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Bobby Pendragon hits the shelves again in the fifth title of an epic series of adventures through time and space - The Lord of the Rings for the Alex Rider generation....

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Black Water Reviews

  • Adam Floyd
    2019-02-15 01:23

    This book was amazing, the characters were great as well as the action and suspense. the fifth book in the pendragon series and probably the best one since the merchant of death. i especially like what he's done with this new world, the setting takes place in a jungle, a world filled with perilous dangers, extinct animals, vicious predators,and many other new things about the new territory. but its a really good read. and the abilities of bobby pendragon and the acolytes of his are completely new and unexpected. the traveler on this new territory is even more unpredictable. bobby pendragon just getting done with his training on zadaa with his traveler companion loor, is now on the journey to find and defeat saint dane again. this journey takes him to a jungle like world where the quigs (saint danes guardians of the flumes )are humans!!! usualy it would be a spider or a snake or even a wolf but not on this territory. the people here are even stranger, giant cats who can walk on two legs!!!they live in the trees in a village called alexandria. down below the trees is where only the brave can venture because the natural predators are the tangs, velocoraptor like creatures who only want one thing...meat. the cats of this territory have the humans as pets and laborers, they are the brave souls who go down below the village to gather food for the village. but there is more then just that village in that jungle world, beyond the mountains, there lies a place where the humans are the superior race, little does anyone know that both of their lives are about to collide and destroy the territory

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-01-31 17:12

    black water (Pendragon #5), D.J. MacHaleساکنان ایلانگ در خطر نابودی با میکروبی ناشناخته هستند، او قوانین عدم تبادل اشیاء بین قلمروها را نقض میکند

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-02-12 01:27

    Excellent adventure, and even if we have no answers yet, I’m still intrigued

  • Lauren
    2019-02-07 20:26

    It's officially hit a new level of "what the fuck" with this series. I think I probably yelled that at the book about ten times in the last 10 pages alone. Thank goodness I was home alone when I finished.Aghhhhh. This book was so clever. I loved that the main species in this territory wasn't human, it made it even more interesting and the world building once again was fantastic. But then- surprise- humans still exist in this territory, but not quite as expected. Shines a lot of light on the way we treat some of the beings on our planet, but I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the book in all its glory.MacHale is so good with character development and the characters truly being unique and *themselves* the whole time. I absolutely love all of these people and characters so much. And Saint Dane is one of the most incredibly evil, vindictive, and clever villains I've ever come across and my hate for him just increased exponentially.Pendragon has got to be one of the most resourceful main characters ever and I love watching him learn as he goes. He's got a good head on his shoulders and isn't afraid to do what needs to be done. He's one of the least static and most progressive characters ever without it being overkill. He's still, after everything, under every layer, Bobby Pendragon and I admire that. I'm really loving getting to see all the different travelers from all the territories and how they interact with each other. It doesn't always run as smoothly as it could, but that's realistic and I loved it. I'm so upset that I have to wait a few hours to get my hands on the next book. I need it right now. Aghhhh.

  • Priya
    2019-01-27 17:23

    It was interesting, but all the books in this series are starting to get really depressing. None of them have happy endings. And seriously, who wants to keep reading books that end unhappily?

  • Cortlyn Matney
    2019-02-05 19:21

    By this point, readers have experienced similar yet foreign worlds, the past, a future done right, and a future going quickly down the drain. We're off to a new territory, with Bobby on his own again. We go to the jungle planet of Eelong, where there are dinosaur like creatures and a jungle like atmosphere. Then Bobby meets the quigs. And that's when you get the full scope of how mental this situation is becoming. The quigs are sharks, or bears, or even snakes. I think the only quig that comes close to the quigs on Eelong is from Quillian, but we'll reach that a while later. These quigs are human beings, or gars as they are called on Eelong. Gars are not the dominant species. Klees, which are walking, talking cats, are the dominant species of this world. We're thrust into a world with something familiar in it. A poison that's causing death throughout the world, leaving a familiar sign. Meanwhile, there's a mass exodus of Gars that is being used by Saint Dane to get the Klees to commit genocide. The series starts to advance. It's more than just Eelong in play now. It's everything. Saint Dane has manipulated and twisted things until it just doesn't make sense anymore. Things start to happen faster and faster, culminating in both success and defeat as it reaches its close. Things are changing quickly, and it's becoming clear how deeply Saint Dane is involved in each world he visits. Things start to get worse and worse, but it's also getting more and more exciting.

