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Look into the world of The Enchanters, where water has a sense of humor, trees scare people, and love… is destiny.The beautiful Jane is hovering at the edge of content in her life of solitude in the quiet town of Jasmyn Lake, but when her energy sends her on a journey to meet the man she has been dreaming about for months, she cannot resist. Meet sexy artist Elias, who movLook into the world of The Enchanters, where water has a sense of humor, trees scare people, and love… is destiny.The beautiful Jane is hovering at the edge of content in her life of solitude in the quiet town of Jasmyn Lake, but when her energy sends her on a journey to meet the man she has been dreaming about for months, she cannot resist. Meet sexy artist Elias, who moved to Hazel Grove, California to get away from the rain, his parents, and everything that was taken from him in Hayward, Washington. But he thinks he may be losing his mind when he starts seeing purple glitter in the air, the scent of rosemary is everywhere, and he is hearing a beautiful voice.But all is not flowers and ease for the newly joined couple. With a woman who prefers night to day and a man with heartache from his past, they must learn how to create their own new world with grace and the occasional water feature. Written with humor and intensity, book one of the three part trilogy will leave you yearning for more and daydreaming shades of purple....

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violet midnight Reviews

  • Aneta Bak
    2019-02-02 15:53

    “I'm not going anywhere.” Violet Midnight is the perfect book for all hopeless romantics! With a 'to die for' love story in a fantasy setting, it is the perfect book for any fan of young adult and new adult books. I fell in love with this book in the beginning! The characters all felt so real, I couldn't help to fall in love with both the main characters. I loved Jane's fierceness,I admire how she is such a strong and independent women, but you also get to see the scared and afraid side of her that makes her feel so human. And who couldn't love the sexy Elias! Not only is he the perfect man, but you also get so see how reliable he is, and how loving, especially when it comes to his dead twin brother (those parts were a killer).The only thing I didn't like about their relationship was that they had insta-love, (its when characters fall in love at first sight). Don't get me wrong, I love stories like that, they are super romantic. Yet growing up I realized that this only happens in stories and very rarely in real life, I feel like the story could have been better if they didn't fall in love at first sight, yet I'm glad the author decided to go this way, because that could have made the book very long, and the length of this book was absolutely perfect.Throughout the book, we get to see not only Jane and Elias's point of view, but also the point of view from his parent's perspective. I wasn't too keen with this at first, but in the end I ended up loving it so much. Its not often you get to read a tiny story inside another story, and the way the author did this was absolutely wonderful! Thumbs up.There wasn't too much world building going on in this book since the characters didn't travel to many places, but some settings like Jane's cabin and the lake are explained in such detail that you cant't help but fall in love with the place. You not only get a perfect sense of what the place looks like, but you also feel a need to go and see it for yourself in person. Its that wonderfully written.Overall, I loved this book from beginning to end. I would have loved it more if there were more places the characters visited and their romance was more realistic, but other than those small things, I couldn't find anything wrong with this masterpiece. I definitely recommend this to all romance lovers, its such a cute story.Happy reading,-Aneta

  • Michele at A Belle's Tales
    2019-02-04 11:59

    “He knew she was gone the second her cool touch withdrew from his arm. He never saw her but had felt her disappear into some cold, dark place. He perceived the black emptiness where she had been summoned, her deep anxiety filling his heart. But he couldn't reach her. He didn't even know her name.”Violet Midnight is the first book in The Enchanters series by Allie Burke. First of all, I have to say that I loved her book dedication. If you are a fan of a certain series that has taken the world by storm (you know the one), you will appreciate the allusions to that particular phenomenon. I thought these well placed references were very sweet, and I love that the author is enough of a fan that it merits a mention in her story. I adored the magical feeling of Violet Midnight and was very intrigued by what an Enchanter is and what powers they have. I also want to say how grateful I am to the author for giving us a sexy male character who is in his thirties and I don’t have to feel like a cougar for finding him swoon worthy …. And believe me, Elias is dreamy! There was some confusion with a few scenes jumping from past to future, and I would have found it helpful if these had been prefaced with a time reference. While I really enjoyed the attention to detail concerning the elements, the concept of which is fascinating, I wished for a bit more history on characters that were introduced later in the story. I wonder if that may have been the author’s intention and mysteries will reveal themselves in the next installments of the series. Allie Burke is a delightful, sweet author and I will definitely be reading Emerald Destiny, the second book in The Enchanter’s series. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

