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WANTED FOR KIDNAPPING: a beautiful blonde with a penchant for trouble. May be armed (with bad intentions) and dangerously seductive… Kerry Sullivan is running out of time—and patience. With her brother wrongfully accused of embezzling millions, she can’t face one more humiliating hang up from the man she’s begging for help. Rafael Dawson may be one of the top electronic seWANTED FOR KIDNAPPING: a beautiful blonde with a penchant for trouble. May be armed (with bad intentions) and dangerously seductive… Kerry Sullivan is running out of time—and patience. With her brother wrongfully accused of embezzling millions, she can’t face one more humiliating hang up from the man she’s begging for help. Rafael Dawson may be one of the top electronic security experts in the country—and the only man who can prove her brother’s innocence—but his phone manners are appalling. Damn Yankee. Too bad kidnapping the man isn’t an option. Or is it? There’s nothing Kerry wouldn’t do for her brother. There are lots of things she longs to do to Rafe Dawson when he’s lying tied up and naked in Kerry’s secret hideaway. Rafe is certainly something to look at, but her brother’s life is riding on her pulling off the impossible: getting this man who’s always in control to lose it. But when the tables are turned, Kerry finds herself at Rafe’s mercy. And the only way to get her way is to let him have his way—with her… MATURE AUDIENCE...

Title : Bound and Determined
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ISBN : 9780425268216
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Bound and Determined Reviews

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-01-22 17:41

    I wanted more interesting characters. Not enough “showing” of the mystery and suspense part of the plot.STORY BRIEF:Someone with deep computer skills stole money from a bank, transferred it to the Cayman Islands, and framed Mark who worked at the bank. He is in jail awaiting trial. His sister Kerry called Rafe to ask for his help to find evidence to free Mark. She was too emotional, babbled, and didn’t make sense, so he hung up on her and wouldn’t take any more of her calls.Rafe is coming to Mark’s bank to do some computer consulting work. Kerry holds a sign at the airport with Rafe’s name. He doesn’t know she’s the phone caller. Kerry takes Rafe to a limo. Her friend Jason is the driver. She gives Rafe a drugged drink, and he falls asleep. Kerry and Jason take Rafe to a friend’s remote cottage which has lots of sex toys. They handcuff Rafe with chains that are long enough for him to walk between the bed and bathroom. When he wakes, he learns what Kerry wants. He talks her into having sex with him. She is a virgin, but she desires him. He is able to tie her hands, free himself, and then switch places with her. They now negotiate. She will be his sex plaything for 48 hours, and he will investigate the theft.REVIEWER’S OPINION:Most of the book – maybe 75 % is about Rafe and Kerry being with each other, lots of sex, lots of pondering and worries about their relationship. I was impatient to get to the story about computer hacking and the bad guys. The mystery and suspense felt empty – like summarizing after the fact. I didn’t get into the minds, motives, details, and actions of the bad guys. I wanted to see bad guys doing things with conversation and thoughts as they did them. For example: a bad guy kills someone. We didn’t see how it was done or the conversation during it. It was told after the fact, not shown. Also, the bad guy had a connection with organized crime that wasn’t described at all. It was sort of tacked on. I wanted to get into that at least a little bit. However at the end we do get one scene being shown – the one where the bad guy gets caught. However that scene was unbelievable. The police and friends just stood outside listening instead of going in to help. The bad guy was in the process of killing someone.Kerry is a waitress putting herself through school. Her thinking and actions range from not very smart to stupid. She doesn’t bring anything interesting to the story other than being a size 12 knock out that Rafe and other men desire. Her main quality is loyalty to her brother – willing to do anything and everything to help him. Rafe describes her as sunshine – warm and gives with her whole heart. Ok she sounds lovely, but I didn’t like her enough to want to read a whole book about her. I’m not sure what was missing. She just didn’t interest me.Rafe is smart and talented. I liked his computer hacking skills and brains which helped solve the mystery. He never wanted emotional relationships with women in the past. He was too much into his computers and work.Kerry really likes Rafe and wants to be with him. So why after having sex, does she go off to be by herself in the bathroom? She locks the door and showers. The next time they have sex, again she is cold and distant afterwards. He doesn’t know why. She doesn’t give him a reason. There’s another scene (p 193) where Kerry realizes she’s falling in love with Rafe, so she tells herself “she had to get away from him soon, before she did something really stupid, like beg him to stay with her forever.” To me that’s just more unentertaining pondering. At one point Rafe tells her he must leave her and stay in a hotel for a day – for her own safety. That causes her to be mad, thinking he doesn’t like her. Rafe tells Kerry not to tell anyone where he is staying. Kerry knows they have three suspects. One of the suspects calls Kerry asking her where Rafe is, and Kerry stupidly tells that person.I enjoy sex scenes as much as anyone. But I was surprised that I skimmed most of the sex scenes. I’m not sure if I can explain what was wrong with them. They were too drawn out and filled with unrelated conversation. They were doing all the things that most sex scenes do, but I wasn’t interested or emotionally moved.This book has been published under two different author names: Shelley Bradley and Shayla Black – the same person.DATA:Story length: 327 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 11. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 65. Setting: 2005 Tampa area, Florida. Copyright: 2006. Genre: contemporary romance with mystery suspense.