  • Halley Hopson
    2019-02-15 00:30

    -- Reread 2016 --This one was always one of my favorites because it has almost all of the characters in one place at one point which has never happened before now. I also just absolutely adore the territory of Eelong and the way it is described; and especially the fact that the main beings are giant predator cat-people. Just fantastic.Black Water is definitely a huge turning point for the series in the way that it ends, which I will not get into for fear of spoilers. But this is the last of the books that I remember clearly enough to predict the ending if I am remembering correctly. I do recall bits and pieces of books six and seven as well; but the last three in the series are a complete blur to me. I am excited to move forward and discover the fate of Halla for myself.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-16 17:37

    This is my least favorite book in the series so far. It moved too slowly, and for its length, it really felt like nothing was happening. It was only with the promise of things getting better (and my own stubbornness) that I finished this.I did feel like MacHale did a good job weaving Saint Dane's "trap" without it being overly obvious. I mean, we knew something weird was happening with the flumes cracking every time Coutney and Mark used them, but I definitely didn't predict the ending happening the way it did. And then I was angry about it. I found the ending to be the strongest part, really.I really liked Kasha. I thought she was a very believable character. I mean, seriously, some random guy shows up and tells you that you can Travel to different corners of the universe and the fate of the universe rests on your shoulders. I know I wouldn't jump right into that, so the fact that Kasha didn't, either, was plausible. It also left a lot of room for her to grow throughout the story. And while I definitely wasn't happy about her death, I think it was very effective in showing the cost of their war against Saint Dane.

  • Heaven
    2019-02-03 17:21

    Black water was a great book and this book was one of mny books that reminded me of the first book in the series. There are 2 sides the Klee (Talking cats) and the Gars (Enslaved humans). In this book Bobby has to stay low since Gars were slaves and Bobby is a Gar. Bobby hated this since there was going to be a law passed saying Klees could eat Gars and he also had to be tied/leashed like a pet. Thorogh out this book Bobby faces a difficult problem, using things from another territory and maybe saving this one or letting Saint Dane win."What can I say," I said after i finished the book. I kind of hated this book since Bobby went to jail many times and in much of the book he's helpless. All Bobby does is wait for help and with out the other travelers helping Bobby would all ready have lost. In this book Bobby know that no one's won since 1 traveler is dead and 2 are stuck on Eelong. I feel very compelled to read the next book since D.J. MacHale never leaves out the sespense and keeps the reader glued to the book wanting for more. I can't wait till they arrive on second earth where Bobby and his friends Mark and Courtney face off in a battle together against Saint Dane.

  • Trisha
    2019-02-12 19:12

    The fifth book in the Pendragon series, Black Water strays from the first four in one way which to me is very intriguing. Much like the past books, the central conflict revolves around two tribes of people, but on Black Water, the controlling group are human-sized, intelligent cats and the oppressed population are seemingly unintelligent mute humans. Fascinating.Obviously, the conflict involves the human slaves rising up against their cat masters, but it is not that simple. The humans are not trying to destroy their masters, merely escape to a legendary, if not mythical, land referred to as Black Water. Saint Dane is of course there to wreak havoc and he does so by committing a Traveler sin - bringing items from one territory to another. Unfortunately, Saint Dane is not the only Traveler doing this. As a matter of fact, the "good guys" are doing something much worse.I really enjoyed this story. The number of characters and their personalities were impressive, and the plot was interesting and more complex than I first thought it would be.

  • Christina
    2019-01-18 20:12

    Black Water was a very good book, certainly better than The Merchant Of Death - a lousy introduction to this great series - but it still didn’t meet my expectations of a Pendragon novel. The action all felt like MacHale was waiting to really dish it out in the final scene (which was well done, by the way). I enjoyed the territory of Eelong, which felt like a breath of fresh air, with interesting, if not a little cookie-cutter, characters. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that Courtney and Mark finally get a piece of the action, and Spader (hobey-ho!) joins back in as well. This is a great series, and I highly recommend it. You just have to get through the first book, and it’s fine from there.

