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She gave away her heart…Giving her heart to a mortal wasn't something the First Fate planned. Losing him nearly shattered her soul. Upon his death, Clotho swore never to love—or weave life—again. Hoping she'll change her mind before it's too late, Zeus commands the spinner of life to take a much needed vacation from her immortal responsibilities.He had to hide his...Dane iShe gave away her heart…Giving her heart to a mortal wasn't something the First Fate planned. Losing him nearly shattered her soul. Upon his death, Clotho swore never to love—or weave life—again. Hoping she'll change her mind before it's too late, Zeus commands the spinner of life to take a much needed vacation from her immortal responsibilities.He had to hide his...Dane is close to cracking the drug ring he's spent the last two years infiltrating, but needs to perform one last heist to meet the head man and prevent an impending war. An undercover agent, he’s now on the run from drug lords, thieves and with the very woman whose tears make him forget his purpose.Together they’ll find a way back from the dark.Chloe will have to put her trust a man she believes is like the ones that killed her fiance, or face an eternity on Earth. Without the desire for life, hope could slip through the cracks of time if he doesn’t love away her sorrow....

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  • Thomas Winship
    2019-02-19 05:39

    As a rule, I try to avoid romance novels. First of all, they’re just not my bag. Give me action, blood and guts, sci-fi … hell, give me a restaurant menu, and I’ll probably enjoy it more than a romance novel.Second, most romance novels aren’t written for me. That’s fine. I’m not the target audience and I don’t feel slighted in the least. Well … perhaps a little … but that’s neither here nor there. I’m sure if more men purchased romance novels, there’d be a whole slew of books written for them. Until then, nothing’s going to change. Most of all, though, I avoid romance novels for one big reason: the little voice in my head that insists I could teach that male character a thing or two about romance in the ‘real’ world. But since it isn’t a fair competition—he’s in the book and I’m not—I’m going to take my ball and go home.LOLThe truth is, I picked up this novella for one reason: I love Rachel Firasek. No, I don’t mean “love” love (we’re both married to other people, so that would be kinda awkward … although it’s probably been the storyline for many a romance novel, huh?) I mean love love (which is not to be confused with love “love” or even “love love” and don’t get me started on italics).Anyway, Rachel is several hundred kinds of awesome and I’ve been dying to read her stuff—but there’s one problem: all that frakkin’ romance. It literally makes my skin crawl. No joke. I just typed the word and I’m itchy and twitchy and scratching like a meth addict. (Apologies to meth addicts everywhere for the humor at their expense.) I believe in the power of stretch goals, so, when “Creating Fate” was released, I said “f**k it” and bought the damn thing. Seriously, I actually said “f**k it” out loud, as if I was speaking to someone else, although I was the only person in the room.That was not a unique occurrence, so think what you will of me. The point is that I faced my fears and came out on top!Imagine what’s next!So, I’ve managed to get several hundred words into this review without talking about the book. Pretty amazing. I really liked the book. I didn’t need to know about the size of Dane’s package, but boy would I love to try out the whole “You need this sex” line on a grieving woman! That’s my kinda romance … although I have to believe it would end much differently in my world than it did in Rachel’s.It lends new meaning to the term Great Dane. Haha!Seriously, in “Creating Fate,” Rachel shows why she’s such a successful writer with such amazing fans. She whips mythology, action, romance, and humor into a killer of a story. I’m still not a romance fan, but I am a Rachel Firasek fan.