  • gillian (Tattooed Book Review)
    2019-01-20 17:42

    This review and more at ‘Her name is Jane Wildes. She’s not just any Enchanter. She’s one of a kind.’ “Allie Burke has created a unique, romantic, and mysterious story. It is unknown what brings Jane and Elias together, perhaps fate or the universe or something else set in motion long before they meet. What is certain however, is the undeniable connection they share. This is a difficult task: creating a romance between two people with out much background or build-up. The author pulls it off and gives us a couple that has chemistry and clearly belongs together, no matter what is past or what their futures have in store.The book is quite fast-paced and I was completely engaged in the story from start to finish. I only wish that the author had filled out the plot with a little more background and detail. I really enjoyed the characters and the world that they inhabit, I just would have liked to know even more about the Enchanters and the mysteries that surround them. The world she does describe is full of vivid colors, raw emotions, and intriguing characters that I can’t help wanting to know more about.As a whole, I really liked the book. It’s a compelling romance with a hint of sexiness and a supernatural world that holds more to be discovered. I’ve read a snippet of the next book in the series, and it definitely has me wanting more.“She had already saved his life twice. The first time was when she walked into his world.”*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Renee
    2019-02-02 15:45

    A paranormal romance novel, Violet Midnight is captivating and surprisingly mysterious. Allie Burke leaves the reader reaching for more information consistently, but in a “this is so good, I want more” kind of way. A paranormal romance novel about a group of people called Enchanters who control various elements, Violet Midnight presents a fresh perspective on people with “super powers”. The history behind these Enchanters and their relationships gradually reveals itself, beautifully leaving room for sequels.Allie portrays her characters so well that you can feel their emotions as you read. To start, she switches points of views from Jane to Elias, back and forth, developing their mindsets before placing them together. Even once they’re brought together by their gravitational pull, their points of views are presented separately while also introducing their melded points of views. As a couple, they share more than one could imagine. Allie writes so intricately that the varied views just feels natural.It took a few chapters to really get sucked in, but once I was, I absolutely couldn’t put Violet Midnight down. I had to make an effort not to start the next book in this series to ensure that I didn’t drop any spoilers in here for the next one. That’s how amazing this novel is. A great paranormal romance novel filled with conflict, fascinating powers, and a dreamy love, Violet Midnight is a 5/5, hands down. In fact, I’d give it a 6/5 if that was an option!

  • Courtney Cole
    2019-02-14 19:01

    The only word that comes to mind when I try to describe this novel is "Ethereal". I don't know why, but that is the word that I want to describe it with. The writing in this debut novel is exquisite and dreamy. Very beautiful, very poetic. It almost seems more like a piece of art than a piece of writing. The love between Jane and Elias is so tender and sweet that it literally just makes you ache with it.I personally like the way this author switched POV's between Jane and Elias. I also like it that the plot wasn't spelled out for the reader. Instead, this author counts on the intelligence of the audience to figure it out. She doesn't serve it up on a platter for you- and I enjoy that. In summary, I loved this book. It is an amazing debut and I most definitely reccomend it. I will certainly be reading the other books in the series. Well done, Miss Burke!

  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    2019-02-08 13:45

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.Violet Midnight is book one in The Enchanters series and is a Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy, Paranormal Romance written by Allie Burke. I was gifted a copy from Booktrope Publishing in exchange for an honest review.3 Pretty, Sometimes Confusing Stars!Amazing Concept, Beautiful Story, But Too Many Questions Left Unanswered!The Review:I have mixed feelings about this one. This novel has TONS of potential and the concept was beautiful! I loved the idea of Enchanters, their society, their way of life, their unique gifts and how Jane’s line is more powerful with each generation but the plot was all over the place, things happened that seemed important but then later were dismissed or ended abruptly. And the writing, though spirited, was choppy and had abrupt scene changes, which isn’t my favorite style.I really liked this read, but I didn’t love it.Stroy/Characters...Jane is an Enchanter and lives in a secluded home deep in the forest, close to a lake that is lifelike with a personality and has healing powers which I thought was really neat. For some reason, that I’m still not clear on, Jane is a cast off, separated from her family. She’s magical and has power over all the elements unlike other Enchanters who usually only have power over one. Elias has moved to Hazel Grove to get away from the tragic events that took his twin brother from him. While at an art showing for his work, he sees a girl that no one else can see, dancing and singing around the people at the showing. He’s immediately drawn to her and soon finds she’s real and not just a figment of his imagination.There seems to be a war brewing between the Enchanters and when they all converge on Jane’s land, we are introduced to a wonderful array of good versus bad Enchanters, which I would have loved to learn more about. Thoughts...I enjoyed reading about Jane and her gifts. She was a great character and there was depth to her personality but we don’t get a lot of background on her so it’s hard to tell why she and her family line are special. I have so many questions about her and her linage and the answers weren’t made clear. I was confused as to why she was at war with the other Enchanters, why they came to kill her and why was she invisible to Elias when they first met. Was she dreamwalking? I assume she was, but again, it’s one of those things that never got fully explained. Also, why was she separated from her family? This book makes a big deal of family and how Enchanters are a close group and though Jane had many friends, for some reason, her family isn’t in the picture. Her grandmother did come to her in her adult life and helped her develop her gifts and showed her how to fight but then she passes away only to leave Jane... and the reader, wondering why she died. Then the grandfather shows up to kill Jane.. but why?Elias was a great character but again, not enough background on him. He had so many questions surrounding him with no answers. I needed more background on his brother too, who we assume was an Enchanter since he had telepathic abilities. I wanted more on their relationship and why the mob was after them only to change their minds later on. There seemed to be a lot going on in the background that the reader isn’t privy to, for it to all play out the way it did. Elias is estranged from his parents because he sided with his twin, gay brother when they wanted to disown him. So Elias became dead to them too. And then his parents decided not to warn him that the mob was coming after him, for what reason, we still don't know. But after one visit from his estranged son, his father's hatred dies and suddenly he’s Mr. Family Man. Why? How did that happen? What changed his mind?Then there’s Christian who seems to be in love with Jane but for whatever reason, they didn’t work out after their eight years together, which I assumed had to do with her love for Elias but how did Elias come into the picture? Did she just start dreaming of him one day or was it destiny? I liked Christian’s character a lot and REALLY wanted to learn more about him but he remains a mystery as we get nothing other than his longing looks at Jane and his hatred to Elias who stole her away. And then there are the other Enchanters who show up for battle but we get no other insights into them, why they sided to kill Jane and why they are so ready to kill each other. Lastly, I think the insta-love and “I love you’s” came too soon in Elias and Jane’s relationship but it was somewhat acceptable since this was a paranormal, fantasy romance. But I did like them together. I loved the way Elias was with Jane. They found love and a life within their crazy, enchanting world but I wanted more from their “get to know you” stage.The Wrap Up:Again, I loved the idea of this story and the creativity and imagination that went into the telling of it totally drew me in, but the execution didn’t work for me. Some readers love this book’s kind of writing style, but I’m not a huge fan of short, choppy sentence structure or abrupt scene changes with no explanation or emotional draw. One minute we are in one scene, then the next, our characters have changed course and are doing something else. It was confusing.. to me. NOTE: I have talked with the marketing manager for this series and she informed me that in book two, most of the questions I posed in this review, were answered and that the writing style was edited to flow better. I enjoyed this book enough and am curious enough, that I’ll probably go on to book two at some point.

