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An early morning fitness run should be uneventful but not for David Ash. Before he knows it he has a megalomaniacal CEO, vengeful Fairies and a murderous piece of sentient software all on his case. Not to mention one big and seriously hungry Wolf. Caught between old foes and new ones Ash needs to find what has caused this toxic mixture to spill over into murder and mayhemAn early morning fitness run should be uneventful but not for David Ash. Before he knows it he has a megalomaniacal CEO, vengeful Fairies and a murderous piece of sentient software all on his case. Not to mention one big and seriously hungry Wolf. Caught between old foes and new ones Ash needs to find what has caused this toxic mixture to spill over into murder and mayhem and he needs to do so soon. His boss is out for the count, his friends are being misled and he has some extremely dubious allies, one of whom may cost him more than would his enemies. Temptation, legend, myth and fate all come together in The Digital Wolf, the explosive second novel of The Hidden Academy series. ...

Title : the digital wolf the hidden academy 2
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ISBN : 12072348
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the digital wolf the hidden academy 2 Reviews

  • Beth Vaughan
    2019-04-18 18:21

    Once again we enter the fast paced and dangerous world of David Ash summoner. With friends from the first books and some wonderful new characters we readers are treated to another exciting and hectic romp through the Hidden Academy. With Ash barely recovered from his first adventure he is plunged into a confusing world of technological entities and being of unthinkable power. I was happy to see Titania was back to her naughty self making Ash's life even more complicated. Once again Jon has mixed ancient mythology with his new 'verse seamlessly concocting a story which almost turns the pages itself. He writes with maturity without being pompous and humour without resorting to childishness. His description of entering Fairy is worthy of Spencer. Role on the next one I really hope the geek fairies play a part!

  • Sarah Leenart
    2019-04-03 21:16

    Completely delightful. This is urban fantasy, english gentleman style. I truly love the character of David Ash, so genteel and yet so real and gritty, I love these books and look forward to more. The world is utterly believable, more so by the fact that English life is depicted beautifully. That's what makes it so appealing, could there really be a world out there, existing alongside ours where the supernatural exists? This book has me believing that! A highly enjoyable read.

  • Karl Elliott
    2019-03-19 16:18

    Good second book, the characters are settled and growing and hints of more to come are being letf.Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • Susan Gillespie
    2019-03-27 21:19

    Enjoyed this book just as much as the first one in the series. Off to read the 3rd.

  • Ceejay
    2019-04-03 20:07

    Another fantastic book from Jon. Once started, I could not put it down, and look forward to his next book with great anticipation.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-27 20:28

    A good follow up to the first book, with bonus horse mythology thrown in, which I will always enjoy. It's a little melodramatic, but these sorts of books are best that way really. I'd like to see a little more downtime and ash getting time to teach Sam or something :) possibly got a little confusing with all the bad guys running around with all the different motivations but it was well executed and very easy to read and enjoy :)

  • Ted Bun
    2019-04-17 22:19

    More Summoning and mayhem in the Birmingham area .... Meet Alpha a new addition to the gang along with Nic Nac and Flange. David Ash dreams of Titania but Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Digital Wolves?

  • CathleenSarti
    2019-03-29 00:20

    Great second book in the series

  • Mike French
    2019-04-02 17:33

    While the action and writing is just as taut and engaging as the first book in the series, and again the plot works very well, it seemed to me that it suffered from a need to go bigger and louder. The usual behind the scenes upper echelon conspiracy wormed its way into the book just because there had to be some way of tidying up, and for me that was a mistake. Would have done better to keep the conflict less spectacular and public.

  • John Carter McKnight
    2019-03-23 21:18

    Much like the first book in the Hidden Academy series, Rosenberg's manifest gifts as a writer overcome some serious flaws. The author has the potential to grow into an immense talent, if he's willing to get past using sheer storytelling power to distract from flaws in his craft. There are some absolutely brilliant ideas in here, bringing freshness to an urban fantasy genre that's generally been explored to exhaustion. His take on mythological figures is intriguing, seeing them as as much prisoners as embodiments of their archetypes. On the other hand, one of the virtues of Rosenberg's magical system was its simplicity: some humans can summon things and creatures from this or other dimensions, and summoners (somehow) have abilities with illusion as well, and that's it. No magic spells. Here, in part because it seems the author is utterly unclear on the distinction between "electric" and "electronic," we get some utterly baffling goings-on that break the suspension of disbelief. Also, there's a fine line between archetype and stereotype, and both Titania and Llewellyn blur that line uncomfortably. Titania, Queen of Fairy, is potentially a terrific character, carefully negotiating the limitations of her nature to influence events. But here too often she becomes a sex fantasy that reduces the main character to a Mary Sue of sexist/anti-sex resistance to "feminine wiles." And Llew sometimes comes across more 1960s Lucky Charms commercial than pre-Roman alien being. In short, these books are better than they have any right to be, as Rosenberg has more storytelling power than craft and fine control - a situation closely paralleling his young Summoner hero. One hopes they both grow into the talents they're capable of becoming.

