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Medicine and mayhem from the bestselling co-author of "Crisis on Doona." An epidemic is spreading from colony to colony in the vast reaches of space. Dr. Shona Taylor, with her team of four-legged assistants--including a dog with an immune system that can synthesize vaccines--sets out to find a way to stem the killer disease....

Title : Taylor's Ark
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ISBN : 9780441799749
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Taylor's Ark Reviews

  • Travis
    2019-02-11 13:21

    Very interesting premace, though I'm a little puzzled why the dog was mentioned as a vaccine factory if she was never put to that task during the entire book. Rabbits weren't used either, though the mice and cat were put to use. Anyway, a good enough story, a bit predictable once you got the hang of where the story was going, but a good read nonetheless. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes scifi with a bit of a mystery bend to it. Nice character development too, starting out with a young doctor who gets in over her head, then slowly (ever so slowly) begins to realize it's all a setup. Eventually, it all works out, and everyone is happy. Not a bad story overall, though I could have done with the doctor not being so trusting especially since she already knew the corporation had issues before she signed up, but such is life.I enjoyed it, and plan to hunt down the next ones in the series, and give those a look see as well.

  • Joseph Smith
    2019-01-22 16:30

    SPOILERS:I just finished this book. the characters really grew on me, i felt bad for Shona and Lani when tragedy struck, I liked Chirwl and his intellect but the ending wasnt very satisfying. Sure, the Antagonist was caught in the end, but there was so much buildup in the plot (with Wren killing Shonas baby, Veredad sabotaging Shonas good name by killing thousands of people to make a quick buck, etc) and it only took like 3 pages in the end to "wrap up" alot of the loose ends. It reminds me of a scooby doo ending. All this stuff happens, and in the end, the mask gets pulled off of the bad guy and everybody just waves their finger at him. Also, Wren is a sociopath that KILLED Shonas baby, and *POOF* shortly after that, Wren was never mentioned ever again. Personally, I wouldve loved to have read a chapter or 2 about Gershom figuring out what Wren did, huntimg him down and killing him. Fuck Wren. Also, I agree with some of the other reviews. The title is very misleading. Does she have animals?yes. Do they contribute to the plot? Hardley. Bubonic Galaxy or something like that wouldve been a better name but all ranting aside, I really admited how the author used creative imagry to paint what was going on. Alot of what was happening was described in a very thorough way and I felt like I was right there. Maybe the next book in the series will dive in a little bit more about Wren, but as of right now, Im disapointed that Wrens character vanished from the story. Even if he is a complete asshole for what he did

  • Debbie
    2019-02-13 14:30

    This is a book I read several years ago, because Jody Lynn Nye had collaborated with Anne McCaffrey on some other books I enjoyed. It recently became available as an audiobook, so I decided to revisit the story. I was not disappointed the first read-through, or this first listen. In this space travel story, Dr Shona Taylor is assigned to settle human colonies to provide medical services. She is accompanied by a menagerie of animals that assist her in special ways. She also travels with an alien sentient species called an ottle who is very interested in philosophy. There is some mystery and tension introduced when it seems like Dr. Shona runs into bad luck when her latest visitations are marred by epidemic outbreaks that kill most or all of the colonists she is suppose to be helping. The characters, both main and supporting, are well fleshed-out. The plot, while a little predictable, was still enjoyable. The narration by Tish Hicks was done very well, with enough vocal changes to distinguish between characters. She presented the characterizations of the people (and ottles) with just the right tone. I think younger readers would enjoy this book for the space setting, and the animal interactions. Plus the ottles are pretty humorous.

  • Jay Michaels
    2019-01-31 21:33

    I'm sorry, but I gave up on this one at the end of Chapter 3. Taylor's Ark (1993) has a strong beginning, but quickly decayed into what appears to be a spy novel, with powerful people pulling strings behind the scenes. Protagonist Shona Taylor is likable, tough, and sensitive, but since this is an election year, I just couldn't stand the arbitrary and unfair politics she was fighting against. That's just too close to life in the real world right now. Maybe if I didn't hate the superficiality of politics so much, I could stand to slog through this book to get to the rest of the series. Ms. Nye, I'm *so* sorry. (sad face)02 Mar 2012

  • Beverly Diehl
    2019-01-24 15:24

    Read it many years ago, and recently re-read the series. It holds up well, although the villain is a bit obvious.Trigger alert - the character undergoes a second trimester miscarriage, so this may be difficult for readers who have themselves experienced infant/pregnancy loss (though there is a happy ending, so it may also be empowering.)I loved the whole concept of both married partners having careers, and the idea of using animals as partners to cure/prevent disease. I can also see how a corporation fixated on making profits could decimate one or more entire planets - aren't we seeing that today?

  • Kristen Sharpe
    2019-02-01 19:22

    The back of the book synopsis and even the title is a bit misleading. Shona's animals don't play nearly as large a role in the plot as I would have expected. But, once it starts to build, the mystery behind the colony epidemics is far more interesting than the animals-as-doctors-assistants angle.

  • Jen
    2019-02-08 16:29

    Good book

  • Ron Judenberg
    2019-02-05 15:19