  • Katrina
    2019-02-05 07:26

    Creating fate is book one in the Trilogy of the Unspun series. Eagerly awaiting the email, I devoured this in one sitting. The three books will be a series but all written by different authors, and I must admit that Rachel is one of my all-time favourite authors, grasping at my heartstrings with her last series of the Phoenix’s. The Fates are a mixture of mythology and romance. Each Fate having their own purpose. In Creating Fate – Clotho – Chloe‘s, gift is to create new life – the bearer of beginnings. Clotho is sad – she had lost her love, a human whom she loved very deeply and has decided that she will no longer spin fate – or create a new life. Zeus knows something is up and sends Chloe to earth to find her sisters and bring them home. Here she meets Dane – he sees her tears and he finds he is drawn to her. On a whirlwind of events, Dane and Chloe are put on a path of discovery and love. But will they survive the danger lurking around each corner they turn and will the Fates take away her one true chance of love and happiness. ? Creating Fate was a short story, filled with mystery, mythology and intrigue. I have enjoyed Rachel Firasek's books much so and this one is no different. It had me hooked from the very first pages, her characters all draw you into the story, her vivid descriptions creating that vat that no only sucks you into her world but has you feeling every detail within.I enjoyed the Characters that Rachel created; Dane was certainly a hotty, dark and mysterious but also had that secret about him throughout the story that kept me intrigued. I enjoyed his softer side and also his protective side towards Chloe. He was a warrior at heart. My heart melted at the kindess he showed her even though she was one stubborn woman lol. Chloe was hard headed, strong willed yet full of love to give and filled with many little secrets . The romance between Dane and Chloe was magnetic, and alluring. ** waggles eyebrows** not as much heat as Rachel normally puts into her reads, but still very much enjoyable ;)I enjoyed the paranormal elements within, the storyline ran smoothly and kept my interested piqued to the end. An ending Im sure all the readers will be happy with, Im eager to read the rest in the series. Creating Fate gives us Gods, heroes, romance and action. Dynamic characters and a compelling storyline that draws you not only into the world Rachel has created but wandering where Fate will show up next !

  • Dianne
    2019-02-08 00:42

    If you were Zeus and one of your daughters, who happened to be one of the Fates, had her heart broken and refused to ever return to Earth, what would you do? Maybe you would contrive a mission for her to find her sisters, who just happen to be on Earth. Enter Dane, an undercover cop working his last great sting. He’s sexy, hot, kind of pushy and arrogant in a completely disarming way and he stirs things in Chloe that she never thought could happen again, so of course she is prickly and snarky, which seems to draw him in more! Their banter is to die for, teasing and tense and just plain fun to read!Creating Fate proves once again that Rachel Firasek must love her job! She creates reading with warmth, spice and humor, all mashed up with her own style and attitude! Her characters are charming, sexy and know how to deal with the action Ms. Firasek gives them! She knows the chemistry a heroine needs in her hero!Series: Unspun, Book 1Publication Date: June 1, 2012Publisher: Rachel FirasekGenre: Adult Paranormal Fantasy/RomancePage Count: 86Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • Cloud Riser
    2019-02-10 03:37

    The concept was cool, but I didn't like how quickly the main characters fell in love, etc. Their chemistry felt kind of forced at times too.

  • Rhonda
    2019-02-04 01:46 reason for existing was to create. She was the bearer of the beginning.Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not only a fan of Rachel’s writing, I’m also a huge fan of the lady herself. It has been through her books that I have come to know this fantastic, fun lady and her books are no different! I love the idea that has been presented here, Rachel Firasek introduces us to a new series in book 1 of the Unspun trilogy in which there will be 3 novellas written by 3 different authors. I’m excited to read these, as I will be introduced to 2 new authors on this journey.Clotho (Chloe) is the first Fate, the one who creates. Chloe suffers from a broken heart. Against the warning of Zeus, Chloe had fallen in love with a human and he was killed. Chloe has sworn to never return to earth, wanting nothing to do with humans, but Zeus has other plans. Zeus send Chloe to earth giving her one week to find her sisters, and if she doesn’t find them in time she will remain there for eternity. Well, as fate would have it, she ends up on a bus next to Dane, an incredibly sexy undercover cop. He flashed that grin at her - the one that made her girly bits grin back in anticipation.Dane is working on a big drug bust case, and Chloe ends up on the run from the bad guys with him. Of course Chloe thinks he’s a bad guy, she doesn’t know he’s a cop. Refusing to let herself get close to Dane she remains closed up, and snarky with him. I loved the banter between these two. But as she gets to know him, she starts to feel like maybe he’s not so bad. Still she’s unwilling to let herself fall for this man because of his mortality. But maybe this time fate would deal her a winning hand.Rachel Firasek writes super fun, and sexy characters with witty dialogue, lots of sexual tension and steam! The action sequences are always fantastic, and the ones in this story were great. I recommend this to anyone who likes a fun fast read.

