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War is coming...Ash has never left the palace. For seventeen years he has been kept close by his father and brother, bound by their vow to protect him. He has grown up safe, innocent, and lonely.Now the fae Realm is under attack, and the witches have threatened Ash personally. To protect his younger brother, Skye has done something unthinkable. He has brought a vampire intWar is coming...Ash has never left the palace. For seventeen years he has been kept close by his father and brother, bound by their vow to protect him. He has grown up safe, innocent, and lonely.Now the fae Realm is under attack, and the witches have threatened Ash personally. To protect his younger brother, Skye has done something unthinkable. He has brought a vampire into the Realm.Azrael owes Skye a great debt. He takes his position as Ash's guardian out of loyalty to his brother, but everything changes when he finds himself falling for the young prince: the first mortal he's loved in a thousand years.With his enemies closing in, and the king slowly dying, can Skye trust Azrael to protect Ash while he prepares to defend the Realm? Will Azrael be able to control his feelings for Ash as he reconciles the demons from his past? And will Ash ever feel like he truly belongs anywhere?'Blood & Ash' is the first book in the Lost Realm series....

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Blood & Ash Reviews

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-01-31 06:29

    No doubt there is potential in the story, I will soon explain why, but I cannot not notice that Ash, the main character, is really, really feminine, even being a man. Some of his attitude reminds me a lot those heroine of the 1970s savage romance, medieval ladies who wanted to rebel to their loving, but oppressive, family.The potential is in Azrael. Ash is the younger son of the King of the Fairies (no pun intended) and where Skye, his older brother and heir, is at the head of the realm army, Ash is relegated inside the castle’s walls. He is the apple of his father’s eyes, and if something will happen to Ash, the king will fade (i.e. die). Skye wants to protect Ash in every way, and so he assigns Azrael, a vampire, as his personal guard. Vampires are dangerous breed, way more dangerous than the fairies or the witches, their enemy. Skye is sure Ash will be safe under Azrael’s surveillance, what he doesn’t is that Azrael is gay, and Ash is a good morsel for the vampire. Truth to Azrael, he does everything in his power to not fallen into temptation, but the fight is very hard (pun intended).What I liked of Azrael is that, everyone is telling to Skye the vampire is dangerous, that you cannot trust his animal instinct, his blood thirst, and indeed, they are right. More than once Azrael was not able to control himself, arriving not only to kill innocent bystanders, but even beloved ones. Azrael is like a clock-bomb, and sooner or later he will explode.

  • Honey
    2019-01-27 04:32

    I refuse to read any more after reading about Azrael going into an alley and fucking some random guy right after telling Ash he loves him.

  • Diverse
    2019-02-08 23:52

    This is the very first Kate Aaron book I have read, and I must say not only has she made me eager for another series to start but she also proves that she has one hell of a talent. Kate has created a magical place that makes you wish you thought of it. Ash is portrayed exactly how someone who is so unaware of the world. It is refreshing how we get to see him go from a naive,world less bratty fae, and turn into a strong, aware and brave one. Azrael, instantly caught my attention and he is everything I hoped he would be throughout the entire story.Like I said, this world is beautiful and I am very excited to see where she takes this series. I highly recommend

  • Logan
    2019-02-20 02:31

    another short, but the story kept my attention, the price was great and it was a quick light read...not too bad. I am debating on whether to purchase the rest in the set. My biggest complaint with any book that seems like it could go somewhere is the backstory and wanting to know more about the MC in it.

  • Nemesis
    2019-01-26 01:52

    2.5 starsFrom my experience when in the first five pages I read something like "he watched the most beautiful man he’d ever seen", nothing good comes out of it. Insta'love is really not my thing. One good point though, and that's the setting with a parallel universe and the war between supernatural species (fae vs. witches and some vampires and others in the middle).

  • LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions)
    2019-02-01 23:22

    I wanted to like this, I really did. I bought it because the other two works in the series, Fenton: The Loneliest Vampire and Fire & Ice, had aspects in their descriptions/tagging that appealed to me, and I hate reading series out of order. Taking a chance, I bought all three. Now I wish I hadn't. I can only hope that Aaron's writing improves as the series progresses.It's hard to know where to start, but I guess I'll start with the characters. I couldn't connect with them at all. They didn't feel like people to me, and they didn't always react in ways that made sense. The only character I could work up any kind of emotion for was Ash, and that emotion was annoyance and dislike. He'd spent his whole life coddled and sheltered, never allowed to leave the palace. He acted spoiled and childish, and yet I was supposed to believe that his people loved him. I couldn't understand why Azrael fell instantly in love with him, and I laughed when Azrael later told him “You're not a child” (p. 33 on my Nook), because I couldn't recall Ash ever demonstrating much maturity. Ash, supposedly 17 years old, tended to come across to me as being maybe 15, which made his attempts to throw himself at Azrael and Azrael's half-hearted attempts to resist a little discomfiting to read.There was almost zero sense of place. Events happened in various locations, but those locations were rarely, if ever, described. The world-building had similar issues. I got a few details here and there, but none of it came together to form a cohesive picture. The world of the story included humans (who were only spoken of as fearing that which was not human), weres (only briefly mentioned), shifters (only briefly mentioned), druids (only briefly mentioned), vampires, and witches. Vampires needed blood and sometimes their victims' death. They could drink from each other to gain extra strength. They were unconscious during the day, and silver burned them. Witches could do magic. The rules of this magic, if there were any, were never explained. The fae were long-lived, and some of them could do magic. For some reason, fae women always died after giving birth. The only recent exception was Ash's mother, who gave birth to his older brother Skye and then died after giving birth to him.Most of this was basic, cliched stuff, meaning that the world of Blood & Ash was no more interesting to me than its characters. The one thing that made me go “WTF??” was the bit about fae women. From the sounds of things, the fae had way more to worry about than a bunch of witches who wanted to drive them out of their Realm. Wouldn't their entire female population die out in only a handful of generations?As far as the writing goes, one of the first things I noticed was that Aaron didn't always communicate the passage of time well. When a bored, antsy Ash rang for a servant, he was able to hear the bell ring in the servants' quarters, but the sound was faint. It should have taken a servant some time, at least a few seconds, to arrive at Ash's room. Instead, there seemed to be no passage of time at all – a servant was just suddenly there, bowing in front of Ash. This wasn't the only time that happened.The flashbacks to Azrael's past with Tariq were equally jarring and took up more of the page count than I think they should have. I would have preferred it if those flashbacks had been left out, or at least shortened considerably, and Azrael and Ash's present fleshed out more. I was left with the impression that the Tariq flashbacks were a related short story that had been shoehorned into Blood & Ash.One last thing that really bugged me: the paragraph formatting. There were a few typos, but those were fairly easy to ignore in comparison. Sometimes one paragraph was broken in two, in the middle of a sentence, when it shouldn't have been. More often, however, paragraphs that should have been separate were smooshed together. I'd be reading one character's dialogue, and then, within the same paragraph, another character would start speaking. This happened a lot.All in all, I was really disappointed in this novella. I'm currently debating whether I should read the rest of the series now, to get it over with as quickly as possible, or read something else. I've been reading a lot of less-than-stellar stuff lately, and I'm a little worried that my desire to read is being killed off, so a reread of an old favorite might be in order.[EDIT, 12/9/12 - The author contacted me about the paragraph breaking and smooshing issues I mentioned in my review. I sent her some examples and she confirmed that they were indeed formatting issues. I let her know that I purchased my EPUB file from All Romance Ebooks, and she said she'd she'd make sure to get it fixed. She also said she'd do the same for the other works in the series, just in case, since they were all uploaded at the same time. Very nice, and I'll be sure to redownload Fire & Ice once I'm ready to read it.](Original review, with read-alikes, posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

  • Anastasia
    2019-02-04 04:43

    Badly written from beginning to end.