  • Julia
    2019-01-27 16:55

    What I thought of the plot:Well this was quite a surprise, I rarely do read paranormal romance but this one grab me from the Prolog and didn't spit me back out, until it was done with me. With this book you have no choice but to finish it, it's more than well written it's a hidden gem. When you find out the person of your dreams is real, and the emotions you felt while dreaming of them transcends into reality set on fire... yeah it's that kind of book. This book enchants you off your feet into the world of the mystical, the lives of Jane and Elias will never be the same, it never was meant to. What I thought of the Characters:• Jane: poor thing has been segregated from everyone, for her own safety because she has the ability of all the elements. She has a wonderful personality, strength and leadership when she is tested. She prefers the company of her books, the Forest and lake... She has acquaintances but at time I get the feeling that she's is lonely, until she meets Elias, and how two people who have never met become intertwined into a destiny of swoon worthy greatness. • Elias: The man of Jane's many dreams and boy, dose he live up to them. Having his fair share of heart ache, he is sweet and tender as can be with Jane and it's magical. Seriously if he was any sweeter to her and I was a diabetic, I would need to have my insulin handy ( yes, I want some of that candy ;) .) My goodness is he HOT, sensual, loyal, a talented artist and completely head over heels perfection for Jane. But he has a secret of his own, and he is just a protective of Jane as she is of him.Things I loved:I loved that the characters were adults, and they both had good heads on their shoulders, and are seeming well rounded without absolutely needing the other. The paranormal vibe was great, and didn't wash away from the romantic aspects of the book, between Elias and Jane. The depth of the characters was amazingly written, you felt the loss, and hurt Elias suffers, as well as the love he has. Jane's pain is felt through the pages and her love for Elias shines though in lovely purple specks. The multiple points of view is nice, to see their independent thoughts and their observation of one another is flawlessly done. I love that there is no lusting after each other, its love... pure and simple, soul finding love. As you read you get hints here, and there of where you think the story may go but it's a mystery with a shocking surprise. Things I didn't love/Annoyed me to death:• OMG, his parents are major asshats! like for freaking real, you have had a major loss and you dismiss it and go on? WTF?!? Elias being kept in the dark about what he is, if he would have known he could have had more understanding and control of what he is... not that he was out of control or anything, but who keeps something like that from their kids seriously?• Some sections in the book were extremely fast paced and I was lost a little... the relationship went from initial meeting to engaged in 2 chapters if I'm not mistaken (Elias must have, magical sperm or something.). Some of the characters just appeared into the story line, I would have liked more info on who they where, but it's still a good story. Favorite Quote(s)"Family was family. I wasn't just a love for family - in their world, it was more than that. If they didn't have family, they didn't have a thing.""It was so natural, as soon as he was with her, to be...himself.""he was so warm, It wasn't only the temperature; it was some deep connection that ran down to her soul, his touch mollifying the core of her."In a nutshell:I was extremely happy I was given this book, with surprises at every swipe of my e-reader screen; the romantic element was sweetly done, the pace was a little fast for me but I got over it...The story is just that good. This is not something I would normally read but I enjoyed it either way, my only major complaint is it has some gaps and keeps you guessing every now and then. It was tastefully written and I would pick up more of Allie's books because she has a talent for fantastic tales. I've now become a fan, of Allie's, so if you want a weekend read that is as hot as your summer... grab this baby up! Happy Reading. **Read as part of Fun Fab and Tantalizing Reads**