  • Andrei Biswas
    2019-01-25 01:21

    Pendragon Book 5: Black Water is of course, another action-packed story from the series of Pendragon. As good as always, no flaws. My recommendation to this book is that: READ IT!!!! If you're bored of reading Harry Potter, then it's time that you take the power of the Pendragon books in your hand. Start with any one of it, but you'll soon get the feeling. If you want action-packed scenes, heart-thumping cliffhangers, and fictional violence, get your copy of the Pendragon Book 5: Black Water today!

  • Melissa Mahle
    2019-01-31 22:21

    MacHale delivered another fun book in the series. I particularly like the setting and the idea of a superior race of cats. I laughed out loud tons of times over the cat humor. On the plot, the struggle against Saint Dane is getting worn...I am looking for the author to mix it up in the next book in the series...which of course I have already started. Again, this is a great series for boys and reluctant readers.

  • Kylie カイリー Yay Apocalypse
    2019-02-04 01:28

    First time ever, I guessed Saint Dane's disguise correctly.

  • Nick G
    2019-01-19 21:13

    Great book and many twists inside!

  • Athimar
    2019-01-31 01:29

    I finished my first re-read of Black Water and I must admit that I found it to be a much better novel than I recalled.In Black Water, the Traveler Bobby Pendragon finds himself on the first territory where humans are not the prominent species. And no, Howard the Duck fans - the dominant creatures are not water fouls either. Rather, the most evolved class of beings on the territory of Eelong are cats - and not your average kitty cats either - BIG cats, like lions and tigers. As such, Bobby finds himself in the role that other humans, Gars, have on this territory - as a slave.But that's not his only concern. After achieving victory on Veelox in the last novel, Saint Dane claims that the rules have changed. Bobby's friends, Mark and Courtney, have discovered that they too can now use the flumes, though they are not Travelers. To make matters worse, Saint Dane has brought the plague Bobby and his friends stopped on Chloral several novels back to Eelong - and only Mark and Courtney know it. They take matters into their own hands - travel to Chloral to obtain several quantities of the antidote and get it to Bobby before Saint Dane can use it against the Gars.But what effect will non-Travelers using the flumes have? And even though they are doing it to in response to Saint Dane, is bringing the antidote from Chloral - mixing the territories as Bobby was warned against - the right thing to do?You know... for once, I would like for novels or movies involving other sentient species NOT to be about prejudice or slavery. Planet of the Apes, Avatar... I mean... don't get me wrong. I know that they're perfect environments for authors wanting to address these issues... It's just... a part of me is just yearning for someone to take the Douglas Adams approach and make the story about something else entirely. Then again, perhaps the world will be be destroyed to make way for an intergalactic highway if that should ever happen.This novel is highly entertaining for any number of reasons. The first is it has great characters - it makes Mark and Courtney active members in the fight against Saint Dane, not merely 'librarians' as Courtney puts it at one point. It also sees the return of Spader, the Traveler from Chloral, and Gunny, the Traveler from First Earth - both great companions of Bobby. It also introduces another great Traveler, Kasha - a black panther-like cat or Klee, as they call them on Eelong - and her acolyte, Boone.The second is it really brings the reader into the overall battle for Hallah that the extremely devil like character Saint Dane is waging. All the other novels were very territory-centric - they defeated Saint Dane on Denduron, Chloral, and First Earth and they lost on Veelox, but those victories and that loss seemed localized. In this novel, while he appears to be battling for victory on Eelong, it becomes obvious, more so than ever, that the overall war is his true objective - and that Bobby will have to keep that in mind moving forward if he intends on winning out in the end.I found the novel extremely difficult to put down, despite having any number of reasons for needing to do so in my personal life these past couple of weeks. As such, I award Black Water 4.25 out of 5 stars. Thanks for the novel, D.J.! And so we go on to The Rivers of Zadaa.Hey, did I mention that there are dinosaurs in this novel? No? Well, they're are dinosaurs in this novel. So if you like dinosaurs... :-)