  • Riverina Romantics
    2019-02-12 23:43

    4.5 StarsThis was my first Rachel Firasek read and although it was only short, I honestly, thoroughly enjoyed it. The first few pages had me hooked to the authors effortless flow of words. It was very well written. Clotho/Chloe was a kick ass heroine who also had a soft heart. When she stumbles upon a sexy ass bad boy...or he stumbles upon her, she can't help her attraction, no matter how much he freaks her out with his initial demands. Dane?? Dane was yummy. Bad boy - check, sexy and muscled to perfection - check, soft and gooey center - check. He was the perfect mix and had me drooling. The mix of sexual tension, interesting story line and characters I would enjoy sharing a drink with, made for a perfect, easy to read story.Definitely something you will want to finish in one sitting and would recommend to Rachel Firasek fans, lovers of short stories, sexy alpha hero's and those who enjoy paranormal romance.4 out of 5 hotness

  • Kelsey Jordan
    2019-01-26 01:51

    I liked it a lot, better than I've liked most books on Greek mythology lately (I feel it's the go to mythology therefore overused). Easy to fall into and I can see myself reading more of her work.Also, love the cover.

  • Drew Constance
    2019-01-29 04:29

    My thoughts:I found Rachel via Net-galley earlier this year when I delved into her Phoenix rising series and fell in love with her world building, characters and her exploration of one of my favorite topics’ mythology. Being partly Greek myself I think I have always loved the old tales told when I was a child so when I read the synopsis for Creating Fate I just about did a happy jig, for I am fascinated with the concept of fate and destiny and I love a good romance. This book did not disappoint.When I am in the mood for steamy, emotional and raw romance I know I need look no further than Rachel. In creating Fate we meet out two characters Dane and Chloe who cross paths and begin a whirlwind, action packed, fast paced journey of survival and understanding. Rachel has a way of extracting the negative qualities in her characters and showcasing their flaws which makes me love them even more, because there is such personal growth and room to really fall in love with them. Dane and Chloe are no exception. From the get go there each has something to loose, something they are searching for and when those two intercept it makes for one hell of a spark.What stood out to me the most is that the romantic elements drew me in so deeply that I forgot that she was a goddess, and fell for her mortality, head over heels much like Dane, and Dane; yum is one word for him, another is a pain in the freaking ass, but her prevailed in my mind and I would loved to have learned more about his past and his life to the present [wink wink Rachel- more please]. I cannot imagine going through what Chloe did and in her place I’m not sure I would have survived so long without ripping everyone to shreds, but that connection and the battle makes it all the more worthwhile.I read this in a lot of sittings, but even after leaving it and coming back numerous times, it was like coming home. I’ve said before in previous reviews how her writing stands out to me and I am continuously reminded how enjoyable it is to read Firasek’s work. It hits so many buzz words, and this one in particular hit the jackpot. Most would be able to read it one sitting and I would recommend you to pick it up. I am giving this one:★★★★Balls of Spinning yarn.

  • Diantha Jones
    2019-01-26 23:26

    It’s no secret that I love Greek myth and endeavor to read any and all books covering the subject, so when I heard about Creating Fate, I jumped right on it. The concept of a series of three novellas called Unspun featuring the three Fates and their various love interests grabbed me and I immediately purchased myself a copy of this book and read it in one sitting. It wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, but I didn’t dislike it. It just wasn’t developed enough for me, nor was it very believable romance-wise.In general, not much happened in terms of setting the reader up to believe that Chloe (the Fate goddess Clotho) and Dane (the love interest) could fall madly in love with each other in like, a day. I’m down with the love-at-first-sight fairytale business when it comes to romance novels as long as it’s believable. For some reason, I didn’t believe it. Maybe it was because at first Chloe wanted nothing to do with Dane because she was still mourning the death of her previous love, but in the course of a few hours, she was sleeping in the same bed with him, sans a single article of clothing. But to be fair, I have seen this done before in romance books and totally loved the fact that they cut the BS and got right to the romance. I know it would’ve worked here if the characters had been more developed and I had been more invested in what happened to them. But as it stands, I’m not.With that said, the cover was gorgeous and the writing and editing was very, very good. There was a little bit of humor, action and adventure, and you get to meet a few other Greek gods that you may be familiar with (I, of course, was). I wished I could’ve seen Chloe use more of her goddess powers, but she has two sisters, Lachesis and Atropos (who is my favorite Fate), so I’m sure I’ll get my fill of mythical magic with their books. Creating Fate is definitely worth a read if you want something quick and romantic (though the romance seems forced). I’m interested to see what happens in Stealing Fate and Chasing Fate.