  • Emma (BelleBooks)
    2019-01-19 12:52

    First of all, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to the author Allie Burke for giving me a review copy of Violet Midnight.It took me a while to get round to reading it, and I apologise for that!Anyway this books follows two people, Jane and Elias and it is told from each of their points of view, switching back and forth between them both.Of course Jane and Elias fall for each other, what good book doesn't have a bit of romance in it?But they both have their own baggage and separate issues that they must deal with as well. I did think the relationship evolved a bit too quickly, which made me wonder if it will last throughout the series, as this is only the first book.Now the book isn't all fluffy bunnies and love, there is some real danger going on here as well! Jane is an Enchanter, and not just any old Enchanter she is THE Enchanter. The strongest one around and that brings it's own dangers and worries to the table as well.The first few chapters of the book were a bit hard to get into for me, I honestly can't place my finger on why that is. Maybe there was just too much information to take in, maybe it was the switching between characters that took time to get used to, maybe it was having to get used to a new author's writing style (and by new I mean new to me!). I honestly do not know. But I am glad I stuck with it, because after chapter 4 I was hooked!Allie has created this wonderful magical world for the reader, and no one knows what could be just around the corner for our main couple! This book certainly has it's ups and downs, and there were times I was left completely speechless because I really did not see these things coming in the book!I really enjoyed the twist on the general "witch" books, Enchanters are much more then your typical fictional witches. All I can say is I am well and truly looking forward to reading Emerald Destiny, the next book in the series!

  • Dayna
    2019-01-23 11:41

    I adore Violet Midnight. It is such a magical, enchanting and unique story with a sexy romance trickling through it. Ahhh my kinda book! ;) I was taken away on an air of prettyful purple glitter where I was then introduced to Jane (a beautiful petite redhead who can control the elements; especially water) and Elias (gorgeous, dark haired and muscular) who fell in love after Jane thought Elias was some guy she was dreaming about but those dreams end up being real! She could see him but he couldn't physically see her, only feel her. And if he talked, she'd disappear, leaving purple glitter in her path and the scent of rosemary. He is absolutely entranced by her despite not having seen her and this of course triggers his curiosity so naturally he sets out to find her. They are drawn to one another like soul-mates, like destiny, and it is so intense. Oh to have a relationship like that. *sigh* The romance aside, there is a darker side to the story. Jane is an enchanter. Well, actually, she is THE enchanter, making her the strongest and most powerful of all. Because of this, other enchanters want to take it from her but she ain't going down without a fight and with Elias right by her side! The book swings back and forth between Jane's and Elias's PoV which I love as I like knowing what's going on with other characters. I also liked that there'd be a chapter here and there entitled "Before" which would take you back to events that happened in the past. The writing just flows beautifully and is so humorous at times -Elias's pants drama *coughs*- and it completely draws you in; becoming part of the characters' lives, living it as they live it, feeling what they feel, and loving who they love. I was totally engrossed in the story. If Allie Burke can take me away on a journey like that, she is truly a phenomenal writer.

  • Kayla West
    2019-02-10 15:39

    This book had two sides to me. On the one hand, it had sort of a childlike innocence as Jane and Elias kind of discovered their love for each other, and on the other hand, that innocence was taken over by suffering as their real worlds collided with their newfound one. Both of them have had their share of heartaches. Elias with someone very close to him, and Jane...well she has had even more than her share, considering what she is.When we meet Jane, we find that she is not what most would consider "normal". She has abilities that sort of define her. And I think that is what I liked most about her. Her abilities, along with her red hair (I mean, who doesn't like red hair), and her personality made me absolutely adore her as a character. And then when she finds Elias, I could have just died with happiness for her. But I feel so sad when you find out the loss she just so recently experienced, and also the reason behind her sleeping during the day and staying up at night. And to top it all off, a strange man who wants her dead...someone who has abilities as well...I was literally pouting.And Elias, who may be normal, but still has his own demons. He has to deal with parents who don't seem to love him at all after the death of his twin brother. After finding Jane, he wants to protect her. He would never be able to live if something happened to her. So what do we do...put her life in danger, his too. Why not, it will make their bond even stronger. And it might make his family appreciate him a bit more.This book was a paranormal fantasy I will never forget. It was indescribably beautiful and heart-wrenching and HAD PURPLE GLITTER!! I can honestly say that I have never read a book where one of the stars was purple glitter. And I absolutely loved it! I'm kind of jumping in my seat right now because I so want to get the others in this series.