  • jenjn79
    2019-01-17 15:22

    Rating: 3.5 / 5 The first half of this book was a little weak for me, but I thought it picked up in the second half. I enjoyed it overall for the most part, but I wouldn't say it is one of my favorite books or a book that I'd want to read again some day.Summary: Kerry Sullivan considers herself to be just your average girl. She works in a dinner to make money to go to college. She's curvy instead of being a size 2. She's never been in a relationship. And the only family she has is her older brother, Mark. But now Mark is in big trouble. He's been arrested for embezzling $3 million from the bank where he works. Kerry knows her brother is innocent...she just has to help prove it. So she finds out the name of the computer security expert the bank has hired to help shore up their security. And comes up with a plan...Rafe Dawson arrives at the airport and sees a beautiful blonde waiting to escort him. She says she is the "hostess" the bank hired for him while he is in Florida. He's instantly attracted to the blonde and they share a steamy interlude in the limo. Then the next thing he knows, he wakes up naked and bound in a bed, kidnapped by his so-called "hostess."Kerry pleads with Rafe to help her prove her brother's innocence. At first, he refuses...then he suggests a bargain. She gives him 48 hours of no-holds barred sex and he will look into her brother's situation. Surprisingly, Kerry agrees. They embark on a hot affair that gets dicey when feelings become involved. But Rafe has scars from his past that keep him from giving in. He will have to face some truths about his life if he wants to give Kerry what she deserves.Review: I liked the concept of this story...the loyal sister kidnaps a man to help prove her brother's innocence. It's got a certain quirkiness to it that makes it interesting. I'm not sure it's the most original storyline...I think I've come across it before. But it's still an interesting one to read. Especially when it's used in an erotic romance because it leads to all kinds of interesting situations ;)I did think, though, that the first half of the book dragged a bit because it devolved into wall-to-wall sex. Once the H/H get down to business, you get a ton of sex. And for me, that gets boring. I love a hot sex scene as much as any girl, but I'm not generally a fan of books that give you too much sex at once. This one did that in the first half of the book. I started skimming the scenes a little to get to the other stuff in the story - the stuff that moved the plot and the characters along.As the book moved on, though, the sex got a bit less and the very mild suspense plot came more to the forefront. I actually found that part of the story rather interesting. There's a nice little mildly intense whodunit to the story regarding who framed Kerry's brother. Which keeps you reading to see who the bad guy is. I had a pretty good guess which of the three suspects it was...and I was right. But it was still fairly interesting to read. There was even a nice climax scene with the heroine in danger. I thought that was a great ending to the plot.The romance was pretty good as well. Kerry is just your average, loyal nice girl who falls in love with the unattainable guy. Rafe has kept himself emotionally distant after growing up with a bastard of a father. He's afraid to love Kerry and must face his shortcomings in order to love her. It's a pretty classic romantic setup but I thought Kerry and Rafe had a good chemistry together and connected well. They were pretty enjoyable to read about.Other than the over-sexed first half, I didn't really have any major complaints about the book. The rest of it was pretty good...I didn't love it, but I liked it a fair amount. All in all it was a solid erotic romance. I didn't realize until the end when there was a preview of another book that Kerry's brother, Mark, had his own book. Considering what happens to him in this book, I'm interested in seeing how his story plays out. So I plan to read Strip Search soon.WARNING, this book contains: moderate to very explicit sex and language, light bondage, toys, body jewelry...nothing too terribly kinky, though

  • Nonieღserenity2bliss
    2019-01-28 11:32

    Not a big fan of Kerry. I just don't get her. I thought she knew what she got herself in but whenever she get all prickly everytime Rafe told her they just can't be together after their 48 hours is up, I got super pissed off with ber. I cannot help but think she is semi-delusional.

  • Unapologetic_Bookaholic
    2019-01-18 18:14

    The saving grace of this erotic novel was the fact that you could see the man change. I will admit the plot fizzled for me but the intrigue of the growing romantic relationship of the H/H was what kept me turning the pages.Kerry Sullivan is a 20-something, curvy virgin waitress living in FL.She needs to remedy her brother's dire situation, by any means neccesary. Enter: Rafe, e-securties expert. Kerry's brother has been accused of embezzling funds from the bank he works at and while she can't afford Rafe's services she has a plan to get his attention. The way the premise unfolds, I mean, it's gotta starts somewhere, somehow and pretty quick. The 48 hour sex deal was flimsy at best but I went with it. I LOVED the descriptive in the love scenes. The emotional and physical connection was instantly made, and you got to know the characters right away. I really hated Rafe. I called him an asshole/bastard for about 99.9 % of the book. But then when he has a chat with his father it is edvident why he is emotionally cold. I like alpha males that are emotionally scarred and let the women they met help them heal but this harsh, cold personality definately was new to me. But I am glad I hung on. I got to see a transformation that was believable not just because it needed to be a romantic HEA but because I felt the hero found someone that awakened him. I really enjoyed seeing that. This was a well written novel. With echoes of Lora Leigh [sizzling sex scenes with real emotional need:] and Megan Hart [the characters tend to have emotional baggage that makes them more real than romantic, at times:]. I'd recommend this to fans of well written erotic romancethat don't mind plot heavy suspense. There are a lot southern-type quips that threw me out of the rythm of reading [like 'I cried untilmy nose was as pink as a bunny' or 'my heart revved up like a motor on a car.' Every response was likened to something. Overall the book was a GOODREAD! 3.5 0f 5 stars