  • Sean Crastien
    2019-02-14 19:20

    Overall Rating: 4/5Story: 4/5Characters: 4/5World-Building: 4/5Editing/Presentation: 4/5Story: The story was definitely unique, in mixing the territories and bringing the acolytes in. The twist ending was also unexpected, and answered questions about some of the Traveler stuff. The story itself, though, was a bit dull and has been seen before. However, it was constructed in a unique way this time, that it can certainly be marked as good.Characters: The characters were a mix of good and bad. Pendragon seemed to have fallen into the Gary Stu complex again, until the end where he became a lot more dark and seemingly depressed. I like that new twist, as it gives him more character and draws him away from that boring stereotype. Kasha seemed to me to be a copy-paste of both Loor and Courtney, the only unique aspect of her being that she didn’t want to be a Traveler; however, while that was compelling, her overall fighter character was rather boring since we’ve seen it a lot already. Boon was a more interesting character, being eager and apologetic. This book also made me feel like there was more to Saint Dane, which is definitely good, since we need to see that he’s not just pure evil for no reason.World-Building: The world-building was good. I liked that the animals and plants were given descriptions, and the details really drew in a reader. I also liked that the question was answered if there could be a different race besides humans, and it was interesting to see how the klees worked. However, it’s a bit disappointing that humans still existed on this territory, since it seems that humans must always exist. This, in turn, brings up other questions, like why are there always humans and why are a lot of the environments (of the territories) so similar to each other? I would like to see more diversity, not just for the sake of keeping things interesting and answering those questions, but also since the author is clearly trying to write about diversity. There is a diversity in the characters already, and I just think this diversity needs to be brought more to the worlds.Editing/Presentation: The green cover with the large eyes is definitely eye-catching. I liked the intertwined vines, as they can symbolize how connected and yet how tangled things are. The new cover is even more eye-catching, with the darker green colors and the larger more menacing eyes. The book could have again gone through another edit, since there were quotes literally just floating around. Otherwise, there didn’t seem to be as many mistakes in this one as in the last installments. I liked that we got to be outside of Pendragon’s journals when Mark and Courtney were included in the action, since it allowed us to see the multiple viewpoints. I think that was a slight bit rocky, but it worked and it answered one of my questions (if Pendragon were to die in a future book, we wouldn’t be able to see it if we didn’t have the outside viewpoint; though now that the flumes don’t work 100% for the acolytes, that might be a bit difficult to pull off again if needed).I would again recommend this book to a friend or anyone who’s reading the series. I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as the other books, but it did pick up towards the end and the twist was fantastic. The characters could have been more unique, and I think I would have been drawn in better.—Sean Crastien(Author of the Clear as Mud series, The Fire Phoenix, and the M.R. series)

  • Maberan Potato
    2019-01-27 18:41

    Finally a Pendragon book without some god-awful reality-breaking plot point! :DI was scared at first because this is my favorite Pendragon book because shit gets real and I really didn't want to hate this one. And I didn't! :L :L It was pleasant. Allelujah.So first I really like how in this world, humans are treated like shit. So not only does Bobby have to save the world, he has to do it in one that despises him. Great. And he actually calls out Saint Dane on it and it's great. I'm starting to dig their chemistry now. And yeah, shit's getting real. The 'true' narration (3rd) is like half the book because Mark and Courtney get more parts and while I'm no fan of them, it symbolizes that SHIT'S GETTING REAL. And I like that.The plot was fine even if it's always super dramatic but it starts getting their priorities straight. GOOD. The characters were fine? There were so many there wasn't much time for them to really fuck up. EXCEPT MARK WHO BASICALLY THINKS HIS FRIENDS ARE WORTH MORE THAN HALLA???? LIKE DUDE WTF but it's just one line it's not so bad. But yes Kasha was cool, Boon was cool, Bobby was cool HE GETS LIKE THREE 'REASON YOU SUCK' SPEECHES AND I WAS YEEEESSSS 10/10The 1st person is waaay better, even if Bobby's a hostage-taker with the tension, but the third is really eeeeeh. Like everything is super dramatic, you need to see every little button push because isn't this intense?? And compared to Bobby's more humorous voice, it doesn't fit that much.My positive reviews are always boring because I don't rage, and rage fuels my creativity. IT'S GOOD OK WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME How does Cait do it I wonder. This only gets three stars because it's got one retarded line I want to see NOWHERE EVER and it's:Cunt 1: "I'm dreaming/This is a dream/I must be asleep/There's no way this is real/every other cunty rewordings"Cunt 2: "If this is a dream, we're having the same one."Fuck these lines they're literally shit literally my cat shat and it was these lines on the floor stop putting cat shit in your book for god's sakeSo yes. read it. It's good with fluffy rainbows.