  • Daesy
    2019-02-21 02:35

    Nothing special, i didnt like a lot of scenes and the plot annoyed me most of the time.All the flashback of Toriq and Azrael, seemed to be used just for scene of sex. I didnt like how Azrael kisses Ash and says he loves him (and Ash says the same), but after he says he cant do it and leaves the boy to cry, and in another similar scene he leaves the room and Ash follows him in the other world using the passage Azrael needs to go feed out the realm, and there in a dark dirty alley the poor boy watches how the man he loves fucks (yeah,let's be blunt) another man and then sucks his blood. WTF?, was really necessary to get till the full sex to drink some blood?, worst scene ever and that kind of scene had "sense" only in queer as folk when the two main chars didnt say to the other they were in love, but here? no fuking way.While Azrael is having fun with that man, and Ash is watching, the boy gets kidnapped by the witches in war with Ash's realm. The vampire kills the man he was feeding from and after runs to search for the prince. During his search he asks for help to an old vampire, his friend and his ex-lover too. The man (Dominic), asks Azrael to pass the night with him, the other refuses and Dominic says that he is the old ever faithful azrael. Ok, faithful to who? is d***?, bcs unless they're talking about another book, i dont see any faithful relationship going on. And i was right, bcs in the next page Dominic kisses Azrael and he doesnt say a thing about it. So let's think again about "ever faithful", let's move back of 10 pages or so, DARK ALLEY!!!!!. So at that moment i only missed to read about Ash getting raped (i hope he will never happen, but you never know i lost my faith reading), and then this book will have all the things i dont like, really nice.Skye is Ash's brother, he is fighting a war versus the witches and his realm is in danger, so he logically decides to take the strongest mage out of it and with him to search for Ash (btw the mage was useless we never see him or what he does)...i know he is his brother but what the hell...Then i keep reading and i read all the time how with different ppl,Azrael says he loves Ash, and all the time im laughing, bcs really.... we have 2 different ideas about love. But i keep reading, bcs i want now read the end, and i was happy i did bcs like this i could read how Azrael killed the man he loved,his first love and lover, Toriq. Ahah, is so sad i wanted to cry ( or maybe was frustration), i didnt like how the scene was wrote and less how it ended. How could Toriq hate so much waht Azrael had become?, he still loved him, but Toriq didnt love him anymore, he had tried but couldnt. Toriq change of feeling happened too fast and after one episode in which Azrael had done all to protect his lover. At last Ash loves him for what he is now. Let's summarize, Ash was kidnapped, Azrael gets kidnapped, the witches throw the vampire in the same dark room where Ash is, and there....guess?, Ash has his first sexual experience with oral sex ( and he does it)...........let's focus again on the place, maybe someone forgot it, THE ROOM WHERE THE WITCHES PUT THE 2 GUYS THEY KIDNAPPED, seems that the author needed another meaningless sex scene. I continued reading bcs i never left a book before the end, so i continued...(keep going u can do it!). Skye finds out where his brother and Azrael are imprisoned and after someone says that Dominic told them, and they also explain who that Dominic was for the other vampire, Skye naively what asks?, if those two are still lovers. Little prince, dont fear this, bcs also if Azrael is not havig sex with Dominic, he is doing it with random strangers and one time your little brother was a voyeur.One thought passed my mind, i think Fentom loves Skye, or maybe they're already lovers, idk strange feelings.I read more pages. Ash and Azrael have their first time together in that cell and after they fall asleep. They dont think about the kidnappers(btw where are they all the time?),they dont care about the"audience", and they also dont think may be good to put at last the clothes on, why u should?, to avoid that Ash almost gets raped the next morning bcs he wakes up naked and at the same time two of their kidnappers enter the room. They're stopped before they can really do it,(thank god for this,at least) but some minutes more and he would have been raped, he should be nervous and scared and not in the mood to make love to Azrael, but we missed some sexy scenes so here we are. They have sex, again.The end of the book was rushed and i expected more descriptions.I would never read this book again, because i dint like it, but at the same time now i want to finish the serie and hope there is some kind of explanation or a better story.One can hope.Ps= ignore my grammar.