  • Dahlia (yadkny)
    2019-02-03 06:44

    Chloe’s happiness ended abruptly one day after the unexpected death of her fiancé. Since then her eternal sadness has gone unnoticed on Olympus until her father Zeus demands to know the reason for her tears. Without responding, Chloe gives him nothing, not wanting to reopen the wound or give him reason to say ‘I told you so’. In a fit of anger and determination to see Chloe through this, Zeus deploys her back to the human realm with an order to find her sisters or remain there forever. As one of the three Fates, Chloe misses her sisters, but the idea of staying in a place without the man she loved is unbearable. With grim determination, she sets out to find them only to be halted mid-search by an overbearing, stubborn, and impossibly sexy man. Dane is used to living a double-life. He’s been deep undercover for a while, but this operation is about to go seriously awry. Dane never wanted to get anyone else involved in his situation, but the woman sitting next to him on the bus just wouldn’t stop looking so sad and his curiosity just wouldn’t leave well enough alone. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. Now he’s on the run from some very bad guys while towing along the beautiful and feisty woman for her own protection. His mind says he needs to dump as soon as it’s safe, but his instincts tell him there is more to her than meets the eye. No matter, Dane is about to find out that his entire life has been a lie. A slightly erratic, fast-paced story featuring some of my favorite mythological characters. The story is fairly focused on Chloe and Dane’s relationship, so not too much time is spent on Olympus, but I really enjoyed my time while there. Still the banter between Chloe and Dane was great as was their time in the bedroom. The other two Fates are only mentioned or make a brief appearance, so I am excited to learn more about them and see where their destinies lie in the next two stories. Also can’t wait to read more about Zeus!

  • Vanessa theJeepDiva
    2019-02-15 23:32

    I was so excited when I got the request for the three Unspun books in my inbox. They are novellas from three different authors who have each written a love story about one of the Fates. I love reading various authors spins on mythology. Creating Fate did not disappoint. Clotho who is going by Chloe is the bearer of beginning. She creates new life for her role as a Fate.Chloe has not been happy as of late. She has lost her love, a mortal man whom she was deeply in love with. As a Fate it is something that she would have thought her and her sisters would have seen coming and thus prevented it. This is not the case for Chloe, but her father Zeus sees an opportunity to test her and get her out of the funk that has been bringing her down for far too long. He sends her to the mortal plane to find her sisters and bring them home.Dane is not what he seems on multiple different levels. There are also many different facets to his personalities. His tender caring side is the first side that Chloe sees when he sits next to her on a bus. He is desperately trying to cheer up the beautiful woman who is crying next to him. His attention to her also brings the attention of some very bad people. A hastily made decision soon finds them fleeing drug lords and running for their lives. I really liked Dane. He is very intense. He is exactly what Chloe needs to get her back to a better happier place. She has to put the past behind her and learn to trust again. Dane makes this both difficult and easy for her. He is caring and compassionate, yet he also is exactly what put her through the sadness that she is currently experiencing. I liked the heavy contrast there. It made for some intensely emotional reading. I’m looking forward to reading the next Fate. It seems that they have their own trials to go through before they can find their happily ever after and fate does not have anything easy in store for them.

  • Proserpine
    2019-02-02 03:39

    This story was short but full of action! I couldn't put it down! I enjoyed every turns, the characters, the plot and the end!As many of you may know by now, I love Greek Mythology and this story is based on Clotho, one of the three sisters of Fate. Clotho is the one who's created things, fate, life... Once, she gave away her heart to a human male, but she loses him before they were married (DAMN!).Now Zeus sent Clotho on earth in a search for her ''missing'' sister and she stumble or maybe should I say, Dane's stumbled on Clotho (alias Chloe). Sparks emerge from their first encounter: Dane actually ''kidnapped'' (for her own good) Chloe and now they are on the run, because Dane have some bad ass, murderous guys after him and now after them both!This story has a perpetual sexual tension since Dane laid his eyes on Chloe. PLUS, they have to run, hide, and fight without giving into their... need??? I don't know if I choose the right word but anyway! Maybe I was the one who needed to see them explored and destroyed this sexual tension!The author, Rachel Firasek, knows how to keep ME hanging on and I want more. I like the subtle touch of humour across the whole story and I wished it was longer! It was my first book from Ms. Firasek and surely not the last! I know this review is quite short but I don't want to sell it out!If you're a lover of Paranormal Romance or just want to read a quick but still really good and refreshing new story, try Creating Fate by Rachel Firasek, you won't be disappointed! Buy or Borrow!