  • Aparajitabasu
    2019-02-10 22:16

    So, i'm just going to plunge again into the world of Pendragon with book #5 Black Water. Let's see how this one goes....Here is the summary:Just when fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon thinks he understands his purpose as a Traveler -- to protect the territories of Halla from the evil Saint Dane -- he is faced with an impossible choice. The inhabitants of Eelong are in danger of being wiped out by a mysterious plague. The only way Bobby can stop it is to bring the antidote from another territory. Since moving items between territories is forbidden by the Traveler rules, if Bobby chooses to save Eelong he could endanger himself, his friends, and the future of every other being in Halla.As the previous Pendragon saga books go by the fifth book also follows the same formula of a new territory every book and this time its Eelong. D.J. MacHale's newest addition to the Pendragon series follows Bobby Pendragon to the jungle territory of Eelong, a world where humans are slaves and intelligent jungle cats rule the land. But there is a plague that is threatening to destroy Eelong, a plague that is hauntingly familiar to Bobby and the Travelers. Bobby soon discovers, after his failure on Veelox, that Saint Dane is changing the rules, and Bobby must make a monumental choice that will either save the territory of Eelong from total devastation, or throw all of Halla into danger.Some of the major questions that are bound to disturb the reader here - "Cats can walk, they can talk, and they keep humans as pets? What's the matter with this picture?(Kinda sound like Planet of the Apes doesn't it...with the difference of the animals that is) And since when are Mark Diamond and Courtney Chetywynde able to flume through space like their dear friend Bobby Pendragon, a fifteen year old traveler from Second Earth? Saint Dane said that the rules have changed, but have they really?"Bobby travels to Eelong in search of the evil Saint Dane. Little does he know what to expect. Back home, on Second Earth, Bobby's closest friends, Courtney and Mark, are awaiting the long expected journal from Bobby. Instead, they receive a message from another acolyte saying they need to go the flume on Second Earth. There, Mark accidentally activates the flume and Saint Dane appears before their very eyes. He tells Mark and Courtney that the rules have changed, leaving them with a small gift. After that experience Mark and Courtney do not know what to do and then all of a sudden, Bobby appears, frantically yelling and asking them what happened. When he returns to Eelong, the soon to be acolyte Boon is awaiting his return. Things are bad on Eelong, and sadly Bobby has no idea what Saint Dane's plans are for this strange planet. Boon takes Bobby to the city of Leeandra, "a city built in the air. Wooden huts of all sizes doting the sides of the trees, and busy sky bridges everywhere. The structures were high overhead and down low, with the lowest buildings only about twenty yards off the ground. The city was big. It all looked to be manufactured out of natural material. Wood, bamboo and woven vines. Nothing metal or plastic..." That is how Bobby describes the beautiful Klee city of Leeandra. But what's a Klee? Klee is what the cats on Eelong are called. Humans on Eelong are called gars. What makes this book unique to all the others is that it is the first time Bobby has been to a planet where everything is flipped. Cats are superior to humans, and humans are treated like dirt. And now Saint Dane has genocide in mind. He plans on starting the process by repealing Edict Forty - Six, which states that the Klees cannot hunt the gars. Yes as i said before a kind of visualization of the 'Planet of the Apes' besides the point that it is cats who are ruling not apes. So, Saint Dane believes that once one planet of Halla falls, they will "all tumble like dominoes." Saint Dane has Bobby thinking that this is all about Edit Forty-Six, but in all reality Saint Dane has a second agenda. Mark and Courtney decide that they MUST go to Cloral to find the traveler Spader because they believe that the same poison that was used in book number two will be used again on Eelong. Bobby thinks he has it all figured out. But that is not always the case.MacHale is a master storyteller, deftly combining hair-raising action, fantastic adventure, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting suspense, and a bit of romance into the most surprising and twisted Pendragon story yet. Anyone who is a fan of the series will breeze through this book, eagerly devouring every bit of information and ultimately waiting impatiently for the next jump into the flume. For those who have never read a Pendragon book before, this is a great place to introduce yourself to not one whole new world, but ten whole new worlds that will take your breath away. Mr. MacHale should be commended over and over again on such a wonderful piece of literary art.But the bottom line still remains that this book does suffer from some of the same problems the first four in the series did--it's told in a voice that may irritate adults, and there's a feel of too much exposition at times. Also the fact that we are going to be laundered with every information that should have been present in the series since the beginning little-by-little in the last book(don't know how you all will feel but this is my opinion) That said, I was surprised at myself to see how excited I was to grab this as soon as I saw it. Problems aside, this is a great adventure series that sucks you in quickly, with entertaining characters and even more entertaining settings. Not my favourite but is a great way for killing time.