  • Karina Halle
    2019-01-26 15:49

    I have the pleasure of following Allie Burke on Twitter, so I figured it was about time I read her “Enchanters” series, starting with Violet Midnight. The book ended up being as poetic, gracious and lovely as the author herself.The best thing about the novel – which deals with a line of witch-types called “Enchanters” – is the writing style. It’s very beautiful, very poetic and flows as easily as the waves at Jasmyn Lake. Burke is adept at building a world through carefully thought-out words, yet there is nothing deliberate about the writing – I think for Burke, it just must come naturally. Sometimes the plot felt a bit convoluted and distracting, confusing even (why were the enchanters trying to kill her? What was the mob subplot about?) but where the novel really soars is the interactions between Jane and Elias. The secondary characters were hit or miss for me and sometimes I felt took away from the love story. Which is basically what Violet Midnight is. And yes, Jane and Elias fall in love far too quickly for my liking, but because we are dealing with the essence of the paranormal romance genre, it can be excused. This is not an ordinary world and Jane and Elias are not ordinary people.Speaking of Jane and Elias, though Jane is still a mystery to me as a character, I was still enchanted by her spirit and simplicity. And Elias. His tragic backstory, his mannerisms, his artistic nature – he very much comes alive to me, and the way that Burke writes him is graceful yet manly. Not sure how else to explain it. Also, the sexy scenes between the two…totally worked. And thank you for characters actually smoking pot in a book for once, ;) I recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick, “enchanting” read that will bring a sense of peace, even through chaotic moments. The pages will turn and you’ll be wanting the next book when it’s over.

  • Shari Ryan
    2019-02-11 12:42

    Allie has done an incredible job of putting a new spin on paranormal. I love when I read a book that is truly unique, and that is precisely what this author has done with this book. To create a story unlike anything else shows true creativity and artistry. Violet midnight is a beautifully written story about two paths that were meant to cross for reasons only the author must know. I feel that it is normally the case where opposites attract, but Jane and Elias are from two different worlds as well, yet they can bring each other into new and different realities, sharing and intertwining their love for different forms of art. Using the elements as a survivable force is a bewitchingly beautiful idea that reminds the reader how important our surroundings may actually be if utilized correctly. Allie really makes you take a deeper look into what may be considered real versus what magical mysteries might actually unknowingly exist in our worlds. Making a realistically believing story out of a fantastical idea shows true talent in a writer. I look forward to learning more and finding out answers to a few particular questions I had while reading. But a good author makes you want to read more, and that is precisely what Allie has done to me. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series. I highly recommend this read if you are looking for a unique story you have definitely never read in any other book before.

  • Ashton
    2019-02-03 12:56

    A fascinating and intriguing read. I've always enjoyed books that dealt with the elements, and this will be another to add to my favorites shelf. Jane is an Enchanter. But she's special, she is The Enchanter. One of a kind, with the ability to control all of the elements. Elias Lindin is an artist who is mourning the death of his twin brother. When the two finally meet......It is just magic. *~*~*~*~*~*Usually I don't read romances. It's just me. But this one was so adorable. I particularly loved that she had been dreaming about him for so long, and that when he finally saw her, he was just awed. Although their relationship does progress rather quickly, I didn't feel that it detracted from the story. And the love scenes...well.... =D *blushes*.... super sexy......I do wish that some elements of the story had been elaborated more on, i.e. the mob involvement, and why the other Enchanters were after her... but there are two more books, so hopefully those questions will be revealed for me. What I loved best about this book were the amazing descriptions Allie gives. Everything is so detailed, I felt like I was right there in Jasmyn Lake. I also loved the fact the Jane's aura was violet, but it changed color when it rained. Super awesome! Great story with steamy love scenes and a few twists that I didn't see coming.

  • K.M.
    2019-01-19 12:43

    I believe a reviewer once said that Allie Burke was the queen of the surreal, and I’d have to say I concur. Indeed, the flow of the writing, the way the scenes are short and fluid, are very dream-like. In Violet Midnight, the first in The Enchanters Series, we meet Jane, a woman who comes from a line of enchanters. She is characterized by her aversion to daylight and her glittery purple aura. Then along comes Elias, the mortal love interest met once upon a dream.Jane is an odd but beautiful bird, one who relishes her solitude, while Elias is an artist, troubled by a fragmented relationship with his parents and recent losses. But together, they have a chemistry that is instantaneous and a love that is easily the very central theme to this novel. The story’s main conflict comes in the form of insecurities in love, broken familial relationships and of course, evil enchanters. But at the center, it’s about Jane and Elias’s connection, one that we’re made aware may very well be timeless and powerful.I’m looking forward to the next book, Emerald Destiny, the second book in the series because the ending of Violet Midnight was intriguing. The relationship dynamic between new and old characters is about to get interesting, and I can’t wait to see what Burke does with it.