  • Wendy Cartmell
    2019-02-23 04:51

    I'm Hooked! Giving her heart to a mortal wasn't something the First Fate planned. Losing him nearly shattered her soul. Upon his death, Clotho swore never to love—or weave life—again. Hoping she'll change her mind before it's too late, Zeus commands the spinner of life to take a much needed vacation from her immortal responsibilities.Dane is close to cracking the drug ring he's spent the last two years infiltrating, but needs to perform one last heist to meet the head man and prevent an impending war. An undercover agent, he’s now on the run from drug lords, thieves and with the very woman whose tears make him forget his purpose. (Author description)Creating Fate is a light, easy, enjoyable read. I loved Chloe and the man she stumbles into, Dane. Their relationship plays out under the tension of being pursued by criminals. At first Chloe thinks Dane is no better than those persuing them, but he is not all he seems to be on the surface.The criminal element is secondary to the relationship, which is the way it should be, I believe, with the emphasis being on the conflict between Chloe and Dane and Chloe and her father and stepmother. The author makes it easy to be transported into the world of the Greek Gods and the whole story is viable and interesting.I read this in a couple of very enjoyable sittings, the author does a great job of creating and maintaining the two worlds. I’m hooked and look forward to the remaining two parts and reading more by Rachael Firasek.

  • Laurie
    2019-02-11 06:26

    It was a nice piece. I love mythology and this is an interesting story of one of the gods.Clotho (Chloe) is grieving. Her heart is broken. She has stopped creating life. Her father is beside himself and her two sisters are missing. Dane is in a bad situation. He stole drug money from one of his bosses and now the goons are hunting him down. He's been on the run for a little while now.While getting on a bus, Dane spots a woman with sad eyes and a beautiful face. He sits next to her, but seems to get spooked and tells her to keep quiet and follow him. He drags her to the back of the bus and they jump off. So begins their desperate journey to escape the thugs who have finally caught up with Dane. Chloe protests and struggles to get away from this man most of the way. I know I haven't given you much to go on with this review, but it is definitely worth the read. This is book one in a series. The story is cohesive, characters strong and the sexual tension can be tasted! It wrapped up a little quickly and was a tad odd how sugary sweet it became, but I still liked it and am excited to read the other books.

  • Janae's Book Obsession
    2019-02-19 04:24

    I received this book from Smashwords and it took me a while to sit down actually read it. I am so glad I finally did this book was really good. Chloe is strong, tough and hard headed goddess. She is one of the three fates alongside her sisters. She is sent by her father Zeus down to earth to find her sisters but what she soon faces could either break her heart or be with the man she is fated to be with. This book is a whirlwind of romance, love, and hot schmexy passion. The tension between these two is pretty intense. In the beginning I was a bit shocked at how fast Dane and Chloe started to fall for each other. It was a little bit too much too soon and made it a kinda hard to relate to. But in the end it worked well. I wish there was some more bones to the story and some more background info so I could truly understand Chloe's heartbreak and her loss. Dane was a fun hot character and really liked him for Chloe. They made a good match. But I definitely recommend this short novella for any one looking for a great romantic easy read. I give it 3 stars!

  • Nese Lane
    2019-01-28 06:35

    Rachel Firasek has done it again! Creating Fate is a fast paced, sexy read with deep lovable characters. Clotho suffers from an abysmal grief of a lost love. She's torn between the closness she feels for the sister/fate responsible and her fury at the injustice of destiny. The time she spends with Dane draws her out of her depression and shows her that even a fate has to have love to create life.As an undercover cop, Dane's long involment in the dark underworld of drugs and corruption has him questioning his moral compass. A brief moment of compassion for Chloe, forces him to protect the woman that brought forth the last glimmer of his humanity. Together they embark on a tumultuous journey that has them reevaluating life choices and taking on the gods and fates in order to fulfill their place in destiny. Bravo! Great Read!

  • Gabby (What's Beyond Forks?)
    2019-02-22 06:25

    Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?Creating Fate was full of action and romantic anticipation mixed in with a little humor. I love that this story is based on the fates with this book concentrating on Chloe, the fate of life. Chloe has just lost the love of her life and then Dane comes into the picture. She immediately feels attracted to him and that would be my one complaint. For having just lost her love, she starts having feelings for Dane awfully quick. I know, I know, it's a short story so things need to happen quick, but it took some of the believability away for me. With that being said, Dane is easy to love.