  • D.G.
    2019-01-18 14:32

    **2.5 stars**I really had a difficult time rating this book. I think the whole idea was for the plot to be funny erotica with sexy love scenes and zany situations. Well, if that was the author's aim, it delivered. The book was sexy and I laughed several times:"Should have listened to his instinct that a woman in the midst of heartbreak needed comfort, not a turkey on rye with light mayo.""Yes, that would happen as soon as the Cubs won the World Series." (I laughed hysterically at that. Sorry, Cubbie fans!)However, I've never seen such an overblown use of bad metaphors. There were at least two per page and I couldn't help but continually roll my eyes. I just started keeping track in the last part of the book and I found gems like:"If Rafe didn't resent her like a waitress does bunions""Guilt buzzed and stung like a whole hive of killer bees""Thoughts scrambled through her brain like lab mice on crack."I mean, WTH??Anyhow, I ended up rounding up instead of down because I laughed a lot with the first two quotes. And the book WAS sexy.

  • Lise
    2019-02-11 13:15

    Considering myself lucky to find this title of Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley)as it was one that I hadn't come across in my first obsessive acquisition of all of her titles, I enjoyed a wonderful read on Saturday. It is not a Wicked Lovers title, and in fact it has a lighter tone than those books do, with less of an intensity about the D/s relationships, but with equally as much humanity and heart, and two equally tormented characters. Kerry Sullivan's had a tough life. The only man who got her through it was her brother. She saw him through cancer only to be horrified when he's arrested for embezzlement. She tries to gain the sympathy of Rafael in order to use his cyber investigative knowledge to prove her brother's innocence, but he's having none of her pleas. He's on a fast track to big bucks - the better to prove his worth to his estranged father. So when Kerry has no other choice - she takes a big risk to get his aid. The set-up requires the twosome spend time sequestered together and Rafael's barter suggestion - sex, anything he wants, anytime he wants for 48 hours - in exchange for his help, isn't really that hard a decision for Kerry. Because Rafael is smoking hot. But things get complicated. Emotions rise to the surface and both lovers' insecurities make for potent conflict. When the outside forces at work forcing her brother into a trial become alerted to Rafe's investigations, danger soon comes calling. The suspense elements in B&D did leave just a teensy bit to be desired (as is the case in some of the other titles of Black's) as I found the climactic confrontation staged a bit too much for plot convenience rather than believability. I also had the villain figured out but maybe it is just because I'm also an avid thriller reader that these 2 points were so evident to me. Regardless, the heat, the passion, the love, the lust, and the sympathy for two lost characters who can change their respective futures, and some nice humor make for a well-rounded and hot hot hot read. Stick with Shayla/Shelley for a good (erotic romance reading) time.

  • Tiffany
    2019-01-19 11:41

    Being tied up never looked so goodKerry Sullivan is desperate. Her brother Mark has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the bank he worked at. She knows he’s innocent and is trying to prove it. The only way she knows how is to get into the bank’s computer. Though she has no idea how to do that. She finds someone who can, Rafael Dawson, one of the top electronic security experts there are. She tries to call him, beg him to help. He refuses time and time again. She becomes even more desperate. She calls him in for a job, one that doesn’t exist, so she can get what she wants.Rafael arrives at the airport and meets Kerry, though he doesn’t know it’s her. She makes herself look sexy hoping he’ll fall for it. The next minute Rafael is dizzy and blacks out. Kerry had drugged him. With the help of a friend, she ties him up in her secret hideaway. She won’t let him go until he helps her. He refuse, so she refuses to until him. Eventually he gets himself until. Though doesn’t leave. He tells her that he’ll help her if she’ll stay three days with him. He has full control. She’s willing to do anything for her brother so she agrees. He starts to fall in love with her, like she has with him. They start to share more then words, making it even hotter. Will she ever get her brother the help he needs, though she can’t and doesn’t want to get away for Rafael.This book was really good. The way she makes Rafael lose control, and then grow to become more then that. The heat that’s between those two are phenomenal. It’s not as predictable as some of the other books she written. It’ll keep you intrigued till the very end.

  • Kerry
    2019-02-04 16:37

    Well, let's start by saying that the premise of this book is ridiculous. Kerry Sullivan is trying to get her brother out of jail and she thinks that she can do this by kidnapping, stripping naked and then tying to a bed computer security expert Rafe Dawson? When he wakes up in this predicament 36 hours after the drugs she gave him have worn off, did she expect him to be happily willing to help her and her brother? Oh, and let's not forget that she is a virgin and that the place she is holding him is referred to as Uncle Dave's Love Shack.Now that I've gotten all of that off of my chest, I really enjoyed the book. I thought that Kerry and Rafe had great chemistry. The sex was plentiful, although pretty vanilla. The Love Shack had some interesting toys that put a smile on my face. Aside from the romance, there was actually a story with some mystery and danger. I look forward to reading the second book in the series.