  • Colorbomb
    2019-02-07 00:17

    JosephSchiedemandel1/31/12 Book Review Pendragon Book 5: Black Water Pendragon, or rather the Pendragon series, is a series of science fiction books about a group of people who possess the ability to travel through time and space through the use of portals called, “Flumes”. This, In my opinion, was one of the stronger entries in the series, solely because of the unique setting. For me, a books setting and characters really sell a book. If it has characters that I can relate to, or a setting that just grabs my attention, I usually really like the book. However, The book was not without the obligatory misstep here and there. Let's take a closer look at this fantastic book, and examine the characterization, setting, and plot. Ah, the plot. Probably one of the most important parts of a book. The plot of this Pendragon entry appears to start the same, but quickly opens up to a strange twist that will change the course of the series. When Bobby Pendragon (Main Character) arrives on the territory of Eelong, he is greeted with the information that the territory of Eelong's evolutionary cycle went a different direction, and the dominant species of Eelong are huge humanoid cats. Bobby is treated like a pet, along with every other human on the territory. The cats, also know as, “Klee” are cruel to humans on the territory, and use them as a means of salve labor. I rather liked the idea, for it reminded me of the famous movie, “planet of the apes”. Of course, The territory is reaching its inevitable turning-point, and the travelers must do what ever can do in their power to prevent the now-demonic Saint Dane from interfering with the territory. The biggest plot twist is that all of the acolytes (friends of the travelers that volunteer to help the them indirectly) are now able to use the Flumes. Courtney and Mark (Bobby's friends) are visited by the traveler from Eelong and are informed that the crops on Eelong are being poisoned by Saint Dane. Shortly after, he drops dead with green fluid dripping from his big cat nose, for he was poisoned by Saint Dane him self. Mark and Courtney know that the only way they can inform Bobby about the poisoning is to travel to Eelong and tell Bobby face-to-face. This was a major plot twist, for it is the first time that the to story lines of Mark and Courtney and Bobby are combined. I like how all the travelers Bobby has met so far are all gathered together for the first time, as all the travelers express there thoughts about one another. It's rather funny if you ask me. The most interesting part of this book is its setting. The book takes place in an alternate territory where the sun is a belt and the dominate species are huge, tailless cats. The cats, or Klee, live in massive tree houses, and utilize solar power to power everything from trains to elevators to helicopters. The funny thing is that everything is made out of bamboo and vines, giving everything a Swiss Family Robinson feeling. The Klee rule also use humans, or Gar as they are referred to on Eelong, to do slave labor. They are used for everything from cleaning farms, manual labor, blood sport, and hunting bait. The interesting thing about the Klee is that about 80% of their food comes from game, so a Klee's main job is to hunt for a variety of birds, elk, zebras, horses, and occasionally giant lizard creatures with massive butcher knife-like arms. An interesting location in the book was Black Water, the secret Gar town that contains highly intelligent Gars that have discovered the answer to Eelong's famine. The Klee counter-part would be the city of Leeandra. Leeandra is a civilized city that uses many different technologies, like helicopters, called, “gigs”. So all in all, The setting was very well detailed, and was the most interesting part of the story, in my opinion. The characterization in this story was kind of awkward in this story, as it introduced several new characters, like the traveler from Eelong, Kasha. Kasha is to be the next traveler of Eelong, yet she is unaware of this until her father, who was the previous traveler is poisoned by Saint Dane. Kasha is developed rather slowly, as she strictly apposes all things to do with the travelers, but in the end accepts the duty of being a traveler, as it was what her father would of wanted. Unfortunately, Kasha dies at the end of the book when her head is smashed by a falling rock. Spader makes a makes a return when all the travelers are on Eelong, only to take a liking to Courtney. This was kind of strange, as it seemed like the author threw it in last minute. Bobby's character development was handled in a cliché manner, for he apparently discovers his place in the universe. Bobby is looked at as the, “lead traveler” and he is starting to act the part. All in all, the character development and characterization was probably the worst part of the book. Not to say the book was bad, I did say that it was one of the stronger entries. I just thought that the Courtney-Spader relationship could have been done away with. All in all, I really liked this book, and it was probably one of the best books in the series so far. However, there are 10 books in the series, and this was just the 5th. I only hope the 6th book is as good.