  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    2019-01-21 11:39

    I won Violet Midnight on a Goodreads giveaway. I'm so glad I entered for this book and even more I won! I’ve started reading more self-published books lately, and like most of them, but this is one I can truly say I loved. The romance between Elias and Jane is so amazingly beautiful and tender. I was captivated. Jane is an enchantress who is content living a quiet and isolated life, until her dreams begin taking her to Elias—the man she’s destine to love and forever be with. I fell in love with Elias’ character. He is truly a beautiful man, and I’m not just taking about his gorgeous looks, but his heart. His love for Jane will have you swooning. This story is also about healing a relationship between a son and his parents, but also Elias parents for each other and their son. There is also a little humor. I don't do spoilers, but I really have to tell Allie Burke thank you for the art gallery scene between Elias and Jane. I was laughing so hard at Elias with the little problem he was having with his pants. Violet Midnight (The Enchanters #1) by Allie Burke is definitely a must read! Looking forward to reading the second book Emerald Destiny in The Enchanters series.

  • S. Policar
    2019-01-16 19:01

    *I received this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review*This book is the start of a trilogy about elemental casters called Enchanters. Jane Brooks is a special Enchanter, quite unlike the others, Elias Linden's family history is a mystery to him, yet destiny draws the two together at an unexpected time.The story keeps a steady pace for the most part, building up to up some fated battle. While I liked the story, the sentences are a little stiff in some places. Despite that, the reader is still able to follow the flow of the story easily.I, honestly, only found a single error in this book, a minor one. Kudos to the editor!The story itself is good. I found it easy to keep up with just about everything, though the whole Jane/Christian thing boggles my mind a bit. I'm hoping that's gone into more in the next book to clear up the cloud of confusion that surrounds that.I look forward to reading Emerald Destiny which is book 2 in this series.I give this book 4 of 5 paws

  • Myra Espino
    2019-02-08 12:40

    **Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review** Violet Midnight, amazing book. From the start up to the last, I'm hooked with it!The characters and the setting of this book are great. I loved it. The characters, Jane and Elias are easy to relate with and love. I love how simple Jane was yet had a strong appeal and personality. Elias, he's kind of guy that you easily fell in love with. I love his personality and I love how he treats Jane. The characters' chemistry is easy to feel. The build up of the characters romance is there. The other characters are also great. I love how they are not left out on the story (where in other books you easily forget them). The story, I loved it!The story-line and the flow are great. It's easy to understand and to relate with. There are no dull and boring moments in the story.Ms. Allie did a really great job in making the story good, interesting and full of great moments that made the story more appealing and easy to love and like.

  • Marni Mann
    2019-01-16 10:59

    Violet Midnight by Allie Burke is a story about love, passion, and fantasy. Jane, an Enchanter, is quiet and secluded in her little home, but breathtakingly beautiful. And Elias, an artist, is tender, sympathetic, and handsome. Watching their relationship unfold, build, and strengthen was a really nice touch to the story. But their relationship wasn't simple - there were problems within Elias' family, unspoken secrets, and powers that aren't revealed. Not to give away too many details, but there were twists. Lots of them. And they were good!Burke has the ability to captivate the reader. She describes, with richness and color, the elements/plot that make this story so unique. She shows pain and love, humor and sadness, and she makes the reader *feel* each of these emotions. I highly recommend this novel. And when the sequel, Emerald Destiny, comes out, I'll be one of the first to buy it.

  • Jen Gilbert
    2019-01-26 16:55

    Oh my gosh I loved this book! It took my favorite elements from books and combined them into one enchanting (literally) package. Jane, the enchanter is charming with her innocence but her incredible power is so commanding that she embodies the whole spectrum of woman. And then her new found love Elias is strong and sensual but has all the best aspects of an artsy man who also wants to take care of his woman. But how does that work when the woman has special gifts and can more than take care of herself? This dance is woven together in a way I simply could not put down. And I love love love the cover. Great book. I cannot wait to read more.

  • Mireille Chester
    2019-01-29 14:49

    'Violet Midnight' was great. This book had everything I love in a book; battle scenes, romance, magic. The characters were believable, they weren't perfect, which I like, and Allie's description of their enviroment painted a great picture to put you there in the moment. So, would I reccomend this book? Definitely. Am I going to read 'Emerald Destiny', the second in the series? *snickers* I was up until one this morning finishing it. I suppose there's really only one thing left for me to say... So, Allie, when's the third one coming out?

  • Brea Essex
    2019-01-24 18:38

    Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED Violet Midnight! Allie Burke creates a fantastic world that I’d love to live in. I appreciated how strong Jane was, even in her weaknesses. Elias is just . . . delicious. The aura color themes of the different types of Enchanters were great. I liked how each type of Enchanter had their own element, as well as aura. I also really liked how Jasmyn Lake seemed almost like a person complete with emotions.Even if you don’t like fantasy, you would probably like The Enchanters series. I highly recommend it.

  • Debbie Allen
    2019-01-23 15:38

    This truly is a breathtaking story. Romance, fantasy and the magical are a perfect combination. Allie Burke has created a wonderful and amazing world where I was captivated by Elias and Jane's love and the beautifully written story around them.I found this to be an amazing introduction in to the world of The Enchanters. I am looking forward to reading the second novel: Emerald Destiny, and once again escape in to a work of fiction that feels so alive.