  • Thanh Tran
    2019-01-21 12:20

    Easy reading - after YA trilogies like the Hunger Games n Birthmarked, my brain needed a vacation from outraged disbelief posed from the endings of these YA trilogies!!

  • Cassie'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood
    2019-01-19 10:38

    Hello beautiful people!! So here we are yet again with another review that will most likely have some ranting through out it.So lets start shall we??First I got to say that the reviews on the book inside the cover was dead on this time. Seeing as if it wasn't for life and every day things that needed to get done. (laundry, putting things away from shopping, cleaning out a house...) I would of most likely had this done the same day I started this. Seeing as it had me hooked from page 1. Now do I always give romance books a good ranting and good review? No. Oh heeeeeelll no! Just go look at my 'Fifty Shades of Grey' review if you don't believe me. But anyways. We're not talking 50 Shades here.Right now, we're talking about this book. Which was really super good! It did have romance in it yes. Did it have some bondage and stuff like that in with it? Yes. But not overly done with the bondage and all that jazz. More times then not it was heated sex and mystery.Seeing as the story line kept you guessing until the very end on who framed her brother Mark. Seeing as at one point it seemed like the boss did it, then Jason which is Mark's best-friend did it, then you think it's Tiffany (Marks wife) But then your back to suspecting someone else. Plus Tiffany was a air head. (Or was she... Bawhahahah!) Kerry, at points seemed vain to the point were you thought you would loose your mind if she didn't see reason but then she was able to always redeem herself somehow. So I'll give her a pass. Rafe. Oh Rafe. What to say about you? Okay. Lets not play dumb here. Rafe sounded hot. And sexy. Plus the fact that he helped her find out who actually framed Mark was a plus too. I have to say over all he was a truly worthy charter. Seeing as he's not perfect by any means but he's also not a jackass- okay. Maybe he is at some points. But the good thing about Mrs. Black is that she never fails to write interesting and amazing charters. And the end is totally worth every minute of reading this book! The only issue I really had with this book was how it ended. Don't get me wrong. I loved the ending but it also left a lot of things open. It makes me wish that she'd done a month or two or even a year later so that you could know what happens. Seeing as at the end Mark is released. Rafe comes back from New York and asks Kerry to marry him. She agrees. But what about the wedding?? What was it like? Where are they going to live? Is Kerry going to go with Rafe to live in New York while Mark stays in Florida? Is Rafe going to leave New York and move to Florida to be with Kerry and Mark and run his business from there now that their married?? So, so, so many unanswered questions!!! But that was the only thing that I can honestly say that my real problem with the book was. But if you can over look that I can promise you it's so worth the read.

  • Kenya Wright
    2019-01-22 10:19

     3.5 Stars. _____________________________________________ Although over three hundred pages,this was a quick read.Lots and lots of sex.There were times when I wantedthem to take a nap or get something to eat.I know the poor heroine had to be exhaustedafter the author finished the book.The actual suspense part of the plot kicked intoward the end of Act Two.By then I'd been so satiated and dripping withsperm that I barely followedthe thrill of the small mystery.By the end of the novel,I was intrigued by a little twistin the mysteryand some more sex. . .Over all I give it 3.5 stars due tothe sex overloading and exhausting me. ________________________________________________________ Additionally, it shocked me thatthe heroine was a virginand got it in so much in the beginning. _______________________________________________________ That being said. . .this is my new go-to author for erotic romance.Loved her sex scenes.She draws you into the heatand doesn't let go until your burning on fire.