  • Lleyton Y
    2019-02-01 23:30

    I really liked how this book was so similar but so different from the real world and how cats actually keep gars(humans) as pets and as laborers. Then the gars somehow escape... who knows maybe cats could be next.....

  • Kaleb
    2019-02-02 00:26

    Still impressed with the author's work. The series is definitely getting darker but I honestly appreciate that. I don't like it when it is always easy to determine right and wrong and everything is black and white. Still impressed with the series and it's a ways in.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-03 18:40

    The best one yet. I love the Klee.

  • Brad Brushman
    2019-02-07 01:39

    Excellent adventure of Bobby and his friend as the race to find what or where Black Water is?

  • Kaiti Laughlin
    2019-02-07 00:15


  • Lauren
    2019-02-11 19:17

    I like this one the most out of all

  • Heath Walker
    2019-02-14 01:25

    Author: D.J. MacHaleGenre: Fantasy Background: A story about booby and his friends traveling to different places to fight and evil man.On a planet called Eelong, Bobby discovers a society wherein humans do only menial work, dominated and even enslaved by biped felines called Klee.The enslaved humans, called Gar by their oppressors, have begun a revolution called the Advent and are led by the almighty guardian who is mostly covered by a dark shadow, you can only see his distinct yellow eyes and feathers. At the arranged moment, radio broadcasts will be sent from the hidden Gar capital of Black Water through small amber cubes, demanding that the entire Gar population leave their squalid stables at once and march to their capital, where they can be free. Without them, the Klee cannot maintain their standard of living.Worse, Saint Dane is trying to stir up genocide. To do so, he has poisoned the crops gathered by the races of Eelong, urged the Klee to hunt and eat the Gar, and arranged for Black Water to be bombarded by toxic gases.It is discovered by the acolytes of Second Earth that the poison used by Saint Dane in these plans was taken from the territory of Cloral. The only antidote is likewise Cloran, having been developed by the Scientists of Faar.Eager to take an active role in the Travelers' quest, the children go to Cloral and collect the antidote. With them to Eelong goes the Cloran Traveler, Vo Spader.Because the poison, the antidote, and the acolytes are unique to their respective territories, the interrealitial tunnels called flumes undergo stress and strain in transporting them.On Eelong, Bobby has experienced the most degrading aspects of Gar life and learned from them. With the help of the Klee Traveler Kasha, he makes rendezvous with Gunny at Black Water. There, Kasha is exposed violently to Saint Dane's evil ways for the first time. This encounter creates a passionate dedication to her destiny.Travelers and acolytes work together to bring the antidote to Black Water, where it will be distributed throughout the city's irrigation system. When the Klee under Saint Dane's orders use the poison, it is made harmless.Thereafter, the Klee and Gar live as equals, each doing what they do best as well as contributing to one another's success.Mark and Courtney reluctantly return to Second Earth, while Bobby moves on to Zadaa in pursuit of Saint Dane. However, things do not go according to plan. The flume on Eelong is destroyed by the passage of non-Travelers through it, leaving Spader and Gunny trapped on Eelong. Bobby reaches Zadaa, but Kasha gets hit in the head with a boulder which kills her in the collapse of the flume on Eelong. Bobby, aided by the Traveler Loor, cremates the Klee's body and store her ashes.On Second Earth, Mark and Courtney are intact and home. They learn of what happened through Bobby's journals, although amazed that no time has passed on Second Earth since they left for Eelong. The book ends with Bobby Pendragon writing his 19th journal in Loor's home on Zadaa.