  • books are love
    2019-02-19 07:47

    When I began this book I was a bit wary. I have enjoyed all of Kate aaron's books to this point and wasn't sure how this one would fare. I was pleasantly surprised. At first I found Ash to be a spoiled brat but he grew on me. The poor guy was sheltered from the world to protect himself due to the danger it imposed. Not on himself but on his family. He is the families weakness and if the witches got ahold of him there was no telling what would happen. To protect him, Ash's brother sends Azrael to the castle. Except these two fall for one another. Ash tries at first to fight it because of its implications but to no avail. Azrael really resists because he doesn't want to cause harm or ill fate to occur. Azrael though has a past that consumes him and does lead to some unfortunate events occurring. the book is about forgiveness and love. Letting go of the past and moving forward. Ash helps Azrael to see love as it is and Azrael does eventually succumb to the feelings and attraction between him and Ash. They help each other and give each other strength to go on no matter what. Ash grows up in this book and becomes a strong character. One who is there for Azrael and his family but also has confidence in himself.A nicely written book with acceptance and love seen in it.

  • Mandy Beyers
    2019-02-14 01:49

    In this book, young Prince Ash is a 17-year-old Fae that has spent his entire life in the palace, being pampered and protected because of a promise made by his father and older brother to his dying mother at his birth. When he is left in the care of a vampire as his father and brother fight a war, his world gets turned sideways and upside down.I enjoyed the way the world was built throughout the story, rather than starting out with lots of details at the beginning. However, it was fairly short and left a lot of unanswered questions (that I hope are answered later in the series). It also had what was basically insta-lust/love between the two main characters, although the vampire fought it as much as possible. I think I enjoyed the flashback scenes as much as the rest, since they allowed for the vampire character to be developed much more fully.

  • Diane
    2019-02-14 02:29

    I enjoyed this book. However, I thought the author made Ash seem too feminine. He seemed to sob quite a bit. He also seemed to experience his first sexual encounter (of any kind) without batting an eyelash. I did like him though and really like the character of Azreal. I did think that Adzreal made too much of a show of fighting his feelings for Ash and then seemed to give in to them pretty easily. These are things that for me, made the book just okay and not wonderful. I have the next book in the series and hope that there is an improvement.

  • Jerreb
    2019-01-24 05:44

    The book was just meh. While I liked the concept of Fairies, Vampires and witches - the book didn't really integrate that into the storyline - it was just a means to an end for sexual encounters. Vampire Diaries and The Originals do a better job of integrating the paranormal concept into the storyline.

  • Intricacy Alterite
    2019-02-21 23:42

    Really enjoyed the tale of how Ash and Azrael came to be together. I could have done with more interactions between them and more passages inside Azrael's head, so that we'd witness how their feelings developed (but that's just me, I am a fan of slow birn), but I really liked it and will definitely read the next in the series. In fact I've already bought them.

  • Tamela
    2019-02-22 01:34

    This was an enjoyable story. I liked the characters, but the story just didn't grab me. I kind of floated through it just to finish it and didn't really seem to be too affected by the story.============================1st read - Mar 20122nd read - Jun 2015

  • Red
    2019-01-31 00:33

    There were parts I felt I wasnt liking but overall a good book. Ash starts off a little twit. He grows up however when he finally becomes learned of the world beyond the palace. I'm not rushing out for the other books in the series. I will eventually read them though.

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2019-02-18 04:30

    dnf @ 13%

  • Shivani Reddy
    2019-02-05 07:37

    an amazing storyline..would be a pleasure to win and read this book... i reallly wish i win.. :D

  • Lucy Whedon
    2019-02-12 07:37