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2019-01-30 14:41

    Trying to prove her brother's innocence when he's charged with embezzlement from the bank he works at, Kerry Sullivan needs the help of big time computer-security expert Rafael "Rafe" Dawson. But every time she tries to enlist his help he blows her of without listening to her story. Kerry decides to take matters into her own hands and abducts him in order to make him listen. When Rafe discovers his kidnapper is the same woman who has been phone-stalking him the past few weeks he comes up with a plan to escape. He bargains her into agreeing to a deal and the deal they strike soon turns into very hot and seductive.If you pick this book up expecting a nice contemporary romance read with a bit of suspense, forget it! This is downright erotic romance. It's explicitly hot and Shelley Bradley tells it like it is, she doesn't embellish and doesn't tone down on the raw sexual attraction between Rafe and Kerry. Both Rafe and Kerry haven't had easy childhoods but they each deal with it in very different ways. Kerry hangs on to the people who haven't left her and she will do anything for them. She is loyal, brave, determined and sometimes a bit naive and willing to see the good in people even when it's clear that some are just plain evil. But she rises to the occasion when needed. Rafe is a bit overbearing. He is alpha to the bone and just makes you melt for his rugged and raw sensuality. He is determined to proving to a father who never loved him or approved of him that he isn't the good-for-nothing son his father always pegged him for. He is building his own multi-million business to rub it in his father's face. But soon after meeting Kerry he discovers there's more to life than proving his worth to an unloving father.I loved reading both characters and their fiery interactions. They had some on-liners that had me laughing out loud and some love scenes that were sizzling, intense and lascivious. The first part of the book is little more than erotic scenes linked together by the introduction of Kerry, Rafe and their backgrounds, together with the small beginning of a suspense plot. But the plot didn't have the upper hand in this book. It was the romance and the love scenes that dominated. Sometimes the phrasing and one-liners were edging toward tumbling over the top and could've been toned down a bit, even if only in quantity. Sometimes it was really dangerously on the edge of turning cliché and shallow. But still Shelley knows how to rev it up. The interactions between Rafe and Kerry, both sexually and emotionally are intense and mesmerizing. With the second part of the book she more than makes up for the first part both in the emotional department as action wise, picking up on the plot and feelings going beyond the instant sensuality between Rafe and Kerry and she finishes it with a satisfying conclusion. Next to the explicitness there are heartfelt emotional struggles, a suspense plot that's not elaborate but still well written and surprising. The main characters evolve from two people just going at it like bunnies, to a couple that fits each other perfectly and they are fleshed out nicely despite the abundance of eroticism. The story of initial lust and passion grows into something more profound and heart breaking.Actually, contrary to my obsessive habit of reading books in the correct order, I read book 2 of this series (STRIP SEARCH) before I read this one (due to some logistic problems with receiving this book) but book 2 couldn't have prepared me for what I found in this book even if the books are related. And even though book 2 was explicit and hot too, I really think this book wins in all categories but still I can't say which one I liked more.To date there are only two books in this series but I really hope Shelley Bradley will one day continue with another story in this setting. The books that are published and which I've read make me want more of her hot writing and her mafia-minded plots. For a contemporary romance the balance was slightly tipped towards the erotic side too much, which can turn away moderate contemporary romance readers but if classified as an erotic romance it provides all the elements needed and gives the reader who's into that genre a great book.

  • Marie
    2019-02-09 13:17

    Kerry (with a K) is in desperate need to prove her brother isn't guilty for stealing money for the bank that he works for. Which is why she needs Rafe, she's tried to get a hold of him multiple times prior to hear out her situation and hopefully offer some assistance. But Rafe (who has turned his hobby of hacking into a business -- smart man) has already decided that he has no interest to help her. So desperate Kerry comes up with a plan. Kidnap him. She's brilliant, isn't she? So she does exactly that with the help of her brother's best friend, Jason.The books goes on with Rafe struggling with his feelings for Kerry and what he know's he can't provide for her. And Kerry struggles with her feelings for Rafe and how insecure she feels about them. The steamy scenes were indeed steamy! And a lot of the time they were followed by an aww moment. For an erotica, this book had a really really strong plot in the background. If you were to take out the steamy scenes, it would still make a great suspense story! While you're hoping that they would just out with their feelings for each other, you're also eager to know who framed Kerry's brother? And why? The clues building up make you assume who the person guilty for it is... but the ending I promise will leave you gasping in shock like it did for me!

  • Christina
    2019-01-20 12:31

    *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*Bound & Determined is the story of what happens when desperation is all you have left. Kerry is a twenty three year old virgin that has no one left in the world but her brother, Mark. Mark is currently awaiting trial for embezzling millions of dollars from the bank he worked at. The only way Kerry can help Mark is to enlist the help of computer security specialist Rafael Dawson. Unfortunately Rafe, as he prefers to be called, is arrogant and far more concerned with earning his millions, which he is preparing to shove in his estranged father’s face. Kerry’s desperation leads her to do the unthinkable. Rafe has to be help if he has no choice, doesn’t he? Bound and Determined sizzled from the very beginning. Ms. Black crafted an outstanding tale of intrigue in which the sexual relationship was very much a part of the story, not simply thrown in, for the sake of calling it erotica. The book was a fast, easy, read that I was engrossed with from the moment I opened the cover. This is five star reading at its finest.

  • Texas Reader Stacy
    2019-02-01 13:30

    ....sigh......every girl should have a fantasy .....I do like her "Wicked Lover's" series better, but this was a nice story for a Sunday afternoon. I liked the characters, and the plot guided them through the story enough that the sex didn't seem to out of place. I found the book charming in its innocence of Kerry's character and the "little boy lost" of Rafe. Not a best seller or a keepsake book, but a nice read anyway. Looking forward to Mark's story.

  • Rosie
    2019-01-24 18:35

    Shayla Black (writing as Shelley Bradley) has a definite talent for bringing her characters to life, making the reader feel as if they are a fly on the wall watching the story unfold. I can't get enough of her! The chemistry between the lead duo Rafe and Kerry was sizzling HOT! Well developed characters, a fast-paced engaging plot with lots of twists and turns and an extremely sexy love story. Can't wait for the re-release of Strip Search in July, this isn't a series but recurring characters!

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-01-27 18:42

    DNF. :( There was nothing interesting in this story for me and after 50% I couldn't find it in me to have any interest to go back to reading the other half or knowing what happens to the characters. Sad about it because I liked the novella I read in this series. Will probably try for book 2 at some point.