  • W.H.
    2019-01-30 15:56

    I love the world Allie Burke built, The suspense and mystery kept reading top see what would happen next. To see my complete review go

  • Nicole Smith
    2019-02-10 10:41

    Review coming soon.

  • Heather Faville
    2019-01-18 14:04

    I gave 3.5 stars, but am perfectly happy rounding up. Welcome to the world of the Enchanters, men and women with the ability to manipulate the elements. Violet Midnight focuses on the story of two people, Jane and Elias, who have recently begun dreaming of each other. Jane is an Enchanter. Water is her element and her color, or aura, if you will, is violet. Jane lives a very simple life, but has a few cute quirks that add to her personality. Elias, is a tall dark and handsome man with a strong personality, yet a soft and gentle side, especially when it comes to Jane. Each dream of Jane leaves Elias even more convinced he is going a bit crazy. He sees a lovely emerald eyes, fiery red haired beauty surrounded by an aura of purple and the scent of rosemary? He must be crazy and every time he speaks she goes away. Eventually the two meet and, of course, it is as if they were made to be with each other. However, it's not all rosemary and lavender, as certain mysteries regarding both Jane and Elias's past come out into the open. As the story progresses we meet a variety of other Enchanters each with their own special agenda. We just don't know who is on what side and why. Violet Midnight is definitely a page turner that keeps you guessing. Allie Burke impressed me with her characters. Each had their own voice and each carried the scene in which they were a part. We are essentially told the story from two points of view, moving between Jane's side of the story to Elias'. I loved the interactions of Jane and Elias and yes, I was pleased that Elias was not a teen or twenty something young punk, but a 30 something year old man. It was refreshing to have a love story be told using an older couple. I will have to admit there were times when I got a bit confused as to what was going on and, specifically, why certain things were happening. I'm not sure if I skipped over something, accidentally, while reading or if it was just unclear to me. I feel the biggest problem was events seemed rushed and because of this I got lost in fray as to the who and why. This confusion did annoy me a bit, but I'm not sure if it's an annoyance at myself for not "getting it" or if it was something in the storytelling. HOWEVER, this, for me was the only thing that detracted me in regards to Violet Midnight so it is not something I would use to sway readers from the story. Just be aware that you may need to pay a bit closer attention as the action picks up.I will be posting my thoughts on the sequel Emerald Destiny in the next couple days, so keep in mind reading these two books together does make for a better story telling experience.

  • jD
    2019-01-22 14:01

    I saw this book on my Goodreads recommendations list and was intrigued. It was a cheap purchase on Amazon so I decided to try it.As far as rating it, that's a tough one since it is such a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses. From a creative standpoint this could have been five stars easily. The Enchanters were humans with the magical abilities of the fae and little bit of witchy-ness. I loved the magic.The problem for me was in the execution. The hero Elias was very well developed while the heroine, Jane, was never fully formed in my mind. I liked her character but I did not get to know her. I did not like the name Jane. It didn't fit the Bohemian feel of the character. Also,she felt like a teenager at first then she moved to a commanding woman in the space of a paragraph. It confused me. The author didn't even try to develop the supporting characters in my opinion. For example, Elias's father had a major change in his character which was not really explained. Yes, he told his wife but the author did not give a look in his head when the change occured. It was too big and sudden of a change to just pass off in a couple of sentences.The use of the 'cryptic' was overdone. I have no idea if she is going to explain some of the character motivations in future books. I don't know her writing style so I don't know if she even knows how much crap was left half said or done. For example, I can guess why Jane's grandfather wanted to kill her but I would only be guessing. It is never actually stated. As I read the last lines of the story, I realized that I wanted to know more and for the most part, I enjoyed this quick read. I am not sure if it's a long novella or if I am just a fast reader but it came and went PDQ. I am not going to give this one 3 stars because I don't want to imply that it's not a good book. I generally skip anything under 4 or at least 3.7. I am going with 4 because this is one that I belive each reader will experience differently. This is not YA but it's not graphic either. In the end, I believe Ms. Burke is on to something that could be great here. She just needs to have critical readers preview her books before she publishes. Not friends, but people who will actually give a comprehensive critique. So much could have been fixed including the typos. Not many but annoying regardless with "Your" and "Your're" being the most consistant.

