirely blunt and not in keeping with the tone of the book at all.These problems, although more than trivial, did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. Dracula Rekindled, unlike many of its contemporaries, has heart and soul, no doubt as a result of the passion of the author. Buchan has created a believable Dracula for the 21st Century while still staying true to Stoker's creation and even adding some flourishes that I would suggest, add credibility to the character, given its origin in historical fact. Notably for me, Buchan has this incarnation of Dracula feeding the flesh and blood of those who would transgress against him to his guests; and impaling others.I would have thought that with the inclusion of impalement and cannibalism, the gore factor speaks for itself. For those not satisfied with that, there's also the sacrifice of babies, mutilation and the full gamut of debauchery expected of such a tale. That's not to say that Buchan's story is simply a gorefest, far from it. He has developed an intricate storyline spanning, and indeed pre-dating, the hundred and odd years where Stoker's Dracula left off.Dracula Rekindled is not flawless. The book could undoubtedly use the services of an editor in order to create a far sharper read with significantly improved pacing and planning. Ultimately however, I very much enjoyed reading this tale and I'm intrigued as to what Buchan next has in store for the characters in his updated tale of gothic horror.

  • Nic
    2019-02-14 03:46

    I really liked the premise and I really wanted to enjoy the novel more, but there were things that kept distracting me from the story. First of all, a good chunk of the diary entries, etc, are written in modern times. However, the language is still attempting to imitate Stoker's writings, and it makes it feel very out of place. An example: "A dark crimson cap crowned his head, from under which flowed long black locks, well-oiled and resting tidily upon his shoulders. His collar was adorned with a voluptuous dark crimson neck tie, tucked into a silk waistcoat. The thick hair framed his face which, in contrast to the dark wardrobe, was very pale. It was quite thin, but strong, and the bone structure was highly chiselled and profoundly angular. A trimmed and tidy moustache sat under his narrow but highly bridged nose, it was a very noble looking nose. The hairline was high up on his large round forehead which itself sat upon a very strong brow. The man's eyes were dark brown, almost with a red tint, and quite intense to look at. They were set in the skull in a peculiar way which gave one the impression that he always looked at you expectantly, incapable of having a passive stare." Or "I tried with my best kicks and punches, all I could do was delay and annoy her. I did a notoriously difficult Nine Block to protect my torso from the onslaught and but this opened my head to attack and she forcefully stretched her claws past my flaying limbs to grab my long hair." Who writes in their journal like that?There were also numerous typos and errors in grammar (see "and but this" above), as well as some confusion about the difference between Twitter and Facebook (and the fact that Twitter has a 140 character limit, I don't care who you are, Dracula), but those didn't bug me nearly as much as the casual reference to "an unexplained solar eclipse." Dude, if there's an unexplained solar eclipse, that means the moon isn't where it's suppose to be, and that's going to cause a major panic.The story literally ends with "TO BE CONTINUED." I'm undecided on if I'll read the sequel.

  • M.W. Duncan
    2019-02-23 05:21

    I’d read Stoker’s Dracula back in school, and enjoyed it very much. I’ve always been wary of reading sequels written by other authors. Let’s just say that I am glad I decided to buy Dracula Rekindled for my Kindle! There is so much to like about this book. The writer obviously has put in a lot of effort with regards to research and making sure the continuity remains constant. He uses some of the original cast well, in conjunction with characters of his own creation. In doing this he manages to weave them all together in an engrossing story which held my attention throughout. On a personal note, I much preferred the sections that dealt with the original cast, but that’s to be expected as someone who’s read the original, I already had an affinity for them. Still, the characters that he does create are interesting and each unique. I found myself liking a few over the others. The location changes a fair bit which adds to the excitement of the book. I’m happy to hear that there will be a follow on to this book and will be picking it up when published. Now what I didn’t like. To be honest, there wasn’t anything to not like in the book. I do however have one or two minor nitpicks. I found the social media sections to be a little distracting. I read them all, however didn’t feel like they added a huge amount to the story. I would be happy to see these sections reduced in future work and more actual writing. Still, it was a unique twist and for the most part, worked well. The author on occasion does overstate things. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but there was one section where we were clearly witnessing a vampire drinking “tomato juice” from a glass. The author went to great lengths to tell us that all was not as it seemed. For me, it was pretty apparent that this was the case and I didn’t need so much direction here. But as I said, minor nitpicks. These two points take nothing away from the story. The author clearly knows how to write, and keep the reader interested. I’m a fan and will be back for the sequel! **** for an impressive book.