  • Cheryl M-M
    2019-03-31 22:21

    The second installment of the Hidden Academy doesn't disappoint, once again the author has managed to create a piece of work that enthralls. The combination of knowledge within the story is enticing. Whether it is the allusions to philosophers, Norse mythology, the world of literary genius or the modern technology of our era. All of that knowledge is wound tightly around a story that fits into the genre of fantasy and supernatural. On top of all that the author has managed to wander into a Tron like sci-fi sub genre, which he connects to the story of fantasy, without the reader noticing that there has been a subtle shift. Needless to say I enjoyed it immensely and think the characters are strong enough for the reader to feel connected to both them and the tale. This second part shows us how the main character has matured and evolved from the first book. I look forward to the next part and reading where his path shall lead him and who is beside him on that path.

  • Debi Perry
    2019-04-18 17:12

    Good stuff. After picking up on this author by chance, I gave his second offering a chance. Very good! This is nicely gritty for the adults whilst providing a good fantasy escape for those of us who have too much reality in our day-jobs.Ash is further developed as a character and the Academy is even more untrusting of his abilities after his previous battles. You can probably guess at the start that (view spoiler)[ Oberon(hide spoiler)] is up to his old but subtle tricks again. There is subterfuge, mystery, humour and a bit of horror (when the wolf is described). All wrapped up in a modern day setting with real places used as background.

  • Katriona
    2019-04-04 21:22

    Enjoyable second book for the Hidden Academy series. Didn't find it quite as engrossing as the first, but really liked the way it felt like a different story, not a rehash of the first. The intergration of a whole host of new characters and intrigue was welcome too - hinting at a much bigger world.

  • Charlie
    2019-03-27 16:14

    Fenris the Wolf is trying to free himself from his chains and come to the real world. If he did, Ragnarok would start. He has currently taken over part of a new AI program and is breaking out all over from a TV screen near you. Lucky there is a big technology fair on soon right in the heart of England.This is a fun book, not quite as good as the first in the series, but well worth a read.

  • Taryn Redwood
    2019-03-21 23:26

    I love The Hidden Academy books. They're well written and imaginative. Jon Rosenberg shows a really good knowledge of mythology and uses this to his advantage to weave great tales! I love the humour and realsim of the characters in such an unreal situation! Great stuff - finished the last one (When in Rome) and want the next now please!

  • Kurt
    2019-03-26 19:17

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! I'm really liking the direction this series is taking, despite the poor editing of the Kindle edition. It's worth an occasional good laugh too. :-)On to the next one.

  • Andrea Miles
    2019-04-12 22:08

    I really enjoyed this. Although I read it before the first in the series it didn't affect the story.Ash has been attacked by a giant wolf & needs to find out what is going on so he can save the work fro the characters in Norse mythology & Faerie.It's a really easy read & a gripping story.

  • Uli Vogel
    2019-04-06 22:31

    I'm stuck with the whole series as a substitute for the latest “Rivers of London“ sequel which will hopefully be available here by next spring. Setting/plot/characters are pretty similar but don't really convince me.

  • Kim
    2019-04-11 21:06

    While this series of books is not spectacular, they are an enjoyable read and I will definitely read the next.

  • Angela Kitchen
    2019-04-09 17:09

    Good book with a good pace; love the characters and it is good to see them develop further

  • Steph
    2019-04-04 16:17

    Not as good as the first one, still enjoyable.

  • Avid Reader
    2019-04-18 21:05

    insubstantial. Fun.

  • alison humphrey
    2019-04-09 18:12

    FabulousGreat relaxing read. Love the story line. Would recommend to family and friends. Enjoyed book one as well and looking forward to book three.