  • Valerie Rutherford
    2019-01-26 15:01

    Violet Midnight follows Jane, an Enchanter who sleeps during the day, and Elias, an artist struggling with the loss of his brother. Before they even meet in person, they appear to each other in dreams and astral projection-like encounters. And once they do meet, Elias quickly gets pulled into Jane’s world of magic and slowly begins to realize he might have been a part of it all along.Jane and Elias share an instantaneous connection, which was sweet and heart-warming to read. I’m really into soulmates and fated romance, though I could see how some people could be put off by how quickly their relationship develops. Sometimes, I did wonder why everything in this book happens so quickly to the point where I’m left wondering: did they ever get a chance to really talk? To get to know each other? The book was maybe a bit too short and could have given them more time for that, and I feel like some of the time spent on short scenes with other characters could have been better spent in getting Jane and Elias closer. But I mostly, I just enjoyed their destined love for each other.I took me until I’d already won this book to realize it probably had sexual scenes in it. Again, I’d rather have more time with characters getting to know each other rather than learning the details of what they do in bed, but since I’ve never been big on sex scenes, I might not be the best judge of those parts. However, one of the sex scenes seemed extremely out of place. I’m not sure why I’d want to read about Elias’ parents’ sex life. But hey, maybe that’s just me.The magic in this book is pretty awesome. I’m always fond of elemental magic, but I also like the way this book talks about characters having sparkling, coloured auras. Jane’s connection with Jasmyn Lake is really cool, as well. Jasmyn is described as having her own personality, liking and disliking certain things. But it feels like the book only scratches the surface of what Enchanters can do. Leaving me hooked enough to want more.In a lot of ways, Violet Midnight can feel simple and expected. But I enjoyed the characters and their connection to each other. This book was just plain fun to read. I hate to make a bad pun, but I was mostly enchanted by the first book in this trilogy. I’ll miss these characters when I continue reading the following books without them, but I look forward to seeing more of characters that are just barely hinted at in this story.

  • Patricia Eddy
    2019-02-06 14:37

    Violet Midnight is the story of Jane and Elias, two Enchanters (think witches but instead of magic, they can manipulate the elements: earth, air, water, and fire) who find themselves falling in love, fighting other Enchanters who want Jane dead, and living their happily ever after.I wanted to love this book. In fact, for the first couple of chapters, I did. I loved Jane, her grandmother, and even Elias and his family. And obviously since the book review appears on Author Alliance, I didn't hate it. No. The book has potential. Serious potential. That said, it needs an editor. Not for the writing. The writing is well done. But the plot itself moves oddly with points that appear important one moment seemingly discarded in the next. A dangerous mob boss who went after Elias in one scene apparently went away completely with no confirmation after a single conversation. The criminal served only to get Elias to his parents' house so he could eventually reconcile with them. While it worked, the mob isn't normally known to give up on their vendettas so quickly. It's a short and easy read, and you'll enjoy the love story between Jane and Elias, however some of their reactions appear out of character and change too quickly from one moment to another. There were too many times that the author seems to infer that they're having (or about to have) serious relationship issues, only to have them confessing their undying love for one another in the next page or two. The ending is satisfying, but the Epilogue is a bit confusing. All in all, a book that I enjoyed reading with rich description and epic battles and love, but a book that left me wishing that a professional editor would take it by the hand and make it truly great. ***This review originally appeared on Author Alliance***

  • Marsha
    2019-02-15 10:39

    After reading the synopsis of "Violet Midnight" I was looking forward to reading this book. The story begin with great potential but quickly turned into an 'okay' read.Jane is an Enchanter, The Enchanter. She was control of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. She lives alone with her cat Parker. After having a series of dreams about a handsome man, she finds she is able to insert herself while dreaming into his world. However, as soon as he speaks to her the spell is broken. Elias is that handsome stranger. He is an artist and is in mourning for his gay twin brother who was murdered by a mobster.Of course, Jane and Elias meet and they quickly fall in love. Just as quickly, Jane becomes pregnant and in the midst of a war between the Enchanters led by her grandfather.If my description is convoluted it is because the storyline was as well. Everything happened too quickly: the instantaneous love, the baby, etc. and it just was too unbelievable. Also, the author threw in what can only be described as some lame references to Twilight. There was too much going on in this book to make it totally enjoyable. The mob attacks, the enchanters war, Elias' parents indifference to their son, Jane's grandmother's death: it was just too much! I will not be continuing with this series because it just was not my cup of tea. I did not totally dislike it, I just did not love it.

  • Vicki Keire
    2019-01-19 13:48

    I really really liked this book. I found the writing to be poetic and the plot imaginative. The book had a kind of lyric flow to it that made its less than linear structure completely enjoyable. I loved the flashbacks between Jane and her grandmother. This method of "showing" and not "telling" revealed much about the main character as well as the author's narrative technique of not spoon-feeding her audience every single detail. Sensory details were vivid and layered. Burke's descriptions- of the colors of auras, textures like blankets and wood, the smells of the forest and the feel of lake water against skin- all contribute to give this book an almost hallucinatory quality. It's a beautifully written, somewhat stylized adult fantasy/romance.The one and only reason I'm giving this book four stars instead of five is highly unusual for me (ok, four and half!) is because I found the word "lied" instead of "lay" consistently throughout the book. As in, "He lied down next to her." That's it. That's the only thing. Other than that, this was one of the best reads I've come across in a really long time. I had no idea when I picked it up that the whole series was finished. I don't even have to wait to find out what happens next, which is excellent, because I was trying to reconcile myself to a long wait.