  • Delly
    2019-02-09 15:19

    omg this book is awesome, i wanted to know more n more, n it kept me captivating, shayla and shelly good job, i so love rafe

  • Rosniyati Othman
    2019-02-05 17:18

    huh...scorching hot

  • Louisa
    2019-01-22 18:39

    Sorry I don't write reviews, I just rate the books I read and if a book gets a five star from it was a very good book.

  • Layla Omorose
    2019-01-29 15:38

    When I saw that this book was on sale at Barns and Noble, I was excited to read it. Thinking that is was just like her previous books that I have read; Decadent and Wicked Ties, I dove right into the book. For the first few chapters I was interested in the characters and story. After getting a few chapters in my enthusiasm for the book died down. It was easy for me to put this book down for days at a time and not think about it. In fact several times I found myself wanting to put the book back in my bookcase and never look at it again. However, with that being said I tried to give the book the benefit of the doubt since it had been published years back and was the first in a new series.However that doesn't change the fact that there (for me anyway) are serious issues with character development and the over all excitement for the plot, which was very predictable and took me all of five seconds to figure out once all the characters had been introduced. Granted, this is a romance/erotica novel and not a mystery or thriller novel there is still something to be said for a decent plot.I have several issues with the plot and characters. For one the heroine comes off as a dependent and whinny young girl, who is so infatuated by the first hot guy to give her attention that it is sickening. I considered her a dumb blonde type for most of the book and her half wittiness didn't add anything mentionable to her character. Without giving away too many spoilers, ill give an example of what i mean, for instance, once Kathy and Ralph come up with a plan to catch the bad guys, Kathy is told not to mention their plans to anyone . And what does our lovely Kathy do? She spills the beans. One would think common sense especially when you are not sure who you should trust you do not tell one of the suspects you plans unless you are ten steps ahead of them... in which case Kathy is not.Then there is Ralph, our drop dead sexy hero who is a asshole but you can't help but like him. For me Ralph was the best part of the book and out of all the characters was the only one who actually had any character growth. He goes threw a wide range of emotions that he had to deal with and fears he couldn't run away from. I admit i have a little crush on Ralph simply because he is hot has gray eyes and is a sexual animal.As far as the plot is concerned...i didn't find much to it and the ending seemed like a forced and rushed happily ever after. I was no impressed nor was i pleased with its lack luster ending. The heroine had no change or growth, she was still the same cry baby 20 year old we met in the beginning of the book, and Ralph seemed like some desperate child looking for the affection his father didn't give him.Overall this book was a disappointment and not what i expected.

  • Jordan Bates
    2019-01-16 10:40

    Bound and Determined (Sexy Capers #1) by Shayla BlackPurchased: Barnes and Noble - $16.00My Rating: 4 of 5 StarsSpoilers!What's it all about?Kerry Sullivan would do anything for her brother it seems, and with her time running out that even means breaking a few laws in the process. With Kerry’s plan to kidnap Rafe Dawson, a tech security millionaire, and her need for Rafe to help her prove her brother is innocent of embezzling they both spiral down a path of what is right and what could never be wrong. The Worst Parts:When I started this book I was excited since I have read many of Shayla Black’s books, but this one had an awkward start for me. There wasn’t really a plot line set up it seemed, just that we knew that basics of where it was going. Then there was lots of sex, and I mean lots, THEN the story line picked back up with some action, and still there was sex. I think that in the beginning the characters were so lost that the story became lots, and I almost lost interest. The only other thing I didn’t like about the book was Jason and his scene with Kerry. I don’t think we needed the hint of violence, or such a strong come on from him. He had been so sweet to Kerry that I think it changed his character completely for me. The Best Parts:Although I didn’t like the way that Jason change din the book, I must say that I loved the change in Rafe. It wasn’t that we just saw him come back, but since the book is in third person we got to travel with him back home and see the process and the mindset it took to come back to Kerry. You could also see that change in the way they had sex. The scenes become hotter, if that is possible, even with so little toys and extras involved. I loved the last half of the book most. There was just so much more to the story that I actually acre about than what happened in the first half. The writing style through me off a bit, it wasn’t Black’s normal style - there were many pages of just purely long paragraphs of just thoughts from one character or two. It seemed to dull the novel down a bit, as I would have preferred to see the interactions rather than read about what could have been.Final thoughts ...When I bought this novel I had very high hopes, but I must say that it all came together by the end, and hopefully I will be buying the second book into the series Stripe Search which features Kerry’s brother Mark and his new adventure to find love. I love Shayla Black’s book because even though each is a stand alone you know the characters from previous books, so your not lost on who is who, you have already grown a connection with them.