  • Cynthia
    2019-01-25 18:24

    I want to give this book a four because of the ending, but I have to judge the book as a whole and so I have to give it a three. I just got off the phone with my fiance who introduced me to the series in the first place and he told me Black Water was his favorite out of the whole series because it was initially the first time Bobby Pendragon really becomes a Traveler. I would have to agree with that sentiment. However, with that in mind I will say that this book (aside from the ending) just fell lackluster for me. Now, after reading the twist ending, I feel like MacHale was just trying to get us to this great twist he had in mind. When Bobby got to Eelong and discovered that humans (read gars) were actually the inferior race and klees (big cats) were rulers I initially was ecstatic but, it just took too long to develop and Kasha (the new Traveler for Eelong) just was too hard to like and feel sympathy for. It's almost as if he keeps recreating the same girl in different costumes. Take the first one we're introduced Courtney, Bobby's bad-ass, don't-take-crap-from-no-one, beautiful, and killer competitive love interest was extremely interesting. Then he goes to Denduron and meets Osa and Loor (Osa's daughter and future traveler of Zadaa) she's hard nosed don't-take-crap-from-no-one bad-ass, beautiful and another love interest for Bobby. Fast forward to his adventure in Cloral and he meets Spader's friend and boss Wu Yenza who is a middle-aged beautiful, straight forward don't-take-crap-from-no-one bad-ass that helps the Traveler's (as Spader's acolyte). Then fast forward to First Earth and he meets along his adventure a gorgeous twenty-something year old pilot named "Jinx" who again doesn't-take-crap-from-no-one. And then we fast forward once more to Veelox and he meets the traveler in charge Aja who is pretty in her own right, hard nosed, stubborn and guess what? Doesn't take crap from anyone. My point, I'm tired of this character. Granted I understand that MacHale wants to empower (perhaps?) his female characters or maybe he just isn't a fan of the damsel in distress model, however, I don't approve of his other extreme. There are more complex characters, yes? But perhaps that's asking for too much. But like I said, if you can power through and get to the ending - it's totally worth it - where (view spoiler)[Saint Dane amends his plans to cut off three travelers from coming to Bobby's aid in the remaining territories was just brilliance and something I hadn't expected which I'm very happy about and approve of, as far as storyline and plot goes.(hide spoiler)]

  • Anneka
    2019-02-04 01:31

    The quigs are gars (humans)

  • Eric Townsend
    2019-01-31 21:35

    A little backstory to catch you up if you’ve never read the series, which I highly recommend you do. The series is about Bobby Pendragon, who starting at 12 years old is thrust into being a traveler, someone who goes around different worlds, or territories, trying to protect them. His main nemesis is Saint Dane, who is far from being anything remotely saintlike, and his goal is to try and bring down all of the territories and with it the mysterious Halla, supposedly everything in all of the territories combined. Still with me? Well in Black Water he is now 15 and the lead traveler, but he’s in for a rude awakening when Saint Dane claims that the rules are no longer in place and forces a couple of Bobby’s friends to join the fray.If I am being honest I am a little biased when it comes to this series. I have a fondness for it and that might blind me to some potential flaws that it could have, but if it did I didn’t see them. One thing that might counteract my bias is that often when I go back and re-read series I read when I was younger, or in this case continue it, I’ll find them to be quite ridiculous or at least less amazing then I did at the time. With Black Water, at least, that was not the case at all, it took me back to my childhood when I spent even more time reading then I do now (or at least pretty close) and the story kept just as much magic as the previous books had.The characters are dynamic, whether it is Bobby going through all of his struggles whether physical or mental, dealing with other travelers or even just constantly dealing with the realization that the fate of these worlds is on his shoulders. Or if it is the other travelers, with each having a different view of how best to deal with the various problems they face, sometimes their styles conflicting to the detriment of all of them, but never feeling flat or cardboard-like. Even the different races that are encountered have their little quirks that keep them unique and fresh.The plot is always fast paced in the Pendragon series. Even when they are delving into the culture of the new worlds the action never ceases completely and that keeps the reader engaged. I don’t think I’ve ever even been on the cusp of boredom when reading a book in this series, and Black Water is no different. In Black Water there is a lot of cultural battles between Bobby and the characters he meets on the main world for this book, Eelong, and that serves as the constant struggle underneath the small skirmishes and even the large-scale “battle” scenes.Rating 4/5