  • A.J. Brewster
    2019-02-11 04:39

    I didn't think there would be anyone 'man' enough to take over from where Bram Stoker left off with Dracula but Xander Buchan manages to do so with Dracula Rekindled. Not only does he continue where Bram Stoker finished but he brings evil back to life and into modern times. Being a Dracula fan and having read it several times I felt compelled to read this book. From the very first line I was immersed within this remarkable novel, finding every minute I could just to read a bit more. Saying to myself in my head that I would just read this bit and call it a day for the moment, and then finding myself still reading it half an hour later. Xander leaves no stone unturned in bringing this novel from the past to the present making you believe that it could be historically true and this leaves you with a tense 'what if' feeling. The characters are equally as strong as Bram Stoker's and you get drawn into their parts in this horror/thriller, so much so, that you feel part of the story yourself.I can highly recommend this book for lovers of Bram Stoker's Dracula and for the lovers of Vampire novels and movies alike. But do not get confused, Dracula is an evil character and not the 'wrongly done by', romantic version you watched in Coppola's Dracula. If you haven't read Bram Stoker (also an excellent read) then you really must do so before reading this because, although this novel can hold it's own because of the way it is written, the two stories really do meld well together.

  • Sharon Stevenson
    2019-01-25 01:20

    'Dracula Rekindled' is a sequel to Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' which goes back and forth between what happened directly after the original story, and events relating to it in modern times.This book has clearly been meticulously planned out, with the details polished to perfection. From Van Helsing's diary entries to the modern day facebook conversations everything was believable and felt appropriate to the setting. As the story goes on however, it does start to feel like there is too much happening to properly get a grip on the characters so I felt like I didn't care about them as much as I really should have. This was the only real problem I had with it. Everything else, as already mentioned, was very polished. The horror is gory and shocking, and is as vicious and brutal as it needs to be with such an evil antagonist involved. There is some truly horrifying stuff in here that will likely stick in your head for days if not weeks after reading.I will admit that although I liked the original 'Dracula' I prefer modern settings so I believe this book will be best appreciated by someone who enjoys both classic and modern books. Overall it is a very well written horror tale. I would recommend to horror fans, in particular fans of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.

  • Jamielee Prue
    2019-02-03 03:44

    I have to say that is the slowest that I have read a book in a very long time, but I could not help it. I would have lost details if I had read it quickly; just as reading the first Dracula quickly the first time through would surly cause you to lose very key details.I have to know if Xander Buchan is planning another novel after this! I am left wanting more. This book was just so, so astounding no incredible no forget all of that just plain old MIND-BLOWING! (I guess all of those words really mean the same thing and all but so hard to come up with a word that could really convey how I feel!)I was so wound up and the book was so hard to put down and just like Bram Stoker's the images that your brain comes up with thanks to the authors fantastically woven words sometimes makes you squeeze your eyes shut to hope in that you can shut out the visions! (because lets face it, sometimes ya got to stop the vision cause your scared...)Ughhh anyway I think I will have to not read another book for a day my brain may not be able to take it...I am not sure. I will have you know that I was so excited about this book that I bought it with the kindle app on my I-pod touch (yeah ity bity freakin screen!)...because it was not offered on my nook HD+...and I am so glad that I bought it!!

  • Ragne
    2019-01-27 02:25

    This was so very much better than I dared believe. The transition into the digital age is done seamlessly, it's quite brilliant how Dracula has mastered modern times and intertwined them with his old age, such as his house with the detail of the door.Thankfully, everyone speaks and writes better English, so it's easier to read than the original. However, this edition does contain quite a few "typos", I got tired quickly of translating genitives to plurals in my head. Sometimes, though, they are amusing; my favourite is when Dr. Helsy talks about a rare string of leukemia, and explains that sadly, it has a 100% morbidity rate. (Giggle, giggle.) Hopefully, these will be corrected in later editions. I think I liked the language. It seems a bit out of place in 2011, but when you consider the book it's a sequel to, I think it works. I was not prepared for this not being the end. Now, I have to wait for more!Thank you, Xander, for the tip!

  • Paddy
    2019-02-20 03:39

    An incredible book and very cleverly written. Xander Buchan has superbly intertwined the original story with a completely separate modern story that is perfectly joined in every detail.This is possibly the best ,or at least one of the very best Dracula stories I have read, and I struggled to put it down, it was such compelling reading.The only down side is that I have to wait for the next book to be written.I don't know why it hadn't crossed my mind how such a complex story was going to be able to end in the amount of pages left, but when the story just stopped and I realized that this was the first book I could have screamed.If like me you are a fan of Stoker's original Dracula story,this book certainly only makes you appreciate it more.I just can't wait for the second (concluding?) book to be printed.