  • Sandy S
    2019-01-23 13:35

    3.5 starsBOUND AND DETERMINED is the first book in Shayla Black’s Sexy Capers re-released contemporary, romance adult series. This is Kerry Sullivan and Rafe Dawson’s story.Kerry Sullivan needs to prove her brother’s innocence. Charged with the theft of over three million dollars from the bank in which he works, Mark Dawson awaits trial in prison not knowing who or why he was set up to take the fall. Kerry hopes to get computer expert and one-time hacker Rafe Dawson to find the proof that her brother has been framed. But when all calls and attempts to contact are met with dead ends, hang ups and threats, Kerry resorts to one final desperate attempt-kidnap Rafe Dawson and hold him hostage until he agrees to take her brother’s case.What ensues is the building of a relationship between Kerry and Rafe-one that started with Rafe drugged and in hand-cuffs and ended with a broken heart and shattered dreams. Rafe turns the tables on his would –be captor and demands 48 hours to do whatever he wants to and with Kerry in return for his assistance. What Rafe never expected was to fall in love with the woman who once held him hostage.The storyline follows Rafe and Kerry as they begin to uncover a trail that leads to the person behind Mark’s fraudulent charges. But along the way friends, family and co-workers must be ruled out before the identity of the person responsible is revealed. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of one woman’s attempts to right the wrongs against her brother and in doing so, she will fall in love with a man who believes he is not worthy of love or affection.The storyline is fast paced; the secondary characters are colorful if not limited in their exposure as most of the storyline is spent in the developing relationship between Kerry and Rafe and, the search for clues about the missing money and its connections to Kerry’s brother Mark. Through reflection and conversation we learn the background into both Kerry and Rafe’s family history and the real reason Rafe considers himself unworthy of Kerry’s love.Shayla Black combines the search for the truth with the building of a relationship that will end with a broken heart for two people who would never have met had it not been for an act of betrayal against someone close. The outcome was predictable but the ride to the end was entertaining.If you like a love story with a little mystery, a little suspense and a whole lot of sexual heat, BOUND AND DETERMINED is the perfect read with imperfect people who know something about determination and love.Copy supplied by the

  • Robbie
    2019-01-22 12:40

    I'm 12% in and I'm waiting for the sex to start, because at the moment, the premise is more than flimsy and both the hero and heroine are TSTL. C'mooooon, sex scenes!Maybe 60% done. The sex has arrived. Um, has this guy ever heard of a safeword?? I'm finding him quite rapey. At first, he said something like, "If you don't like something, say no and I'll stop," and at this point he says something more like "You can't say no. I'm going to do whatever I want to you. No isn't an option." UGH. The heroine was a virgin like 3 days ago, and this is what he thinks is cool? Just because she liked what he was doing and didn't ACTUALLY say no doesn't excuse this sort of thing for me. I nearly stopped listening at this point. I feel a little dirty for NOT having stopped listening, to be honest. Like, I need to check my morals. In good news, I got this from the library so I didn't pay for it and hopefully the author's not making a lot of money off of me for perpetuating this sort of "he's an alpha male so it's okay if he's a total asshole" tripe. I'm sure he'll redeem himself and become Mr. Sensitive by the end of the book, but whatever.OK, done. Yeah, there wasn't much non-con in the latter bit of the book, and it concentrated more on the crime/mystery aspect, but I'd guessed the culprit pretty early on. The main characters each introspectively go ON AND ON with their issues. Hers: "I love him but he doesn't love me." His: "I don't know how to love, boo hoo." But like fifty times each. Added to that annoyance is the fact that our hero Rafe's main motivation is to make $5 million by the time he's 30, just so he can rub it in his terrible father's face, was pretty lame. Rafe makes the money, goes to see his dad on Rafe's 30th birthday, tells Dad he's got $5 million now, and, much as I would, the bad dad pretty much says, "So f*cking what?" It was just such a bad goal, you know? It never endeared me to Rafe, that's for sure. So now I guess I've read the third and first in this series in the wrong order (#3 was a novella in an anthology), and I'll be skipping #2. There were just way too many instances of "enough already" and "ugh, nobody would really do that" for me, as if the author had decided on the motive and story, and then had to stick with it and shoehorned the characters into it. Or vice versa. It's not clear. ;-) Two stars, I guess. Some good sex scenes (except for the creepy bits), and the style's not bad, but the repetition, the introspection, and the characters' motivations are all minuses for me.

  • Symone T.
    2019-02-13 17:21

    When the love of a family member leads you to commit illegal acts, love could be around the corner (so could jail lol). Not in this case lol. Have a look and enjoy. You won't regret ..there is a follow up story that includes one the introduced characters in this book. Enjoy Shelley aka Shayla

  • ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    2019-02-02 10:16

    To prove her brother’s innocence in an embezzlement charge Kerry resorts to kidnapping electronic security expert Rafe Dawson. But she may have to let Rafe have his way first-with her.As Kerry Sullivan watched Rafael Dawson prowl with a panther like grace towards the baggage claim area at Tampa's International Airport - her heart was about to stop and she knew she was in deep trouble. He was drop dead gorgeous and looked nothing like the inconsiderate and rude sounding `computer nerd' she'd talked to on the phone - and this was the man she was planning to abduct! God, give her strength! Oh well, in for a penny.... dressed in her microscopic mini skirt, indecently tight red leather halter top, and looking rather slutty, Kerry raised the sign with Rafe Dawson's name on it.Rafe took one look, and couldn't quite believe the bank he'd been hired to provide security for was offering this - Kerry, with a K, `guide' for his stay. Weren't banks supposed to be ultra conservative? Though, why look a gift horse in the mouth - and what a mouth attached to a body luscious enough to stop traffic. Yes, this was starting to look like a very memorable job. Before he knew it, Rafe was in a long black limousine about to ravish his guide when the next thing he knew was waking up stark naked and chained to a bed with Miss Kerry - with a K - holding the key and asking him to help her prove her beloved brother innocent of embezzlement! Except for the fact that Kerry now looked even more delectable than in the `street-walker' costume, Rafe was in no mood to be doing favors until Kerry made him an offer he couldn't refuse!