  • Adaline Raine
    2019-01-29 03:39

    I love this story so much! Clotho (Chloe) is one of the fates and is responsible for creating life. She is immortal and after a horrible twist of fate involving her oldest sister, death, she never wants to become involved with a human ever again. Enter Dane. He is everything that Chloe wants to stay away from but they are drawn together in a turn of events. Dane tries to protect her but they wind up in a most unlikely place. Dane is not what he initially seems and more turns occur. Very engaging, strong characters, looking forward to reading more from Rachel Firasek! If there were more stars I would give this a six!

  • Netanella
    2019-02-05 03:51

    Most romance books I've read that have Greek mythological elements are not very well done. "Creating Fate" by Rachel Firasek is a rare exception, particularly since it focuses on Clotho, the Fate who weaves life. Not an easy character at all. The writing is engaging and fun, and the reader doesn't need to have a whole lot of background intelligence to follow the story. Clotho (Chloe) is sent to earth to find her two sisters, and runs into an undercover cop named Dane who quickly embroils her in his life, and undercover activities. I really enjoyed this short read - only about a dozen short chapters - and would recommend it to any fan of fantasy romance.

  • Christine Ashworth
    2019-02-04 00:25

    Creating Fate was such a fun story. Chloe and Dane were a hoot from the get-go; the sexual tension ramped up believably, and the hits of Mount Olympus were pure gold. Firasek writes with such verve and passion that you can't help but love the story, especially when Chloe realizes she doesn't have to hide her heart, and Dane understands what a gift he was given when he first sat down next to Chloe on the bus.It had me sneaking reads during work - I didn't want to put it down! I'm definitely picking up the other two in the series. Great job!

  • A.R. Von
    2019-01-29 00:23

    This is my first time reading anything from Rachel Firasek. Man was it good! Better than good! I read it so fast I think I got whiplash! I could not put it down for a second. I love anything and everything about Greek gods, the fates and any and all that is Greek history. She wrote us a fun, mysterious, sensual, surprising and exciting story that leaves the reader craving more.I'll be following this series like a hound!4.5 rounded to a solid 5 read. By the way... Dane is HOT! Just thought you should know that ;)

  • D.L. Richardson
    2019-02-22 03:24

    I really enjoyed this novella. I had no idea what was going on but Rachel Firasek is such a great writer I just had to find out. This is a lovely tale of the flaws of gods and mankind, and the dangers of falling for the wrong man. Even though Cloe vows never to weave life again, she weaves her way into Dane's hear,t and there is alovely twists at the end. I wanted this story to be longer. I can't wait to get into the other two books in this series.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-08 03:34

    When I first learned of the "Unspun Trilogy", I was stoked to read it based on the concept alone. I'm happy to say Creating Fate did not disappoint! I really liked Chloe - her struggle to deal with the loss of the human she loved and her guilt at being attracted to another. The fact that both Chloe and Dane were determined to protect the other was also a good touch. All in all, a great start to the series.

  • Kyra Dunst
    2019-01-27 04:31

    Chloe, aka Clotho of the fates, has had her heart broken and refuses to do her duties. Zeus sends her to the mortal plane on a mission to find her sister as part of her punishment, and she ends up in a mess of trouble. I felt the romance was a bit rushed, but otherwise this was a wonderful story. I would read more from this author.

  • Emeline Pico
    2019-02-15 00:35

    Chloe has experienced love & experiencing lost love when David was taken from her. Chloe feels deeply as she is the Fate that creates life, while her sister Attie ends life. Chloe is sent to earth to find her sisters but, ends up in-between a drug exchange gone bad. There in the middle of the chaos is her protector. Not really my genre but, interested read.

  • Marian
    2019-02-19 00:45

    I thoroughly enjoyed Chloe and Dane's adventure. This is a well crafted tail of true love and how when it's meant to be it happens. I especially liked how the author intertwined mythology with modern day times. Definitely a must read.

  • Susan Owens
    2019-02-22 05:41

    Creating Fate is a short romance, but long on vivid emotions and cool characters. I love Rachel's stories and her writing style. She keeps the reader turning the pages or in my instance, tapping the right side of my screen. 5 Stars from me!

  • Jillian
    2019-02-15 05:32

  • Louisa
    2019-02-09 07:24

    Really enjoyable novella, very quick read, enjoyable romance, and yeah, I loved it! Hope to read the rest of the series!

  • Jessica Karou
    2019-02-17 01:39

    Cute little book. Fun characters and a solid story.