  • Laura
    2019-02-20 01:44

    Have to say that I loved this, a true sequel to the original Dracula. Xander brought Dracula up to date with the introduction of twitter and Facebook, Dracula having a twitter account was so appealing, yet still stayed true to Stoker's style of writing. If you like your books to lead you down a straight path without much thought, then this may not be for you as it does jump back and forth between past and present, with many 'lightbulb' moments when links between characters become apparent. I however enjoyed dipping into the past then being faced with the modern day, making links between old and new characters. This book is not a quick read, but if you've always wondered what really happened next, Dracula Rekindled is as close as your going to get to a Bram Stoker sequel.

  • Lora
    2019-01-31 06:32

    I give this one star for good use of language styles. Honestly, I could not finish it. I come from the old school where blood in my vampire lit is fine, but not a lot of internal organs. That`s just how I am. I will say that what I read was higher quality than the Dacre Stoker book, not that I finished that one either. I sound so indecisive, I know, but my not finishing is actually very decisive act.I came back to add a side note: what I did see of Dracula himself in this book felt very accurately researched without feeling artificial. It truly felt as if the historical Dracula really was still roaming the Earth today. That was very well executed.

  • OrchardBookClub
    2019-02-07 07:18

    I love a vampire book and was keen to read this one!You can see the Authors passion for the characters and I liked the way that it jumps from modern day texts and emails to passed events by letters / diary notes with historical facts included altho some parts I found a bit confusing.I found the book entertaining, It had bit of gore and I had a few flinch moments, but over all an interesting read.Well done Xander on all the promoting, look forward to the next one!Rachel for the Orchard book club

  • Rachel Brightey
    2019-02-16 00:37

    I love a vampire book and was keen to read this one!You can see the Authors passion for the characters and I liked the way that it jumps from modern day texts and emails to passed events by letters / diary notes with historical facts included altho some parts I found a bit confusing.I found the book entertaining, It had bit of gore and I had a few flinch moments, but over all an interesting read.Well done Xander on all the promoting, look forward to the next one!Rachel for the Orchard book club

  • Gaston Sanders
    2019-02-07 07:33

    Written much like the original...I just finished DRACULA REKINDLED, by Xander Buchan and wanted to relay my opinions on the book. I truly enjoyed how the author tried to imitate Stoker's style in his writing and thought that it was a close approximation. I had a hard time concentrating on the storyline because of the way that the author kept jumping around from one media to the next and then over to another type of media. Confused? Frustrated? Well, so was I...Gaston Sanders, Author

  • Sandra
    2019-02-05 03:21

    Very scary but extremely entertaining book and I can`t wait to read the sequel. Tied in to the original story of DRACULA so well and good use of modern communication and social networking. Took me a little time to keep up with the different timelines but, once I got them straight in my head and understood where the story was going it was superb.Needless to say I can't wait for the sequel to see where this unusual tale goes especially with it's intricate twists and turns throughout.I look forward to hearing about and reading more from this author

  • Laura
    2019-01-29 23:20

    Great book! I loved the different point of views in the story and the way that all the characters were interrelated. I was doubtful at first of this book because I'm such a big fan of the original Dracula, but Buchan definitely made a great sequel. It was well researched and well written. I think that any lover of Dracula will appreciate this book.

  • Jeff Fountain
    2019-02-16 02:46

    I love horror and man, this book was truly horrific. I tried to like it, but it just tried too hard and fell felt on it's face ( or book cover ) Nothing too original and so repetitive I was bored fast. Sorry, but this was just bad.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-24 02:46

    Loved this book. Stoker himself would be proud. Great connection from old world to new world of today!

  • Angel Early
    2019-02-16 03:30

    If you are okay with the structure of the way Bram Stoker's Dracula is written, you will enjoy this book. If not, you won't.

  • julianne
    2019-01-24 02:23

    Really enjoyed this

  • Vampyress
    2019-01-29 01:37

    I found this book amazing and a joy to read, so well written that I could picture the whole thing in my mind as I read it!

  • Brian Whitehorn
    2019-02-09 06:43

    This is an ok book. I liked the update diary entries on social media. But the ending was so poor, felt like a piece of fan fiction .

  • Sarah Pickles
    2019-02-03 00:39

    I've certainly read worse, but I've also read better. a bit more work developing individual character voices would have helped a lot, as would a proof reader.