  • ~ Stephanie Lynn ~
    2019-02-09 12:35

    I am a HUGE fan of Shelley Bradley AKA Shayla Black.The story is about Kerry trying to convice computer nerd security consultant of investigating her brother's criminal framing. Except Rafe the consultant thinks she's a nutcase and won't give her the time of day on the phone. As a last resort, Kerry kidnaps Rafe and chains him naked to a bed. It's a little far fecthed, but a nice typical erotica romance lead in. From there, Kerry and Rafe strike a bargain, in return for his investigating he gets Kerry however he wants for 48 hours.Despite the light bondage scenes, the encounters aren't kinky and are numerous. The story has a light mystery and does build characterization well. It's an enjoyable light read for an escapism guilty read. I will try to buy the author's future books as well as Strip Tease which is about Kerry's brother. I would highly recommend this book. The reason I gave this book 4 stars is because it was a light read and I wasn't really drawn to Kerry's blond ditzy personality. Bound and Determined has all the right ingredients for a great read. Well developed characters, an engaging plot and a meltingly yummy love story with lots of twists and turns, this plot is fast-paced. Ms. Bradley kept me guessing which character might be the embezzler. The suspense is well constructed. The timing impeccable. I found the mystery aspect of this story very satisfying and a great setting for it's delicious love story.

  • Shardallinee
    2019-02-07 15:18

    About the book: WANTED FOR KIDNAPPING: a beautiful blonde with a penchant for trouble. May be armed (with bad intentions) and dangerously seductive…Kerry Sullivan is running out of time—and patience. With her brother wrongfully accused of embezzling millions, she can’t face one more humiliating hang up from the man she’s begging for help. Rafael Dawson may be one of the top electronic security experts in the country—and the only man who can prove her brother’s innocence—but his phone manners are appalling. Damn Yankee. Too bad kidnapping the man isn’t an option. Or is it?There’s nothing Kerry wouldn’t do for her brother. There are lots of things she longs to do to Rafe Dawson when he’s lying tied up and naked in Kerry’s secret hideaway. Rafe is certainly something to look at, but her brother’s life is riding on her pulling off the impossible: getting this man who’s always in control to lose it. But when the tables are turned, Kerry finds herself at Rafe’s mercy. And the only way to get her way is to let him have his way—with her…Review: The book intrigued me from the start. I was guessing about the guilty party along with the main characters and was actually surprised in the end by the revelation. That earns the book another star. Characters were likeable and I wished them all a HEA. A decent read for sure.

  • SweetSue
    2019-01-19 16:25

    I just couldn't get into this book. Erotica with a ditzy, virgin heroine was too weird. And the fact that they were hanging out in the nasty uncle's "love shack" was gross. Kerry was a complete idiot throughout the whole book - if her brother was innocent, than someone else had to be the crook, but she trusted everyone else also. She kidnapped Rafael to force him to help prove her brother innocent, but he of course, turns the tables on her and demands 48 hours of sex play in return. Rafael was a caricature of the super-worldly billionaire hero, but he ended up being kinda bland. The villain was pretty obvious, but I wondered how a supposedly super smart, been at this for years crook decided to take on such a small potatoes operation. Nobody had an interesting motivation for the crime and catching the criminal wasn't that interesting to the author since not too much of that figured in the book. The romance was just "he's hot" "she's sunshiney" (whatever that means). I didn't care how their HEA worked out and skipped quickly through most of the end - actually I skipped quickly through a bunch of the beginning "sex play" part because it just wasn't that interesting either.I have the next book about the brother waiting at the library, we'll see.

  • Gina
    2019-01-21 11:29

    Not bad, not bad I say! It's the first Shelley Bradley I've read, and I liked it. It's put under contemporary, but I'd put it under erotic. The language, some might call it smut, me... well written and well worth the read, LOL! Regardless of the way it was written, it was more than plenty to make you hot under the collar and squirm in your seat, and I love that in an exotic contemporary novel. Bradley chose her wording well! The story has it's own little mystery, all together with action (in bed and out), made it exciting to read. Couldn't get enough, LMAO! You could feel the connection between hero and heroine, the characters were sincere and completely believable, uncluding the bad guys. I kinda guessed who it was, but that didn't matter to me. It was how the climax played out that went well with the story. The women are far from the helpless, brainless female, and the men not only struggle with the action, but with their feelings as well. A good read, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an easy read. And although this isn't part of a series, the second book coincides is titled Strip Search.